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Certificates of Residence (1547-1685)
Combs &c. Entries Extracted from the PRO Catalogue, London

Source: Extractions from Public Records Office (PRO) Catalogue, Records of the Exchequer, and its related bodies, with those of the Office of First Fruits and Tenths, and the Court of Augmentations Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Certificates of Residence (E 115)

Note: There are 68,302 "certificates of residence" (E 115) in 462 bundles of from Edward VI to Charles II (28 Jan 1547 - 6 Feb 1685). Each certified that the person named was, at the time of a particular assessment, resident at the place specified in the certificate, and that they had already been taxed at that place. These certificates were originally attached to the lay subsidy rolls (E179), and cross references to the pouches in which the certificates once belonged provide details of where the person had moved from. In some instances, the former reference has been included below, but not known if this is the cross reference.

Entries of particular interest to currently active (Jan 2001) Combs &c. researchers have been highlighted or linked. Note that the order of the entries is meaningless insofar as years/dates are concerned (per PRO Archivists), and with the wide range of years involved, the same is true when it comes to "guesses" as to the specific identities of the names listed. Also note that some of these items have been ordered (more about which shortly).
E 115/1/3 ARCHDALE, Richard: London (32)
E 115/1/125 ARCHDALE, Thomas: Middx (no former reference)
Richard possibly the son of Barnard ARCHDALE and Anne FERNE of Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire. Thomas probably Barnard's brother, Thomas ARCHDALE who died testate 1611, St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London, to whom Page Green, Tottingham, Middlesex was deeded in 1589.
E 115/2/140 ARCHDALE, Richard: London (no former reference)

E 115/3/70 ARCHDALE, Richard: London (154)

E 115/4/16 ARCHDALE, Thomas: Middx (no former reference)

E 115/5/56 ARCHDALE, Richard: London
E 115/5/69 ARCHDALE, Richard: London
E 115/5/167 ARCHDALE, Richard: London
E 115/5/173 ARCHDALE, Richard: London

E 115/6/42 ARCHDALE, Richard: London

E 115/7/115 ARCHDALE, Richard: London

E 115/8/7 ARCHDALE, Richard: London
E 115/8/93 ARCHEDALE, Thomas: Kent (1995)
E 115/8/130 ARCHDALE, Richard: London
Probably the above-noted Thomas, whose will includes mention of Norton, Kent.
E 115/11/8 ARCHDALE, Richard: London
E 115/11/12 ARCHDALE, Richard: London
E 115/11/98 ARCHDALE, Richard: London

E 115/12/10 ARCHDALE, Richard: London

E 115/74/30 COMBE (COOMBE), Richard: Dorset
E 115/74/88 COMBES (COOMBES), Miles: H.M.H. (no former reference)
E 115/74/120 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Somerset
Thus far, the only known early Miles is Myles COOMES who married 13 Jun 1586 in Greenford Parish, Middlesex, Joane ROBINSON. The meaning of H.M.H. is not yet known.
E 115/75/56 COMBES (COOMBES), Richard: Herts
E 115/75/150 COMBE (COOMBE), John: London (no former reference)
E 115/75/155 COMBES (COOMBES), Miles: H.M.H.

E 115/77/112 COMBES (COOMBES), John: Berks (no former reference)
Possibly the 1643-1652 John COMBE of Sparsholt, Berks?
E 115/78/12 COMBES (COOMBES), Richard: Herts

E 115/79/23 COMBE (COOMBE), Michael: Dorset
E 115/79/58 COMBE (COOMBE), Richard: Somerset
E 115/79/62 COMBE (COOMBE), Giles: Somerset

E 115/81/1 COMBES (COOMBES), Elizabeth: London (no former reference)
E 115/81/31 COMBES (COOMBES), Richard: Herts
E 115/81/59 COMBE (COOMBE), Thomas: Hants
E 115/81/64 CREW (Crewe), Arthur: Wilts
E 115/81/131 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Warwick
E 115/81/163 COMBES (COOMBES), John: H.M.H.
E 115/81/170 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Oxford (no former reference)

E 115/83/50 COMBES (COOMBES), Thomas: Hants
E 115/83/59 COMBES (COOMBES), John: H.M.H.

E 115/85/56 COMES alias DANE, Richard:
See 1551 Harry COMES alias DANE, baker, Shoreditch, Middlesex
E 115/86/67 COMBE (COOMBE), Thomas: Berks (336)
E 115/86/92 COMBES (COOMBES), John: H.M.H.

E 115/88/21 COMBE (COOMBE), Innocent: H.M.H.

E 115/89/94 COMBE (COOMBE), Thomas: Berks (727)
E 115/89/115 COMBE (COOMBE), Thomas: Hants
E 115/89/130 COMBE (COOMBE), Jane: Somerset
E 115/89/139 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Oxford (763)
Two Thomas COMBS died in Sparsholt, Berks, but both before 1547. Ed. Note to self: Will check re possible additional...
E 115/90/31 COMBE (COOMBE), Richard: Wilts
E 115/90/55 COMBES (COOMBES), Richard: Herts
E 115/90/98 COMBES (COOMBES), Richard: Herts

E 115/91/7 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Oxford (no former reference)
E 115/91/102 COMBES (COOMBES), Francis: Herts
Probably Francis of Hemel Hempstead, Herts
E 115/92/35 COMBES (COOMBES), Richard: Herts
E 115/92/59 COMES, William: H.M.H.

E 115/93/61 COMBES (COOMBES), Richard: Herts
E 115/93/76 COMES, William: H.M.H.
E 115/93/111 COMBES (COOMBES), Richard: Herts

E 115/96/55 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Warwick
E 115/96/65 COMBE (COOMBE), Edward: Dorset

E 115/97/38 COMBE (COOMBE), John: London (1331)
E 115/97/139 COMBES (COOMBES), Francis: Herts

E 115/98/131 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Somerset

E 115/100/65 COMBE (COOMBE), Richard: Wilts
E 115/100/140 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Somerset

E 115/101/42 COMBES (COOMBES), Miles: H.M.H.
E 115/101/49 COMBE (COOMBE), John: London (1265)
E 115/101/130 COMBES (COOMBES), John: Hants

E 115/102/79 COMBE (COOMBE), John: London (1107)

E 115/103/3 COMBES (COOMBES), Francis: Herts
E 115/103/106 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Oxford

E 115/104/128 COMBES (COOMBES), Thomas: Hants

E 115/105/124 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Warwick

E 115/106/100 COMBES (COOMBES), Miles: H.M.H.

E 115/107/52 COMBE (COOMBE), Joseph: Somerset
E 115/107/71 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Somerset
E 115/107/81 COMBES (COOMBES), Miles: H.M.H.

E 115/108/127 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Warwick

E 115/109/8 COMBE (COOMBE), Jane: Somerset
E 115/109/23 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Somerset
E 115/109/134 COMBES (COOMBES), John: Berks (no former reference)

E 115/110/25 CREW (CREWE), Anthony: London (2103)

E 115/111/21 COMBE (COOMBE), John: Middx. (29)
E 115/111/110 CREW (Crewe), Arthur: Wilts (2814)
E 115/111/172 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Oxford (2736)

E 115/112/16 COMBES (COOMBES), William: Oxford
   (no former reference)
E 115/112/58 COMBES (COOMBES), John: H.M.H.
E 115/112/130 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Warwick

E 115/113/34 COMBE (COOMBE), Toby: Herts (no former reference)
E 115/113/89 COMBE (COOMBE), John: London (no former reference)
Probably Tobias (a.k.a. Toby) COMBE (son of Francis and Jane POPE Combe), christened 31 Jul 1586, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, married 20 Feb 1625/6, Wing, Bucks, Mary THEEDE; died 12 Feb 1663.
E 115/114/23 COMBES (COOMBES), Miles: H.M.H. (no former reference)
E 115/114/44 COMBES (COOMBES), Miles (no former reference)
E 115/114/114 COMBE (COOMBE), William: Oxford (no former reference)

E 115/239/89 LOVETT, Robert: Bucks. (405)
Possibly Sir Robert LOVETT of Soulbury, Bucks
E 115/240/154 LOVETT, Robert: Bucks.

E 115/241/69 LOVETT, Robert: Bucks.

E 115/242/64 LOVETT, Robert: Bedford

E 115/247/17 LOVETT, Robert: Bucks.
E 115/247/39 LOVETT, Robert: Bucks.

E 115/249/128 LOVETT, Robert: Bucks.

E 115/254/104 LOVETT, Robert: Herts.

E 115/440/72 ARCHDALE, ......: York

E 115/442/10 ARCHDALE, Richard: London (no former reference)

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