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Court of Wards and Liveries
Combs &c. Entries Extracted from the PRO Catalogue, London

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Source: Extractions from Public Records Office (PRO) Catalogue, Court of Wards and Liveries (WARD)
WARD 7 = Court of Wards and Liveries: Inquisitions Post Mortem
WARD 7/5/66 COMBES, Richard: Worcester 4 Edw. VI. [ca 1551]

WARD 7/22/61 COMBES, John: Worcester 30 Eliz I [ca 1588]

WARD 7/24/177 COMBE, Edward: Warwick 42 Eliz I [ca 1600]

WARD 7/24/178 COMBE, Elizabeth: Warwick 42 Eliz I [ca 1600]

WARD 7/25/152 COMBES, Thomas: Worcester 7 Jas I. [ca 1610]

WARD 7/44/81 COMES, Richard: Middlesex 7 Jas I. [ca 1610]

WARD 7/69/96 SARE, Ady: Kent 21 Jas I. [ca 1624]

WARD 7/74/136 COMBES, Francis: Hertford 2 Chas I. [ca 1627]

WARD 7/90/118 COMBE, Thomas: Hants 13 Chas I. [ca 1638]

WARD 7/93/296 COMBE, Richard: Northampt. 15 Chas I. [ca 1640]

WARD 7/102/148 COMBE, Bartholomew: Dorset 1 Eliz I [ca 1558]

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