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Records assembled by the State Paper Office, including papers of the Secretaries of State up to 1782
Combs &c. Entries Extracted from the PRO Catalogue, London

See English Regnal Years for the years Kings and Queens reigned.

See also: State Papers Series 46 Supplement (Archdale-Barker-Herdson-Sexton-Elrington, etc.)

Source: Extractions from Public Records Office (PRO) Catalogue, Records assembled by the State Paper Office, including papers of the Secretaries of State up to 1782
SP 27 = State Paper Office: Deeds and Other Miscellaneous Documents. Covering Dates: 1650-1659
SP 27/1 Tripartite indenture between John REYNER of St Martin in the Fields, Middx, and Jane his wife, Nicholas SANDERSON of Hickelton [Hickleton], Yorks and John PICKERING of Hague Hall, Yorks, and William TAYLOR, John CLAITON, William WOOD, Thomas OATES, Willia... [incomplete entry] 1651 May 2

SP 27/2 Grant from William TAYLOR, John CLAYTON, William WOOD, Thomas OATES, William SCUDAMORE and John CROWTHER to James DANBY and Nicholas SANDERSON of their moiety of the manor of Hemel Hempstead, Herts, for the sum of 20s 1653 Dec 5

SP 27/2 Grant by William TAYLOR, William WOOD, John CLAYTON, Thomas OATES, William SCUDAMORE, John CROWTHER, James DANBY and Nicholas SANDERSON to Richard COMBE of Hemel Hempstead, Herts, of their interest in the moiety of the manor of Hemel Hempstead, Herts, for... 1655 July 27
SP 34 = Secretaries of State: State Papers Domestic, Anne
SP 34/4/86 Certificate from Lord Fairfax that Daniel COMBES is well disposed towards queen and government and is qualified to hold a captaincy 1704 Aug 17

SP 34/33/29 Petition to Lord Dartmouth, Secretary of State, from Thomas COOMBES; concerning his son Abel COOMBES, master of a British merchant ship taken by a French privateer; the former seeking aid to secure the release of his son, who will remain incarcerated unti... 1712 Apr 25
SP 36 = Secretaries of State: State Papers Domestic, George II
SP 36/30 The case of John COOMBS, Commander of the ship Grocer, who was outlawed for resisting and wounding Custom house officers in the execution of their duty on 14 August 1721 Folio 362 1733 Dec.
SP 41 = Secretaries of State: State Papers Military
SP 41/6 Henry Pelham ...... [as f.174] ...... commissions for Lieutenant Nathaniel SMITH, to be a Lieutenant, and Lieutenant William (John?) LA COMBE, to be a Cornet, both in H.M. Own Regiment of Horse. 1729 Jan. 31 Whitehall
SP 46 = State Papers Domestic: Supplementary.
See also the State Papers Series 46 Supplement
(Archdale-Barker-Herdson-Sexton-Elrington, etc.)
SP 46/1/fo 6 Sir Edward NORTH to Mr. HANBYE and Mr. PICKERELL: requires particulars of the demesne lands of the late monastery of Combe, co. Warwick; [The Charterhouse], 22 Mar. 1547.

SP 46/14/fo 87 Receipt by Henry FORTESCVE for rents from William DARRELL of Lyttlecote, co. Wilts. for tenements in Fyddleton, Combe, Compton, Hackleston, Balston and Froxfeld, co. Wilts due to him and dame Mary, his wife; 10 May 1568.
See Fittleton, Wilts
SP 46/14/fo 91 Robert earl of Leicester to [--]: Commends a tenant in Combe unable to bear the charges of litigation; The Court; 20 June 1568.

SP 46/16/fo 173 Estreats of heriots etc. in Combe manor at courts held 5 Nov. 1579 and 27 May 1580.

SP 46/21/fo 21 (--) to (--): rents of Fidellton and Combe that came to writer by grant of Mr. FORTESKEWE and the addressee, a widow; disputes her right to hold courts; 18 Mar.1597;... [FORTESCUE]

SP 46/25/fo 128 Memoranda that land in the manor of Combe, co. Wilts, was sold without licence; signed by mark, Thomas CARTER and Thomas CARPENTER; (Eliz I).

SP 46/127/fo 20 Sir Julius CAESAR to Mr. GLOVER. Asks him to strike a tally for £375 for Sir Richard MARTEN, to be paid out to the Treasurer of Ireland (£300) and John DUFFIELD (£75). 1 Oct. 1607.
Sir Julius CAESAR the father of Robert CAESAR who m 1630, St. John Hackney, Middlesex, Elizabeth, d/o John MANNING and Anna BOND (d/o William of London). John MANNING the uncle of Randall MANNING who m 1608, Aldermanbury, London, Mary COMBE (d/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe).
SP 46/21/fo 293 Acknowledgment by Thomas BETTERTON, citizen and fishmonger of London, and Elizabeth MARSON of London, widow, of debt to [--] BARNHAM and Thomas BARNHAM, citizens and drapers of London; 10 [? Aug.] 1598.
See 1570 St. Margaret Lothbury, London, marriage of Margaret BARNAM to Robert COUMBE (who was possibly the same as the Draper who was admitted to freedom in 1567).
SP 46/44/fo 12 Francis [2nd earl of] Bedford to William DARRELL. Requests that DARRELL release to the bearer of his letter a tenement and land in the village of Combe. 1568 June 22

SP 46/45/fo 126-133 Henry FORTESCUE'S receipts for rents paid by same for Fittleton, Combe, Compton and Hackleston (Wilts.) and for Balsdon, etc. (Wilts. and Berks.). 1571-1575

SP 46/45/fo 183 Transcripts of agreements between Henry and Mary FORTESCUE, and William Darrell, for Fittleton, Combe, etc. (Wilts. and Berks.). (temp. Eliz.I) [1558-1603]

SP 46/45/fo 198 Lease by Nicholas CARTER to William DARRELL of land in Combe (Wilts.). 1577 Sept. 20

SP 46/45/fo 202 Agreement between William DARRELL and Richard INKPEN to abide by the award of arbitrators on a dispute over copyhold land in Combe. 1577 Sept. 5

SP 46/57/fo 210 The Papers of John ASTWICK of Flamstead, co. Hertford, 1565 - 1613 (ff. 68-278): Edward PECOK to his kinsman, J. ASTWICKE: to speak to Francis COMBES of Hempsted [Hemel Hempstead, Herts], George NEALE of Hemings Ende, William PRESTON of Chilwicke and Thomas CARPENTER of Hardingeb...

SP 46/57/fo 247 The Papers of John ASTWICK of Flamstead, co. Hertford, 1565 - 1613 (ff. 68-278): Instructions for Thomas GAYTON for his offers about such as hold by lease in Old Stratford, co. Warwick; noted: Mr. COMBES offers a lease in reversion; (? Temp Eliz. I or Jas..."

SP 46/78/fo 42-45 Account, compiled by BUDD, of packs of kersies which John BURRINGTON acknowledges he has received from John HAGLIGH and John COMBE of Exeter, as the goods of Humfrey SOUTHCOTT. With note by BURRINGTON of sums for which he demands allowance. [26 Apr. 1627]

SP 46/124/fo 77 John COMBES and William KYNYATT to Mr. auditor HANBEY: their master, the earl of Warwick, has exchanged with the King lands in Kent for Fekenham, Evyngton, Oddyngley, the site of the friars in Warwick and a farm there parcel of Balsall. To instruct his ac...
Probably ca 1550 based on the PRO Description of SP 46; Mr. Auditor Hanby's term of office (which included the period 1536-1553, during which he was charged with augmentations for Northants, Rutledge, Warwickshire, Leicester, Hereford, Worcestershire, Salop and Staffordshire); and other records in this block. The Earl of Warwick at this time was John DUDLEY (s/o Edmund DUDLEY, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Elizabeth GREY, 6th Baroness of Lisle), Duke of Northumberland, Viscount Lisle and Earl of Warwick, was born in 1502; executed for high treason on 22 Aug 1553 at the Tower in London; married Jane GUILDFORD.

SP 78 = Secretaries of State: State Papers Foreign, France
SP 78/21 B. COMBES to WALSINGHAM. 1590 Mar. 8/18

SP 78/22 B. COMBES to BURGHLEY. 1590 Oct. 8

SP 78/27 D. COMBES to BURGHLEY. 1592 Feb. 16/26

SP 78/30 B. COMBES to Sir R. CECIL. 1593 Mar. 17/27

SP 78/34 B. COMBES to Queen ELIZABETH. [1594] Aug. 8

SP 78/40 COMBES to MILDMAY. (Signed: REDON.) 1597 Sept. 1/11

SP 78/40 [COMBES] to MILDMAY. 1597 Nov. 4/14

SP 78/40 COMBES to ---. (Maisse sent in Nov.) [1597 Nov.]

SP 78/161 James COUMES to STAIR. Petitions interview and pardon. 1718 Mar. 2, Paris

SP 78/161 Stair to James CRAGGS. Encloses letter from James COUMES, a disaffected Jacobite, who craves the King's pardon in return for important information; William WYNDHAM's cāche of arms at Tinmouth (Teignmouth) [Devonshire]. 1718 Mar. 7, Paris

SP 78/161 STAIR to CRAGGS. Bearer of letter a Mr. COUMES is an ex-Jacobite who will now work for the government. 1718 May 18, Paris
SP 81 = Secretaries of State: State Papers Foreign, German States
SP 81/7 B. COMBES to Sir R. CECIL. Folio 124 1591 May 3/13

SP 81/7 COMBES to CECIL. Folio 128 1591 May 13/23

SP 81/7 COMBES to CECIL. Folio 131 1593 May 20/30

SP 81/7 COMBES to CECIL. Folio 133 1593 May 22/June 1

SP 81/7 COMBES to CECIL. Folio 138 1593 June 20/30

SP 81/7 COMBES to CECIL. Folio 161 1593 Nov. 1/11

SP 81/7 COMBES to CECIL. Folio 164 1593 Nov. 10/20

SP 81/7 COMBES to CECIL. Folio 168 1593 Nov. 17/27

SP 81/7 COMBES - note of receipt. Folio 174 1593 Nov. 28/Dec. 8

SP 81/7 COMBES to CECIL. Folio 180 1594 Jan. 6/16

SP 81/7 COMBES to CECIL. Folio 185 1594 Feb. 13/23

SP 81/7 COMBES to CECIL. Folio 192 1594 Mar. 17/27
SP 84 = Secretaries of State: State Papers Foreign, Holland
SP 84/42 Orders of Council of State against B. COMBES. 1591 Aug. 26/Sept. 5

SP 84/169 Juan COMBES to BENNET. [?] Offering his services. 1664 Feb. 6 Bayonne
SP 94 = Secretaries of State: State Papers Foreign, Spain
SP 94/40 Don Juan COMBES to Lord Aston. [? 1638]

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