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Bath was organized from Montgomery Co., KY in 1811. In 1818, Bath Co., KY gained land from Floyd (that part which became Morgan in 1822) and in 1822 Morgan was established from Floyd & Bath. In 1869, Menifee was established from Powell, Wolfe, Bath, Morgan and Montgomery.
 See Also the Combs Research Report for RW William Combs of Shenandoah Co VA, Lincoln, Casey(?) and Bath Co., KY with possible connections to St. Mary's Co MD, Russell Co VA, and Fleming, Fayette, and Perry Cos KY. See also Combs-Smallwood of Charles Co MD

Bath Co., Ky. Tax Records 1811-1834 - Source: Original Bath Co., Ky. tax lists 1811-1831, 1833-1834 on FHC Microfilm #0007811.  (Abstracted and Submitted by Sue Elfving)

1818- Tax List James' Company

p. 8 COMBS, William...0a......1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1 horse/mare, V=$30
p. 12 DUNKAN, Henry..50a.....1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1 hr/mr, V=$805
[could not read property desc]
No Banta or Bonta

Note: William Combs's daughter Polly married Henry Duncan on 5 April 1803 in Lincoln Co., Ky. William Combs and Henry Duncan are adjacent to each other in the 1820 Bath Co. census.

1819- Tax List

p. 8COMBS, William...0a.....1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1hr/mr, V=$30
p. 12 DUNCAN, Henry .50a.....1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1hr/mr, V=$30
[land in Bath Co., Flat Creek, name entered in McIntire, pat/surv same]

No Bonta or Banta

1820 - Tax List Jones Co.

p. 6 COMBS, William...0a.....1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1hr/mr, V=$0

No Henry Duncan, Bonta or Banta

1820 US Census Index, Bath Co., KY (Provided to Combs Researcher C. Hammett by A. Duke)

Page 156 Line 26: Henry DUNCAN (m 5 Apr 1803)
FWM: 1:26-44; 3: 10-15; 2: -10
FWF: 1:26-44; 1: 16-25; 1: 10-15; 1: -10
No Slaves or Free Coloreds.

Line 27: William Combs
FWM: 1: 45+
FWF: 1: 45+
No Slaves or Free Coloreds

Also on page 156 of this census were: ATKINSON, Maryann; BOYD, Thomas; BRIDGES, Hyram; COVINTON [COVINGTON?], Francis; DRIWEAN [Druveau?], Nancy; FREEMAN, William; GALLOWAY, Robert; HARBARGAR, Joseph; HUGHS, William; JONES, Benjamin; JONES, John; JONES, Samuel; LAMASTERS [LeMASTERS], Benjamin; LAMASTERS, Isaac; LEA, Mary; McINTIRE, Alexander; MOFFETT, William; MOFFITT, James; MORROW, Robert; RAINE, William; RANDOLPH, James; RANDOLPH, Reubin; ROBINS, John; TALLY, Clabron; YOUNG, Edwin 156

Notes: RW William Combs and his daughter, Mary "Polly" Combs who m Henry DUNCAN 5 Apr 1803, Lincoln Co., KY. The DUNCANS later removed to Cooper Co, MO where both died. Also in Bath Co., KY (p. 168 of 1820 census) was RW Pensioner Bean SMALLWOOD, born in St. Mary's Co MD, who served in the same company in Shenandoah Co VA with William Combs , who made an affidavit for SMALLWOOD in 1818 in Fleming Co., KY. Bean SMALLWOOD stated that after the RW he removed to Russell Co., VA prior to coming to KY. Bun [sic] SMALLWOOD and two William Combs are found on the Russell Co VA 1790 tax list.
Original Bath Co., Ky. tax lists 1811-1831, 1833-1834 on FHC Microfilm #0007811 (Abstracted by Sue Elfving)

No Combs, Bonta, Banta, Henry Duncan


No Combs Bonta or Banta
  • p.13 DUNCAN, Henry...50a.....1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 4 hr/mr, V=$1200 land in Bath Co., Flat Creek, n=McIntyre, same, same # of children = 5


    No Combs
  • DUNCAN, Henry...50a.....1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 6 hr/mr, V=$1050 land in Bath Co., Flater Creek, = $10/acre


    No Combs
  • p.12 DUNCAN, Henry...50a.........1wm>21, Oblk>16, tot blk=0, 4hr/mr, V=$1000 land in Bath Co., Flat Creek, n=McIntyre, same, same
  • p.?? SMALLWOOD, Bean..105a..1wm>21, 1blk>16, tot blk-3, 6hr/mr, V=$3050 land in Bath Co., Flat Creek, n=Swearingin, same, same

    Note: Bean SMALLWOOD gave an affidavit for William COMBS' application for a Revolutionary War pension.


    No Combs, Bonta/Banta, Henry Duncan, or Russells

  • BONTA, Henry......0a.....1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 8 hr/m, V=$360
  • DUNCAN, Henry..167a...1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 5 hr/m, V=$1589 Land in Montgomery Co., name=F. Luckett, same, same

    Note: William COMBS daughter Wilmoth married a Henry Banta on 6 Aug. 1798 in Lincoln Co., Ky. Banta and Bonta are sometimes used interchangeably. Also Henry Duncan looks to have different land now.


  • p. 4 BONTA, Henry...0a...1wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 7hr
    No Combs

    18 Dec 1827 (Bath Co., KY Marriage Records) Ephraim Combs & Sally HINES 18 Dec 1827 in Bath Co., KY (Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

    Notes: The above Ephraim Combs has not been identified. The 1830 US Census includes an Ephraim Combs of Clark Co., KY
    Original Bath Co., Ky. tax lists 1811-1831, 1833-1834 on FHC Microfilm #0007811 (Abstracted Sue Elfving)

    1828 - No Combs, Bonta or Banta
    1829 - No Combs, Bonta or Banta, or Duncans
    1830 -No names of interest

    1830 US Census Index, Bath Co., KY (No Combs)

    Notes: See Also Fleming Co., KY, and note that in 1835, the only Combs on the pension rolls were John Combs of Perry Co., KY & William Combs of Fayette Co., KY.
    Original Bath Co., Ky. tax lists 1811-1831, 1833-1834 on FHC Microfilm #0007811 (Abstracted by Sue Elfving)

    1831 -No names of interest
    1832 No Tax Book for this year
    1833 -No names of interest


    p. 11 COMBS (given name blotted out)...0wm>21, 0blk>16, tot blk=0, 1hr/m

    1840 US Census Index, Bath Co., KY (No Combs)
    1850 1850 Ky Census- North East Ky by Sistler Extracted by Debi Houser

    pg 70
    Jesse WILLSON 32
    Matilda 27
    Pendleton Combs 8

    pg 79
    Nancy VICE 50
    John 30
    William T. 17
    Frances M. 10
    Lawrence 54
    Margaret Combs 9

    pg 84
    Elizabeth VICE 65
    Greenbury 48
    Edmond Combs 15
    Elizabeth Combs 14

    Note: Edmond Combs is probably the Edward Combs who died in 1852 listed below from Vital Statistic Deaths

    John SIX 37
    Gelena 39
    Joseph R. 11
    David W. 9
    Margaret J. 7
    John L. 4
    Jacob Combs 5

    pg 103
    Devras Combs 30

    Notes: None of the above Combs have been identified although The Combes Genealogy includes as a son of John & Sophia BULLOCK Combs, a son Darius (no more information). The younger children in this census may have been orphans, but of whom?

    1852 Tax List Morgan Co., KY Abstracted by Sue Elfving from FHC Microfilm of original tax lists 1823-31, 1833, 1836-38, 1840-54 #0008173

    p. 6 Combs Mason 0 m > 21, 1 horse, no land
    p. 9 Combs Richard 1 m > 21, 3 horses, 310a on Black Water in Morgan Co. 170a on Clody in Bath Co. Combs John 1m > 21, no horse, no land
    12 Apr 1852 (Bath County Ky Vital Statistics, Deaths) Edward Combs, age 17, died 12 April 1852, b Clark Co., KY the son ofLesley & Sarah (Extracted by Debi Houser)
    31 Sep 1853 (Bath County Ky Vital Statistics, Deaths) S. Combs 30, married, born Bath Co., Ky, died 31 Sep 1853 of consumption, (female) (Extracted by Debi Houser)
    1870 US Census, Bath Co., KY (Transcribed by Deb Coombs)

    Bethel Pct p. 002

    HH 25/25
    Horace R. COMBS, 33, M, Farmer, $250, KY
    Sarah E., 25, F, Keeping House, KY
    William J., 4, M, KY
    Susan E., 9, F, KY
    Lesly P., 8/12, M, KY (b. Oct.)
    Susan JAMES, 69, F, no occupation, KY

    5 Mar 1875 Menifee Co., KY Vital Stats. Born: Dicy A. SECTON, the daughter ofG. W. SECTON born Bath Co. & Nancy Combs born Bath Co. (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
    28 Jan 1906 Birth of Harlan COMBS in Bath Co., KY; maiden name of mother: Maggie Estes Vol:196, Page: 47899 (extracted by Birdie McNutt from Sandra Gorin's Adair Co., KY Delayed Birth Certificates)
    1910 Bath County Soundex(Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

    George W. COMBS 61 W Kentucky
    Nancy 55 wife Kentucky
    Lon 20 daughter Kentucky
    Clark 17 son Kentucky
    Dee 14 son Kentucky

    Walker COMBS 22 W Kentucky
    Maggie 21 wife Kentucky
    Myrtle 06 daughter Kentucky
    Harlin 03 son Kentucky
    Adaj NR daughter Kentucky

    30 May 1914 KY Death Cert of Sarepta COOMS cert# 12195 white female widowed age 78 yrs occupation: housewife born 15 May 1836 Ky died: 30 May 1914 Bath Co., Ky of chronic intestitial nephitis daughter of Joe FISHBACK born Ky and Sar Jane BECK born Ky informant: John E. RAINEY of Sharpsburg, Ky filed 31 May 1914 J. C. NEL---- (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
    26 Sept 1946 Bath Co, KY DC for Miranda (Crickett) GROSS, wife of Jackie GROSS, lists her parents as Tommy JOHNSON (b Harlan Co) and Miranda Combs (b Turkey, KY). (abstracted by SE from original DC image, Daughter Elvira married Ancil SHORT.

    Note: Miranda living in HH of her parents Benjamin and Patsy Combs in 1860 in Breathitt Co., KY Census.