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The goal of the Combs-JOHNSON-MURRELL Genealogical Research Project is to document and revise the genealogy of the descendants of :

Elizabeth (?) _____ Johnson Murrell, b ca 1740-1750, possibly in Maryland, d between 1740-1750, probably in Dickson Co, Tennessee. Elizabeth m (1) James JOHNSON who d 1776-1785, possibly on the Clinch River in now-East Tennessee; and (2) the Rev. Thomas MURRELL of Hawkins and Dickson Cos, Tennessee. At least one, and possibly two, of Elizabeth's sons married Combs women; and thus our research is centered on the Combs, JOHNSONS and MURRELLS of East Tennessee.

A very tentative, and still very undocumented genealogy for Elizabeth _____ Johnson Murrell, her spouses and her children has been posted for research purposes only as a temporary, and still error-filled Early Combs-Johnson-Murrell Genealogy. Once we have filled in the gaps, and added sources, and documentation, we hope to be able to provide a downloadable gedcom for Elizabeth's families... for the time being though, we're still hard at work on proving them...

However, we are already in the process of posting the first of our known Combs-JOHNSON-MURRELL Sources, and in the meantime, are soliciting all possible help from our researcher cousins in adding to same.

What Do We Have? What Do We Need? How Can You Help?

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As is so often the case, the more we research, the less we know: A number of the descendants of our earliest ancestors, children whom we had believed were fully documented, no longer are. Other children have been newly added, some documented, some only presumptive. But in almost all instances, we are faced with dangling descendants -- we know they are ours -- we just don't know how -- or we just haven't been able to prove the relationships... As we continue to build these pages, we will be adding not only documentation, but also a number of questions that will need to be answered -- and we're hopeful that more of our cousin researchers will be joining us in this effort to place our ancestors on the cyberspace map.

The Combs-JOHNSON-MURRELL Genealogy that is posted on these pages is in need of numerous corrections and additions. Moreover, it includes only the earliest generations. Our Family Tree branches out only through the children of Elizabeth _____ Johnson Murrell. If researcher cousins are descended from any of Elizabeth's children and would like to add branches, we could hot link to each other, adding descendants, documentation and family traditions as we go... If you're interested in joining us, please email us at the (See Also Below).

Our Cousin JT Anderson Took on the Impossible and Has Succeeded... However, he still needs our help, and lots of it! During this past year, JT (James Thomas Anderson at took on the enormous task of revising, correcting and documenting the genealogy of the William and Martin JOHNSON Families of Hawkins and Warren Cos, TN, and Madison Co, AR... to mention only a few... JT began by creating an Enormous Gedcom based on The Johnson Family, 1743-1978, published by Ruby Johnson Wiedeman (hereinafter RJW) almost 20 years ago. JT did not stop with entering names, dates and places, however: He went on to include all possible additonal facts and stories -- not just from The Johnson Family, but including census, cemetery, obituary and marriage records, just to name a few. The size and scope of his undertaking is unimaginable... but what followed is even more so: By the time JT had completed what he thought was the majority of the work needed to provide a documented genealogy for our JOHNSON family, he not only knew more about our JOHNSON line than he ever probably wanted to know, he had also learned how much we don't know, and how much of what was in the 1978 edition was inaccurate... which is a good part of what these pages are about: We very much need the help of all our Johnson cousins to ensure that the thousands of hours of work done thus far can be matched by thousands more... However, we are hopeful that with the help of all our Johnson cousins, this work can be made much easier, and in fact, that much of it has already been done and simply needs to be collected, posted analysed and organized... nothing to it, right?

     Well, possibly not, IF enough of us work on it together... we've done so in the past, and we can do so again... in fact, we can do it right here on the World-Wide-Web! We've already begun posting what we have on the early generations  here... We know there must be more, both undiscovered and discovered, and in fact, a good part of it may already be on your hard drive and ready to go... and, as JT wrote recently, it is OUR ANCESTORS, OUR BOOK!

    So before you leave, check out ALL the areas of the Combs-JOHNSON-MURRELL Research Project and then email us at or