Henry County, VA was organized from Pittsylvania Co (Halifax, Lunenburg) in 1778. Patrick Co, VA was organized from Henry Co, VA in 1790-1791. Also note that In 1806, a portion of western Patrick County was annexed to Grayson Co, VA (from Wythe<Montgomery) and eventually became part of now-Carroll Co, VA.

Henry Co VA was "populated" with Combs from the first year of its existence:

1778 - 1779 - 1780 (Henry Co VA Tax Lists, Clerk's Copies)
John Combs

(Henry Co, VA Tax Lists, 1778-1780, Adams, SHP, 1973)

Others of possible interest on these tax lists included:

Hutson [Hudson] JOHNSON (to Hawkins, then Dickson Co TN)
Rev. Thomas MURRELL (to Hawkins, then Dickson TN, step/f of Martin JOHNSON)
Jeffery MURRELL (to Hawkins TN)
Bartlett SIMS (to Hawkins TN)
Rev. Richard MURRELL (to Long Island, Sullivan Co TN);
George MABRY (to Knox TN? Possibly father of Sarah MABRY, w/o John Combs of Jefferson TN?)
Samuel JOHNSON (to ????? Co, GA)
Miles BARRETT (RW Soldier who, in 1782, married in Patrick Co VA; in 1797 was living on Dodson's Creek of the Holston River in Hawkins Co TN on property purchased by Martin JOHNSON, h/o Sarah Combs, and step-son of the above Thomas MURRELL (See Martin & Sarah Combs Johnson) . His dau. Mary, m Thomas D. LAWSON (RW Pension File, BLW #7248)

Also note that RW Soldiers were exempted from taxes during the war, and that rather than include their names with a notation as to exemption, they were omitted from the lists entirely.

1782 Henry Co, VA Personal Property Tax Lists

No Combs.

Other names of possible interest include: Miles BARNOTT; John WILLIS and Elijah ROARK (See Hawkins Co, TN); John & William HAWKES; Jacob JOHNSON (See Grayson Co, VA); Benjamin COOK, John GOING and Samuel MCGEEHEE (See Surry Co, NC); John TOWNSEND (See Wilkes NC); John CLEMENTS; Henry HARRISON; John HATCHER (See Perry Co, KY); Amos RICHARDSON (See Wilkes Co, GA); Samuel UNDERWOOD (See below).

1782 (Henry VA DB2:273-4) . William CORNWELL and his wife, -----, of the county of Henry to William HAMMITT for the sum of twelve pounds sell land on the south side of the north Mayo River on Mill Creek containing 73 acres more or less. Signed: William (X) CORNWELL. No wits.

(Henry Co, VA Deed Book I & 2, Lela C. Adams).

28 Nov 1785 (Henry DB3:229-30) 28 Nov 1785, Isaac SMITH and Mary his wife, to Abraham PENN both of Henry County, for the sum of twenty five pounds sells parcel on branches of Stone's Creek, it being 302 acres more or less and joins Jaocb COGAR. /s/Isaac SMITH, Mary SMITH. Wit: Brett STOVALL, John STAPLES, William HAMMOTT, George PENN. Provd 27 Jan 1786, Henry Co, VA.

(Henry Co, VA Deed Book I & 2, Lela C. Adams).

18 Jan 1786. [?] (Henry DB3: 514-5) William HAMMIT of Henry County to George HAIRSTON of same for twenty five pounds sells land on the south side of the North Mayo River on Mill Creek being 73 acres. /s/William HAMMIT. Wit: William (X) WARD, John SULIVANT, Allen (X) BROCK. Proved 28 April 1787.

(Henry Co, VA Deed Book I & 2, Lela C. Adams).

Note: William Hammett does not appear on 1787 Henry Co, VA voter lists, nor is he listed on the 1787 tithe lists. These records are included here as his identification may tie to the Combs of either Fauquier or Stafford Cos VA. Ditto for the UNDERWOODS and MASONS who follow:

24 Apr 1783 (Henry DB2:353-4) 24 Apr 1783. John SHORT of the county of Henry, planter, to Samuel UNDERWOOD, planter, of the same, 45 pds., land (no acr. given) adj. HOLLAWAY and HEARD on Blackwater River beginning with William MIEDES [MEADE?] old line, joins Poplar Camp Creek. S/John SHORT, Wits" Jesse CLAY, Jesse HEARD, James MASON, Stephen HEARD.

(Abstracts of Henry Co, Virginia Deed Books I and II, August 1784 -- June 1792, Lela C. Adams, SHP, Easley, SC, 1983)

Notes: A James MASON married Margaret BRODERICK, daughter of Christopher and Sarah HAMMETT Broderick (Cannon), Sarah dau. of William HAMMETT of Richmond > Stafford > Fauquier > Culpeper, sister of John HAMMETT who m. Sarah UNDERWOOD, and Margaret HAMMETT who m. Thomas UNDERWOOD. Francis MASON, son of James and Margaret BRODERICK Mason m. Ellender HAMMETT, dau of John and Sarah UNDERWOOD Hammett. The HAMMETTS and UNDERWOODS were later in Surry Co NC, across the state line from Henry Co VA, and later yet in Greenville and Spartansburg SC, thence some to Wilkes Co GA, and others on to Allen Co KY.

24 Jun 1783 (Henry DB2:350-1) 24 Jun 1783 Jesse CLAY to Elisha LYONS of Henry Co grants…232 A… 200 pds. both sides of Blackwater River, joins lines of Samuel UNDERWOOD and COCKRAM. S/Jesse CLAY, Miriam (X) CLAY. Wit: William COCKRAN, James EDMUNDSON, David BRASIER. (Abstracts of Henry Co, Virginia Deed Books I and II, August 1784 -- June 1792, Lela C. Adams, SHP, Easley, SC, 1983) Search Words: EDMONDSON? BRASHIERS?

05 Feb 1785 (Henry VA DB3:96-7) 5 Feb 1785. James MASON of Henry County to Samuel DILLON of the same for 30 pds. land on Popler Camp Cr. beg. where Behelere ride path crosseth the Wagon Road on Stephen HEARD'S line… 100 A. more or less. S/James MASON. Wits: John HEARD, Bryant TRENT, William HARDING. Prvd. 24 Mar 1785, Henry Co, VA.

09 Apr 1787 (Henry Co VA DB1:530) [inserted between pp. 530-31] "A poll taken of a section of Delegates at Henry County Courthouse this 9th of April 1787 for Abraham PENN, Esq." [included the following]:

  1. William Amos
  2. Benjamin Neal
  3. James Pigg
  4. John Dunkin
  5. John Hooker
  6. Joseph Newman
  7. James Crowley
  8. Luke Foley
  9. Edward Smith
  10. Henry Jones
  11. William Woody
  12. James Taylor
  13. Zadock Smith
  14. Joseph Walden
  15. Robert Wardin
  16. Andrew Polson
  17. John Brammer (disputed)
  18. Daniel Newman
  19. Joseph Hurt
  20. Charles Davis
  21. James Poteat
  22. John Sharp
  23. Richard Manor
  24. John Nevills
  25. Moses Reynolds
  26. Richard Boatman (disputed)
  27. William Bolling (disputed)
  28. John Homes
  29. John Greggs
  30. Beverage Hughes
  31. Joseph Street
  32. John Cameron
  33. George Dodson
  34. Charles Burnett
  35. Samuel Perry
  36. James MORRISON
  37. Martin LAWRENCE (See Below)
  38. Jacob FARRIS
  39. John Henderson
  40. George MABRY (See Below)
  41. Bartlett Foley
  42. Thomas Morrow
  43. James Williams
  44. Bartlett Foley
  45. Joseph Townley
  46. James Williams
  47. Peter Tittle
  48. Anthony Tittle
  49. Valentine Mayo
  50. William Adams
  51. Matthew Small
  52. James Elkins
  53. Samuel Crutcher
  54. James Denny
  55. Elisha Vinson
  56. James Ingrum
  57. John Ingrum
  58. Samuel JOHNSON (See Below)
  59. John Day
  60. William Witt
  61. George Waller
  62. John Hayley (Hailey?)
  63. Daniel Smith
  64. Robert Warder
  65. Joseph Bolling
  66. Phillip Anglin
  67. George Dodson
  68. Jesse Reynolds
  69. John Hutchens
  70. Michael Watson
  71. Reubin NANCE
  72. Thomas Garnor
  73. John Jamason
  74. Thomas Richardson
  75. John Morris
  76. Francis Barrot
  77. Shadrack Barrot
  78. Hamon Critz
  79. Bartlett Reynolds
  80. William Cloud
  81. William Carter
  82. John Norton
  83. Miller Easley
  84. Peter France
  85. Newhemiah Prator
  86. Jacob Adams
  87. Jacob Critz
  88. John Parr, Sr.
  89. William Tarylor [Taylor?]
  90. Cain Acuff
  91. Benjamin Garrett
  92. Nicholas Koger
  93. George Taylor
  94. Joseph Taylor
  95. Markham Lovell
  96. Thomas Nunn
  97. Andrew Wolverton
  98. Eusebious Stone
  99. Moses Harbour
  100. William Banks
  101. Phillip Penn
  102. Ignatious Redman
  103. Drury Salmon
  104. William Sowell
  105. George Reaves
  106. Alexander Hunter
  107. Spencer James
  108. John Stokes
  109. Waller Dent
  110. John Bolling (disputed)
  111. Henry Sumpter
  112. Abraham Eads
  113. Ralph Shelton
  114. Obediah Hudson
  115. Warham Easley
  116. George Carter
  117. Fredk. Fulkerson
  118. George Poor, Jr.
  119. Thomas Harbour
  120. Thomas Stone
  121. John Barker
  122. John Cooper
  123. James Murphy
  124. William Sharp
  125. Benjamin Hancock
  126. Jacob Adams, Jr.
  127. James Sharp
  128. Francis Turner
  129. John France
  130. Charles Foster
  131. William Ison
  132. Henry Koger
  133. Charles Barnhard
  134. John Spencer
  135. Richard Adams
  136. William Shelton
  137. William Lynch
  138. William Turner
  139. Thomas Lockhart
  140. Deverix Gilliam
  141. Joseph Broady
  142. John Randals
  143. James Anthony
  144. James Morton
  145. Samuel Allen
  146. Peter Bays
  147. John Minter
  148. Reubin Hill
  149. Jacob Adams
  150. John Ferrell
  151. John Gussett
  152. Isaac Harbour
  153. Samuel Packwood
  154. John Koger
  155. Thomas Dodson
  156. James Mankins
  157. John Parr, Jr.
  158. Thomas Smith
  159. George Rodgers
  160. Michael Barker
  161. Bartlett Smith
  162. William Breatheart
  163. John Wells
  164. William Acuff
  165. Thomas Stovall
  166. John Mathews
  167. John Dillard
  168. James East (sworn)
  169. Augustine Thomas
  170. Thomas Holland
  171. William Graves
  172. Herbat Smith
  173. James Bartlett
  174. Charles Dodson
  175. Henry Dillen
  176. Henry Smith
  177. John Taylor
  178. Henry Clark
  179. John Watson
  180. Henry Harris
  181. Eliphaz Shelton
  182. John Barriott [Barrett]
  183. Absolem Adams
  184. John Fletcher
  185. Rhoda Moore
  186. William Cooksey
  187. William Griffin
  188. Richard Stockton
  189. Henry France
  190. Nathan Hall
  191. Ignatious SIMS [m Jane NANCE]
  192. Nathaniel Scales
  193. William Fagan
  194. John Wash (disputed)
  195. Archelous Hughes
  196. Samuel Tarrants
  197. William Jamarson
  198. Acquilla Blakley
  199. David Roward (disputed)
  200. John Lackey
  201. Edward Tatum
  202. William Dodson
  203. John Marr
  204. George Hairston
  205. Rowland Chiles
  206. Henry Guffe (disputed)
  207. Henry Barksdale
  208. Charles Hibbert (disputed)
  209. Stephen King (disputed)
  210. William Bartee (disputed)
  211. Christ. Perkins
  212. John Brammer
  213. John Staples
  214. Samuel Critchfield (disputed)
  215. William Cromwell
  216. John Clark
  217. John Redd
  218. James Haile
  219. Hezekiah Shelton
  220. Augustine Lawless

    A Copy. Teste: Samuel Staples, Clerk

1787 Henry Co VA Personal Property Tax Lists

No Combs, and in fact, all of the above individuals other than George MABRY (if same individual) and Samuel JOHNSON were missing from these lists.

24 Apr 1787 Henry Co VA Personal Property Tax B

Jeremiah BURNETT Jr.
Jeremiah BURNETT, Sr.
Beverage HUGHES
George MABERY (One George MABRY on Bent Creek Baptist Church List, E TN, possibly the f/o Sarah MABRY, w/o John Combs? See Also Mabry Connections)
George MABERY, Jr.
Thomas MURRELL (Thomas MURRELL, Jr., step-father-in-law to Sarah Combs (See Below) removed to Hawkins Co TN, See also Bent Creek Baptist Church List)
James DENNY (m Esther SMALL)
Martin LAURANCE (1830 Warren TN Census adj. to Martin JOHNSON, widower of Sarah Combs)
Thomas MAYO
Valentine MAYO
Richard PILSON

(1787 Census of Virginia, Henry Co, VA, Nettie-Schreiner Yantis)

26 Sep 1794(Henry DB 6:266-267) Sept. 26, 1794. William MULLINS of Franklin Co. to Martha CARTER of Henry, 7 pds. for 50 acres in Henry on Little Read Creek, joins Henry VAUGHAN and John BURCHETT. Wits: William HEARD, Baldwin ROLAND, Bradley (X) MEREDITH


See Bradley MEREDITH, Jr. on 1781 Montgomery Co VA Militia List w/Mason & William Combs

1830 Henry Co VA Census

Freeman WELLS, p. 211

(Census Index)

Notes: Freeman WELLS m 18 Oct 1795 or 1798?), Halifax Co VA, Martha Combs. In 1810 Freeman WELLS was listed on the Sussex Co VA Census.