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Kent, an important maritime county in SE. of England, bounded N. by the Thames and the North Sea, E. and SE. by the Strait of Dover, S. by the English Channel, SW. by Sussex, and W. by Surrey; greatest length, W. to E., 65 miles; greatest breadth, N. to S., 35 miles; 995,392 ac,… Historically Kent has greater associations than any other co. in England. The co. contains 5 lathes, 73 hundreds, 435 pars., and parts of 6 others, the Cinque Port Liberties of Dover, Hythe, and New Romney, the parl. and mun. bors. of Canterbury, Dover, Gravesend, Hythe, Maidstone, and Rochester (1 member each), the parl. bors. of Chatham, Deptford (part of), Greenwich, Lewisham, and Woolwich (1 member each), and the mun. bors. of Deal, Faversham, Folkestone, Margate, Sandwich, and Tenterden. It is almost entirely in the dioceses of Canterbury and Rochester. For parliamentary purposes the co. is divided into 8 divisions - viz., Western or Sevenoaks, North-Western or Dartford, South-Western or Tunbridge, Mid or Medway, North-Eastern or Faversham, Eastern or St Augustine's, Southern or Ashford, and Isle of Thanet, 1 member for each division; the representation of the co. was increased from 6 to 8 members in 1885. (Gazetteer of the British Isles by John Bartholomew 1887. Vision of Britain)

In addition to Combs &c. parishes (below) are also:

Index to Combs &c. Wills of West Kent
Earliest Combs &c. of Kent

In those instances below where the parish is not linked to a report, see wills or Early Combs. If not there, the inclusion of the parish name may indicate IGI records that have not yet been abstracted.

Combs &c. Records by Lathe, Hundred, Liberty, Barony and Parish in which Combs and Associated Families have been found thus far

Lathe of Aylesford

Lathe of St. Augustine

Lathe of Scray

Lathe of Shepway

Lathe of Sutton at Hone

To learn more about medieval terms for land see the ENGLAND: Land from Medieval to Present Day.

Testator Index to Kent Wills
(Index of West Kent Wills to 1650 by Jean Rox)

Surname Name         Parish          Date    |C Ref.1    Ref.2   |  Notes
Combe  John          Swanscombe      1443d   |R 1.13             | m;
Combes William       Snodland        1452    |P Rous     17      | m;  (Coumbys)
 (codicil same folio; St. George, Estchep, London; Fynchelon, St.Martin, Norfolk)
Combe  Symonde       Wilmington      1476d   |R 3.165            | m;
Combe  Richard/Roger Lewisham        1484d   |R 6.16             | m; 
 ("Richard" in will, "Rogger" in heading)
Combe  William       Hoo?, St. Marys 1509d   |R          1       | m; 11 July 1509
Combe  Richard       Halstow         1509d   |R          1       | m; 6 Aug 1509
Combe  Thomas        Edenbridge      1517d   |R          1       | m; 17 Aug 1517
Combe  William       Edenbridge      1534d   |R 9.137            | m;
Combe  George        Edenbridge      1552p   |R 11.204           | glover; 1546d
Combe  William       Lewisham        1567p   |R 13.323   9       | m; (al. Bloome)
Combe  Francis       Edenbridge      1571p   |R 14.56    10      | tanner
Combes Thomas        Plumstead       1614p   |R 20.595   23      | victualler
Coombs John          Edenbridge      1625/6p |R 21.176   27      | gent.
Coomes Edmund        Plumstead       1625p   |R 21.139           | m;
Cowmes William       Gravesend       1628/9p |R 21.340   27      | brazier (Combes)
Coombs Susan         Shipbourne      1629p   |R 21.379   28      | widow
Coomes Thomas        Chatham         1634p   |R 22.92    29      | sail maker
Coomes Joan          Lewisham        1637p   |R          29      | widow
Coombs Thomas        Gravesend       1643p   |R 22.574   31      | m;

Comber Giles         West Malling    1586p   |R 17.100           | m;
Comber James         Yalding         1600p   |R 19I.112  19      | husbandman
Comber John          Sutton-at-Hone  1603p   |R 19I.334  19      | yeoman
Comber George        Brenchley       1608p   |R          21      | yeoman
Comber Susan         Sutton-at-Hone  1609/10p|R 20.85    20      | virgin
Comber James         East Farleigh   1629/30 |S w/3/172  23 Feb  | yeoman
Comber Robert        East Farleigh   1629/30 |S w/3/168  5 Jan   | cutler
Comber William       Chiddingstone   1639    |S w/3/200  22 Oct  | m;
Coomer Henry         Milton          1644p   |R 22.613   3       | waterman

Lovett Ralph/Rayff   Greenwich       1549p   |R 11.92     3      | 
(servant "unto the kinge's majestie")

Abbreviations: b. = buried; d.b.n. = of goods unadministered by; d.m. = during minority of; m; = man; N.E. = no executor nominated in will; P.A.B. = Public Act Book; P.r. = power reserved for administering a like grant; t.a.i. = Tanquam ab intestato (as of an intestate); w = woman; w.p.b. = will proved by.

Additional Combs &c. wills include:

1651 William COMBE of Hollingbourne.
1686 George COOMBES, gent., Westerham