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Records of the Duchy of Lancaster
Combs &c. Entries Extracted from the PRO Catalogue, London

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Source: Extractions from Public Records Office (PRO) Catalogue, Records of the Duchy of Lancaster (DL).
DL 4 Duchy of Lancaster: Court of Duchy Chamber: Pleadings, Depositions and Examinations, Series II. Covering Dates: 1558-1818
DL 4/63/26 Attorney-General by the relation of John GRYMESDYCHE v CATTELL, CRAMBIE, HOREWOOD, COMBE and HALLIFAX: Knottingley Mills: Yorks 12 James I [1615] [SW: GRIMSDITCH]
DL 25 = Duchy of Lancaster: Deeds, Series L: Covering Dates: c1100-1682. See the PRO's Series DL 25 for more information.
DL 25/534 Notification by B., Abbot of Citeaux, and the General Chapter of the Cistercian Order, of the settlement of the dispute between the houses of FURNESS and COMBE as to the possession of the place called 'Ynes' (Iniscourcy): (Ireland) [1180 :-: 1200]

DL 25/2517 Simon CAMBAS to Henry son of William son of Henry: Grant of a toft in Little Steeping: (Lincs)

DL 25/2520 Simon CAMBAS to John son of Robert BOND: Grant of two selions in Little Steeping: (Lincs) 1 Edw.II [1307]
DL 27 Duchy of Lancaster: Deeds, Series LS
DL 27/50 Robert BELET to Henry de CORNHELL: Grant of the land of Combe with the three tofts which Ralph POSTEL held, and the mills of Kingston. 3 Ric.I [1192]
DL 30 = Duchy of Lancaster: Court Rolls
DL 30/42/457 High Peak Hundred, with-- Mellor, Flagg, Buxton, Wormhill, Fairfield, Picktor, Peak Forest, White Hamblett, Phoside, Kinder, Thornsett, Great Hamblett, Beard, Ollersett, Bugsworth, Brownside, Chinley, Bowden Edge, Bradshaw, Coombs, Forth, Hathersage, Bowd 6 Will. & Mary [1695]

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