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Middlesex no longer (since 1974) exists as a county, the majority of it having become part of "Greater London" (including the cities of London and Westminster). For research purposes, however, it has proved more efficient to work with the pre-1974 boundaries, in conjunction with search engines and an Index to Parishes within 20 miles of London. Middlesex was flanked by the counties of (clockwise) Herts, Essex, Kent, Surry, Berks and Buckingham, contained within its physical boundaries the Cities of London and Westminster and their liberties. Even excluding these latter, Middlesex still had 70 parishes as early as 1830 (Lewis…)

Each of these parishes (and their innumerable hamlets, chapelries and towns) fell within one of six "hundreds" (civil division); i.e., Edmonton, Elthorne, Gore, Isleworth, Spelthorne and Ossulstone (the latter having the further divisions of Finsbury, Holborn, Kensington and the Tower). Within the old county also are the market towns of Brentford, Staines, and Uxbridge…

See Also the Archdale, Combs &c. Visitations and Parishes within Ten Miles of Tottenham, Middlesex).

Also Note: This county has not yet been researched fully; and current emphasis is relative to the Archdale, Combs & Associated Families of England, particularly in the parishes of Edmonton and Tottenham - both in the Hundred of Edmonton where John COMBE, h/o Margaret ARCHDALE, is of record, as are their descendants, including the Combs-Ditchfield-Manning families, and Margaret ARCHDALE Combs' father, Thomas, and sister, Barbara, wife of William PALMER.

Also Note: We have not yet located a copy of any Visitations for Middlesex. It appears there was no Combs Visitation, per se, but were there mentions? Ditto for related families as noted below.

  1. Marriage Source, except where otherwise stated, is: Middlesex Marriages. Only pre-1700 marriages are included with our parish pages so far, but see Later Records of Middlesex for the remainder.
  2. Geographical Source, except where otherwise stated are A Topographical Dictionary of England, Samuel Lewis, S. Lewis and Company, London, 1831, and the above-noted list of Parishes.

Combs &c. Records by Hundred and Parish in which Combs and Associated Families have been found thus far

To learn more about medieval terms for land see the ENGLAND: Land from Medieval to Present Day.

Note: The Visitation of Hertfordshire, 1572 for the COMBE Family of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, refers to Richard, John and Robert (and Agnes WATERHOUSE) Combe of "Newington, Co. Midd.;" however, no parish of Newington has been located in Middlesex. Other Newingtons have been found in Oxfordshire, Surrey and Kent; and a St. Mary, Stoke Newington is in Middlesex, abt 4 miles south of Edmonton, and abt 21 miles south of Hemel Hempstead, but it is not known if this is the location that was meant. (See also Hertfordshire and the Combs &c. Visitations). Despite the failure to find Newington, Middlesex so far, it still appears that there was such a location at one time (based on references to same in other old documents not related to the Combs &c.).

No Parish Name

26 Feb 1619/20 - 04 May 1620 (SOAME, FOL. 45; 517; pg 173-174) Roger HOLMAN of Chancery Lane, [Greater London] Midd., tailor. (Dat. 26 Feb. 1619-20/) Eld. son Jas. HOLMAN (und. 21); 2d son Daniel; 3d son Henry; dau. Alice HOLMAN (und. 21); dau. Eliz. HOLMAN (und. 21); dau. Anne HOLMAN (und. 21); dau. Margt. HOLMAN (und. 21); fath. Wm. HOLMAN; sist. Ellinor WOOLFORD, her daus. Joane HARVYE and Rebecca COOME; Extx: wife Alice: Overs: Jas. BRADFORDE, cit. and merch. tailor of Lond., Henry SHELLYE of the Strand, co. Midd., yeom., and bro. Rd. TOMLINSON of Lond., sadler; Dorothy, wife of the sd. TOMLINSON. [Roger HOLMAN] Wits: William HEWSON, John CORNELL. (Pr. 4 May 1620.) (Abstracts of Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury at Somerset House, London, England; Register SOAME 1620 by J. Henry Lea, 1904) Search Words: WILFRED HARVEY BRADFORD SHELLEY HUGHSON CORNWELL

Notes: The marriage of Rebecca (WOOLFORD? WILFRED?) to a COMBES has not been located as yet. Also note Combs-Bradford in Old Rappa County, VA where TOMLINSON is also found and see John BRADFORD of Maryland and Wanlip, Leicestershire where Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer, aunt and guardian to her COMBE nephews, is also found.

02 Apr 1662 - 08 Sep 1663 (St. Mary's Co MD 1:182) The Will of Robert COLE, Robert of St. Clement's Bay, St Mary's County, Maryland. to three sons, viz., Robert William, and Edward, land. "son-in-law Francis KNOTT, land. to daus. Mary and Eliza: Sister Anne HARINTON, mother, Mrs. Jane COLE of Middlesex Co. Eng., and the Roman Catholic Church, personalty; Child. to be of age at 18 years. Exs.: Col. William EVANS of St. Clement's Bay, Capt Luke GARDNER, St. Clement's Bay, and Cousin Henry HANKES of London. Test: Thomas BROOK, James THOMSON Clarke, Edward CLARKE. 1.182 (Provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)


Notes: Is this the Robert COLE for whom Joseph ALVEY was a headright? (See Alvey-Archdale Family and St. Mary's Co MD)

December 2, 1721 Richard PAGE c. Jane WILCOCKS. Michaelmas. 21v, 22r. The father of Richard PAGE held an estate in Middlesex worth E700 p.a., E400 of which was mortgaged. The elder PAGE became bound to the Crown for security of payment of customs duties on tobacco by Thomas PERRIN which he failed to pay. Case was heard in July 1716 and a receiver appointed to collect the annual rents and profits on the estate; he then brought the sums into court. The master is to appoint a representative to negotiate with the commissioners of the customs. (VSLA SURVEY REPORT No· 11577, Public Record Office CLASS C 33/338, Chancery Decrees and Orders, 1721/22, IND 1719 'B' Book) Part I

1743/05/17 (PRO Ref. No. T53/41p.326) William COOMS of Middlesex received on board the ship Indian Queen and transported to Potomack [Virginia? Maryland?]. Capt. Edward MAXWELL. 8 on board. (Combs &c. Ship's Lists, Original Lists of Emigrants in Bondage from London to the American Colonies. 1719-1744, Magna Carta Book Company, Baltimore, MD. 21215 USA 1967, Kaminkow)

1790 From the "SYDNEY COVE CHRONICLE" (Australia), 30th June, 1790: "At last the transports are here DIABOLICAL CONDITION OF THE CONVICTS THEREON 278 died on the fearsome journey to Sydney Cove -----" The landing of those who remained alive despite their misuse upon the recent voyage, could not fail to horrify those who watched. As they came on shore, these wretched people were hardly able to move hand or foot. Such as could not carry themselves upon their legs, crawled upon all fours. Those, who, through their afflictions, were not able to move, were thrown over the side of the ships; as sacks of flour would be thrown, into the small boats. Some expired in the boats; others as they reached the shore. Some fainted and were carried by those who fared better. More had not the opportunity even to leave their ocean prisons for as they came upon the decks, the fresh air only hastened their demise. A sight most outrageous to our eyes were the marks of leg irons upon the convicts, some so deep that one could nigh on see the bones.---- ----- We learn that several children have been borne to women upon the Lady Juliana, the cause for which were the crews aboard African slave ships which met up with the transport at Santa Cruz.---"
------" So the Guardian is lost and with it our provisions.
What, in the name of Heaven, is to become of us? -----"
Hereunder our Readers will find the names of convicts who were to have sailed, or did sail, in the transports Neptune, Surprize, Scarborough and Lady Juliana.
The information was compiled by our Correspondent in London and is complete in so far as it lists all the convicts who were recently landed upon our shores. It also, howsoever, gives the names of convicts who, for various reasons of death &c., did not travel with the Fleet to New South Wales. Unhappily, we find ourselves at this time unable to indicate who sailed and who did not.

NAME, Where Sentenced Term
COOMBES, William, Middlesex ------ Life

Combs &c. Ship's Lists and Passenger lists for the first second and third fleets to arrive in Australia

See Also Later Middlesex Marriages (1700-)