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The following is a list (in ascending order of distance) of Parishes within 10 miles of the parish of Tottenham, in Middlesex (See Also Combs &c. Families of England for additional information). Surnames found closely associated with the Combs of Edmonton include: Andrews, Bolton, Combs, Ditchfield, Hayward, Leigh, Manning, Palmer, Redford, Underwood, Ward, Woodruff.

Also Note: We are in the continuous process of annotating this list of parishes.

I. Parishes to the North, East and West of Tottenham
(See Below for Parishes to the south; i.e., Greater London)

Note: Does not include southside Thames parishes (Surry, Kent)

ParishCountyMilesAngle (deg)Direction
Edmonton (St. Paul) [Combs]MDX1.2490North
Friern BarnetMDX3.3421NorthWest
Enfield, St AndrewMDX3.7290North
Waltham CrossHRT6.3378NorthEast
Chigwell (Archdale, Combs, Fuller, Green, Ripton)ESS6.4816NorthEast
Chipping BarnetHRT6.7233NorthWest
Waltham Holy CrossESS6.9463NorthEast
Monken Hadley [Archdale, Palmer]MDX7.0837NorthWest
Cheshunt [Combs]HRT7.5580NorthEast
Theydon Bois [Combs]ESS9.3236NorthEast
Little StanmoreMDX9.320West
South Mimms (Cody, Fleet, Smith)MDX9.6645NorthWest
Great Stanmore (Combs, Alden, Warren)MDX9.940West
Parishes South of Tottenham

ParishCountyMilesAngle (deg)Direction
Stoke Newington, St MaryMDX2.4890South
Hackney, St Banabus with St PaulMDX3.7780SouthEast
Hackney, St JohnMDX3.7780SouthEast
Hackney, St John of JerusalemMDX3.7780SouthEast
Hackney, St ThomasMDX3.7780SouthEast
Islington, Holy TrinityMDX3.9371SouthWest
Islington, St BarnabusMDX3.9371SouthWest
Islington, St JohnMDX3.9371SouthWest
Islington, St MaryMDX3.9371SouthWest
Islington, St PaulMDX3.9371SouthWest
Hoxton, ChristchurchMDX4.3490South
Hoxton, St Aske HospitalMDX4.3490South
Kentish TownMDX4.8550SouthWest
All Hallows Bread StLND582SouthWest
All Hallows HoneylaneLND582SouthWest
Bethnal Green, St AndrewMDX582SouthEast
Bethnal Green, St MatthewMDX582SouthEast
Christchurch GreyfriarsLND582SouthWest
Lamb ChapelLND582SouthWest
Mercers Hall CheapsideLND582SouthWest
Shoreditch, Geffrey's AlmhousesMDX582SouthWest
Shoreditch, St John the BaptistMDX582SouthWest
Shoreditch, St LeonardMDX582SouthWest
Shoreditch, St Leonard WorkhouseMDX582SouthWest
Shoreditch, St Mary HaggerstoneMDX582SouthWest
St Alban Wood StLND582SouthWest
St Alphage London WallLND582SouthWest
St Ann & St Agnes AldersgateLND582SouthWest
St Augustine Watling StLND582SouthWest
St Bartholomew ExchangeLND582SouthWest
St Bartholomew Moor LaneLND582SouthWest
St Bartholomew the GreatLND582SouthWest
St Benet FinkLND582SouthWest
St Benet SherehogLND582SouthWest
St Botolph AldersgateLND582SouthWest
St Christopher le StockLND582SouthWest
St Faith under St PaulLND582SouthWest
St Giles CripplegateLND582SouthWest
St Gregory by St PaulLND582SouthWest
St John the Evangalist Friday StreetLND582SouthWest
St John Zachary & St Anne & St AgnesLND582SouthWest
St Lawrence Jewry & St Mary LND582SouthWest
St Leonard Foster LaneLND582SouthWest
St Luke Old StreetMDX582SouthWest
St Margaret LothburyLND582SouthWest
St Martin PomaryLND582SouthWest
St Mary ColechurchLND582SouthWest
St Mary Le BowLND582SouthWest
St Mary Magdalen Milk StreetLND582SouthWest
St Mary StainingLND582SouthWest
St Mary the Virgin Aldermansbury (Archdale, Combs, Manning, Palmer)LND582SouthWest
St Matthew Friday Street (Archdale, Cary, Dobson)LND582SouthWest
St Michael BassishawLND582SouthWest
St Michael Le QuerneLND582SouthWest
St Michael Wood StLND582SouthWest
St Mildred PoultryLND582SouthWest
St Mildred Poultry with St Mary LND582SouthWest
St Olave Old JewryLND582SouthWest
St Olave Silver StLND582SouthWest
St Paul's CathederalLND582SouthWest
St Peter WestcheapLND582SouthWest
St Stephen Coleman StLND582SouthWest
St Vedast Foster LaneLND582SouthWest
St Vedast Foster Lane & St Michael le LND582SouthWest
Clerkenwell, St JamesMDX5.1275SouthWest
Clerkenwell, St John the BaptistMDX5.1275SouthWest
Clerkenwell, St MarkMDX5.1275SouthWest
Finsbury, St Luke Old StMDX5.1275SouthWest
Finsbury, St Paul Bunhill RowMDX5.1275SouthWest
Finsbury, St Paul ClerkenwellMDX5.1275SouthWest
Finsbury, St Thomas CharterhouseMDX5.1275SouthWest
Bloomsbury, St GeorgeMDX5.369SouthWest
St Pancras Soper LaneMDX5.369SouthWest
St Pancras, All SaintsMDX5.369SouthWest
St Pancras, Foundling HospitalMDX5.369SouthWest
St Pancras, Old ChurchMDX5.369SouthWest
St Pancras, Percy ChapelMDX5.369SouthWest
St Pancras, St John the BaptistMDX5.369SouthWest
St Pancras, St Mary the VirginMDX5.369SouthWest
St Pancras, St PeterMDX5.369SouthWest
Stratford Le Bow, St MaryMDX5.369SouthEast
Hampstead, St JohnMDX5.3435SouthWest
Hampstead, WorkhouseMDX5.3435SouthWest
All Hallows London WallLND5.5990South
Liberty of Norton FolgateMDX5.5990South
Old Artillery GroundMDX5.5990South
Spitalfields, ChristchurchMDX5.5990South
Spitalfields, St Mary Spital SquareMDX5.5990South
St Andrew UndershaftLND5.5990South
St Botolph AldgateLND5.5990South
St Botolph BishopsgateLND5.5990South
St Ethelburga BishopsgateLND5.5990South
St Helen BishopsgateLND5.5990South
St James Dukes PlaceLND5.5990South
St Katherine Creechurch (Cheyney, Rowe)LND5.5990South
St Martin OutwichLND5.5990South
St Michael CornhillLND5.5990South
St Peter CornhillLND5.5990South
St Peter Le Poor (Combs, Ditchfield, Manning)LND5.5990South
Whitechapel, St JudeMDX5.5990South
Whitechapel, St MaryMDX5.5990South
Liberty of the Glasshouse YardMDX5.6283SouthWest
St DunstanMDX5.6283SouthEast
Stepney, All SaintsMDX5.6283SouthEast
Stepney, St PeterMDX5.6283SouthEast
Stepney, St Phillip the ApostleMDX5.6283SouthEast
Stepney, St ThomasMDX5.6283SouthEast
Stepney, WorkhouseMDX5.6283SouthEast
Barnards InnLND5.7277SouthWest
Charterhouse ChapelLND5.7277SouthWest
Fleet Prison [Combs]LND5.7277SouthWest
Furnivals InnLND5.7277SouthWest
Holy Trinity Gough SqLND5.7277SouthWest
Liberty of Saffron HillMDX5.7277SouthWest
Liberty of the RollsMDX5.7277SouthWest
Lincoln's Inn [Archdale, Sayer]MDX5.7277SouthWest
Sergeants InnLND5.7277SouthWest
St Bartholomew the LessLND5.7277SouthWest
St Bride Fleet StLND5.7277SouthWest
St Dunstan in the WestLND5.7277SouthWest
St Martin LudgateLND5.7277SouthWest
St Sepulchre NewgateLND5.7277SouthWest
St Thomas in The Liberty of the RollsLND5.7277SouthWest
Staple InnLND5.7277SouthWest
Thavias InnLND5.7277SouthWest
St George Hanover SquareMDX5.8657SouthWest
St John the Baptist SavoyMDX5.8657SouthWest
Gray's InnMDX5.8971SouthWest
Holborn, Holy Trinity KingswayMDX5.8971SouthWest
Holborn, Lincolns Inn ChapelMDX5.8971SouthWest
Holborn, Lying in Hospital Endell StMDX5.8971SouthWest
Holborn, St AndrewMDX5.8971SouthWest
Holborn, St Giles & St George MDX5.8971SouthWest
Limehouse, St AnneMDX5.8971SouthEast
Limehouse, St John the EvangelistMDX5.8971SouthEast
St George the MartyrMDX6.1166SouthWest
St Marylebone, All SoulsMDX6.1545SouthWest
St Marylebone, ChristchurchMDX6.1545SouthWest
St Marylebone, Fitzroy ChapelMDX6.1545SouthWest
St Marylebone, Holy TrinityMDX6.1545SouthWest
St Marylebone, St AndrewMDX6.1545SouthWest
St Marylebone, St Mary Bryanstone SqMDX6.1545SouthWest
St Marylebone, St MaryleboneMDX6.1545SouthWest
St Marylebone, St ThomasMDX6.1545SouthWest
West HamESS6.1545SouthEast
All Hallows BarkingLND6.2190South
All Hallows Lombard StLND6.2190South
All Hallows StainingLND6.2190South
Holy Trinity MinoriesLND6.2190South
Liberty of the TowerMDX6.2190South
St Andrew HubbardLND6.2190South
St Andrew Hubbard with St Mary at HillLND6.2190South
St Benet Gracechurch & St Leonard LND6.2190South
St Botolph BillingsgateLND6.2190South
St Dionis BackchurchLND6.2190South
St Dunstan in the EastLND6.2190South
St Gabriel FenchurchLND6.2190South
St George Botolph LaneLND6.2190South
St Katherine by TowerLND6.2190South
St Katherine ColemanLND6.2190South
St Leonard EastcheapLND6.2190South
St Margaret PattensLND6.2190South
St Mary at HillLND6.2190South
St Olave Hart StLND6.2190South
St Peter on The TowerMDX6.2190South
All Hallows the GreatLND6.2484SouthWest
All Hallows the LessLND6.2484SouthWest
Holy Trinity the LessLND6.2484SouthWest
St Antholin Budge Row [Archdale]LND6.2484SouthWest
St Benet Paul's WharfLND6.2484SouthWest
St ClementLND6.2484SouthWest
St Edmund The King and MartyrLND6.2484SouthWest
St George in the EastMDX6.2484SouthEast
St James GarlickhitheLND6.2484SouthWest
St John the Baptist WalbrookLND6.2484SouthWest
St Lawrence PountneyLND6.2484SouthWest
St Magnus Martyr & St Margaret New LND6.2484SouthWest
St Magnus the MartyrLND6.2484SouthWest
St Margaret MosesLND6.2484SouthWest
St Martin Orgar & St Clement EastcheapLND6.2484SouthWest
St Martin VintryLND6.2484SouthWest
St Mary AbchurchLND6.2484SouthWest
St Mary AldermaryLND6.2484SouthWest
St Mary BothawLND6.2484SouthWest
St Mary Magdalene Old Fish StreetLND6.2484SouthWest
St Mary MountshawLND6.2484SouthWest
St Mary SomersetLND6.2484SouthWest
St Mary Woolchurch HawLND6.2484SouthWest
St Mary WoolnothLND6.2484SouthWest
St Mary Woolnoth & Woolchurch HawLND6.2484SouthWest
St Michael Crooked LaneLND6.2484SouthWest
St Michael Paternoster RoyalLND6.2484SouthWest
St Michael QueenhitheLND6.2484SouthWest
St Mildred Bread StLND6.2484SouthWest
St Nicholas AconLND6.2484SouthWest
St Nicholas ColeLND6.2484SouthWest
St Nicholas OlaveLND6.2484SouthWest
St Peter Paul's WharfLND6.2484SouthWest
St Stephen Walbrook & St Benet LND6.2484SouthWest
St Swithin London StoneLND6.2484SouthWest
St Thomas the ApostleLND6.2484SouthWest
Bridewell HospitalLND6.3378SouthWest
Middle TempleMDX6.3378SouthWest
St Andrew by WardrobeLND6.3378SouthWest
St Ann BlackfriarsLND6.3378SouthWest
The TempleLND6.3378SouthWest
Whitehall, Chapel RoyalMDX6.4873SouthWest
St Giles in the Fields [Combs]MDX6.6968SouthWest
Little IlfordESS6.9426SouthEast
East HamESS7.0837SouthEast
Oxford Chapel Vere StLND7.0852SouthWest
Paddington, Holy TrintyMDX7.0852SouthWest
Paddington, St JamesMDX7.0852SouthWest
Paddington, St MaryMDX7.0852SouthWest
Westminster, Somerset HouseMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St Anne SohoMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St Clement DanesMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St George Hyde Park MDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St George MayfairMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St JamesMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St John Smith SqMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St John the EvangelistMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St LukeMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St MargaretMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St Martin in the FieldsMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St Martin's WorkhouseMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St Mary le StrandMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St Mary SohoMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St Paul Covent GardenMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St Peter Gt Windmill StMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, St Thomas Regent StMDX7.2770SouthWest
Westminster, Westminster AbbeyMDX7.2770SouthWest
St Martin in the FieldsMDX7.565SouthWest
Notting HillMDX8.3548SouthWest
Notting Hill, St John the EvangelistMDX8.3548SouthWest
Notting Hill, St MarkMDX8.3548SouthWest
Kensington, Holy Trinity BromptonMDX8.4553SouthWest
Kensington, Holy Trinity KnightsbridgeMDX8.4553SouthWest
Kensington, St Mary AbbotsMDX8.4553SouthWest
Kingsbury [Combs, Green, Price, Finch]MDX8.788SouthWest
Chelsea, Pensioners Army HospitalMDX8.8965SouthWest
Chelsea, St LukeMDX8.8965SouthWest

To Early Combs &c. Records of Middlesex

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