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Buncombe County was established in 1791 from Burke & Rutherford Counties, NC (and Indian Lands?), and lay on North Carolina's western border adjacent to the newly-established state of Tennessee (adjacent to Greene Co at the time). In 1803, part of the Indian lands to the Southwest of Buncombe became part of the newly-established Walton Co, GA; and in 1808, a western segment of Buncombe became part of Haywood. In 1812, Walton GA was abolished, becoming Indian land again until 1822, when Haywood (primarily) and Buncombe "swallowed up" some of the Indian lands. In 1833, part of northwestern Buncombe became part of the newly-established Yancy Co NC, and in 1838, a large section of southern Buncombe became part of the newly-established Henderson Co, NC.

According to Everton's Handybook for Genealogists, USA, 8th Edition, the Buncombe Co, NC courthouse burned 1830-1835, and the Registrar of Deeds has births, marriages, deeds, burials and Ind. records, with the Clerk of the Superior Court having divi. & pro. records from 1832 as well as civic court records from that time. Apparently the only other extant records would be some possibly in Raleigh, North Carolina archives, as well as federal military and census records.

Numerous references exist to Buncombe Co, NC and various Combs families, particularly those who later settled in Eastern Kentucky; however, either no records have been located, or Buncombe Co NC has not been researched:

ca1790 The 1889 Goodspeeds' Washington Co AR biography of I. G. Combs states that his grandparents, Matthew and Frankie BROWN Combs (later of Clay, then Breathitt Cos KY) were married in Buncombe Co NC; however, a marriage record has been located for this couple in 1810 in Clay Co KY. Both Frankie (said to have been the d/o William BROWN) and Matthew Combs (b ca 1790) are said to have been born in Buncombe Co NC. (See Combs of Washington Co AR) No Combs are located on either the Burke or Rutherford Co NC census records of 1790, although the 1790 Rutherford Co NC census includes Godfrey CODEY with 4 WM 16+ and 2 WF (See also Surry and Rowan Cos NC and Combs-Cody Researcher George Baumbach's CODY Families for additional re this Family.

According to the 1898 Dickey Diary interview of Elijah Combs CORNETT, s/o Robert & Louisa Combs Cornett, and gs/o Gen. Elijah Combs & William CORNETT, his grandfather, William CORNETT came from Buncombe NC to Virginia (Note: This disagrees chronologically with the RW Pension file of Wm. CORNETT, but does not preclude CORNETT from having lived in Buncombe Co NC prior to residing in Sullivan Co TN where he m his 2nd wife, Mary EVERAGE in 1796.

The first census for Buncombe was in 1800 where, again, no Combs are found although Combs In-laws are still found in this county:

1800 (Buncombe Co, NC Census) Godfrey, Pierce, and Thomas CODEY appear on the 1800 census of Buncombe Co. NC, as heads of household, pp. 164-66. (Surry County, NC, Wills, 1771-1827, Annotated Genealogical Abstracts, Jo White Linn, GPC, Baltimore, 1992)

1810 (Buncombe Co, NC Census) Godfrey CODEY. [not found on 1820] (Surry County, NC, Wills, 1771-1827, Annotated Genealogical Abstracts, Jo White Linn, GPC, Baltimore, 1992)

1820 Buncombe Co, NC Census

Pierce CODEY

(Surry County, NC, Wills, 1771-1827, Annotated Genealogical Abstracts, Jo White Linn, GPC, Baltimore, 1992)

(US Census Index, Buncombe Co, NC
P. 086 Samuel SUMNER
P. 125 Stephen CODY

(US Census Index)

Note: Incomplete - more data to be added.

1830 Buncombe Co, NC Census Index

P. 211
Richmond JOHNSON

P. 239

P. 248

P. 268
Pierce CODY

P. 293

P. 299
James CODY

P. 304
Stephen CODY

Note: See Combs-Johnson-Murrell of Hawkins Co TN, and Combs-Souther of Wilkes Co NC. No particular attention need be paid to any of the above unless Lightning Strikes! 'Tis only a weak attempt to find ANYTHING that might mean SOMETHING to ANYONE!

Question: Could we be barking up the wrong tree entirely in reference to Buncombe Co, NC? Could the interviewees have instead been referring to the town of Buncombe in Sullivan Co, TN which was originally part of North Carolina?

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives