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St Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury (a.k.a. St Mary Aldermanbury) (1.24 mi. north of city centre) was destroyed in 1666, rebuilt, destroyed again in 1940, the site sold, its stones sent to the USA. It was united to St Alphage London Wall in 1917, and both parishes united to St Giles Cripplegate in 1954. Parish records are in the Guildhall Library: baptisms 1538-1940, marriages 1538-1940, banns 1754-1940, marriage licenses 1837-1928, burials 1538-1859. Aldermanbury was subject to the Commissary of London, for granting probates of wills and letters of administration. A partial index to baptisms and marriages 1538-1880 is in the IGI. Aldermanbury is also near to St. Stephen Coleman St, sometime home of Combs who were kin to the Combs of Aldermanbury.

The first Combe of record so far in Aldermanbury is a Thomas who was baptised in 1557, his parents not named. The second Combe is a John COMBE who was probably born circa 1560, but who does not appear in the records of Aldermanbury until the birth of his first child in 1588/9, he having married in 1687 in St Antholin Budge Row Margaret ARCHDALE, d/o Thomas and Mary CLIFTON Archdale.

Except where otherwise noted, all COMBE children baptised in this parish were theirs. John died in 1610, and his widow, Margaret, in 1616, their three minor sons, John, William and Archdale left in the care of their maternal aunt, Barbara ARCHDALE, wife of William PALMER.

Except where otherwise noted, Parish Records were extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll and transcribed by Combs Researcher Denise Kendall from "The Registers of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury London" ed. W. Bruce Bannerman, F.S.A. Part 1. London. 1931

1411-1417 "A new guildhall was built on the site of the present edifice, in lieu of a mean cottage, formerly occupied as such, in Aldermanbury… It was originally erected by subscription, in 1411, prior to which period the corporation meetings were held in a small structure in Aldermanbury." (A Topographical Dictionary of England, Vol. III, Samuel Lewis, London, 1831)

5 Feb 1547 John CLYFTON and Mary GALAMORE married the 5th of Feb. 1547. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll from The Registers of the St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, London, London, 1931. Ed. by W. Bruce Bannerman. p.10) SW: GALLIMORE, CLIFTON

2 Oct 1557 St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury. Baptized: Thomas COMBE (p.16 "Baptizings 1557")

The above Thomas COMBE remains unidentified; and it is not known if a relationship existed between him and John COMBE, Draper. Seeking additional sources for both Thomas and this parish. Also note that many years later (in 1623) in this same parish, Ellis & Judith BARGAR Combs, named a son, Thomas. Not known if that's significant either. Neither has John CLIFTON been identified as yet.

1 Mar 1588 [1588/89] Baptized: Margaret d. of Mr. John COMBE, merchant
s/Wm LEVESON Cherche Warden (p.53 "Baptizings 1588")

25 May 1590 Baptized: Mary d. of Mr. Jhon COMBE, merchant
s/Wm LEVESON Cherche Warden (p.55 "Baptizings 1590")

14 Nov 1591 Saint Mary The Virgin Aldermanbury, London, England. Christened: William SMOOTH, son of ----- SMOOTH. (FamilySearch.Org, Film or fiche number: 0845245, "The registers of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, London" by William Bruce Bannerman) SW: SMOOT

20 Oct 1594 "Aldermanbury, St. Mary the Virgin," London. Married: Jhon LOVATT and Ann COOK (FamilySearch.Org) [NIGI, 1998]

This may not be a parish record (not found in first sweep) since it's source is a "patron sheet," (not in the IGI as of 1998). John has not been identified as yet. In St. Mary Bothaw, London (no Archdales or Combes) are three children christened to a John LOVET that may be this John's family: John, 12 Feb 1601; Sarah, 10 Apr 1603; Franncis (male), 27 Mar 1607.

2 Feb 1594 [1594/5] Buried: Margaret COMBE (p.61"Burials 1594")

This was probably Margaret, b 1588/9, d/o John COMBE, Merchant, and Margaret ARCHDALE, who is not found in later records and not named in the 1599 will of her great-uncle Matthew ARCHDALE (who does name her younger sister, Mary).

23 Feb 1594 Saint Mary The Virgin Aldermanbury, London, England. Married: Richard CAPELL and Alles BUSSINGTON (FamilySearch.Org, IGI #6903665, Computer printout of London, St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, Lond., Eng - source not viewed)

See the 1633 Aldermanbury will (below) of Ellis COMBE, including a bequest to "my Alice/Niece/Third? CAPELL in "Aldermanbury London."

11 Feb 1599 [1599/1600] Baptized: Jhon s. of Mr. Jhon COMBE, merchant (p.69 "Baptisms" 1599) [SW: John]

15 Aug 1602 Baptized: Jhon s. of Mr Jhon COMBE merchant (p.71 "Baptizings 1602")

Presumably, the first son, John, died before the birth of the second son, John, namesake of the first. His burial, however, was apparently not at St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury.

1 Oct 1604 Baptized: William s. of Mr. Jhon COMBE merchant (p.76 "Baptizings 1604")

1605 Ellis COMBS was bound as a Drapers apprentice to John COMBE (in 1616 termed "a merchant in Aldermanbury") (Combs &c. of the Drapers Company - See also 1616 below)

4 Dec 1606 Baptized: Archdale s. of Mr. Jhon COMBE Merchant (p.79 "Baptizings 1606")

4 May 1607 St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London. Married: Mary BARGAR and Thomas STOCKWOOD (FamilySearch.Org - record not viewed)

See 1617 St. Peter Pauls Wharf, London marriage of "Ellice [Ellis] COMBE of Aldermanbury" to Judith BARGER. Was the above Mary kin to Judith? No Combs-Stockwood marriages or records have been found, and this appears to be the only marriage or christening in the parish (based on IGI).

3 Apr 1608 Baptized: Jhon s. of Mr. William PAULMER Merchant (p. 82 "Baptizings 1608")

13 Oct 1608 CLIFTON, John of St. Mary Aldermanbury, London, Chandler, Bachelor and Mary HERING… widow of John HERING, haverdasher- at St. Mary Islington , Middlesex. 13 Oct. 1608 (Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll from London Marriage Licences, 1521-1869; Ed. by Joseph Foster, London 1887, p. 296) SW: HERRON, HERNE, haberdasher.

Her earlier marriage not located in IGI.

1608-9 London Drapers Hall, Drapers' Company, Wardens Accounts, 1608-9, folio 42ro) Ready Money Received. "Items received of Mr. John COMBE, of Mr. Allen COTTON, of Mr. John RANY [Rainey?], of Mr. John SHAWE the elder, of Mr. Richard HUSBANDS, of Mr. William ESSINGTON, of Mr. Edward MEREDETHE,* of Mr. William BANNISTER, of Mr. John ROSE and of James MALLETT 5 pounds/apiece to be adventured in the voyage for the plantation in Virginia… £50." ( Combs &c. of the Drapers Company)

This record filed in Aldermanbury as Drapers records indicate that only John COMBE of this parish was a Draper at this time.

13 Dec 1608 Married: Mr Randall MANNING, merchant & Mrs. Mary COMBE (p.82 "Marriages" 1608)

Randall, s/o Randall and Katherine DERING Manning of Edmonton, Middlesex, and Mary, d/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe

05 Mar 1609 - 03 Dec 1611 (London EN) Will of Thomas ARCHDALE.
THOMAS ARCHDALE, citizen and draper of London, 5 March 1609 with a nuncupative codicil declared about the 14th of November 1611, proved 3 December 1611. My body to be buried in the parish church of St. Antholins near the body of my first wife. To my three daughters, Margaret COMBE, Sara SARE and Barbara PALMER five hundred marks apiece, one hundred each a year until paid. One hundred pounds to Archdale COMBE, at age of twenty one. To my grandchild Sara SARE the younger, at her age of twenty years, one hundred pounds. To my grandchild Jane SARE at age of twenty years, fifty pounds. To my grandchild Thomas SARE, at twenty one, fifty pounds. To my grandchild, Mary SMYTHE, at her age of twenty one years one hundred pounds, so that she be guided and directed by her father and mother, especially touching her marriage. To the child wherewith my daughter Barbara PALMER is now conceived if it be a daughter, one hundred pounds at her age of twenty one; but if it be a son I bequeath the said one hundred pounds to John PALMER, the son of my said daughter Barbara, to be paid at his age of twenty and one years. To my cousin, Abraham ARCHEDALE the yearly payment of twenty pounds during the life of the natural mother of said Abraham; also fifty pounds more to be paid to him only by ten pounds a year. To my cousin Bridget ARCHEDALE, thirty pounds within six months next after my decease. To my cousin Richard RIPTON forty shillings a year until twenty pounds be paid. Six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence each to my friend James COLBRONE and his son Thomas COLBRONE. To my cousin, Thomas ARCHEDALE, the son of my cousin Richard ARCHEDALE, my godson, ten pounds, to be paid at his age of twenty one years. To the two maids which now serve my daughter Barbara five pounds apiece, to be paid unto them the day of their marriage if they then shall be servants to my said daughter and shall marry by and with the liking and consent of the said Barbara and her husband. To the poor of St. Antholins five pounds. To the poor of the parish of Aldermanbury and the parish of Norton in Kent, to each five pounds. To Mr. HARLAM pastor of said parish of Aldermanbury, five pounds. To the poor of St John's upon Walbrooke forty shillings, and of Whitechapel* ten pounds.
My son in law Ady SARE of the Inner Temple London, Esquire, to be full and sole executor. Wood 102. (Archdale Memoirs, p. 87.)

According to the Memoirs, Thomas ARCHDALE first wrote his will on 5 Mar 1609, then added a nuncupative (oral) codicil "about 14 Nov 1611." Neither he nor Waters (Genealogical Gleanings) state whether the nuncupative codicil is included above, nor if so, which part of the will it was. The parish records of St. Antholin Budge Row indicate that Thomas' wishes were followed: He was buried there on 27 Nov 1611, "Mr. Thomas ARCHDALE from Aldermanbury." (Memoirs…)

* St. John the Baptist Walbrook, like St. Antholin Budge Row, is in London's city centre. St. Mary Whitechapel, although less than a mile from the centre of the City of London, is in Stepney, Middlesex. Note that the 1673 Wanlip, Leicestershire will of Thomas' grandson, Archdale PALMER, also mentions Stepney (although not Whitechapel in particular).

25 Mar 1610 Baptized: Archdale s. of Mr William PAULMER merchant (p.85 " Baptizings 1610")

Notes: Archdale PALMER, s/o William and Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer

07 Sep 1610 Buried: Mr Jhon COMBE merchant and a Common counsell man (p.86 "Burials 1610")

John COMBE, m 11 Dec 1587, St. Antholins Budge Row, London, Margaret ARCHDALE. According to Drapers Company records, Jn. COMBE was freed by apprenticeship in 1583, thus an estimated birth year of ca 1560 (est. age at death 50).

Sep 1610 COOMBE, Jn. [John] St. M. Aldermanbury, Lond. Administration of estate to Magt. COOMBE, rel. [relict] Sept.1610, p.209. Adm. d.b.n. to Barbara PALMER, maternal aunt, during minority of Jn., Wm. and Archdale COOMBE, surviving sons. vice Mgt. COOMBE, dec'd Sept. 1616, p.81. (Extracted from " The Index Library -- Index to Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and now Preserved in the Principal Probate Registry Somerset House, London" Vol.V 1609-1619, ed. Fitch, Marc. The British Record Society, 1968, by Combs Researchers Denise Mortorff and Joe Kendalll)

Following the death of John COMBS, his widow, Margaret ARCHDALE, was made administrator; however, Margaret died in Sep 1616 (see below), following which, her sister, Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer, assumed administration on behalf of her three minor nephews. A second d.b.n. was filed in 1634 by John COMBE, s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe (see below)

17 Apr 1613 Buried: Jhon PAULMER s. of Mr. William PAULMER merchant (p.91 " Burialls 1613")

Not certain "which" John PALMER the above is. If he is the same who was baptised 3 Apr 1608, presumably to William and Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer (and named in 1609 will of his maternal grandfather, Thomas ARCHDALE), then the PALMERS had another son as Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer's son, John, was still alive at the time of her death in 1650 in Wanlip, Leicestershire .

6 Mar 1613 Married: Wynifrith FINCH and George GREENE (FamilySearch.Org)

See the 1641 will of Winnifred GREENE of Kingsbury, Middlesex, which includes bequests to "the children of my sister Joane COOMES by her husband Thomas COOMES and by her late husband Morris PRICE deceased…" to her sister, Grace FINCH, wife of Francis FINCH, rector of St. Michael Bassishaw, London" and to her son, John GREEN, who went to Virginia "if he be alive." No marriages found for the sister, Joane, but in St. Michael Bassishaw are children christened to a Thomas and Jane COMBES.

27 Apr 1614 Married: Sr Anthony PAULMER Knight Barronett & Mrs Margaret DIGGS (p.91 "Marriages 1614")

According to Genealogies of Virginia Families, Volume, II, "Pedigree of a Representative Virginia Planter," Margaret DIGGES Palmer was the d/o Thomas DIGGES (educated at Oxford ; d 24 Aug 1595, buried at St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London) and his wife, Anne, d/o Sir Warham St. LEGER and his wife, Ursula, d/o George NEVIL, Lord of Abergavenny. One of Margaret DIGGES Palmer's brothers was Sir Dudley DIGGES, b 1583, ed. at University College, Oxford, ambassador to Russia, MP and Master of the Rolls; m Mary KEMP (d/o Thomas of Chillham), and among their issue, Edward DIGGES (ca 1621-1675/6), later Gov. of Virginia. Deed dated 11 Sep 1650, patent confirming dated 6 May 1651, Edward DIGGES purch. from Capt. John and Ann WEST, plantation in Hampton Parish, York County, Virginia, land whose description included "northwest upon the land of William SAYER." (See Sarah ARCHDALE, w/o Ady SARE (SAYER), and s/o Margaret ARCHDALE Combs). Thomas DIGGES was the s/o Leonard DIGGES of Digges Court, Kent (s/o James DIIGGES and Phillippa ENGHAM of Chartham, Kent) and Bridget, d/o Thomas WILFORD, Esq., and sister of James and Thomas WILFORD (See Blythe WILFRID, 2nd wife of Thomas ARCHDALE, father of Margaret ARCHDALE Combs). Question: Was Sir Anthony PALMER kin to William PALMER? (See also Barbados)

According to Shakespeare's Stratford Friends, Dave Kathman, the widow Ann St. LEGER Digges of Phillips Lane, Aldermanbury, began living with Thomas RUSSELL of Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire in 1600 (they married in 1603). In 1601, RUSSELL "tried to buy Clopton House, the largest house in Stratford, two years after Shakespeare had bought New Place, the second largest house in Stratford; but in the end William CLOPTON refused to complete the sale." In 1616, RUSSELL witnessed the will of William SHAKESPEARE, which included a bequest of his sword to Thomas COMBE (s/o Thomas and Mary SAVAGE Combe of Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire). The author adds that RUSSELL, was the s/o Thomas RUSSELL, Sr. whose widow married Sir Henry BERKELY, and that "The COMBE family [of Stratford], with whom Shakespeare was friendly for many years, had lots of connections with the Inns of Court and other power centers in London."

19 Sep 1616 Buried: Mrs Margaret COMBE widdow (p.97/98 "Burials 1616")

Margaret ARCHDALE, widow of John COMBE, d 1610.

1616 Mgt. COMBE, widow, St. Mary Aldermanbury, London. Administration to Barbara PALMER, sister, during minority of Jn., Wm. and Archdale COMBE, s's surving sons?) 1616, p.81; (administration. d. b. n. May 1634, p.95). (Extracted from "The Index Library -- Index to Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and now Preserved in the Principal Probate Registry Somerset House, London" Vol.V 1609-1619, ed. Fitch, Marc. The British Record Society, 1968, by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff)

DKM: On Sept. 19, 1616, when Margaret [ARCHDALE] Combe died, her sons were estimated ages: Archdale age 9; William age 11; John age 14; Mary age 26; Margaret age 28 (who may have been Margaret d. 1594). Barbara ARCHDALE, their maternal aunt, had m William PALMER (See also 1629 and May 1634 records below).

15 Jan 1616 [1616/17?] Ellis COMBE is freed by his Drapers apprenticeship from 1605 to John COMBE, "a merchant in Aldermanbury 7 years at his master's house." (Drapers Company) (See also 1623 below)

See above 1605 St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury record, and note that although the relationship of Ellis COMBE to John COMBE has not been determined, that it existed is proved by the 1629 Oxfordshire will of William COMBE, s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe (See also 1620-1623 and 1629 below).

14 Sep 1617 Saint Mary The Virgin Aldermanbury, London, England. Christened: Martha SMYTH, d/o Thomas (FamilySearch.Org)

Possibly Martha SMYTH, d/o Thomas of London, who married Archdale PALMER, s/o William and Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer, who was possibly the Thomas SMYTH who witnessed the 1633 Aldermanbury will of Ellis COMBE (below).

9 Dec 1617 Baptized: Dudley c. of Sr Anthony PALMER (p.97 "Baptisms" 1617)

15 Oct 1619 - Oct 1622 John COMBE of London, son of a gentleman, matriculated (was admitted to the University) from Trinity College [Oxfordshire] on 15 October 1619, aged 17. (Archives) Foster adds that COMBE was admitted to the Inner Temple (an Inn of Court in London where barristers were trained) in 1622 as the son and heir of John COMBE of Edmonton, Middlesex . No further information is given. ("Oxford Oxonienses" by Foster, volume dated 1500-1714, provided by the Archivist of Oxford University to Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff)

The John COMBE who matriculated 15 Oct 1619 at Trinity College, Oxfordshire, was John COMBE, s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combs. Foster's… source for John of 1619 and John of 1622 having been one and the same has not yet been learned (research in progress).

1620-1621 Ellis COMBE, Draper, pays quarterage " Coleman St" Woolsack Alley" at "Fwr. Carrier's house at the lower end of Aldermanbury at the end of Bamshaw near the Wall." (Drapers Company)

See 9 Aug 1617 marriage of Ellice COMBE of Aldermanybury [sic] draper to Judith BARGAR, St. Peter Pauls Wharf . See St. Stephens Coleman Street where two children were born to Ellis and Judith BARGAR Combs in 1620 and 1621 respectively, and see next:

26 Mar 1623 Baptized: Thomas s. of Ellis COMBE(p.105 "Baptizings 1623")

1 Apr 1623 Buried: Mrs. COMBE wyffe of Ellis COMBE (p.105 "Buryalls 1623")

Judith BARGAR Combs, wife of Ellis, apparently the result of childbirth. It is not known if it is significant that Ellis named a son, Thomas (See 1588 record above). It is also not known if Ellis ever remarried.

16 Jun 1623 Buried: John COMBE (p.105 "Buryalls 1623")

John has not yet been identified. He was not the son of John and Margaret. He was perhaps Ellis' son (no estate records have been located for a John Combe this year, nor any record of Ellis having a son, John). He is not Ellis' brother, John, and unlikely to have been the father of John COMBE of 1610 since the latter's birth year is estimated at circa 1560, thus his father was probably born before 1540 and would have been over 80 years old by 1623.

11 Feb 1621 Saint Mary The Virgin Aldermanbury, London, England. Christened: Henry SMYTH, s/o Thomas SMITH (FamilySearch.Org)

Perhaps Henry, brother of Martha, christened 1617, her brother named in her hsuban'd's 1673 Wanlip, Leicester will.

14 Sep 1623 Buried: Jane ADAMS seruentt to Widdow COMBES(p.129 "Burials")

24 Dec 1623 Buried: Margery GRANTHAM from Widdow COMBES

The above "Widow COMBS" has not yet been identified. She was not the widow of either John (d 1610) or Ellis (d 1633); thus is a third COMBES wife in this parish? Could she have been widow of John COMBE, d 1623? Since Margery GRANTHAM is not listed as a servant, consideration should be given to the possibility that she may have been 'somehow kin' to Widow COMBES (no Combs-Grantham marriages have been found in IGI, nor other links to GRANTHAM surname in England as yet).

9 Mar 1623 Buried: [blank.--Ed.] the daughter of Mr. Archdell PALMER (p.123 " Burialls 1623" [sic])

Who is this? Archdale PALMER, s/o William and Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer, was not baptised until 1610, and presumably born that same year, thus only 13 years of age in 1623 (Vann's Alumni, Cantabrigienses, Cambridge University, states Archdale died 6 Aug 1673 at age &73).

19 Jun 1628 Baptised: Sara LOVET, d/o LOVET (IGI entry, Ba: P001521, So: 845245, Pr: 0453495)

The source records are being checked in regard to this entry and possible other LOVETTS in Aldermanbury - of particular interest due to the 1630 marriage of John COMBE, s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe, to Elizabeth LOVETT (d/o Robert & Anne SAUNDERS Lovett) in 1630 in Soulbury, Buckinghamshire. A 2nd IGI entry states Sarah LOVETT, d/o Richard and Judith, was christened this date at Our Lady in Aldermanbury, London, EN (IGI, F#456916). A 3rd IGI entry states Sarah LOVETT, d/o Richard and Judith, was born 19 Jun 1628, Our Lady in Aldermanbury [sic], London, EN (F#: 445878, @, O#: 74900) In addition to these IGI entries, two additional entries are:

28 Jan 1628 [1628/29] Marriage License: William PALMER of Inner Temple Gent & Dorothy BRAMPSTON d. to Serirant BRAMSTON of Aldermanbury (p.116 "Marriages With Licenses according to ther date. Anno 1628")

22 Feb 1629 William COMBE of Oxford University (s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe) signed his will, including bequests to "the poore of Aldermanberry" and "…to Joane M ONNTE (M COUNTE, W COUNTE??) sometimes servant to my mother the sume of fortie shillinges And to mir's CAPELL sometimes my mother's servant Agnis three pounds…to Mrs NOWLAND livinge in Alderman=Berry fourer pounds…" William also dictated that his "…desire is that my bodie be interred in St. Alderman=Berry's church…" but this was apparently not done (or at least not recorded).

25 Jun 1630. Our Lady in Aldermanbury, London. Christened: Richard LOVETT, s/o Richard and Judith. (IGI, F#456916) A 2nd IGI entry states born (IGI, F#: 45873, @, O#: 75002)

30 Jun 1633 Our Lady in Aldermanbury, London. Christened: Elizabeth LOVETT, d/o Richard and Judith. (IGI, F#: 456916) A 2nd IGI entry states born. (IGI, F#: 445878, @, O#: 74901)

Other than the first IGI entry for Sarah LOVETT, none of the others appear to have been parish extracts (all are pre-1974); however, "Our Lady in Aldermanbury" would nevertheless appear to refer to St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury. Also entered in the IGI under "of Our Lady in Aldermanbury" were: Richard LOVETT, born abt 1602, and wife, Judith, b abt 1606 (IGI, F#445873 and 445882, respectively, both with "@" symbol, and O#: 75001 and 74950, respectively, both pre-1970); and Christopher LOUVETT or LOVETT, born about 1600 and wife (Mrs. Christopher), b abt 1604 (IGI, F#445885 and 445876, respectively, both with "@" symbols, and O#74996 and 74935, respectively, both pre-1970). The entry for Richard and Judith would appear to bear on the entries of children Sarah, Richard and Elizabeth; although it also appears that the 1628 St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury parish extract for Sarah is the only actual parish record, and one which does not name her parents. The source or rationale for Mr. and Mrs. Christopher LOVETT remains unknown; however, presumably, for whatever reason, the submitter believed that both a Richard and a Christopher LOVETT were in St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury during the 1620s and/or 30s. This is of particular interest not only due to the above-noted marriage of John and Elizabeth LOVETT COMBESII, but also due to the fact that following the death of John COMBESII (s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE COMBESI) in 1652 in Sparsholt, Berks, his widow, Elizabeth, removed to Oxfordshire where in 1656, she apprenticed their son, Archdale, to her brother, Christopher LOVETT (baptised 1630 in Soulbury, Bucks, thus not the above-referenced Christopher LOVETT. Another (the same?) early Christopher LOVETT (a.k.a. LEVETT) was an adventurer who in 1622 attempted a settlement at York, Maine. The identity of this earlier Christopher LOVETT remains unknown - all that is known is that he returned to England where he apparently remained, and wrote a pamphlet of his adventure (Seeking copy and add'l data re same).

28 Jan 1628 [1628/29] Marriage License: William PALMER of Inner Temple [London] Gent & Dorothy BRAMPSTON d. to Serirant BRAMSTON of Aldermanbury (p.116 "Marriages With Licenses according to ther date. Anno 1628")

Might the above have been William PALMER, baptised St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury in 1608? He seems young; and no Inner Temple record found for him although his brother, Archdale PALMER, baptised in St. Mary in 1610 was called to the Inner Temple in 1631. Note that William has apparently not been traced although he was still alive in 1650, by which time he had been knighted (See Palmer Families)

1629/30 The will of William COMBS of Oriel College, Oxfordshire, s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE COMBESof St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, references numerous relationships (he died s.p.) and includes mention of this parish.

01 Apr 1633 Abstract of the Will of Ellis COOMBE/COMBE of London. Written the first day of April 1633.
Item (wife's wedding ring) to his "sister Suzan the wife of John TILLY"
Item (money) to my Alice/Niece/Third? CAPELL in "Aldermanbury London"
Item (money to purchase a Bible) to "Dorothy BIRDE the daughter of my Landlord Thomas BIRDE"
Item (money for purchase of a Bible) to my "godsone Ellis TILLY the sonne of my brother John TILLY"
Item (money in "remembrance of my love" ) to "Mrs. Barbara CLARKE the wife of George CLARKE Merchant
Item (money in "remembrance of my love" ) to "Mr. George CLARKE the eldest son of the Mr. George CLARKE
Item (book in "remembrance of my love" ) to John CLARKE Merchant
Item (my Bible and the rest and residue of his goods and chattels) to "my sonne Thomas COOMBE" (Thomas noted as not being twenty and one years of age yet)
Item (makes sole Executor) "my loving friend Mr. George CLARKE Merchant in Milkestreete London"
Item (payment and responsibility for Escrow) "Mr. John CLARKE Merchant"
Item (to keep money for son by the custome of London) Mr. George CLARKE
Also asks George CLARKE to take upon him the tuition and education of his son Thomas until he turns eighteen. If Ellis' son Thomas should die, then according to custom, Ellis wants the sum of three hundred pounds to go to his brother Robert, and if he dies; then there is another distribution [too hard to read, possibly children of Robert];then to his brother in law ("lanor"?) John TILLY; [then another distribution too hard to decipher]; then to his sister Suzan the wife of John TILLY; then to her children; then to brother John COMBE; then to his children. He then mentions giving Mr. George CLARKE money. And mentions his brothers Robert COOMBE, John COOMBE and John TILLY to divide the balance equally. Willm COMBE is mentioned [with no explanation that I can decipher]. Witnesses: Thomas TOMLINSON, Willi TIBBES, Thomas SMITH Senr.

Probatum mentions April and appears to read "Mono dio menfirs Aprilis anno Domini". George CLARKE is also mentioned.(Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills and Administrations, PROB 11/163 LH231-RH-231, pp. 230/231, abstracted by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff)

02 Apr 1633 St. Mary Aldermanbury. Buried: Ellis COUMES (Combs &c. of the Drapers Company which adds that estate record is recorded with the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (1633 PCC.27 Russell)) Note: This burial record not included by Bannerman? Likewise, not listed by Fitch in PCC wills? Possibly due to spelling COUMES?)

DKM Notes: Nothing more is known of Ellis' son, Thomas, as yet. It appears that Thomas was Ellis' only living issue and that he never remarried after the death of Judith. John and Suzan COMBE Tilly m 22 Dec 1614 in Willand, Devonshire according to the IGI (film ordered) with possible connections to nearby Upottery parish in that shire.

Ed. Notes: Research in progress re the "extra" COMBES in the records of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London, who have not yet been identified (Thomas and John (2)) Also note that it appears that the George CLARK with wife, Barbara, who were also named in the will of Ellis COMBS, was probably the same George CLARK who m Barbara PALMER of Hill, Bedfordshire, cousin of William, h/o Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer, sister of Margaret ARCHDALE Combs (The 1636 will of William PALMER of London, Esq. names his "cousin, George CLARKE," who was Sheriff of London in 1644)

8 May 1634 Margaret COMBE of St. Mary's Aldermanbury, London. Administration of estate to John COMBE, son being now of age 8 May 1634. This was previously granted September, 1616, but was repeated for a reason under further investigation. (Extracted by Combs Researchers Denise Mortorff and Joe Kendalll from "Index to Administrations In Prerogrative Court of Canterbury and Now Preserved In PRO….." ed. by Marc Fitch, London, British Record Society, 1986)

The reference to Sep 1616 documents that the above is Margaret ARCHDALE Combs. One month later, in Jun 1634, her son, John and his wife, Elizabeth [LOVETT], sell properties in St. John the Baptist Walbrook and St. Antholins Budge Row, both apparently part of her father's estate (Note that John's last surviving brother, Archdale, had also died this same year, of Oxfordshire). John is not again found in the records of London. He appears to have lived in Soulbury, Bucks until 1641-43 when he removed to Sparsholt, Berks, where he d in April 1652. This is the last Combs record found in this parish.

23 Mar 1635/6 - 27 Sep 1636 London. Pile, 100. William PALMER of London Esquire, 23 March 1635 (sealed and published 6 April 1636), with a codicil dated 12 September 1636, proved 27 September 1636. My body to be buried in the parish church of St. Mary Aldermanbury, in London, where I now dwell. All my personal estate shall be (in respect I am a citizen and freeman of the City of London) divided into three equal parts, according to the ancient custom of the same city, whereof one part I give unto Barbara PALMER, my well beloved wife, as due unto her by the said custom. Another third I give unto my three sons, Archdale, William and John, to be divided equally amongst them, according to the said laudable custom. And the other third part thereof, commonly called the Testator's third part, being devisable by me according to the custom of the same city, I do dispose of as followeth. (Then follow sundry bequests, among which) To my sister Mrs. Mary PALMER the late wife of my brother Mr. Robert PALMER, to my brother John PALMER, to my cousin Thomas PALMER of Marston and his brother Robert PALMER, to my cousin Mr. George PALMER, to my Kinsman Thomas PALMER of Salte in the co. of Stafford and his sister Katherine HOLTE and his sister Frances BACKHOUSE, to my cousin Walter SEDGLEY, for a divinity lecture or sermon in the Chapel of Marston where I was born, to my son John, at the age of twenty one. My cousin Mr. George CLERKE and my son Archdale PALMER to be executors.

In the codicil he mentions "our minister Mr. Doctor STANTON," cousin Bydolphe and his wife, cousin William PALMER and his wife, cousin WILLIAMS and his wife, cousin Mr. Richard ARCHDALE and his wife, cousin GARDNER, the company of Haberdashers, the poor in St. Bartholomew's Hospital, "whereof I am a Governor," and others. (ibid.)

"The parish Church of St. Mary Aldermanbury, in which Wm. PALMER was buried in 1636, was actually destroyed by the great fire in London in 1666. His cousin George CLARKE, one the the executors of the will, was a merchant of London, of which he was elected Sheriff in 1641; he was created Knight at Hampton Court on 8d Dec. 1641. His wife was Barbara PALMER of Hill in Bedfordshire, whose brother William was also knighted in 1641 or 1642. It is uncertain whether he or his cousin William (son of the testator), and the brother of Archdale, was first knighted, one of them being made Knight at Whitehall 18 April 1641, the other at Oxford 2 November 1642. William PALMER, the brother of Sir George CLARKE'S wife, married a sister of Sir Thomas GARDINER, the Recorder of London, who was knighted at Kingsland 25 November 1641, and is styled "Cousin GARDNER" in the codicil." -John Coffin Jones Brown. (ibid.)

23 Jan 1642 Buried: thomas s. of mr archdole palmer (p.131 "Buryalls 1642")

24 Jan 1642 Buried: Martha d. of Mr Archdoll PALMER (p.131 "Buryalls 1642")

6 Jan 1652 Marriage: Saint Mary The Virgin Aldermanbury, London, England. "Elizabeth Mrs HUNTT and Bartholmew BEALE" (FamilySearch.Org)

Possibly Elizabeth, sister of Martha HUNT who married William PALMER, s/o Archdale and Martha HUNT Palmer? (See William's 1693 Leicestershire will)

20 Jan 1652 Buried: Aderry wife of Christopher PALMER (p.145 "Buyalls 1652")

Unidentified; however, possibly the Christopher PALMER who married 22 Jun 1634, St. Lawrence Jewry and St. Mary Magdalene Milk Street, London, Awdrey FISHER.

14 Apr 1653 St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London, England. Married: William PALMER and Jane BARSTONE (FamilySearch.Org)

25 May 1652 Married: Mr Thomas GLOVER & Mrs. Rebecca BOUCHER both of this parrish. (p.145 "Marriages" 1652)

DKM Note: This has marriage implications for examining the GLOVER/ARCHDALE relationship in Colonial Virginia since Elizabeth LOVETT Combe, wife of John COMBE and mother of an Archdale COMBE being considered as possibly the same as the Archdale COMBE of Old Rappahannock County, VA. Elizabeth LOVETT Combe had a sister Ann who married an Edward BOURCHIER and later a NOEL. Elizabeth and Ann also had a sister Rebecca for whom no spouse or issue had been mentioned in the Burke Extinct and Dormant lineage.

27 Jun 1658 Ane d. William PALMER & Jann his wife (p.161 "Baptizing 1658")

This William PALMER is unidentified.

13 Jul 1661 Buried: [sic] A daughter of Archdale PALME'S esqr that died at Shakell Well [P] being a borderare (p.167 "Burialls 1661")

6 Aug 1661 Buried: A jurniman of Mr. PALMER a shewemaker (p.167 " Burialls 1661")[SW: journeyman, shoemaker]

8 Oct 1661 Buried: John PALMER s. of Archdale PALMER Esqr p.167 ("Burialls 1661")

It is possibly significant that one PALMER (unidentified) of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury was a shoemaker given that this was also the occupation of William COMBS, s/o Archdale & Elizabeth (Underwood) (Underwood) COMBES of Old Rappa County, Virginia.

22 Apr 1698 St Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London. Christened: Thomas COMBS, s/o Nathaniel and Joan COMBS (FamilySearch.Org, So: 845245, Pr: 0453495 - source not viewed)

See the 1696 St James Dukes Place marriage of Nathaniel and Joanna CADEL Coombes, and note that Nathaniel is a name found among the descendants of Ambrose and Hester COMBE of St Stephen Coleman St.

15 Jul 1710. Saint Mary The Virgin Aldermanbury, London, England. Married: John DUDDLESTON and Elizabeth BROWNE (FamilySearch.Org)

Might this be the same John DUDDLESTONE who was the s/o Mary FOXHALL by her second husband, Edward DUDDLESTONE? See also Bristol in 1710.

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