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The Public Records Office, UK's National Archives, now maintains an online catalogue from which selected Combs &c. entries have been extracted. Surname spellings checked thus far include (as of 21 Jan 2001):

The National Archives | the Catalogue (formerly PROCAT - “Public Records Office Catalogue”)

COMB (106 returns), COMBE (1227 returns), COMBES (374 returns), COMBS (122 returns), COMBA (returns zero (after locations removed), COM (not executed, returns 1000s of PRO code "COM Series"), CUM (not yet executed, returns 6000+ Latin "cum"), CUMB (1500 returns including abbrev. for Cumberland so not extracted), CUMBE (returns less than 10 after locations deleted), CUMBA (returns 9 less locations and duplicates), COOM (returns 3), COOMB (returns 25), COOMBE (returns 464), COOMBES (returns 231), COOMBYS (returns zero), COOMBS (returns 159), COOME (returns 7), COOMES (returns 30), COMES returns 273 (mainly verbs), COME (returns 1000s, mainly verbs, extracted a few non-verbs, but only the first few pages were checked: through the C class plus E 115), COUMBE (returns 25), COUMBES (returns 3), COMBEZ (returns 1), COUMBIS (returns zero), COUMES (returns 3), COWMBE (returns 1), COMME (returns 36), COMBYS (returns 4), COMBIS (returns 3).

Hundreds of the search returns were for place names rather than surnames, in which case, to the extent that they could be identified (and if they were probably not significant in terms of manorial records, etc.), these entries have not been included herein. Likewise, records with no possible genealogical or historical value at this time (such as those of the Atomic Energy Authority, for example) have also not been included. Numerous later records have also been excluded in accordance with Combs &c. policy to protect the Right to Privacy of the Living.* A limited number of Combs-associated surname entries have also been extracted, but may not be complete. Of the remaining entries, in some instances the catalogue entry is quite detailed, and in others, no details are provided (including dates and locations, and sometimes even given names). Also note that the electronic edition of this catalogue limits the number of characters of text. As a result, searches of this edition will result in fewer returns than searches at the PRO's facilities.

Our purpose in extracting these entries is to try and determine which may be of sufficient interest to warrant ordering the records. As records are collected, a notation will be added to the applicable index entries. In some instances (but still a work in progress), entries have been highlighted, footnoted or linked to other Combs &c. sites in order to indicate they may be of particular interest to currently active Combs &c. researchers. In a few instances, multiple record groups have been combined (for research purposes), but for the most part (unless otherwise noted), records have been organized in the same categories as used by the PRO.

* Due to the magnitude of this extraction it is possible that some later records may have been inadvertantly included herein. Please advise the Combs &c. Webmaster should you discover errors of this type or any other.

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Some Added Notes

Ancient Deeds are found in C Series (146-8), E Series and LR Series as follows:

E 40 = Exchequer: Treasury of Receipt: Ancient Deeds, Series A
E 41 = Exchequer: Treasury of Receipt: Ancient Deeds, Series AA
E 210 = Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Ancient Deeds, Series D
E 326 = Exchequer: Augmentation Office: Ancient Deeds, Series B
E 328 = Exchequer: Augmentation Office: Ancient Deeds, Series BB
E 329 = Exchequer: Augmentation Office: Ancient Deeds, Series BS
C 146 = Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series C
C 147 = Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series CC
C 148 = Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series CS
LR 14 = Office of the Auditors of Land Revenue: Ancient Deeds, Series E

Post Mortem Inquisitions (and others) are found in C Series and E Series

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