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Records of the Exchequer, and its related bodies, with those
of the Office of First Fruits and Tenths, and
the Court of Augmentations (excluding E 115)

Combs &c. Entries Extracted from the PRO Catalogue, London

See English Regnal Years for the years Kings and Queens reigned.

Source: Extractions from Public Records Office (PRO) Catalogue, Records of the Exchequer, and its related bodies, with those of the Office of First Fruits and Tenths, and the Court of Augmentations (E) excluding E 115, Certificates of Residence (which see).
E 40 = Exchequer: Treasury of Receipt: Ancient Deeds, Series A
E 40/234 Grant by Joan, relict of Gilbert de BRUNARDESTON, to the abbey of St. Mary of Buckestre (Buckfastleigh) of a meadow belonging to her tenement in Brunardeston, situate as described. Witnesses:- Ralph de CUMBE, Thomas de MUTHECUMBE, and others (named) Devon

E 40/1774(i) "Certificate of proof of the will of William de CUMBE at the Husting held in London, Monday after the Purification, 26 Edward I. [ca 1298], by John de STORTEFORD and John, son of William de CUMBE. He bequeaths five marcs yearly rent to support a chaplain in th..." Note text: (i), (ii) Transcript (iii) Transcript and Norman French.

E 40/1776 Grant by Geoffrey de CHESEWYK, citizen of London, to William de CUMBE, wool merchant, of London, for 19 1/2 marcs, of a messuage with quay in the parish of St. Dunstan by the Tower of London, stretching fro King Street on the north to the Thames on the so... (54 Henry III.) [ca 1270]

E 40/1777 Release by Richard de HAKEBURNE, goldsmith, of London, and Margaret his wife, to William de COUMBE, dwelling in the parish of St. Dunstan in the East, for 40s., of a yearly quitrent of 20s. Witnesses:- John de CANTERBIRY, then alderman, Martin BOX, and o..." (Edward I. [1272-1307]). Note Text: Two seals

E 40/1778 Release by Geoffrey de SCHESEWICK to William de CUMBE, both citizens of London, of 6s. yearly rent issuing from a tenement, fromerly Reginald le SIPWRITCHE's, in the parish of St. Dunstan by the Tower, stretching from Olvendebrigge on the east to the Tham... (56 Henry III. [ca 1272]) Note text: seal.

E 40/1790 Will of William WAXSCOMBE, citizen of London. Bequeaths 40s. to the poor canons of Holy Trinity within Algate, London, on the day of his burial; and to Joan his wife his tenement at Douegate [Dowgate], in the parish of All Saints the Great, for her life, and after..."

E 40/1792 Grant by William WEXCOMBE to Thomas, son of Thomas KNOLLES, John OXENEY, and William DORCHESTRE, citizens and grocers of London, of all his rights in the tenement called 'le Sterre,' by Dougate, London. Witnesses:- William STAUNDON, Mayor of London, Henr Feast of St. Mathias the Apostle, 9 Henry IV. Note Text: Portion of seal

E 40/1794 Deed of sale by John de COMBE, son of William de COMBE, brother of William de COMBE, late citizen and wool merchant of London, deceased, in execution of the latter's will (proved and enrolled in the Husting of London, Monday after the Purification, 26 Edw... 9 Edward II [ca1298-ca1316]

E 40/3798 Demise by Thomas atte WELLE, the prior, and the convent of Lewes, to Henry COMBE, the prior, and the convent of Heryngham, of the advowson of Gretham church, and a yearly pension of 5s. issuing from the said church, for forty years from the Annunciation l 1 April, 13 Edward IV

E 40/4196 Grant in frank almoin by William son of Robert de HORSTEDE, to the monks of St. Pancras, (Lewes), of all the lands which they held of his fee, in his own, or his father's time. Witnesses:- Rihcard de HESET, Simon de HECHINHAM, Richard de la CUMBE, Reginal... Twelfth century. Equestrian seal, broken

E 40/4661 "Grant by William de ARDERNE of Radbourne, to John son of William de CATESBY, of the homages and services of the prior of Coventry, the abbot of Coumbe, and the prioress of Hynewode, and of Thomas le ROUS and Ellen his wife, for lands and tenements which t..." Erescote, Thursday before the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 43 Edward III. E 40/6027 Grant by John LAUNTELEYE of Webbeleye, to John ZEDDEVEN, Ralph de BARTON, Hugh de la COUMBE, Walter SHEPHAM, Roger CROMPE, Walter DYSSEWALLE, William de GERNESTON, Richard STEVENIS of Woneton, and John le BAKERE, the younger, of two tenements in Webbeleye Sunday after the Annunciation, 12 Richard II [ca 1389]
E 41 = Treasury of Receipt: Ancient Deeds, Series AA
E 41/108 John HYDE, citizen and grocer of London to Thomas SARE of Norton gentleman: Paulescray, parcel of the manor of Paulinscray: Kent 19 Feb. 44 Eliz [ca 1602]
E 101 = King's Remembrancer: Accounts Various
E 101/54/10 Particulars of the account of Thomas COMBE, appointed to arrest ships for the passage of Richard, duke of York, to Ireland. 27 Henry VI. [ca 1449]
E 122 = Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Particulars of Customs Accounts
E 122/68/19, Port: London. Particulars of account of William de COMBEMARTYN & William SERVATE, collectors of New Custom on wool &c. 35 Edw. (I) (-March) [ca 1307]

E 122/16/15 Associated Ports. Port: Bristol & all ports from Chepstow inclusive to Exeter. Corresponding particulars of account by Walter de DERBY & William COMBE, collectors. 6-7 Rich.II. [ca 1382]

E 122/16/18 Port: Bristol Particulars of account of John CANDEURE & William COMBE, collectors of tunnage. 11 (Rich.II). [ca 1388]
E 133 = Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Barons' Depositions
E 133/4/632A Attorney general v. John Hennynge. The title to ground called the Combes in the manor of Sturmister Newton. Whether this ground, and the stable, dovehouse and little court near the mansion house of the said manor, belong to the parsonage of Sturmister, an 25 Eliz. Trin.

E 133/22/26 Birkeld v COMBES Eliz. - Victoria

E 133/22/27 Birkeld v COMBES Eliz. - Victoria

E 133/38/14 COMBES v Humfrey Eliz. - Victoria

E 133/38/15 COMBES v Stephens Eliz. - Victoria

E 133/63/37 Hanwell v COMBES Eliz. - Victoria

E 133/70/50 Humfrey v COMBES Eliz. - Victoria

E 133/87/26 MEREDITH v COMBES Eliz. - Victoria

E 133/39/4 COOMBES V BUTLER Eliz. - Victoria

E 133/77/31 KINSMAN v COOMB Eliz. - Victoria

E 133/82/4 London, mayor of v COMBE Eliz. - Victoria
E 134 = Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Depositions taken by Commission
E 134/28Eliz/East12 William BULLOKAR, Richard WASHER. v. Robert YOUNGER: Customary lands in the manor of Ford, belonging to the Earl of Arundel. Customs of manor. (The names and possessions of Dorothy WASHER, Richard COMBES, and Eliz. his wife, and Thos. STOUGHTON, deputy st... 28 Eliz 1586

E 134/38Eliz/Hil21 Samuel MARROW v. Ambrose PHILLIPS, son of William PHILLIPS.: Chief rents payable for lands in the lordship of Birmingham (Warwick). Thos. SMALLBROKE, bailiff of the "forren" of Birmingham. (A survey made by one COMBES and others (surveyors of the late Duk...[incomplete entry] 38 Eliz [ca 1596]

E 134/4Jas1/Mich2 John PARSONS, clerke, prebendary of the 12th Combe, in Cathedral Church of Wells, successor to Mr. Powell. v. Benjn. Haydon, clerk, Dean of the Cathedral Church of Wells.: Fifteen prebends, called the Combes, in the Cathedral Church of Wells, and particul 4 Jas 1 1606

E 134/4Chas1/Trin1 Richard Smart, Henry Pointinge, William Leversage. v. John Hartgill, senr., John Hartgill, junr., William COMBE.: Manor of Kilmington (Somerset). Concerning deeds of assignment of lands from Henry and John Willoughby and Arthur Hartgill to the defendants. 4 Chas 1

E 134/14Chas1/Mich22 Sir John BANKS, knt. (Attorney - General), by the relation of Francis STEWART, son to the late Earl of Bothwell, deceased. v. Wm. SHELDON, Thos. COMBE, Wm. BARNES, Thos. CHILD, Robt. TUPPER, Anth. LANGSTON, Thos. LUMBRICK.: Right and title to Blockley Par 14 Chas 1

E 134/1657/Mich28 James THOMPSON, clerk v. John FITZWATER, Wm. FITZWATER, Roger BENNETT, John BROWN, senr., Tho. COMBES, Wm. FITZWATER, junr., John ROBERTS, Wm. WELLS, Wm. CHARY.: Vicarage of Hampton-upon-Thames, in the county of Middlesex. Tithes.: Middlesex 1657

E 134/25Chas2/Mich25 Sir George HORNER, Knt. v. Edward COOMBES: Manors of Cleford and Layton, and the rectory and parish of Layton, (Somerset). Tithes.: Somerset 25 Chas 2

E 134/31&32Chas2/Hil11 David DENNE, Wm. VERRIER. v. Bartholomew COMBES: Rectory and parish of Eastry. Tithes. (Lewis WATSON and the Lady Kathe, his wife, are mentioned.): Kent 31 & 32 Chas 2

E 134/31&32Chas2/Hil8 John BENNETT v. Thos. OAKEFORD, Stephen COOMBS, Edwd. PASHENT alias PATIENCE, Richd. MURFORD, Thos. HALES, Wm. TUCKER.: Rectory or parsonage impropriate and the vicarage and parish of Westbury. Tithes.: Wilts 31 & 32 Chas 2

E 134/32Chas2/East2 John BENNETT v. Edwd. PATIENT alias PASHENT alias PATIENCE, Stepn. COMBES, Thos. OAKEFORD, Richard murford, Thos. HULES, Wm. TUCKER.: Rectory and impropriate parsonage and vicarage of Westbury (Wilts), and the parish of Westbury. Tithes.: Wilts 32 Chas 2

E 134/32Chas2/East9 David DENNE, William VERRIER. v. Bartholomew COMBES: "Tithery of Eastry," in the county of Kent. Tithes.: Kent 32 Chas 2

E 134/2W&M/Trin3 William COMBES v. Thos. TUTTY, John TUTTY.: Vicarage and parish of Beer Regis, in the county of Dorset. Tithes.: Dorset 2 W & M [Search Word: TOTTY]

E 134/3W&M/Trin10 Roger MEREDITH v. Bartholomew COMBES: Messuage and land in Ashley, in the parish of Northborne (Kent), lately in the occupation of John WOOD, and land in Northborne and Little Mungham, late of Stephen SOLLY and his wife Anne, and also touching a messuage, 3 W & M

E 134/3Anne/Mich28 Elizabeth TANNER, widow. v. John SIMPSON, Daniel DYKE, Thos. HUNT alias DREW, John MILLES the elder, Willm. COMB, Jonathan KNACKSTONE and his wife Katherine, Robt. WEBB alias EVERETT, Anthony ALLIN alias KIMBER, John HALL, Thos. STRATTON, Edmd. KING, Thom... [incomplete entry] 3 Anne [ca 1705]

E 134/12Anne/Mich20 Jacob PRANKERD, junior, and his wife Mary, Rebecca COMBES v. Richard ROSSE, Anne ROSSE, widow.: Last wills and testaments of James ROSSE the elder, late of Moorhayes, in the parish of Charlton Musgrove (Somerset), and of his widow and relict Anne ROSSE. T 12 Anne

E 134/8Geo2/Mich16 John Athrope BROWN v. Wm. MILLER, William COMBES.: "The premises belonging to the complainant in the pleadings in this cause mentioned." Amount, &c., of fruit sold, grass let to pasture, &c., &c.: London 8 Geo 2

E 134/1652-53/Hil15 Jacob AUGER v. Nicholas KINSMAN: Execution of the last will and testament of John COMBE; his widow Winifred (executrix of will) since married to defendant; and Florence, daughter of John (married to Plaintiff). Touching land and legacies left to Florence, 1652-53
No location has been determined as yet, but see reference to KINSMAN of Launceston, Cornwall below and other KINSMAN-COMBS references herein.
E 134/28Chas2/Trin5 Richard BOOTH v. Wm. HOLLINGTON, clerk, Doctor of Lawes.: Rectory and parish of Alvechurch (Worcester), and Plaintiff's farm in the parish called Alvechurch Park. Tithes. (Mr. COMBE, former owner of such park, is mentioned.): Worcester 28 Chas 2

E 134/35Chas2/East17 Peter PENALIGGAN v. John WADGE, William JOLL, Thos. GEACH, Willm. COOMBE, junr., Peter TRUSCOTT, Thos. COOMBE, Henry EVANS, Jacob PROWTE, clerk.: Manor of Pollefant, in Lawannick parish [Lewannick, Cornwall], and the rectory of Minster. Whether the manor belongs to the rectory 35 Chas 2

E 134/36Chas2/East8 John Hopkins, clerk v. Chas. Chappell, Robt. Chappell, John Young.: Prebend or vicarage of Combe Bissett alias West Harnham (Wilts), in the Cathedral Church of Sarum (Wilts). Tithes.: Wilts 36 Chas 2

E 134/6W&M/East25 Sir Edward WARD, knight (Attorney-General). v. Robert CLARKE, John CLARKE.: Thos. LOVE, the elder, late of Combs (Suffolk), an absconded bankrupt. Touching a farm in Combs of which said Love was tenant to the defendants, and distresses put in upon said fa 6 W & M

E 134/6W&M/Mich21 Sir Edward Ward, knight (Attorney-General) v. Robert Clarke, John Clarke.: Farm and lands in Combs (Suffolk) held by Thos. Love by lease from the defendant Robert. Touching certain distresses made upon said premises by said defendant for arrears of rent, 6 W & M

E 134/8Wm3/Mich25 Wm. HUTCHINS and his wife Anne. v. Richd. KIRTON and his wife Anne.: Disposal of the personal estate of John COMBE, late of Abington [Abingdon, Berks], mason, late father of Plaintiff Anne, and of Martha BIGNALL, wife of Richd. Bignall, &c., &c.: Berks 8 Wm 3 [William III 28 Dec 1694 - 8 Mar 1702]

E 134/2Geo1/Hil8 Sir Isaac REBOW and his wife Dame Elizth, Wm. CLEMENTS, Robt. CONSTABLE. v. John HANCOCK, Richd. COLVILLE, Edmd. COMBE, Wm. KEEN, Francis KEEN.: Sealing, delivery, &c., of various deeds or writings, vizt., lease and re-lease dated 25th and 26th June in th 2 Geo 1 [George I 1 Aug 1714 - 11 Jun 1727]

E 134/4Geo2/Mich33 Evan LLOYD, gent., William ROBERTS. v. John HUGHES, gent.: Last will and testament of John HUGHES, late of Denbigh (Denbigh), gent., and the value, &c., of his estate lying in the parish of Denbigh (Denbigh), and in the parishes of COMBE and Trelosnydd (F 4 Geo 2

E 134/1&2W&M/Hil3 William COOMBES v. John Tutty, Thos. Tutty.: Parish and impropriation of Bere Regis, a tenement there called "Bolters," lands formerly of Anthony Williams, and the lands of John Plucknett, &c., &c. Tithes.: Dorset 1 & 2 W & M
E 136 = Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Escheators' Particulars of Account
E 136/212/15 Thomas COMBE (38mm) 37-38 Hen VI [ca 1459-60]

E 140 = Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Exhibits

E 140/21/3 DE LESPINE v COOMBES Account of Samuel COOMBES with James de LESPINE and COOMBES's acknowledgement of indebtedness to him (1765)

E 140/94/9 WOOLOCOMBE v MAY CLERK Exhibit: Roborough tithe book including payments received from Thomas and John WOOLOCOMBE of Combe and Wansley, Plaintiffs, and many others

E 140/102/1 CROWN v COOMBE AND ANOTHER Defendants: Philip and Thomas COOMBE arraigned under a writ of extent. 1813-1814

E 140/102/1 CROWN v COOMBE AND ANOTHER Judgement and extracts from sheriff's inquisition held in the Grand Jury Room, Wells 1813 Feb 12

E 140/102/1 CROWN v COOMBE AND ANOTHER Prospectus of sale by auction at the George Inn, Bridgewater, of Somersetshire freeholds sold under legislation relating to enforced sales of property of Crown debtors 1813 Oct 8

E 140/102/1 CROWN v COOMBE AND ANOTHER Court orders and reports on the purchase of lots 5 and 6 by Thomas GRIGSTOCK, farmer of North Petherton

E 140/148/2 KINSMAN Cause: William KINSMAN v William COMBE Exhibit: a letter from Simon KINSMAN to attorney John LAGO of Launceston, Corn, apologising for not having told him of his son William's land sales 1786 Jan 17 [Search Word: Cornwall]
See Combs-Kinsman marriage above

E 150 = Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Escheators' Files, Inquisitions Post Mortem, Series II, and other Inquisitions, Henry VII to Elizabeth I [22 Aug 1485 - 24 Mar 1603]
E 150/1201/3 COMBES, John: Worcester 5 Edw. VI. [ca 1552]

E 150/946/14 COMBE, Bartholomew: Dorset 1 Eliz I [1558]
E 167 = Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Papers of the Clerk to the Deputy Remembrancer
E 167/19 Rex v COOMBE 1812-1816
E 192 = Exchequer: Private Papers and Exhibits, Supplementary
E 192/6 Correspondence, including that between Richard BIDLAKE and Henry COMBE 1740
See Bidlake-Combs Visitations, Devonshire

E 199 = Exchequer: King's Remembrancer and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer: Sheriffs' Accounts, Petitions, etc
E 199/19/3 Kent: (1) and (2) Writ ordering payment of deodands to Keeper of Domus. Conversorum, London, and his receipt for them. M.3. Acquittance of Richard de CUMBE, Sheriff, for value of chattels found in Manors of Lewisham and Greenwich, in damaged canvas bag. 21 Edw. I [ca 1293]

E 199/47/43 Wiltshire: Particulars of account for Manor of Ludgershall, rendered by Richard de CUMBE, Sheriff, through Simon de CUMBE, son and heir. 19-21 (Edw. I) [ca 1291-93]
See also C 1 Series, C 1/57/290
E 199/47/2 Wiltshire: Receipt Roll of R(ichard) de CUMBE, Sheriff: for farm, summonses of pipe and Green Wax (de debitis plurium). 20-1 Edw. I [1292-93]

E 199/47/6 Wiltshire: Letters patent of Thomas de CHAUCUMBE, being a bond for payment of 100s. sterling to R. de CUMBE, the Sheriff. 21 Edw. I [1291]

E 199/47/3 Wiltshire: Receipt Roll of R. de COMBE, Sheriff, for farm and summonses. 19-20 Edw. I [1291-2]

E 199/47/5 Wiltshire: Receipt Roll of R. de COMBE, Sheriff. The front is chiefly for summonses and fines and amercements on the Sheriff's onus (de carco). The farm appears on the dorse and includes amercements in the County Court. 19-20 Edw. I [1291-2]

E 199/48/8 Wiltshire: Particulars of account for land held by Nicholas GERVEYS, clerk, to the use of John LANGLEY, in Castle Combe and Kington St. Michael. 15-16 Hen. VI
E 210 = Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Ancient Deeds, Series D [1120-1609]
E 210/164 Release by Walter le MESSAGER and Alice his wife, to their lords, the abbot and convent of Battle, of all the tenement which they held of the fee of the said abbot and convent in Sisele. Witnesses :- Roger de BENINDENN, Adam de CUMBE, bailiff of Wy [Wye, Kent], ando...

E 210/305 Grant by Simon son of Stephen de la TUNE, to the abbot and convent of Battle, of land at 'la Tune' in the parish of Wy, in the field called 'Nortfelde,' adjoining land called 'Darindane.' Witnesses :- Adam de la CUMBE, bailiff, and Hugh de ROMONAL, bedel...

E 210/925 Grant by Walter SNAPPE, to Walter the abbot, and the convent, of St. Mary's, Bruerne, of a messuage with tofts adjacent, and land in Overrynde( combe ) : Glouc. 7 October, 1 Henry ( V ? )

E 210/1310 Demise by Oliver ADAMS the abbot, and the convent, of Combe, to Christopher SADELER of Wulvershill, 'yoman,' for forty years, of the eighth part of the field of Little Copston called 'Copston Felde,' doing suit twice a year, at the abbot's court of Wolvey 14 May, 10 Henry VIII.

E 210/2260 Richard WYMOND and Christina his wife to William COMBE : Grant of half a messuage and a ' helva ' of land in Portsmouth : (Hants.) 28 Edw. III.

E 210/3531 John Partut to Sir Simon de Monte Acuto and Isabel his wife : Grant of his lands, etc., in Nutherton in Combe-in-Teignhead, etc. Note of enrolment in the King's Bench, 18 Edw. I. : Devon.

E 210/3611 Peter de WLVARDINTON (WOLVERTON), son of Robert to Combe Abbey : Grant of the suit and milling of his lordship and all his men, and all his fee of Lillington, and their mill of Blakedune : (Warw.)

E 210/3657 Adam de CUMBE to Battle Abbey : Grant of a croft, etc., in Wye: (Kent).

E 210/4149 Confirmation by Mauger, Bishop of Worcester (1200-1212) of an agreement between Bordesley Abbey and the parson of Camden that the abbey shall take the tithes of the grange of Cumbe and pay 2 1/2 marks therefor to the parson yearly as pension : ( Glos. )

E 210/4233 William son and heir of John Horneblowton of Stogursey, son and heir of John Horneblowton of Edington to Robert Hareslade of combe Florey and Christina his wife : Grant of a messuage and land in Edington : ( Som. ) 2 Hen. IV.

E 210/4829 Combe Abbey (Robert, abbot) to Thomas Spensere and Christopher his son: Lease, indented, of land in Wolvey: Warw. 29 Hen. VIII.

E 210/6114 Laurence de Lomene, Vicar of Cleeve, and others to Richard de Sydenam and others: Grant of their messuages, lands,etc., in Combe Sydenham (Combe Alayn), (in Stogumber), and of their other lands, etc., except in Taunton. (Somers) 41 Edw. III

E 210/6272 John Solers to Richard Gybbes, bailiff of Marisden (in Rend combe) : Grant of his lands in Rendcombe (Over Ryndecumbe (Glouc.) 32 Edw.III

E 210/6274 John Solers to Richard Gybbes, bailiff of Marisden (in Rend combe) : Grant of his lands in Rendcombe (Over Ryndecumbe (Glouc.) 32 Edw.III

E 210/6404 Sir Thomas .......of Long Combe to John Barne: Lease, indented, of a messuage and land in Wootton (Wotton).(Oxford) 30..[incomplete entry]

E 210/7129 Richard le DEIERE to Roger de COMBES: Grant of land in Standon. (Herts) 7 Edw.III [ca 1263]

E 210/7465 Nicholas de CUMBE and Alice his wife to (Maiden) Bradley Priory: Quitclaim of rent in Kidderminster. (Worc.)

E 210/7501 Margery late the wife of John COMME to John REYNLAD of Stanbridge: Quitclaim of her inheritance from William le WHYTE, her father, in Woodington in Wellow. (Hants)
Marjery WHIT [sic] married 19 May 1595 Romsey, Hants, John COMBE
E 210/9554 Indenture of apprenticeship of Robert WORSTON, son of John WORSTON, late of Aldenham, co. Herts, yeoman, to John COMBE, citizen and merchant tailor of London; Herts. London. 10 Hen. VIII [22 Apr 1509 - 28 Jan 1547]
See John COMBE, citizen and tailor of St. Antholin Budge Row, London in 1519 (will)
E 210/9602 Appointment by the abbots of Combe and Bordesley and Richard SIDENERS of Alcester, executors of the will of Sir William de CANVILLE, of money left by him to his son Gerard, deceased. : Bucks

E 210/9843 Combe Abbey (Oliver, abbot) to William LEIGH of Shawell (Shathewell), co Leicester, esquire: Demise, indented, for 30 years from the death of Agnes DIXWELL, widow, and William Dixwell her son, of meadow land at Holme alias Newbigging in the parish of Cli... 27 Hen.VIII.

E 210/9716 Admission of Edward COMB', gentleman, Anne his wife, and Geoge [George?] his brother, to copyhold land within the manor of Barford. (Warw.) 188 Eliz. [sic]

E 210/10775 "John CHECHESTER, esquire to Sir Thomas ENGELFELD, a Justice of the King's Bench: Grant indented, of a moiety of all the messuages, lands, etc., in Combe Davy in the parish of Hemycock from the death of Ralph HAKLUYT, esquire, who held the said moiety from..." 19 Hen. VIII [ca 1528]

E 210/10788 Combe Abbey (Robert, abbot) to Humphrey GRENESILL, waggoner (weyner): Demise, indented, for 80 years, of a messuage and land in Withybrook (Wethebroke); Warw. 30 Hen. VIII
E 211 = Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Ancient Deeds, Series DD
E 211/12 Indenture Parties: William CHAMBER, citizen and merchant tailor Anthony CRUE ALS CREWE, citizen and mercer, and John STILE, citizen and draper, all of London; The Queen. Places or Subjects: St. Columb Major, County Corn. 44 Eliz [ca 1602]
See Anthony CREWE, father of Arthur CREWE, christened 1602, St Mary Woolchurch Haw, London, and Arthur CREWE, h/o Elizabeth COMBE of Sparsholt, Berks (with STILE cousins from London)

E 213 Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Ancient Deeds, Series RS
E 213/37 Place or Subject: Receipt by Peter COUMBE, Sacrist of Westminster, to Thomas CHAUCER, the King's Chief Butler in London, for two tuns of wine of the King's gift. (Middx.) 13 Hen. IV
E 214 Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Modern Deeds, Series D. Covering Dates: 1603-1851
E 214/533 Parties: John COOMBS of Southampton, yeoman. Sarah QUEST of Southampton, widow. Place or Subject: Mortgage of a messuage in Southampton to secure the repayment of 110 l with interest. Hants. 19 Jul 1721
E 315 = Court of Augmentations and Predecessors and Successors: Miscellaneous Books. Covering Dates: c1100-c1800
E 315/509/Fo. 23 COMBES
E 320= Trustees for Crown Lands and Fee Farm Rents: Particulars for Sale of Estates of Charles I.

According to PRO Series E 320 Information: :In 1649 trustees were appointed by Parliament to sell the estates previously belonging to Charles I, Queen Henrietta Maria and Prince Charles. These were surveyed and, on the basis of this information, detailed particulars of the properties were drawn up. Also included in the series are certificates of rates, which provide the names of the purchasers, the price to be paid, and details of the payments to be made; certificates by the contractors authorising the trustees to convey the properties to named purchasers; and certificates by the deputy registrar that the conveyance has been completed and registered."
E 320/G6 Hemel Hempstead [Herts]: Richard COMBE, Samuel SOUTHEN, Richard SALTER and John GATE 1649-1660
E 326 = Exchequer: Augmentation Office: Ancient Deeds, Series B
E 326/642 Sale by Godwyn WAIDEGRUM to the abbot and convent of Boxley, of land in the parish of Boxley. Witnesses: Gilbert le BON, Geoffrey de CUMBA, William de ETONA, and others (named). (Kent).

E 326/644 Grant by Thomas Mareys and Margery his wife to the abbot and convent of Boxley of a messuage with a house and trees, &c. in the parish of Boxley. Witnesses : Richard le BIRCH, Geoffrey de CUMBA, John de EVENHELLE, and others named).(Kent).

E 326/645 Grant by William son of Peter de BURL' to the abbot and convent of Boxley, of land in the parish of Boxley. Witnesses: Alexander e BURL', Geoffrey de CUMBA, Hugh de BOSCO and others (named). (Kent).

E 326/1681 Demise by John de COMBES to William de BREUS' of tenements in Horsham, and by the latter to the former of land, a moiety of a mill, pasture, &c. in Ho (Hooe). Witnesses:- Henry de WYTEWEE, rector of the church of Grenestede (Grinstead), and others (named) 5 November, 5 Edward I [1277]

E 326/1996 Release by William COMBE and John COMBE, citizens of London, to Robert SHILLEY, esquire, and Philippa his wife, of their right to the reversion of a rent issuing our of lands and tenements which were Cambinus FULBERT's in the parish of Allhallows, Graschi... 20 March, 2 Henry VI. [ca 1424]

E 326/1998 Grant by Thomas PRESTON, son and heir of Alice daughter and heiress of Peter de BLYTHE of London, to William COMBE and John COMBE, issuing out of lands and tenements in the parish of Allhallows, Graschiche, which were Cambinus FULBERT's. Witnesses: Willia... [incomplete entry] 12 March, 2 Henry VI. [ca 1424]

E 326/3255 Grant by Philip MORE, to William COMBE, John WHITE and Thomas ASCHBORN, clerks, Thomas WELLE and Thomas FAUKES, of all the lands, &c. in Shawe which he inherited from Alice MORE his mothers, formerly belonging to Philip BENHAM, Alice's father: Berks. 8 August, 1 Henry VII. [1509] [Possibly Shaw cum Donnington, Berks?]

E 326/3384 Grant in frank almoin by Nicholas de CUMBA, chamberlain, to the canons of Brommore, of land with a messuage in Roleburn, paying 3s. yearly. Witnesses:- Sirs John de KERNETT' and Robert de PONCHARDON, knights, and others (named): (Hants.)

E 326/5006 Parties: Simon de MERYRT. William de COUMBE and Agnes his wife. Place or Subject: Cerney (Cernheye) (in Trull) in the Manor of Taunton and the hundred of Holliway (Holeweye). County: [Somerset] 28 Edw III [ca 1355]
E 328 = Exchequer: Augmentation Office: Ancient Deeds, Series BB
E 328/43 Commission under great seal to John HALES, Edward HASYLWOOD, John COMBES and Stephen HALES, gents., to receive acknowledgment of Nicholas, Bishop of Worcester, of an indenture between (1) King, and (2) Edward, Duke of Somerset, Protector of the Realm and.." 1 March 1547. [Search Words: HASLEWOOD, HALES]
See Visitations, Warwickshire, 1618, Halles Family re Stephen and Anna MORRISON Hales whose daughter Ann married 26 Dec 1570, Coventry, Warwickshire, Edward COMBS, son of John COMBES of Stratford, Warwickshire.

E 329 = Exchequer: Augmentation Office: Ancient Deeds, Series BS
E 329/198 St. John's Hospital, Leicester to John del COMBE, Parson of Swynnerton [Swinnerton, Staffordshire], and others: Quitclaim of the lands, etc., in Frisby by Galby they had at fee-form of the demise of Trentham Priory: Leics. 9 Ric.II [1386]
E 367 = Exchequer: Pipe Office: Particulars, Warrants and Transcripts for Crown Leases
E 367/185 COMBE, William: A tenement in Caresbroke, parcel of the manor of Climsland Prior. 1627

E 367/478 COOMBES, John of Codford Peter: The farm of a Hall, parcel of a capital messuage in Chute and other rooms and lands in Chute. 1635

E 367/4906 COOMBE, John: The manor of Carnedon Prior. 27 Geo.II [1754]

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