Pittsylvania County was established in 1767 from Halifax Co VA. Descendant Counties include Henry>Patrick (including part of later Grayson>Carroll) & Franklin.

An unidentified William Combs was in what would become Halifax Co by 1756, and a George Combs by ca1768 who appears to be the same who came via Lunenburg from Amelia Co VA. A Mason Combs was in Pittsylvania Co VA in 1767, but not found in earlier Halifax or afterward in Pittsylvania. None of the Combs of Pittsylvania have been identified; and further complicating research of this county is the fact that both William Combs & George Combs owned land on or in the vicinity of Birches Creek, which is on the county line of Halifax & Pittsylvania. We have not learned yet what happened to William Combs' land, and the purchases and sales of George Combs' land don't "add up." As a result, the Combs Land of Birches Creek has become part of our Combs Deed Mapping Project.

Note: Although the following two records are of Halifax Co VA, the author/transcriber of the 2nd record indicates the property was in that part of Halifax Co VA which became Pittsylvania. This William Combs has not been identified, and no William Combs appeared on early Lunenburg Co VA tax lists, indicating he probably did not arrive in this area until after 1746 (Lunenburg > Halifax):

19 Nov 1756 (Halifax Co. Plea Bk 2:184) William Combs is appointed surveyor of the road leading from Burches Cr. to Sandy Cr. Ordered that the male laboring tithables belonging to Jos. TERRY clear the same from the top of the hill on Burches Cr. to the top of the hill on Sandy Cr. & keep the same in repair.

(HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, COURT ORDERS 1755-1758. T. L. C. Genealogy (Plea Book No. 2, Part I)

5th Apr. 1757 Surveyed for William COMES 400 ac of Land on a br. of Sandy Br. beginning at a Beech on the __ thence in New Lines. Sh WALLON'

(Marian Dodson Chiarito, M.D. (1988) Old Survey Book 1, 1746-1782 Pittsylvania County, Virginia, The Clarkton Press, Nathalie, VA, p. 62)

Note: Presumably both of these records are for the same William Combs; however, no records have been found for him in either Halifax or Pittsylvania as yet (except see below).

The earliest and only known Combs in Pittsylvania County at the time of its formation in 1767 was a Mason Combs who appeared on the following tax list

1767 A List of Tithables for Pittsylvania County

Taken by John WILSON, Gent., in year 1767:

John STONE & son John
George LUMPKIN, son Robert & son George, John TRAVIS, negroes Jack & Betty
Absolom BOSTICK, negro Pato
Thomas GARNER, negroes Harry, Lillis, Cate & Peg
Richard ARDIN
John YATES & son Jon, negroes Bob & Cate
Charles LITTLE
Barsheba BEVERLY (mulato)
Moses RIDLE (Indian)
William RIDLE
John FERROL [Ferrill? Ferrell?]
David LAY [aka Lea? Lee?]
Zachariah SCAGS (See 1787 Russell Co VA)
Henry STONE and Son William, Mason Combs, negro Sarah.
Henry GREENS Land
John OWEN & Sons William & John, negro Sam
George Holms GWIN [aka Guinn], negroes Lill, Lucy, Fillis & Gwin
Dextrous MUSICK (See 1787 Russell Co VA)
William NELSON
John OWEN (Cain Cr.)
Small Wood OWEN
Timothy STAMPS, John STAMPS & Thomas STAMPS
Benjamine THRASHER & negro Luck
William WATSON
William RICE
Isiah WATKINS & Edward LESTER (Miller)
Peter PERKINS and James, son, negroes Lownon & Hannah
John WILSON, negroes, viz: Roger, Will, Charles, Isaac, Betty, Lin & Doll.
Richard ADAMS
Valentine HATCHER & negroes Matt, Beck and Charles
David STEPHINS [Stephens]

(History of Pittsylvania County, Maude Carter Clement, Baltimore Regional Publishing Co, 1981, p. 277-8)

The above Mason Combs is believed by some researchers to have been Mason Combs, Sr. of Richmond>Stafford>Frederick Cos VA, who was in Rowan Co NC by 1768. Given that Mason Combs, Sr. was 53 years of age in 1767, we think it more likely that the above was his son, Mason Combs, Jr., b 1746/7 in Stafford Co VA who would have been 20-21 years of age at this time, and who may have been the Mason Combs (Jr.?) who was later of Hawkins Co TN.

Note: By 1774, William STONE, s/o Henry, was living in Halifax Co VA.

ca1777 RW Soldier Thomas Ridge McGEE (a.k.a. Thomas RIDGE), half-brother of William RIDGE who had m Winnifred Combs (d/o Mason Combs, Sr.) declared that he lived with his brother in [Surry Co] NC prior to the RW, but was residing in Pittsylvania Co VA when he first enlisted in Baltimore Co MD (no explanation as to why he was in Baltimore). He later returned to Surry Co NC (that part which became Stokes Co) where he married and lived for several years, then moved to TN ca1793, and in 1823 moved to Humphreys Co TN where in 1820 he is listed on the same census page as a Thomas Combs, and in 1830 there are a number of Combs, including one Labon Combs (See Below) William RIDGE, Sr. of Surry NC, half-brother of Thomas RIDGE (a.k.a. McGEE), m Winnifred Combs, d/o Mason Combs, Sr.

Also note:

1744 (Brunswick Co., VA Wills, p. 98). Inventory of estate of Godfrey RIDGE. Appraised 28 Nov 1744. Signed: Sarah RIDGE, Administratrix of Godfrey RIDGE, William VERDEMAN, John WEBSTER, Charles HILL. Returned to court 7 Mar 1744/5 and ordered recorded.

(Brunswick County, Virginia Wills, p. 98 In; Brunswick County, Virginia Wills 1739-1750, TLC Genealogy, Miami, Fl, p. 29.)

Godfrey RIDGE, grandfather of William Ridge, Tory of Surry Co, NC who married Winnefred Combs, d/o Mason Sr and Sarah. Brunswick Co, later Pittsylvania land of Godfrey apparently on Ridge's Creek, although no other records found for Godfrey. By 1747 (land entry of Obediah WOODSON) creek called Widow Ridge's Creek, presently known as Old Woman's Creek, which flows north into the River Roanoke. [A John WEBSTER and Sarah RIDGE, along with Richard WEBSTER, Edward HERNDON Jr, Mary BOUCHER, Joyce RIDGE, Edward DICKERSON and William JONES, were witnesses in a Spottsylvania Co., VA court case in 1740 involving Godfrey RIDGE and Benjamin BOUCHER.)]

25 Sept. 1778 (Pittsylvania Co, VA COB4:166). Hugh HENRY an infant under the age of 21 by John HENRY his father and next friend vs Elisabeth Combs } In trespass on the case. Case abates. Defendant not an inhabitant of county.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from Pittsylvania Co., VA court order v. 4-5, FHC microfilm of original, #0033309)

Notes: Elizabeth not identified, not known in which county she was a resident. No other Pittsylvania Co Combs records have been located between 1767 and 1782 when a Betsy Combs appears on a tax list in what appears to be the same district as above (based on near-by names). Was Betsy the above Elizabeth Combs? John HENRY (father of infant Hugh HENRY) was the son of Hugh HENRY Sr., overseer for Col. John DONELSON'S Iron Works in Pittsylvania Co. According to researcher Donna Jean Glasgow, John HENRY died about 3 days prior to Donelson's 1780 journey to what is now Nashville. His widow, with five young sons, was referred to as "the widow Henry" in John Donelson's Journal. John HENRY's son John, who made the journey as a baby, was later to have the distinction of being one of the first Methodist ministers in the state of Arkansas. "In trespass" usually indicates land boundary disputes yet no Combs land records found as yet in this county.

Also Note: Henry Co, VA established this year from Pittsylvania and a John Combs is found in that county.

1782 Pittsylvania Co VA Tax List

(excerpted from the 1790 Census of VA, AGLL) [#s indicate whites and blacks respectively]):

NELSON, James 7-4
WIER, John 4-2
WIER, Bazeal 3-8
CANTRILL, James 2-0
DIX, James 6-11
CHAPMAN, Hannah 21-0
COOK, George, Sr. 7-0
COOK, Elijah 4-0
Combs, Betsey 5-0
WOODY [WOODS?], James 5-6
THRASHER, Benja 2-2
GLASLEY, Joseph 3-0
OWEN, John 9-0
WORFE, Thomas 6-0
GOING, Seth 11-8
HUDSON, Amey 5-0
STILLWELL, Jacob, jr. 3-0
TWIDDLE, William 8-0
BROWN, Goram 3-0
ASHER, Samuel 6-0
OWEN, Uriah 3-0
COLLEY, James, Senr 9-0
PREWETT, Samuel 6-0 [PRUITT?]
WYNNE, William 3-0
ROBERSON, James 2-0
GOSSETT, Shadrack 5-0
GLASSCO, John 8-1
MAY, Gabriel 7-0
STILLWELL, Jacob, jr. 6-0
JONES, Nathan 4-0
LUMKINS, George jr.
WALTERS, Thomas, Senr.
SHIELDS, Pleasant
HALL, John jr.
HALL, Joseph
HALL, John Senr.
SCOTT, Nimrod
HILL, Jonathan
AYRES, Moses
MURRAY, Nathl.
MATTHEWS, Chechester
KING, Benjamin
SEAL, Solmon
SEAL, James

(Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States, Taken in the Year 1790, Virginia, Records of the State Enumerations 1782-1785, US Govt. Printing Office, 1908, Reprint, AGLL, Bountiful, UT, 1993)

Notes: Betsy Combs is not listed on the 1784 or 1785 tax lists, and her family, consisting of 5 white, 0 blacks, has not been identified. Also note that she is listed adj. to COOKS, and see the numerous Combs-Cook associations in Surry Co NC (and possibly Charlotte Co VA). Were these COOKS kin to those? See Also AYERS in Wilkes Co NC. Could Betsy Combs have been the widow of the 1756-7 William Combs? Or of one of his sons? Where did she live? On whose land?

12 Dec 1782 (Pittsylvania Co VA Marriage Records) Mary Combs & Peter FREEMAN.

(Combs Researcher Leslie Burrus from copies of LDS Marriage Records)

Notes: Was Mary the d/o (widow?) Betsy Combs? Peter FREEMAN is not found on the 1782 Pittsylvania Co VA Tax Lists. No more information and no other Freeman marriages than the above in pre-1800 records?

1784 Pittsylvania Co VA Personal Property Tax List

William COMBES
Nimrod SCOTT

(Transcribed by Combs-Kendall Researcher Denise Mortorff from Pittsylvania Co., VA Personal Property Tax Lists, Microfilm # 1870197 (1782-1797, Book A) who adds that 1783 was not viewed, that the list was non-alphabetical, and that William appeared directly between the above two names)

Notes: The above William COMBES has not been identified. His presence adjacent to Nimrod SCOTT may indicate he was kin to Betsy Combs (who was not found on the 1784 list).

1785 Pittsylvania Co VA Personal Property Tax List

No Combs

15 Jan. 1787 (Pittsylvania Co, VA COB5:401). Court ordered the overseers of the poor to bind out (parish of Cambden) George BARKER, Joseph BARKER, Samuel SPARKS, William Combs, Laban Combs, Nathan BAILEY, James SCAL [sp?], Josias LANSFORD.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from Pittsylvania Co., VA court order v. 4-5, FHC microfilm of original, #0033309)

1787 Pittsylvania Co VA Personal Property Tax List

No Combs

May 1788 (PC-COB6:118). William Combs vs William MURRY} on a pet.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from Pittsylvania Co., VA court order v. 6, 1787-91, FHC #00266296)

May 1789 (PC-COB6:389). Jury: William Combs


SE Note: Stopped abstracting after Book 6 which ended in 1791.

10 Nov 1795 (Pittsylvania Co VA Marriage Records) Laban Combs & Peggy HARRIS.

(Combs Researcher Leslie Burr from copies of LDS Marriage Records)

Notes: Was Laban Combs the same later found in Humphries Co, TN? (See above re Thomas Ridge McGee).

17 Oct. 1797 (PC-COB8:425). James Grant against Laban Combs} Upon a petition and summons. Defendant called and came not. Judgement for the plaintiff.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving from Pittsylvania Co., Va. Court Order Records 1791-1801, Court Order Books 8 & 9, FHC Microfilm # 0033310)