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Edmonton, Middlesex, England
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Edmonton (and Edmonton St. Paul) lie seven miles north of London… with Enfield to the north; Blackheath, Kent and Chingford, Essex to the northeast; Walthamstow, Woodford and Leyton, Essex to the southeast; Tottenham and Stoke Newington, St. Mary, Middlesex to the south; Hornsey, Middlesex to the southwest; and Friern Barnet, Middlesex to the west. Edmonton is situated on the high road to Hertford…The parish is, in Domesday-book called Ædelmeton, comprises the divisions of Church-Street, Fore-Street, Bury-Street, and Southgate-Street. The living is a vicarage, in the archdeaconry of Middlesex, and diocese of London… in the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, London. The church, dedicated to All Saints… The chapel in Southgate-Street was erected and endowed in 1615, by Sir John WELD, Knt.; and another chapel on Winchmore Hill, dedicated to St. Paul… A charity school for boys was founded in 1624, by Mr. Edward LATYMER [LATTIMER], who bequeathed a messuage at Edmonton, and lands at Hammersmith, for clothing and educating eight poor boys, for which purpose also Mr. Thomas STYLES, in 1679, bequeathed £20 per annum… Mr. John WILD, in 1662, built three almshouses… and Mr. Thomas STYLES erected twelve… On Bush Hill, in this parish, are remains of a large circular encampment, supposed to have been the site of a British town, near which Sir Hugh MYDDELTON [MIDDLETON] had a residence… an unfortunate woman who was condemned and executed on a charge of witchcraft, in 1621… Tottenham is within the jurisdiction of a court of requests held at Enfield… The regulation of the parish is vested in two churchwardens, four overseers, and a constable, who is also the sexton, assisted by two surveyors and an engineer. The living is a vicarage, in the jurisdiction of the Commissary of London, concurrently with the Consistorial Court of the Bishop of London, rated in the king's books… and in the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, London. (Lewis...)
From Index to The Merchant Class of Medieval London by Sylvia L Thrupp, 1948. Medieval Merchants of London:
John GEDNEY, Alderman of London, appears on Edmonton jury list, owned three manors (p. 284)
John GEDENEY, Alderman of London and later Lord Mayor, is said to have acquired the three original manors of Tottenham [sic].
1504? Register 2,Folio 55 COMBES, Tho. [Thomas], Edmonton, Mdxc.; prob.; pauper (Excerpted by Combs Researchers Denise Mortorff and Joe Kendalll from "Wills Etc. In the Commissary Court of London" by the British Public Record Society, Vol.86 p.65)

09 Apr 1559 Tottenham. Groom: BIRDE, Thomas. Bride: GARNET, Amias
See 1633 St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London will of Ellis COMBE re Thomas BYRDE.
26 Apr 1563 Edmonton Groom: WOODROOFE, John Bride: DUCKETT, Agneta

6 Nov 1564 Edmonton Groom: WOODROOFE, Nicholas Bride: DIXSON, Jana
Thomas COMBE has not yet been identified. The first WOODRUFFE marriage included due to the Allen DUCKETT, mercer, who appears in the 1598 London Orphans Court records for the children of Martin ARCHDALE. A Nicholas WOODROFFE was Lord Mayor of London in 1579.
29 Mar 1570 Edmonton Parish. Groom: Thomas PAINE. Bride: Mergeria CAMMOCK.
Included due to the Cammock-Payne families of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia. See also Cammock Families
14 Jun 1571 Edmonton Parish. John PENNINGTON and Dorothia GREENE

20 Sep 1573 Edmonton. Groom: WOODROOFE, Baptist Bride: HELLAM, Anna

12 Jul 1575 Edmonton Steven DUCKET and Anna BASKERFIELD [sic]
This is the only early BASKERFIELD-BASKERVILLE record located. See above-noted Orphans Court records re more.
12 Aug 1577 Edmonton Groom: WOODROOFE, Baptist Bride: HARRISON, Amia

27 Oct 1577 Edmonton Parish. Groom: Robert WILKINSON. Bride: Agneta KENDALL.
See Combs-Wilkinson of Stafford County, Virginia and Combs-Kendall of Old Rappa County, Virginia
14 Oct 1586 Edmonton Parish. Groom: John ANDREW (or ANDRO) & Bride: BAKER, Maria.

9 Nov 1578 Edmonton Groom: DUCKE, Richard Bride: PERKIN, AGNETA

28 Nov 1587 Edmonton Groom: DUCK, Richard Bride: ARGENTE, Alicia

27 May 1593 Edmonton Parish. Groom: UNDERWOOD, Edward & Bride: REDFORDE, Johanna.

17 Aug 1595 Groom: Andrewe WELLS and Bride: Isabell MANNING (MANNYNGE), "single persons" [Search Words: Andrew]

09 Sep 1595 Edmonton Parish. Groom: ANDREWS (or ANDROWES), Thomas & Bride: WARDE, Izabella [Note: See also 1598. Possible Duplicate marriage? WARD or HAYWARD?]

27 Jul 1597 Edmonton Parish. Groom: Edward BLACKBORNE. Bride: Elizabeth WIATT
29 Jul 1597 Edmonton Parish. Groom: Nicholas SMITH. Bride: Elizabeth POPE.
See Nicholas SMITH and Nathaniel POPE, Richmond Co VA land adjacent to John COMBS, s/o Archdale COMBS of Old Rappahannock Co VA whose wife, Elizabeth was twice an UNDERWOOD widow (See Combs-Underwood Families)
17 Apr 1598 Edmonton Parish. Groom: ANDREWS (or ANDROES), Thomas & Bride: HEIWARD, Isabella. [Note: See also 1595. Possible Duplicate marriage? WARD or HAYWARD?]

23 Apr 1599 Edmonton. Groom: EVANS, Robert Bride: DUCKE, Alicia

20 Sep 1601 Edmonton Parish. Groom: ANDREWS (or ANDROES), William & Bride: WOODROFF (or WOODROOFFE), Elizabeth [Search Word: WOODRUFF]

06 May 1604 Tottenham Parish. Groom: ANDREWS (or ANDROWES), John, widower of Edmonton & Bride: MOLTON, Sarah
See Archdale-Andrews-Palmer transaction in Tottenham and also note the pre-1615 marriage of Robert MOULTON of Huneyborne, Worcestershire, and Mary ARCHDALE (d/o Richard and Mary FERNE Archdale of Cuddesdon, Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire)
02 Jun 1606 Edmonton Parish. John WARCUPPE and Elizabeth SMYTH.
In 1566, Thomas ARCHDALE freed a Richard WARCOPPE from his apprenticeship as a Draper. Question: Could Warcoppe/Warcuppe have been a.k.a. WAUGHOP?
31 Aug 1606 Edmonton Parish. Groom: Henry MOSSE and Bride: Maria PALMER. [SW: Mary]

12 Aug 1610 Tottenham. Groom: BIRDE, Thomas. Bride: Bride: -----, Johanna.

20 Oct 1614 Edmonton Parish. Groom William WARREN. Bride: Euphrasia ROLFE.

30 May 1619 Edmonton Parish. Edward BLACKEBOURNE and Elizabeth HARRISON

15 Oct 1619 - 1622 Trinity College, Oxford. John COMBE of London, son of a gentleman, matriculated Trinity College on 15 October 1619, aged 17. (Archives) COMBE was admitted to the Inner Temple in 1622 as the son and heir of John COMBE of Edmonton, Middlesex, arm. deceased. No further information is given." ("Oxford Oxonienses" by Foster, volume dated 1500-1714, provided by the Archivist of Oxford University to Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff who adds that although Foster's source for the 1622 admission to the Inner Temple has now been confirmed, how he determined that John COMBE of Oxford in 1619 and John COMBE of the Inner Temple in 1622 were one individual remains unknown as yet (research in progress).
The above John COMBE the younger of Oxford University and London is documented as the son of John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe I of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London (he was baptized in 1602 and would therefore be 17 years of age in 1619). His maternal aunt, Barbara ARCHDALE, wife of William PALMER, owned a messuage in Tottenham, only one mile from Edmonton. In 1630, John COMBE the younger m in Soulbury, Bucks, Elizabeth LOVETT, d/o Sir Robert and Anne SAUNDERS Lovett, also of Soulbury, Bucks. John II died in April 1652 in Sparsholt, Berkshire, and by 1656 his widow, Elizabeth, was of Oxfordshire when she apprenticed their son, Archdale COMBE (b 1641, Soulbury Parish) to (her brother?) Christopher LOVETT, a Draper, as had been her father-in-law, John COMBE I.

According to the Visitations of London, also in Edmonton, Middlesex were both the DITCHFIELD and MANNING families. Mary COMBE, d/o John & Margaret ARCHDALE Combs, had m 13 Dec 1607, St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, London, Randall MANNING, and their daughter, Mary MANNING, had m 27 Mar 1631/2 (location not yet known) Edward DITCHFIELD, s/o Edward DITCHFIELD.

Despite these numerous Combs Connections to Edmonton, we have found no early Combs Marriages in this parish as yet (possibly because many of the marriages took place in London?)
29 Jun 1620 Edmonton Parish. Groom: John LOVELEY. Bride: Ellin SAYER.

09 Jul 1621 Edmonton Parish. John PALMER and Ellin -----.

16 Sep 1627 Edmonton Parish. Groom: Richard PALMER. Bride: Mary CHALTON. [Possibly Charlton?]

30 Nov 1629 Edmonton Parish. Thomas MANNINGE and Ellin WHITE
Not identified; however, see Randall and Mary COMBE Manning of Edmonton, Middlesex, the latter, d/o John and Mary ARCHDALE Combe
16 Jun 1673 Edmonton Parish. William PALMER and Rebeckah BOLTON. Licensed.

23 Apr 1684 Edmonton Parish. Groom: Archdale PALMER, Esq. and Mrs. Mary DAWSON.
See William and Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer
1629-1634 Will of Isabel HUNTE of Edmonton, Middlesex, widow (f403) Wlm & Margt chldr of Francis BARKER of Hertingfordbury, co Hertford husb; Jn, Wlm & Eliz chldr of Rich BARKER of Essendon, co Hertford husb; exec knswmn Sara dtr of Rich BARKER; overs Thos LEWES & Thos BOURNE gents; wtns Thos HOARE & Edw WHALLEY (Consistory Court of London, Will Abstracts Volume 26 (1629-1634), compiled by Leslie Mahler and published by London Gen-UKI)
See Archdale Memoirs re "Richard ARCHDALE, the only son [of Barnard ARCHDALE], was a merchant vintner in Dowgate Street, London, having connection with Bordeaux and Lisbon. His is mentioned in the will (April 17th 1603) of his kinsman Francis BARKER, who was also a London vintner."
1 Feb 1673 (1667) Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Other Probate Jurisdictions: Engrossed Inventories Exhibited from 1660. PROB 4/14129. MANNING, Ranulph, of Edmonton, Mdx., gent (Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, PROB Series - record not yet acquired) (Former Reference 1663W)

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