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Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series C, CC and CS
Combs &c. Entries Extracted from the PRO Catalogue, London

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Extractions from Public Records Office (PRO) Catalogue, Chancery: Ancient Deeds (Series C, CC and CS)
C 146 = Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series C
C 146/185 Grant by John GOION, John de SCHIPPTONE, and Peter ate WALLE, to Walter son of Richard COMBE, of Northcodeworth, and Edith his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of a messuage and curtilage, one carucate of land, 100s. rent, and a moiety of a mill, in C... Morrow of All Soul's Day, 10 Edward III. [ca 1337]

C 146/248 Grant by Richard de COMBE, knight, to Robert de REMMESBURY, and John his son, of a grange with chambers towards the north, in which Matilda, mother of the said Richard, formerly lived, with a piece of land adjacent, and a messuage in Fiteltone: (Wilts.)... Monday after St. Margaret the Virgin, 27 Edward III [ca 1352] (See Fittleton, Wilts)

C 146/298 Release by Robert Boner, of Bremley, and John Boner, of Combe, his son and heir apparent, to John, bishop, of Bath and Wells, John Hody, knight, John Fortescu, John Stork, John Wydeslade, John Battiscombe, Hugh Prior, clerk, William Boweley, and William M... 16 July, 19 Henry VI. [ca 1341]

C 146/495 Release by Thomas CAULSTON, esquire, to Robert DYNELEY, esquire, of all his right in the manors of Fitilton and Coumbe. Witnesses:- Bernard BROCAYS, John SONDES, and John POPPEHAM, knights, and others (named): Wilts. Andever, feast of ST. Mary Magdalene, in the presence of Sir Thomas, Earl of Kent, 9 Richard II. [ca 1386]

C 146/745 Grant by John West, of Worton, to William Suthewelle, of Cumbe, of a plot of land with dykes, &c., in Worton, between the messuages of John le Warenner and William le Bykener. Witnesses:- Warenner, and others (named): [Oxford.] Saturday after Michaelmas, 6 Edward II

C 146/1062 Grant by Sir Richard de COMBE, knight, lord of Fytelton, and Margaret his wife, to Master Robert de ABLYNTON, rector of the church of Fytelton [Fittleton, Wilts], Adam de ABLYNTON, brother of the said Robert, and Edith, the said Adam's wife, of land, &c., which John le Bour... [incomplete entry] Sunday before St. Gregory the Martyr, 28 Edward III [ca 1353]

C 146/1108 Indenture by which John Prestecote, John Haulegh, and Thomas Aysshendon grant that a certain annual rent charge of 20l. granted by John Prydeaux, knight, to the said John Prestecote, &c., out of the manors of Combe in Tynhyde, Colomp John and Godeford, sh 12 May, 8 Richard II [ca 1385]

C 146/1120 Indentures between Thomas, parson of the church of Odestoke, and John Gouteby, parson of the church of Aysshemere, of the one part, and Sir Richard de COMBE, knight, and Sir Patrick de FRENE, parson of the church of Batesbury, of the other part, concernin Sunday after St. Peter in Catherdra, 35 Edward III [ca 1392]

C 146/1215 Grant by John WYKES, of Purton. esquire, and John Butforde, chaplain, vicar of Butforde, to Robert Turnay, of Combe by Butforde, and Amice his wife, of lands in a close called 'Dame Alice Close,' &c. (Wilts ?) Thursday the feast of St. Peter ad Vincula, 8 Henry V.

C 146/2962 Release by William Sharpyng, citizen and vintner of London, Nicholas Rounhay, clerk, and John Olyver of Croydon, the younger, to Matilda Holbech, Henry Braklee, clerk, and William Hokclyve, of all their right in the manors of Fytilton and Coumbe: Wilts. 2 May, 3 Richard II.

C 146/3073 Agreement whereby Sir Richard de COMBE, knight, undertakes to enfoeff Robert de REMMESBIRS with all thelands, tenements &c. in Fitelton [Fittleton], with free fishing in the river that runs to Fitelton mill, which he holds of the king in fee farm, paying to the Exche Salesbirs, Sunday before the Purification, 26 Edward III. [ca 1353]

C 146/3074 Defeasance of a grant by Richard de COMBE, knight, to Robert de REMMESBURY, of a yearly rent of 10l. out of his lands in Combe; witnessing that if Robert may peaceably enjoy a messuage, toft, land, 56s. rent and a several fishery in the mill-pond of Fitel [Fittleton?] Monday before St. Laurence, 26 Edward III. [ca 1353]

C 146/3625 Grant by Simon de COMBE, son and heir of Richard de COMBE, to John GYLIS, for 100s. of a messuage with land in Fytelton [Fittleton, Wilts] adjoining the plot called 'Wende', with pasturefor fifty sheep and a ram on the common pasture from Hockeday to Hockeday, and for six b 7 Edward (I). [ca 1279]

C 146/3693 Grant by William Burghard of the parish of Lyntone, to John Astyn and John Pomfreyt of the same, masons, of a piece of land called 'le Coumbe' in the said parish. 23 January, 2 Henry IV.
C 147 = Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series CC
C 147/76 Grantor: John KNIGHT, of Combe St Nicholas, Som, merchant. Grantee: Henry PAYNE, of Exeter, merchant. Place or Subject: St Kerrian (Kiryan), Exeter. County: [Devon] 36 Eliz I [1594]

C 147/79 Grantor: Thomas WHEELER, citizen and clothworker of London. Grantee: Thomas ARCHEDALE, citizen and draper of London. Place or Subject: Rhiwhiriaeth [in Llanfair-Caereinion]. County: Mont 26 Eliz I [1584] [Search Words: Archdale]

C 147/37 Grantor: John Owen VAUGHAN, of Llwydiarth (Lloydiarth), esquire. Grantee: Humphrey ap THOMAS, of Rhosaflo [in Llanfair Caereinion], husbandman. Place or Subject: Rhiwhiriaeth [in Llanfair Caereinion]. County: Mont 40 Eliz I [1598]
This land was in Montgomery, Wales. The grantee, Thomas ARCHDALE, had, only one year earlier, married his second wife, Blith WILFRED, about whom nothing is known. His first wife, Mary CLIFTON, was the daughter of Richard CLIFTON and Margaret MORTON, the latter "of Shropshire." According to parishinfo.mdb, Llanfair Caereinion, was less than fifteen mi. from the Shropshire border, but whether this is significant is not known. Based on the second record, Thomas apparently gave up the property (assuming htis was a land conveyance) sometime between 1584 and 1598.

C 148 = Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series CS
C 148/41 Grantor: Richard de COMBE, knight Grantee: Robert de REMMESBURY Subject: Grant, indented, of 50 acres of arable land in Fittleton County: (Wiltshire) 31 Edw III [ca 1358]

C 148/77 Grantor: John Strecch, knight Grantee: Nicholas Bolour, Peter Whyra, John de Woth, William Belmondeslond, clerk Subject: Grant of his lands late of John Cosyn in Combe in Huish Episcopi (Combe Episcope) County: (Somerset) 49 Edw III

C 148/95 Grantor: Joan de WYTHTYRSHAM late the wife of William of Wittersham (Wythtysham) in Kent Grantee: Thomas CUMBE, Sampson GRENEWYCH, Robert GRENSTEDE, Roger MOT, William atte GROVE Subject: Grant of his manor of Wittersham County: Kent 12 Ric II [ca 1389] (See Combs &c. of Early Kent)

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