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Robert Combs of Monmouth NJ & Shenandoah VA; son, Job Combs and daughter Martha Combs, wife of Thomas Combs.
Gilbert and Christianna DENTON Combs of Monmouth, NJ; Shenandoah, Culpeper and Botetourt VA; Hawkins & McNairy TN, s/o Thomas & Martha Combs Combs
Elijah and Rebecca (CLAYTON?) Combs of Monmouth NJ and ?
George Washington and Sarah Catharine BIRCHETT Combs of McNairy and Gibson, TN; Conway, AR; Muskogee OK and others.

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Note: The following is a Work-in-Progress; i.e., still very incomplete while we continue to collect records with an ultimate goal of Building a Documented Genealogy for the Fort Powell Combs and their descendants.

Note: All of the marriage records in this Report are not yet entered in the Combs &c. Research Marriage Index. See Also the applicable Combs Counties.

Note: Dunmore County, Virginia, named after Lord Dunmore, was organized from Frederick County in 1772. The Revolutionary War resulted in its renaming in 1778 to Shenandoah County.

Robert Combs of Freehold Twp., Monmouth Co, NJ, died intestate, May 1781 in Shenandoah Co, VA. Known Issue: daughter Martha Combs, wife of Thomas Combs; and son Job Combs.

Numerous records, not included herein, apparently exist in reference to this family; thus far, however, we have collected only a few, particularly in reference to Robert Combs. The following records were abstracted primarily by Researcher Mary A. Sampson of IL, and provided by Combs Researcher Darlene Gleason:

07 Apr 1767 (Frederick County, Virginia, Deed Book 11, Pages 349-350) [Lease] Between Caleb ODELL of Frederick County [to] Robert Combs of the county aforesaid...consideration of five shillings sterling ...One hundred and twelve acres of land situate lying and being in the county aforesaid one ear of Indian Corn at the feast of St. Michael the Arch Angel....Witness: none. Caleb ODELL. Recorded 7 April 1767 Alex [X} ODELL.

(Frederick DB Book 11, Page 350) "[release] .. Between Caleb ODELL of Frederick County [to] Johnathan Combs aforesaid [Note Lease said Robert Combs] consideration of forty pounds....112 acres [same as above] ...on the East side of Passage Creek.... [rest same as above]

03 Aug 1767 (Frederick DB11, Page 478 and 479) Dated 3 August 1767. [The following seems to be a correction of the earlier entries.] "[Lease] Between Caleb ODELL and Alice ODELL his wife of Frederick County [to] Robert Combs of County aforesaid.. consideration of five shillings ... one hundred and twelve acres of Land situate lying and being in the County aforesaid...on he east side of Passage Creek in the Job Combs line... rent of one ear of Indian Corn at the Feast of St. Michael the Arch Angel [sic] ... Witness: John NEWMAN. S/Caleb ODELL, Alice [X] ODELL. Witnesses: John NEWMAN, Johnathan Combs.

Recorded: 4 August 1767. [Release] Same date as above.. All the same.. consideration of forty pounds, etc. Same Witnesses. etc.

DG Note: Jonathan Combs must have been another person with Robert and somehow was mistakenly listed on the release. (See Also Jonathan Combs of Sullivan Co, TN)

Robert Combs and his son, Job, were both included in the Rent Rolls for Dunmore Co, VA for the years 1774-1776, as was a John Combs (different district). Following the death of Robert Combs in May of 1781 in Shenandoah Co, VA, a suit resulted which yielded significant additional data:

May 1781 (Augusta VA Circuit Court Judgments - Causes Ended) Combs vs. Combs - OS1; NS 1 - "Robert Combs died, May 1781, intestate leaving one son, Job; daughter Martha, wife of Thomas Combs (Martha and Thomas lived in New Jersey). Job qualified Admr. in Shenandoah. Mary & Thomas had a son, Gilbert. Job has removed to Tennessee & Solomon van METER had effects in his hands." (Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, extracted from the original court records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, by Lyman Chalkey, Vol. II, GPC, Baltimore, 1974, p. 57)

1781 (Shenandoah VA) Robert Combs Inventory & Administration
(VA Wills & Admins, Torrance)

Note: According to Mary A. Sampson and Darlene Gleason, Robert Combs may have been born in NY, NJ or PA. His daughter, Martha was still of Monmouth Co, NJ, as late as 1799, may have married a cousin (Thomas Combs). Her son, Gilbert Combs, enlisted in the Revolution from Monmouth Co NJ.

Note: We also have additional data yet to be entered for Job Combs, whose family appears to also have been well-documented although we have little in the way of actual records thus far. It is said that one of his sons was the Solomon Combs who married Elizabeth MARR in Shenandoah County on 11 Jan of 1781 (Shenandoah Co VA Marriage Records), only a few months prior to the marriage of Gilbert Combs to Christianna DENTON in Shenandoah on 5 Apr. 1781 (See Below for additional).

Another son of Job Combs is said to have been Zur Combs as follows:

1790-1817 (Augusta VA Ct. Judgments) LUDDINGTON vs. STUART (O.S. 332; N. S. 120-Bill, 1812.) Dispute re land in Greenbriar Co, VAZur Combs deposes (1817) that he lived near the land 1790-1800; he came to the country in 1790, and left in 1800…. (Chalkley, Vol. II, p. 241)

Zur Combs is listed on the 1820 Census in Highland Co, OH, Paint Twp, p. 043. He died in 1828 in Hamilton Co, OH. (Hamilton Co. Probate Court No 136, dated July 28, 1828) Another Zur Combs appeared on the 1840 census of Barren Co, KY, p. 161 (Census Index), but his relationship, if any, to the Powell Fort Combs remains unknown. (See Barren Co KY)

The earliest tax lists we have thus far for Shenandoah Co, VA are for 1783 and 1785. In 1783, Gilbert, Job and two Solomon Combs are listed in Shenandoah Co, VA in one grouping (return?). A William and a Nicholas Combs are in a second grouping. (Heads of Families, 1790, Virginia…)

In 1785, Nicholas and William Combs both appear on one of the Shenandoah County, Virginia, tax list returns of Alexander HITE (Heads of Families, Virginia), and Nicholas Combs is listed near Job, Soloman and Gilbert Combs, in an area believed to have been Powell's Fort:

5 April 1781 Gilbert Combs married Christina DENTON per Christina's 1845 RW Pension affidavit. Christina's sister Phebe DENTON of Roanoke, VA., also stated her sister married in 1781 in her 1845 affidavit in support of Christina's pension claim.

11 Aug 1789 - 25 Feb 1790 (Shenandoah DBG:437) James BREEDING and wife Sarah of Powels Fort, Shanandoah County to Thomas DODSON, Jr. of same; for 200 pds, 400 a in Powels Fort on Passage Creek. Wits: Gilbert GOMBS(?), Jacob DENTON, David BLEW. (The Dodson (Dotson) Family of North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co, Virginia: A History and Genealogy of Their Descendants, by Mrs. Sherman Williams, Compiler and Editor, The Rev. Silas Emmett, Lucas, Jr., Publisher, Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1988, hereinafter DNFP)

Gilbert Combs, son of Thomas and Martha Combs Combs, filed a Revolutionary War Pension Application as follows:

Combs, Gilbert, Christiana, W17, NJ Line, sol appl in Jul 1833 McNairy Cty TN aged 73, sol enl in Monmouth Cty NJ, sol was b 5 Nov 1759 at Freehold in Monmouth Cty NJ & in 1812 moved to Botetourt Cty VA & in 1830 moved to Hawkins Cty TN & in 1832 moved to McNairy Cty TN, sol m Christianna daughter of John & Margaret DENTON 5 Apr 1781 & she was born there [?] 30 May:1762, children were; Robert b 22 Feb 1782 & d 4 Apr 1801, Martha b 1 Jan 1784 & d 30 Jun 1824, Margaret b 30 Apr 1786, Phebe b 8 Feb 1789 & Aquila b 6 Mar 1791 all born in Shenandoah Cty VA, Nancy born 26 Apr 1793, Thomas b 6 Feb 1796, John b 26 Apr 1798 & Gilbert, Jr. b 15 Mar 1801 last 4 children b in Culpeper Cty VA, also shown was G.G. ADAMS & Priscilla ADAMS were m 22 Dec 1825 but their relationship to sol's family not stated, wid appl 7 Jul 1845 McNairy Cty TN aged 83 & wid made her aff'dt at home before commissioners R.R. ADAMS & Joseph L RUSHING no relationship to family was stated (Virgil D. White, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Abstract Files)

A second source for the RW Gilbert Combs Pension File: FAMILY RECORD OF GILBERT COMBS prepared 1961 by Miss Shuffle of Washington DC from Rev. War Pension file [W17] pf Gilbert Combs of New Jersey. File contains "Family Record" as well as a page torn from a family Bible:

Births [on family record]: Gilbert Combs, son of Thomas and Martha Combs, was born in Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey 5 Nov. 1759. Christianna Combs, daughter of John and Margaret Denton, was born in "Shenandoe" County Virginia 30 May 1762. Gilbert and Christina had 11 children, all of whom lived to be adults although son Robert died at age 21.

Births of Children of Gilbert and Christiana:
Robert b. Shenandoe Co. VA 22 Feb 1782;
Martha b. Shenandoe Co. VA 1 Jan. 1784;
Margaret b. Shenandoe Co VA 30 April 1786;
Phebe b. Shenandoe Co VA 8 Feb 1789;
Aquila b. Shenandoe Co VA 1 Mar 1791;
Nancy b. Culpepper Co VA 26 April 1793;
Thomas b. Culpepper Co VA 26 Feb. 1796;
John b. Culpepper Co VA 26 April 1798;
Gilbert b. Culpepper Co VA 16 Mar 1801;
Betsey b. 2 June 1803 [place not cited];
Priscilla b. 8 Mar. 1806 [place not cited].

Note: The last two items were at the end of the list on a piece of a torn page from the New Testament.

Deaths - on family record:
Robert Combs died 4 April 1803;
Martha Combs d. 30 June 1824;
Gilbert Combs, Snr died 13 May 1836 age 76 years, 6 months and 7 days.

Marriages on family record:
G. G. Adams and "Priscilla Adams" married in Botetourt Co. VA 22 Dec 1825,

In 1833 McNairy Co Tenn: Gilbert Combs wrote to Lewis Cass, Esq., complaining of exorbitant fee of $20 for Legal Aid.
Declaration, McNairy Co. Tenn: Gilbert Combs 5 July 1833, aged 73, made a statement for pension and gave his military service in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted in 1776 and served at Sandy Hook, Monmouth County, NJ. He served from 1776 to 1779 at various times, total of nine months and eight days. Signed: Gilbert Combs. Tennessee, McNairy County on 1st Monday in 1845 in Court of Record appeared B. B. Adams and Joseph L. Rushing to testify for Christiana Combs who could not appear due to illness and old age without endangering her life. The Court then appointed Samuel D. Pace and George G.
Adams, two of the Acting Justices of the Peace for sd. county, to take a declaration of said Christiana Combs.
Roanoke Co. VA 2 May 1845, personally appeared before Justice of the Peace, Phebe DENTON aged 87 and of respectable standing in said county, who said she was present at the marriage of Christianna Denton now Christianna Combs to Gilbert Combs in Shenandoah County VA about the year 1781, and also declared that herself and Christianna Combs are sisters and that she is five years older than her sister. Signed: Phebe Denton.
Declaration, McNairy County Tenn. On 7 July 1845 Chrsitianna Combs aged 83 years old on 30 May 1845 said she was the widow of Gilbert Combs a private in the Rev. War and a pensioner under Act of July 1832 of $30.87 1/2. She married the solider 5 April 1781 and he died 13 May 1836. Signed Christiana Combs. Same date and county in open court: B.B. Adams and Joseph L. Rushing testified to knowing Christiana Combs and that her mental faculties were good and she had a good character for truth and veracity. Both signed.
Testimony also given by Margarette Pearson age 59 of McNairy Co. Tenn. 1845. no relationshiop to widow expressed. Signed by Joseph Groves and Margarett Pearson.

Additional information about Gilbert Combs and his family is provided in a biographical article about the ADAMS family (see below). According to researcher Judy Bowman Rhodes, Gilbert Combs wrote & filed his own REV War pension papers and they are a treasure of family information as well as a wonderful picture of him, and his sense of humor and irony.

Gilbert Combs died May 13, 1836, aged 76 yrs. 6m, 7days. He is buried in the Combs Family Cemetery, Union Grove Cemetery, McNairy County, Tennessee (N.S.D.A.R. book of "Soldiers and Patriots Buried in Tennessee")

Christina DENTON Combs died 13 May 1850 (of palpitations) in Hardeman Co,Tn (adjacent to McNairy Co.) where she was living with her daughter Priscilla Combs ADAMS. She is buried beside Gilbert Combs in the Combs Family Cemetery per Judy Bowman Rhodes, descendant of Margaret "Peggy" Combs and Palmer PEARSON. She was born 30 May 1762 In Shanandoah Co. per the family record in the RW Pension File. She stated the married Gilbert Combs on 5 April 1781.

Note: We are still in the process of collecting, organizing and adding records for Gilbert Combs, thus the following is still incomplete. The following represents what is currently known about the family of Gilbert Combs. We are continuing to collect and analyze records for this family.

In 1882, biographical information about the ADAMS family was published in REMINISCENCES of the EARLY SETTLEMENT and EARLY SETTLERS of Mc Nairy County, Tennessee by Gen. Marcus J. Wright. This article identified Priscilla Combs ADAMS, wife of George G. ADAMS, Tom Combs, Gilbert Combs, Jack Combs, Mrs. Betsey STANLEY, and Mrs. Parmer [Palmer] PEARSON as siblings. It further stated their father and mother travelled to Tennessee with George and Priscilla ADAMS.

The ADAMS Family…

The second son of Jeremiah Adams, George C. Adams came to this county following his brother, B. S. Adams. He had married PRISCILLA COMBS in Virginia, her parents being the father and mother of TOM, GILBERT AND JACK COMBS. This George G. Adams located on the old stage road, at what is called the JOHN GILBERT COMBS place. It was at this place that the old stage stand was located. Before the war with Mexico, and before the Texas war for Independence, this old place was familiar one too the travelers of that day. G. G. A., the second son of Jeremiah A., come out to Purdy, Tenn., in the year 1827, being married in Virginia to MISS PRISCILLA COMBS about two years before he moved. He brought his father and mother-in-law with him, two very intelligent and pious old people; the parents of Tom, Gilbert and Jack Combs, all good citizens, who moved out soon afterwards. There were also two daughters who come out, MRS. PARMER PEARSON and MRS. BETSEY STANLEY, both estimable ladies. Mrs. Stanley still living in McNairy; Mrs. Pearson is dead. The old man COMBS lived to the age of seventy-six and a half; old lady eighty eight, then died. G. G. A. was man of excellent morals and good business qualities. They lived in and around Purdy until all of their children were born -- eleven in number; four sons and two daughters, all who grew up to be men and women of good standing. G. G. A. left Purdy in 1852; moved to Bolivar; in 1858 to Grand Junction Tenn.; then to Luka, Miss. All the time in good active business. He was noted for his morality. I have heard him say he never swore an oath, chewed or smoked tobacco, drank a dram, or loved but one woman. He lived at Luka [Tishomingo Co.], Miss, up to his death, June 6, 1868. He was born November 26,1801, in Bedford county, Va. [Source: McNAIRY COUNTY, TN - BIOGRAPHIES McNairy County Independent April 11, 1924 and REMINISCENCES of the EARLY SETTLEMENT and EARLY SETTLERS of Mc Nairy County, Tennessee by Gen. Marcus J. Wright, Published in 1882 The Adams Family By T. L. A.

[Source: USGenWeb McNairy Co., TN Archives, contributed for use by: Douglas H. Prather, excerpted and submitted to Combs &c by Phyllis Combs]

Known Issue of Gilbert & Christianna DENTON Combs

Note: See Botetourt Co VA for conflicts re some marriage records.

  1. Robert, b 22 Feb 1782, Shenandoah Co, VA; d 4 Apr 1801 per White's abstraction, but may have been 4 Apr 1823 (Mary A. Sampson, Darlene Gleason) Another transcription of the Bible record found in the RW Pension File states he died 4 April 1803.

  1. Martha, b 1 Jan 1784, Shenandoah Co, VA; d 30 Jun 1824. Married 11 Apr 1816, Botetourt Co, VA, Jacob D. GROVES, possibly her second marriage. (RW Pension Application; and Botetourt Marriage Records, Mary A. Sampson, Darlene Gleason)

  1. Margaret, b 30 Apr 1786, Shenandoah Co, VA; died 14 Nov 1854, buried McNairy Co, TN; married 11 Sept 1817, Botetourt Co, VA, Palmer PEARSON. (RW Pension, Botetourt Co, VA Marriage Records)

Note: Margaret and her husband Palmer PEARSON removed to Tennessee where they can be found in the 1850 McNairy Co., TN census. She is referenced as Mrs. PEARSON, sister to Tom, Gilbert, and Jack Combs, having travelled with her parents to Tennessee per the ADAMS biographical article. Descendant and researcher Judy Combs Rhodes provides this additional information: Margaret "Peggy" Combs who married Palmer PEARSON of Franklin Co,VA, son of Thomas PEARSON b.1753 in England, REVWAR soldier, Pvt, VA line, Artillery who lived until his death in Bedford/FRanklin VA and his wife Elizabeth PALMER of Loudoun Co,VA. Palmer and Margaret Combs Pearson also came to McNairy Co,TN. They married in Botetourt Co, VA. Margaret Combs PEARSON is buried in the Hurlburt Cem. just west of of Adamsville, TN.

1850 McNairy Co. Census

p. 113b

HH#1576 PEARSON Parmer, 55 m farmer RE=$800 VA
Margaret, 62 f VA
Gilbert, 27 m laborer VA

(Source: USGenweb McNairy Co., TN census transcription)

  1. Phebe, b 8 Feb 1789, Shenandoah Co, VA; married 6 Apr 1816, Botetourt Co, VA, Joseph GROVES. (RW Pension, Botetourt Co, VA Marriage Records) The name of Joseph GROVES is found in the pension affidavit of one Margarett PEARSON.

  1. Aquilla, b 6 Mar 1791, Shenandoah Co, VA, married 23 Dec 1813, Botetourt Co, VA, Elizabeth RIDDLE. (RW Pension, Botetourt Co, VA Marriage Records) In 1830, Aquilla Combs was listed on the Hardeman Co, TN Census.

  1. Nancy, born 26 Apr 1793, Culpeper Co, VA, married 26 Oct 1815, Botetourt Co, VA, John McCRARY/McCRERY. (RW Pension, Botetourt Marriage Records)

  1. Thomas, b 6 Feb 1796 [or 26 Feb], Culpeper Co, VA, died 6 Jan 1863, buried Union Grove Cemetery, McNairy Co, TN; married Catherine STRATON. (RW Pension, Sampson/Gleason, their marriage source not known). Thomas and Catherine were listed on the 1850 McNairy Co, TN census as follows:

TN McNairy

H#1638, p. 235
Combs, Thomas 54 VA
Catherine 44 VA

(1850 Census - Tennessee, transcribed and indexed by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Evanston, IL, 1974, Byron Sistler & Associates, Inc., Nashville, TN, 1991 reprint.)

  1. John, b 26 Apr 1798, Culpeper Co, VA, married 16 Dec 1822, Botetourt Co, VA, Susannah ETTER. (RW Pension, Botetourt Marriage Record). According to a Conway Co., AR biography of son George Washington Combs, John Combs the father died about 1879 in McNairy Co. John and Susannah and their family are listed in the 1850 McNairy Co, TN Census:

p. 223

#1552, Combs, John 53 VA
Susannah 45 VA
Kiza 22
Elijah 21
Robert 20
Christiana 18
Elizabeth 16
Gilbert 15
Washington 12
Susan 10
Jacob 7
Virginia 4


Notes: CONWAY COUNTY ARKANSAS - BIOGRAPHIES "C", (SOURCE: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Western Arkansas. Goodspeed Publishers, 1891, Submitted by: Cathy Barnes)

George Washington Combs, an enterprising farmer and justice of the peace of Union Township, Conway County, is a native of McNairy County, Tennessee, and was born in 1839. His father, John Combs, and his mother Susan (Etter) Combs, were natives of Virginia, where they were reared and married. From there they removed to Warren County,Tennessee, and thence to McNairy County, where they made their future home. Mr. Combs died about 1879, and Mrs. Combs died in 1888. Both of them were consistent members of the Methodist Church a great many years. Mr. Combs was a moderate but industrious farmer, and a man who had the respect of those who knew him best. His father, Gilbert Combs, was probably a Pennsylvanian by birth, but lived a good many years in Virginia, and lastly in McNairy County. Tennessee, where he died prior to the civil war. His occupation was that of a farmer. Jacob Etter, the maternal grandfather of the subject of this sketch, it is supposed was a native of Virginia, where he lived all his life. He was of German ancestry. Esquire Combs is one of a family of nine sons and five daughters, and was reared to manhood on a farm in McNairy County, Tennessee, with the advantage of nothing but the poorly conducted country schools of his native county for an education. At the early age of eighteen years (1857) he was united in marriage with Miss Sarah C. BIRCHETT, who is also a native of McNairy County, Tennessee. Her parents, James and Virginia E. BIRCHETT, where probably born somewhere in the State of Tennessee, and died in McNairy County, Mrs. Birchett about the close of the late war, and Mr. Birchett soon after. He was a farmer by occupation Mr. and Mrs Combs have had twelve children born to them, of whom there are three sons and five daughters living. After his marriage, Mr. Combs continued to reside in his native county till about 1870, when he removed to Gibson County, Tennessee, where he lived till 1881. He then emigrated to Conway, County, Arkansas, and the first six years resided at Centre Ridge, but since that time has lived near Springfield, where he owns a good upland farm of eighty acres. Since 1888, Mr. Combs has served the people of Union Township as Justice of the Peace, and had previously held that office in Lick Mountain Township. He served as Constable in McNairy County, and Deputy Sheriff in Gibson County, Tennessee. He affiliates with the Democratic party in politics, and gave his first presidential vote to Douglas in 1860. He is a prominent member, of the Masonic fraternity of Springfield Lodge, No. 127. Has served in the capacity of Junior Warden, Tyler, etc. Mr. and Mrs. Combs have been devout members of the M. E. Church, South, from childhood. Several of their children are also members of the same.

SEE below Family Bible Record for George Washignton Combs and wife Sarah BIRCHETT.

  1. Gilbert, Jr., b 15 Mar 1801, died 6 Dec 1879, buried Crump Cemetery, Hardin Co, TN, name of 1st wife unknown; married 2nd Sally GILCHRIST, probably in McNairy Co, TN. (RW Pension Application, Sampson/Gleason, source unknown). Gilbert Jr. and wife, Sally, are listed on the 1850 McNairy Co, TN Census:

p. 233

#1621, Combs, Gilbert 49 VA
Sarah 27 TN
George 21
Gilbert 19
John 9
Emiline 7
Malcum 5
Charles 3
William 1


Note: One Gilbert Combs m in Franklin Co VA on 07 Apr 1824 (Marriage CD), and a Gilbert COMBIS [sic] is on the 1830 Franklin Co VA census. Both the 1830 Franklin TN Census Records and the complete transcriptions of the above records are needed to learn the birth states of the children.

  1. Elizabeth aka Betsey aka Eliza Combs, b. 2 June 1803 in VA (place of birth not listed in Bible Record) She married a Mr. STANL(E)Y, and she died after 1882. Her date of birth is found in the RW Pension File and she is stated to be a sister to Tom, Gilbert, and Jack Combs of McNairy Co., TN., and to Mrs. Parmer [Palmer] PEARSON, and to Priscilla Combs ADAMS, in an 1882 biographical article on the ADAMS family. Elizabeth may have been widowed by 1850 as she heads the household in McNairy Co. with children Gilbert, Christina, and Thomas among others. She can be found in the 1850-1880 census records and was noted as still living in 1882. No marriage record has been located at this time. Her census records and family are given below. In 1880, she lists her father as being born in PA and her mother being born in Prus(sia). She may have married in Tennessee since her eldest child, b. c1832, was born in Tennessee per the 1850 census. 1832 is about the time the family removed to Hawkins Co., TN per RW Gilbert Combs' statement in his pension file.


p. 117a

HH#1622, STANLY, Elizabeth, 45, f, RE=$1000, b. VA
Goun, 18, m, farmer, b. TN [probably R. G. aka Green]
Christiana, 14, f, b. TN
Gilbert, 12, m, b. TN idioti
Sarah, 10, f, b.TN, idioti
Elizabeth, 6, f, b. TN, idioti
Thomas, 21, m, farmer, b. VA

(Source: USGenweb McNairy Co., TN 1850 census transcription)


District No. 13, Purdy

p. 504, 9 Oct. 1860

2303/2307 R G STANLY, 31, m, farmer, b. TN, RE=$2000, PP=$5505 [Green STANLY in 1870]
Orlena, 31, f, b. TN
William W., 2, m, b. TN
Chrissianna, 9/12, f, b. TN
Eliza, 61, f, b. VA
Gilbert P, 22, m, b. TN, Idiot
Sarah A, 18, f, b. TN, Idiot

(Source: Heritage Quest Original Images)


Thirteenth Civil District

Purdy PO

p. 355, 1 June 1870

62/62 STANLY, Elizabeth 66, f, w, Keeping House, b. NC
Gilbert P, 34, m, w, b. TN, Idiot
Sarah A, 28, f, w, b. TN, Idiot

(Source: Heritage Quest Original Images)


15 District

p. 155c

R. G. STANLEY, Self, M, Male, W, 48, Farmer Or Wool Carder, b. TN VA VA
Orlena STANLEY, Wife, M, Female, W, 39, Keeping House, b. TN TN TN
W. W. STANLEY, Son, S, Male, W, 22, Farmer, b. TN TN TN A

  1. Priscilla Combs, youngest child, was born March 8, 1804 {or 1806 alternative date) (perhaps Culpepper Co., VA). She married George G. ADAMS 22 Dec. 1825 in Virginia per the RW Pension File of Gilbert Combs. An 1882 biographical article on the ADAMS family of McNairy Co., TN states she was a sister to Tom, Gilbert, and Jack Combs, Mrs. Parmer [Margaret] PEARSON, and Mrs. Betsey STANLEY. It further states the parents travelled to Tennessee with George and Priscilla ADAMS. George ADAMS was a hotel keeper/owner and he and Priscilla can be found in the 1850 and 1860 Hardeman Co., TN census. Her mother Christina DENTON Combs was living with them when she died 13 May 1850 in Hardeman Co., TN. According to Adams biographical information, GG ADAMS removed to Luka, Miss. [Tishomingo Co.] where he died 6 June 1868.

1850 Hardeman Co.


p. 80b, 29th day of Aug, 1850

175/175 ADAMS, George G., 48, M, Hotell Keeper RE=$2,500, b. VA
Precilla, 44, F, Va
Beecher, 20, M, Clerk, b. Ten
Andrew, 18, M, Clerk, b. Ten
Christiana, 15, F, b. Ten
James, 12, M, b.Ten
Camelia, 8, F, b. Ten
George, 4/12, M

(Source: USGenweb Hardeman Co., TN 1850 census transcription)

1860 Hardeman Co.

Junction District No. 1, Bolivar PO

p. 151 1 June 1860

25/25 ADAMS, G. G., 59, M, Collecting, b. VA, RE=$25,000, PP=$6,000
Priscilla, 53, F, b. VA
James, 20, M, b. TN, Ticket Agent RR
Cornelia B., 17, F, b. TN

Residing in Hotel

The following Bible Records may be are those of the Washington Combs who was son of John and Susannah ETTER Combs and grandson of Gilbert and Christianna DENTON Combs, but this has not yet been verified. Also note the inclusion of the New Jersey Records and see comments below:

Combs FAMILY BIBLE - Transcription deposited with the Virginia State Library Archives whose description follows:
Loose pages from bible, with New Testament page, which indicated it was published in New York by James Pott and Company. No date.
In possession of Mrs. Paul S. Cooke of Alexandria, Va.
McNairy County, Tenn. (Bible of G. W. and Sarah C. Combs) New Jersey, also.
Entries seem to have been written by one person:

George Washington Combs and Sarah Catherine Birchett, Sept. 29, 1859, McNairy Co. Tenn.
James Josiah Combs - Emily Effie Lane, Dec. 24, 1884.
" " " - Sarah Elizabeth Cathcart - Dec. 26, 1888.
Virginia Etta Combs - Joseph Clinton Floyd - Dec. 25, 1884, Springfield, Ark.
Mary Nora Combs - " " " Feb. 14, 1889, Spring field, Ark.
Emma Cora Combs - Edward Chapman Lane - Center Ridge, Ark.
Susannah Lula Combs - Thomas Jefferson Way - July 7,1897, Springfield, Ark.
Henry Estella Combs - Edgar Hill Maver - Feb. 14, 1894, Springfield, Ark.
William Eli Bascomb Combs - Lillian Borla Malone, Conway Co. Ark. Feb. 23, 1905
John Marvin Combs - Mabel Hatchall - Oct. 14, 1905, Muskogee, Okla.
Daisy Washington Combs - Ernest Jacob Joss - July 24 - 1901 - Conway Co. Ark.
Daisy Combs Joss - Charles Lawrence Penderghast - May 23 - 1906 Muskogee, Okla.
Lillie Dora Combs - Lister Armistead Garnand, Dec. 5, 1901 - Conway, Ark.

George Washington Combs - May 10, 1839 McNairy Co. Tenn.
Sarah Catharine Birchett - March 6, 1845 " "
James Josiah Combs, May 28, 1863 " "
Virginia Etta " Aug. 29, 1855 " "
Cleopatra Ellen Combs, Oct. 2, 1864 " "
Annie Cordelia " Jan, 30, 1869 " "
Martha Catherine " July 22, 1869 Gibson Co. Tenn.
Mary Nora & Emma Cora Combs - Dec. 22, 1870 Gibson Co, Tenn.
Susanna Lula Combs - Aug. 23-1874 - Gibson Co. Tenn.
Henry Estella " - Apr.l7 - 1876
William E. B. " - Aug. 7 - 1877
John Marvin " Oct, 20 -1879
Daisy W. " July 17, 1881
Lillie Dora " Aug. 27- 1884 - Center Ridge Ark.

G. W. Combs - May 27, 1911, Haskill, Okla.
Sarah B. " - Nov. 15 - 1934
James J. " - Nov. 21, 1954, Conway Ark.
Virginia C. Floyd - June 15, 1887 - Conway Co. Ark.
Mary C. Floyd - Sept. 27, 1949 - Tulsa, Okla.
Emma C. Lane - June 29, 1958 - Greenwood, Ark.
Susanna C. Way - Oct. 3, 1952 - Fairhaven, N.J.
Henry C. Maver - Nov. 30, 1959 - Little Rock, Ark.
Wm. E.B. Combs - Oct. 14 - 1960 - Tulsa, Okla.
John M. Combs - Nov. 30, 1962 - Phoenix, Ariz.
Daisy Penderghast - Feb. 26, 1929 - Haskell, Okla.
Lillie C. Garnand - Jan. 22 1949 - Okla. City, Okla.

Cleopatra Combs - July 7 - 1865
Annie C. Combs - Oct. 2, 1868
Martha C. " Aug. 11, 1870

Loose sheet in Bible, from the New Jersey Family: of
Elijah Combs (son of Thomas & Martha, brother of Gilbert) Born June 8, 1775.
Rebeckah - his wife, born Oct, 21, 1780
The birth of their children:
Nancy was born Nov. 3rd 1799.
Rebeckah Clayton was born Sept. 1801
Esther was born Feb. 9. 1804
Thomas was born May 24th 1806
Aaron R. was born Nov. 8th 1808
Joseph - was horn March 2lst 1811
Elizabeth R. my mother June 20 1813
Rachel Combs was born Nov. 27 - 1815
Guilbert Combs was born Jan. 29 - 1825

(Virginia State Library Archives, provided by TN Combs Researcher Mary Gregg)

Ed Notes: It is not known who made the Bible entries, although the earlier entries may have been either G. W. Combs or his wife, Sarah BIRCHITT, and the handwriting not that of the same individual. It is not clear whether the NJ loose paper was also in the same handwriting as the pages that were part of the bible, but certainly it was neither George Washington or his wife who wrote, "my mother," after the name of Elizabeth R., daughter of Elijah and Rebeckhah _____ Combs. Is it possible that the latter may have been a CLAYTON, given the name of their daughter? It is not yet known if Thomas and Martha Combs Combs' children, other than Gilbert, have been identified.

The appearance of the given name, Elijah, in a Powell's Fort Combs Family, in conjunction with finding Nicholas Combs living nearby in 1785, creates further speculation as to whether there might have been a relationship between these two Combs Families, particularly given Nicholas Combs' removal to Sullivan Co, TN where a Jonathan Combs and a Solomon Combs are also found.

Additional records and a genealogy for the descendants of Job Combs are also planned for the future. He is known to have removed to Jefferson Co, TN in 1797, andis listed on the 1800 Jefferson Co, TN tax list along with a John and a William Combs. (Early TN Taxpayers, Creekmore); and on the 1802 Anderson Co TN Tax List.

To Be Continued…