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Shoreditch, Middlesex, England

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Shoreditch, in the Tower division of the hundred of Ossultone, county of Middlesex, includes the parishes of Geffrey's Almhouses, St. John the Baptist, St. Leonard, St. Leonard Workhouse and St. Mary Haggerstone. According to Lewis' Topography of London (1831):
"...adjoining the north-eastern portion of the metropolis [city centre of London], and, with Haggerstone and Hoxton, which, by a recent act of parliament [pre-1831], have been constituted distinct parishes... in ancient records called Sordig, Soresdich, and Shordych, appears to have derived its name from the great common sewer, or ditch, which passed through it, and to have given name of the family of Sir John de SORDIG, lord of the manor, and one of the ambassadors of Edward III. to Philip of France... The parish is within the jurisdiction of a court of requests for the Tower Hamlets, established under an act passed in the 23rd of George II., and 19th of George III. for the recovery of debts under 40s... The living is a vicarage, in the archdeaconry and diocese of London... in the patronage of the Archdeacon of London. The church, rebuilt in 1740... there are numerous ancient monuments, among which may be noticed an altartomb, with recumbent effigies, of Sir John ELRINGTON and his lady; a monument of Sir Thomas LEIGH, in a kneeling posture; one for four ladies of the RUTLAND family, whose figures are represented kneeling at an altar, two on each side, in a recess; some erect statues, and various other memorials... On the south side of Old Street-road are twelve almshouses, built, in 1591, by Judge FULLER, who endowed them with £50 per annum, for twelve aged widows of the parish: on the opposite side of the road are eight almshouses, founded, in 1658, by Mr. John WALTER, who endowed them for aged widows, who have an allowance of money weekly, and an annual supply of coal: adjoining these are almshouses erected by the Company of Weavers, for decayed members, to which Mr. William WATSON was a great benefactor in 1670: there are also some almshouses belonging to the Dutch church in Austin Friars, among which are two tenements, the gift of Egbert GUEDE, of Overyssel, Gent., for the maintenance and habitation of four poor men belonging to that church. The Refuge for the Destitute, in Kingsland-road, a spacious building, in every respect adapted to its purpose, is also within the parish..."
According to Visitations, Essex, 1558, Elrington/Erlington Family, the above-noted Sir John ELRINGTON (a.k.a. ERLYNGTON, ERLINGTON) was the father-in-law of Agnes, daughter of Edward COMBES:
Visitations of Essex,
1558, 1612, 1634

ELRINGTON/ERLINGTON Family, Essex, 1558 (p. 49)
Arms-Quarterly 1 and 4. Argent a fess dancetté charged with seven
bezants betwen six storks sable. (ELRINGTON) 2 and 3. Azure, a fret argent.

1 Sr John ERLINGTON of Shordiche [Shoreditch] Kt., buried in Shordishe Church
  + Margerett da. & coheire to Sr Thomas ECHINGHAM Knt. renupta Wm. BLUNT
    L. Mountjoye [William BLUNT, Lord Mountjoy]. buryed in Shordish Church
    w. her husband ob. 1481.
  2 Rowland or Edward ERLINGTON of Thoydon Boyce [Theydon Bois] in Essex, 
    of the privie chamber to K.H. ye 8 [King Henry VIII, 1509-1547/8]
    + Agnes mar. Edw. COMBES
    3 Seymond ERLINGTON cheffe buttler to Edw. 6 [King Edward VI, 1547/8-1553]
      buried in St. Peter's Cornehill [London]
      + Alice da. to John MIDLETON sister & hr. to Tho. MIDLETON. Alice married
      Sir Gilles ALLINGTON Kt 2 husband.
      4 Simond ob. s.p.
      4 John ob. s.p.
      4 Thomas ERLINGTON de com. Midd. [Middlesex]
        + Bridgett da. to Sr. Edward BRAY of Surrey knt.
        5 Thomas ERLINGTON 2 sonne & of Hackney in Middlesex.
          + Eliz. da. to George TARBERVYLE [TURBERVILLE?] of Bere Regis 
            [Beer Regis] in Dorsetshire.
        5 Edward ERLINGTON of Wethersfeild [Weathersfield] in Essex.
          + Margarett da. to Sr. John SPENCER of Northamptonsh. 
            [Northamptonshire] relicta Sr. Giles ALLINGTON
          6 Thomas 3 sonne
          6 Edward 2 3 sonne
          6 Johannes ERLINGTON + …
          6 Maria
        5 Maria
        5 Bridgita
      4 Mary ux. BRAY primogen's [eldest son of] Edwardi BRAY
This lineage has not yet been actively researched, but note that the above record is unclear or conflicting in a number of respects, beginning with the use of the word, "mar.," to describe Agnes' relationship to Edward COMBES (was she his daughter, his wife?). It is also not known why Edward, son of Sir John, is referred to as "Edward or Rowland," nor how many Giles ALLINGTON's and how many Edward BRAY's. The following (incomplete) records clarify somewhat, but also serve to further confuse. From the source, Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, C 1 Series, Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Early Proceedings, Richard II to Philip and Mary [22 Jun 1377 - 17 Nov 1558] (records not yet acquired):
C 1/125/58. "Thomas COUMBE, esquire, and dame Margaret, his wife, late the wife of John ELRYNGTON, knight. v. John ELRYNGTON, of Hakeney [Hackney?], the elder, and Simon ELRYNGTON, son of the said Sir John.: Profits of messuages and lands, late of the said Sir John in Fleet Stre[et?]... [incomplete entry]" ()

C 1/126/57. Thomas COMBE, esquire, and Margaret, his wife, previously the wife of John ELRYNGTON, knight, clerk of the hanaper. v. John ELRYNGTON of Hakney, deputy to the said Sir John.: Fees in defendant's hands due to the said Sir John.: London. (ibid.)

C 1/196/46. "Edward, son of Thomas COUMBE. v. John APSLEY, Edward BARTLET, James HOMWODE, and Nicholas MORANT, executors of the said Thomas COUMBE; and Edward, son of Sir John ELRYNGTON, knight.: Payment of 100l. bequeathed by the said Sir John for the marriage of his...[incomplete entry]" (ibid.) [Search Words: HOMEWOOD, BARTLETT]
Based on the above, Margaret ECHINGHAM did not marry as her second husband, Sir Giles ALLINGTON, but Thomas COMBE... unless this is a different generation Sir John ELRYINGTON with wife, Margaret? Additional (selected) ERLINGTON records from this source include:
C 1/246/11 John, son of John THOMAS. v. Edward, son of John ELRYNGTON.: Damage from the water of a moat made by John ELRYNGTON, adjoining complainant's messuage in Hoggeston in the parish of Shordyche.: Middlesex.

C 1/133/1. Edward, son of Sir John ELRYNGTON, knight. v. John ELRYNGTON, brother (sic) of the said Sir John, feoffee to uses.: A marsh in Iden,* late of the said Sir John.: Sussex.

* less than 3 mi. from Ebony and Wittersham, Kent.

C 1/406/9 Thomas, son and heir of Simon ELRYNGTON. v. Robert AGARTHAM, son and executor of Margaret, executrix and late the wife of John AGARTHAM, and John, his eldest son.: Waste by the said John the father, lessee of the manor of Fossam, in Aldbrough in Holdernes

C 1/546/52. Thomas MOORE, knight, and others, executors of Thomas, son of Simon ELRYNGTON. v. Richard BROKE and William PASTON, knights, Francis LOVELL, esquire, and John CARLETON, gentleman.: Mesne profits of lands in Islington, Hoxton, Hackney, Tottenham, Willesden..."
From Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, E Series:
E 101/87/24 Particulars of accounts of Edward ELRINGTON, chief butler. 1 & 2 to 5 & 6 Philip & Mary [R1554-1558]

E 101/87/26. King's Remembrancer: Accounts Various. Excerpts from the account of Edward ELRINGTON, chief butler. 1 Elizabeth [1558]

E 133/3/461. Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Barons' Depositions. "Cappe ribandes or poyntinge", taken by Rowland ELRINGTON, for a debt due to him by Anthony LEYCESTER, a bankrupt. London. [no date]
It is not yet known if Rowland above is same as Edward.
1551 No register date or folio given. Harry COME als DANE, baker, "Redd Lyon", etc. in St. Leo. Sh. [St. Leonard Shoreditch?]; (reg'd. in Westminster Bk'; not extant) O.W. (Excerpted by Combs Researchers Denise Mortorff and Joe Kendalll from "Wills Etc. In the Commissary Court of London" by the British Public Record Society, Vol.86 p.65)
No more information, however, there is a Certificate of Residence of Richard COMES alias DANE of Surry. (Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, E 115 Series, E 115/85/56, record not yet acquired)

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