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State Papers Supplement
Archdale, Sexton and Stoddard Papers
(Extracted from the PRO Index: State Papers - Series SP)

Combs &c. Entries Extracted from the PRO Catalogue, London

See English Regnal Years for the years Kings and Queens reigned.

Background: Martin ARCHDALE (s/o John ARCHDALE), born bef 1555, probably in Stafford, Staffordshire; died 25 Dec 1597, St. Margaret Pattens, London; married 13 Jun 1575, St Olave Hart, London, Barbara SEXTON, daughter and heir of Thomas SEXTON of London and Suffolk, born abt 1557; died Dec 1617, buried Hornchurch, Essex; married (2) 19 Apr 1599, St. Margaret Pattens, Sir William AYLOFFE.

The PRO State Papers Collection, Series 46, includes business records of Martin ARCHDALE, Thomas SEXTON and George STODDARD. Thomas SEXTON was the father-in-law of Martin ARCHDALE, and according to an ancestral file submission (that is not supported by IGI parish extracts), George STODDARD married 14 Nov 1559, St. Dunstan East, London, Ann SEXTON, and a second submission states that he married Ann HERDSON. As the records below indicate, some mysteries can be solved here, but more are created... as always. Note that the following is not complete. See source re accessibility to the complete collections.

Source: Extractions from Public Records Office (PRO) Catalogue, Records assembled by the State Paper Office, including papers of the Secretaries of State up to 1782; SP 46: State Papers Domestic: Supplementary.

SEXTON Summary: State Papers Domestic: Supplementary (SP 46/9 ff1-130). "The Sexton Papers are the papers of Thomas SEXTON, merchant of London. They range in date from 1555 to 1561 and consist for the most part of letters to Thomas SEXTON from his agents abroad."

ARCHDALE Summary: State Papers Domestic: Supplementary (SP 46/13 ff??). The PRO Summary has not yet been located.

STODDARD Summary: State Papers Domestic: Supplementary (SP 46/185). "Papers of George STODDARD, grocer and merchant Petty cash book, with memoranda, of George STODDARD. 1 vol. This includes accounts and memoranda concerning trade with Antwerp and Russia, and accounts of legal expenses. 1553-1568"
1555-1561 Sexton Papers SP 46/9/1/ fo 1: "Edward WATSON to his niece, Anne HERDSON, in London: apologises for not attending her wedding with Thomas SEXTEN; had to attend the marquess of Northampton and other lords; news of cousins CHALENGER and BRYCKET; sends a buck; Ro... [incomplete]" [Search: BRICKETT]
Based on this and the records that follow, it appears (assuming no remarriage) that Thomas SEXTON married Anne HERDSON, daughter of Henry and Barbara WATSON Herdson) by whom he had issue only child, Barbara SEXTON Archdale (This is not yet documented -- more records still need to be reviewed).
1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 2, 2d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Blaise FREMAN to his master, Thomas SEXTTYN, in London: sends flax in the Crystover of Danske and cables, hawsers, cable yarn and playing-tables in other ships (specified); prices of broad cloths; ships came from Holland but non..."

31 Oct. 1555 SP 46/9/fo 3 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Elizabeth GROVENER to Thomas BABYNTON, at Dedyk: to send money; Aldford; ..." [ex Babington Papers].

19 Jan 1556. SP 46/9/fo 4 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Henry SACHEVERELL to his cousin, Thomas LECKINGE, at Dethicke: John MUNGEBERY vexes William HOLLES about goods late of Elizabeth MUNGEBERY, deceased; references to Ralph GYSBORNE and Richard WYTWORTH; Ratclyffe; " [Search: WHITWORTH]

10 Feb 1556 SP 46/9/fo 5 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "William RYGGES to Thomas BABYNGTON: has delivered £50 to BABYNGTON's son, Henry; asks for payments under an earlier loan to Henry to be expedited; sent Johns LANE [ex Babington Papers].

30 Aug 1556 SP 46/9/fo 6, 6d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Blaise FREMAN to Thomas SEXTTYN: sends cables, hawsers and his brother (John's) apparell in the Margytt of Danske; dealings in feathers, coneyskins and cottons; gets nothing for his cloths; prices of wares; Danske.

3 Sep 1556 SP 46/9/fo 8, 8d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Same to the same: the like advice; cloths received via Hamburg; hemp is dear; could have sold more cloths had his reds been of a darker shade; prices of naval stores; Danske."

1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 9 - 10 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Same to the same: has received cloths (specified), making a good store against winter sales, though worm appears in some; his brother (John), who returned via Lybycke, has his accounts; Harnanton BECKE's debt; prices of goods; n..."

7 Oct 1556 SP 46/9/fo 11 - 12 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Same to the same: details of cloth sales, including Sussex reds; asks for more blues; poor market for set cloths; needs ready money to buy cable yarn; prices of wares; Danske."

23 Oct 1556. SP 46/9/fo 13 - 14 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Same to the same: purchase of cable yarn and hawsers; sale of broadcloths; needs good quality coloured cloths; prices of pitch and rye; Danske."

7 Nov 1556. SP 46/9/fo 15 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "George LAWSONE to Thomas SEXTONE, in London: sale of cloths by John MOCHELL; will take his return in oil; prices of Seville oil etc.; Cadiz."

28 Nov... [1555-1561 - incomplete] SP 46/9/fo 17, 17d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Blaise FREMAN to Thomas SEXTTYN: John BORNELL who brought the last letter was robbed; his cloths have come: Dunstan WALLTTON has bought hemp from Quynsboroo; prices of wares; his commission for Mistress HERDSON; Danske..."

1 Jan. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 18 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Blaise FREMAN to Barbery HERDSON, widow, in London: Roger MONTTAGU left her cloths with him on his departure; needs her instructions; Danske."
Barbara (WATSON?) was the widow of Henry HERDSON (see below). Roger MONTAGUE, skinner, was a co-executor of Martin ARCHDALE'S will in 1597.
1 Jan. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 19 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: awaits his letters; has bought cable yarn and hemp; Danske."

1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 20 - 21d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Same to the same: has received broadcloths and cottons, but the reds and plunkets are bad; no hemp for sale, but some is promised; purhcase of cable yarn through Dunstan WALLTTON; the Hollanders here buy all they can get; prices..." [Search: WALTON]

1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 22 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): George LAWSONN to T. SEXTON, in London: has given a bill of exchange on his master, John HETHE, to pay SEXTEN £25; no cloth sales since John MYCHELL left; prices of oil and wine; trusts Mr. BLUNTE has paid for the bond; Cades; 6...Sealed." [Search MITCHELL, LAWSON, HEATH]

1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 24 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Robert POPE to T. SEXTEN: arrived in Danske on May 27; found his wares in good condition; dealings with Blaise (FREMAN); arrival of William VAGHAN and Mr. LEVETT; stay of Englishmen and ships in Danske; prices of wares; Danske..."

1 Feb. 1557. SP 46/9/fo 25 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "George LAWSONN to T. SEXTEN: bills of exchange; cloth sales; Cadyx..."

4 Feb. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 26, 26d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: had hoped for a letter from him before Tornese Market; dealings in corn, pitch and cable yarn; prohibitions of the King (of Poland); prices of wares; Danske... (Imperfect)."

13 Apr. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 27, 27d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Same to the same: has been at Yeren, a port of Danske; purchases of cable yarn, flax and poldavis; because of the war the lords of Danske will let no ships leave; prices of wares; Danske (Sealed.)"

10 May 1557 SP 46/9/fo 29, 29d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "John FREMAN to T. SEXTEN: his brother [Blaise] has received his letters; retaliations for the treatment of Danske merchants in England prevent him from loading goods purchased; details of sales and prices; Danske."

11 May 1557 SP 46/9/fo 31-2 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: "the stay of trade; prices of pitch, soap-ashes, etc.; his goods, brought in William HAMON's ship, were left at Hamboroo; neither he nor John GOSELYNG are allowed to lade there; Danske." [Search: HAMMOND]

24 May 1557 SP 46/9/fo 33 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: hinderances to trade in Danske, but he may ship goods from Quynboroo; Danske.

1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 34, 34d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: arrival of skins in John BENYTT's ship; cannot sell cloths unless he takes copper or wheat in exchange; the lords of Danske hope their privileges in England will be restored; the English are closely watched; ho..." [Search: BENNETT]

16 June 1557 SP 46/9/fo 36, 36d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): John FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: arrival of goods in ships (named); letters brought by Robert POPE; cloth trade; a good market for reds, azures and blues, but SEXTTYN paid too much for dossens; Danske.

27 June 1557 46/9/fo 38, 38d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: "has sent flax, poldavis and cable yarn in the Lyone of Ipswich, Jonas of London, Peter of Alboroe, Ellsabeth of Yarmouth and Cryste of Nucastell (masters named); prices of wares; Danske; Sealed; s..."

28 June 1557 SP 46/9/fo 39, 39d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: the like advice; may send some goods home via Anstiadame in Sellond; cannot sell cloth; has paid the Sound toll; Danske; Sealed; sent by Henry ROMKETOLL."

28 June [cut off - 1555-1561] SP 46/9/fo 40, 40d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): John FREMAN to T. SEXTON: sends flax and poldavis in the Gabryall Ryall of London; other shipments (specified); if the affairs of the Hanse in England are not settled, should send out no further goods to Danske; Danske;

8 June 1557 SP 46/9/fo 41, 41d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: advice as in fo. 38; has sold coneyskins but no cloths; Robert POPE comes home in John GOSSELYNGE's ship; has paid the Sound dues; Danske; sent by Thomas CRANE." [Search: GOSSLING]

28 June 1557 SP 46/9/fo 42, 42d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "John FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: the like advice; fears more trouble will arise in relations with the men of Danske; prices of wares; Danske; Sealed; sent by Thomas CRANE."

SP 46/9/fo 43 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: sends flax and poldavis in the Cabryell Ryoll of London (master John BENYTT, who brings this letter); other goods will be sent via Anstiadame if no ships are available for England; Danske; 28 June 15

1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 44, 44d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): John FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: further advices about shipments of naval stores; received his letters by Lawrence COCSONNE; he and Blaise have been straightly hosted in Danske; are now allowed to lade only in English ships; send only..." [Search: COXSON]

SP 46/9/fo 46 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTON: advice as in fo. 38; Danske; 29 June (1557); sent by Edward LAWSON, (master of the Cryst of Nucastell).

SP 46/9/fo 47 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: as SEXTTYN asked, he has treated John GOSSELYNG honestly, but GOSSELYNG has not reciprocated, as he insisted on a fresh agreement for the voyage and made difficulties about clearing goods in the customs house;

1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 48, 48d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: naval stores and feathers sent in the Petter (master John GOSSELYNG); GOSSELYNG tarried so long that the charter party was void and he had to make a new agreement; will buy no goods until English ships are avai

30 June 1557 SP 46/9/fo 49 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: further complaints against John GOSSELYNG, as in fo. 47; Danske; sent by John UNDERWODE." [Search: UNDERWOOD]

30 June 1557. SP 46/9/fo 50 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: goods sent in the Elsabett of Yarmothe (Ralph TOMSON, master, who brings this letter); Danske [Search: THOMPSON]

3 July 1557 SP 46/9/fo 51, 51d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): John FREMAN to T. SEXTEN: naval stores shipped, as in fo. 41; prices of wares; Danske; Sealed; sent by Anthony DANE.

4 July 1557 SP 46/9/fo 53, 53d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: as in fo. 51; no demand for cloths; to send only blues and greys; Danske; sent by Anthony DANE.

SP 46/9/fo 55, 55d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: ladings, as in fo. 41; received the letter sent by the worshipful merchants and have made supplication to the lords [of Danske] about shipping and sales; for the present they may ship in any vessels; prices of..."

14 July 1557 SP 46/9/fo 56, 56d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: as in fo. 41; cannot sell his cloths; prices of wares; Danske; Sealed; sent by George MYLLER.

14 July 1557 SP 46/9/fo 57, 57d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): John FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: repeats details of shipments; Lawrence COCSONE and Robert POPE can report how badly he and his brother were treated by John GOSSELYNG; prices of wares; Danske; Sealed; sent by G. MYLLER.

25 July 1557 SP 46/9/fo 59, 59d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTEN: George MYLLER departs by land with letters; repeats details of recent ladings; Danske. [Search: MILLER]

1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 60, 60d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): John FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: arrival of John HYLLYARD; Blaise holds SEXTTYN's cloths, to prevent sales at a loss; restrictions on English merchants by the lords of Danske; to send good Dornewycke cloth; goods sent in a Hamboro shi..." [Search: HILLIARD]

31 July 1557 SP 46/9/fo 62, 62d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: cable yarn, pitch, soap-ashes and flax laden in the Mary Fortune of London and three Hamboroe ships (named); prices of wares; Danske; sent by post.

3 Aug. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 63 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: the like advice; thinks these will be the last ships to leave Danske for England this year; Danske; Sealed; sent by Anthony SMYTHE."

5 Aug. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 64 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: the like advice; few merchants ask for English cloths; Danske; sent by post.

15 Aug. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 65 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): John FREMAN to T. SEXTEN: brother Blaise cannot sell his set cloths and dossens; hopes he has broad cloths in transit; longs for news; prices of wares; Danske; Sealed; sent by Francis ELLYOTT." [Search: ELLIOTT]

24 Aug. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 66, 66d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: naval stores and playing tables sent in the Moryon of Hamboroo; sales of London cloth; John HYLLYERD, master HERDSON's servant, can furnish details of sales; Danske; Sealed; sent in Han..."

SP 46/9/fo 68 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Same to the same: goods sent in the Lacoye [of Hamburg]; has never seen worse Dornix cloths; prices of goods; Danske; 24 Aug. 1557; Sealed; sent by Hans BRAUSE's ship."

25 Aug. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 69 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "William GLOSSOPP to his cousin, Thomas BAKER: writes on behalf of his master Richard BLACKWALL, about the accounts of his escheatorship; Calke."

25 Aug. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 71 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "John FRYMAN to Thomas SEXTEN: advices as in fo. 66; Danske; sent by Hans TYDEMAN's ship."

27 Aug. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 72 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Blaise FREMAN to Thomas SEXTTYN: the like advices; pitch, iron, flax and canvas laden for London; prices of wares; Danske; sent by John HYLLYERD." [Search: HILLIARD]

30 Aug. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 73 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: as in fo. 62; Danske; Sealed; sent by John GHETTOR's ship.

30 Aug. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 75, 75d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: has sold no set cloths or Northern dossens; intends to come home, leaving John FREMAN in charge; has sold his and HERDSON's coneyskins; Danske; sent by Lancelot BANKES.

30 Aug. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 77 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): John FREMAN to T. SEXTEN: goods sent in the Jhonas of Hamboroe; also naval stores and soap-ashes, as in fo. 62; wishes he had never bought dossens and straights; Danske; Sealed; sent by Hans LUDERES' ship. [Search: Jonas]

30 Aug. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 78 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: as in fo. 77; (merchants' marks shown); fears a pack of flax was plundered; Danske; Sealed; sent by John GHETTER's ship.

31 Aug. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 79 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): John FREMAN to T. SEXTEN: cables and hawsers sent in the Mary Fortune of London and naval stores laden in Hamboroe ships; prices of goods; Danske; Sealed; sent by John GHETTER's ship.

1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 81 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: sent advices by L. BANCKES, servant of Mr. THORNTTON, of Hull; details recent shipments; hopes cloths are in transit as he owes money to Danske merchants; lacks news from him; prices of wares; Danske [Search: BANKS, THORNTON]

13 Oct. 1557 SP 46/9/fo 85, 85d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Roger WATSZON, draper of London, to Thomas SEXTTENN, in London: trade at Danske by merchants from Myddemborghe; hopes his ships have arrived at London; peace is signed in the north; Danske; sent by Blaise FREMAN." [Search: WASTON]

(1557) SP 46/9/fo 95 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Accounts of goods laden for Thomas SEXTON in the Mary Fortune and Mary Bonaventor from Danske to London" .

12 Oct. 1558 SP 46/9/fo 113 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "John HILLIARD to Thomas SEXTON: has laden for London cloves, pepper and other spices which SEXTON should sell before the Flanders fleet arrives; prices of wares; Lyshborne."

10 Dec. 1558 SP 46/9/fo 116, 116d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "Blaise FREMAN to T. SEXTEN: sold all his cloths at Danske; the money to be paid in Anstradam [Amsterdam?] at Candlemas; to buy all the coneyskins he can, for Thomas JOHNSON and others will want to corner the market; Anstradam"

10 Dec. 1558 SP 46/9/fo 117, 117d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): John FREMAN to T. SEXTTYN: could not sell set cloths; brother Blaise's arrival; prices of soap ashes and naval stores; thanks for the beer; Hanserdame; sent by John LANGTON.

1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 118, 118d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: letters sent by J. LANGTON, servant to Robert HYKKSON; cloth sales; Blaise has business for their father; hard to find freight; sends naval stores; will tarry in Hansterdame until further orders; prices of ware..." [Search: HICKSON]

6 Jan. 1559. SP 46/9/fo 120 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Harry HYTCHYNS to T. SEXTYNn: safe arrival after his ship had grounded between Armewe and Dort; John FREMANE has shipped Danske poldavis; his commissions; Ansterdam [Search: HITCHINS]

1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 122, 122d Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): John FREMAN to T. SEXTYN: no customers for his dossens and none will pay a good price for kersies; sent goods to Loblyne market; restrictions on trade; the Lords of Hamboroe and Lybycke are in Danske, intending to ask the King o..."

8 Apr. 1559 SP 46/9/fo 124 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Harry STEPNEY to T. SEXTEN: is boarding with John RODE; learns Dutch in school; enquired for John FREMAN, who had been ill and left; naval stores laden for London in John SYMONSON's ship; prices of wares; Ansterdame;

7 May 1559. SP 46/9/fo 126 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Robert POPE to T. SEXTON: "safe arrival in Byllbo river; sold all cloths; sent his account by Robert Brownyng; much train oil is being sent from France to England; prices of wares; Byllbo..."

1555-1561 SP 46/9/fo 127 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): "William HAMONDE to Richard CHAMPEON, sheriff of London:* shipments of iron, pitch and soap-ashes; would have bought ropes, but yarn is dear; prices of naval stores; the earlier arrival of ships from Hull and Newcastell spoilt the..."
*Richard CHAMPYON was Lord Mayor in 1565. His daughter, Abigail, apparently married a HERDSON (see below)
8 July 1559 SP 46/9/fo 128 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): (? Same to the same) shipments of iron; Danske

14 July 1559 SP 46/9/fo 129 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): W. HAMONDE to T. SEXTEN: shipments of iron, soap-ashes, flax and poldavis; eels and sturgeon; full details in his letter to his master, (R. Champeon); Danske.

SP 46/9/fo 130 Sexton Papers (ff. 1-130): Same to the same: sends iron and soap-ashes; dealings in timber and naval stores; the ill will of the Danskers; could not sell skins; Danzike; 23 July 1559; sent by Michael BOYE, (master of the David of Danzike).
SP 46/13 is simply labeled "1559-1565" and appears to include miscellaneous holdings with one section including ARCHDALE-STODDARD and more:
29 Mar 1561 SP 46/13/fo 110 "John PERRY to George STODDARD: sends in the William Fowlle, five chests of sugar, freight at 2s 4d per chest; Barrow..."

May 1561 SP 46/13/fo 111-112d Martin ARCHEDALE to same: The spice trade; the Lysheborne fleet has brought no cloves and little cinnamon; pepper is plentiful. Account of money delivered and of exchange rate. Sowthewell. Mr Hoggins's surety, is here; Andwarpe

5 July 1561. SP 46/13/fo 113-113d. Same to Richard ELRINGTON, servant with George STODDARD: "Requires him to buy cottons; WOFFENDON has some good ones, but they must be 44 ells Flemish in length. To remember SOUTHWELL's certificates. The market in pepper and sugar; Andwarpe..." [Antwerp]
See Combs &c. VisitationsErlington-Elrington Family re Combs-Elrington marriages of Middlesex and Essex
24 July 1561 SP 46/13/fo 114 Arthur MAWD to George STUDDERD: Thanks for his kindness. Encloses letters for his master and Mr. TAILLER, mercer. The cause is for Mr. BRAYTON; Andwarpe.

25 July, 1561SP 46/13/fo 115-115d Martin ARCHEDALE to the same: Cannot proceed with Mr. SOUTHWELL's suit until after the vacation; his writ will be answered as Mr CLASSE advises. Sends a box with the process of the suit under the town seal. The exchange rate; Andwarpe.

27 July 1561 SP 46/13/fo 116 John PERRY to the same: Mr. SOUTHWELL's suit. Has sugar which BARTHOLOMEW could not sell, and sends money by Mr. VYALETT. Asks for advice about supplying wares on three month's credit. Exchange rate; Andwarpe; [Search: VIOLET]

1559-1565 SP 46/13/fo 117-118 Martin ARCHEDALE to the same: Has sent bill of exchange for Alderman CHAMPION, a letter for John VYALLET, goshawks, a certificate from the Governor of the Merchants Adventurers with a writ served on writer by Sir Thomas GRESHAM. SOUTHWELL's suit was heard..."

1 Oct. 1561. SP 46/13/fo 119 John PERRY to the same: "Enclosed in his last letter two bills of Sir T. GRESSAM for money prest to the Queen. The prices of hawks and English saffron: Andwarppe..." [Search GRESHAM]

8 Nov. 1561 SP 46/13/fo 120 Martin ARCHEDALE to the same: sends in John SAMOND's ship a vat with a rope and a sarpler; Andwarpe; merchant's mark in margin. [Search: SALMON]

1559-1565 SP 46/13/fo 122-3. The same to the same: Have presented proofs to the lords and have to answer the letter of reformation that Sir John LEE got from Brussels. Their counsel has conferred with Mr. ASSELYARS. Wishes STODDARD would come to an end with Mr. BLUNT. Sends a letter..."

1559-1565 SP 46/13/fo 124, 124d John PERRY to the same: the company has voted to attend the next two marts at Barro, instead of at Andwappe; thinks it advisable to buy wares before going there; arrangements for hire of a packhouse from Mr. WALKEDYN at Barrow. The spice trade; exchange r..."

1559-1565 SP 46/13/fo 126 John BRINCKHURSTE to the same: His servant Martin has offered to pay STODDARTE's debts in Battenboro ducats, which are against the proclamation, and later forced on him French crowns with holes in them as big as farthings. Rates on the money market. The G..." [Search: BRINKHURST]

1559-1565 SP 46/13/fo 127, 127d John PERRY to [the same]: Poor consignment of pepper; will buy wares before attending Barrowe where the exchange will be at the next mart. John GRAYE cannot get Simon HARSPULL to stand to his bargain over the cloths; an apprentice cannot buy on his own ac..."

1559-1565 SP 46/13/fo 128, 128d Martin ARCHEDALE to the same: Sentence against SOUTHWELL, but difficult for them to recover the money about which he has talked to the burgomaster and Mr. CLASE. Leonard TADES is agent for Sir John LEGHE. At a court at Barrowe STODDARD was chosen treasure..." [Search: LEE]

1559-1565 SP 46/13/fo 130-131d (John PERRY to the same): Shipments of prunes and cloves (prices given). The Merchants Adventurer's interpretion of the Act for buying wares in Barrowe. Pepper is of poor quality. Mr. LYE's false dealings. Defends his and ARCHEDDE's purchases. Cloth price

8 Feb. 1562. SP 46/13/fo 132 Martin ARCHEDALE to the same: Shipment of prunes with details of prices, freight and varieties; Barrow

1559-1565 SP 46/13/fo 133-134d Same to the same: The sale of cottons to Paul BURSKAND of Andwarpe; loss of hops and purchase of new consignment. Little choice of wares in Barrowe. The vat which miscarried was packed by PERRY when writer was in Sealand. Payment of John VYOLETT's bills o

1559-1565 SP 46/13/fo 135-6 Same to the same. Trade in cloves; advice by Classe van EMBORS. "Details of cloth sales; Paul BURSKET and Giles de WHYTTE can buy cheaper cottons than his. Price of pepper is high; the arrival of the Lysheborne spice fleet is awaited. Mr. STOKMEAD's accoun..." [Search: DEWITT]

1559-1565 SP 46/13/fo 137 Same to [the same]: Defends himself against charges of negligence; losses occured through the uncertainties of trade. Is shamed that he has now to serve under Gamabièl WOODFORD [STODDARD's factor] and hopes to return to me soon. A letter of attorney shoul

(July 1562) SP 46/13/fo 138 Same to same: Thomas LONGSTON will speak to John ASSYLEARS about procuring a sentence before the vacation. Encloses a letter from Mr. VYOLLET's servant from Amsterdam STOKMEAD's departure.

Jan. 1562 SP 46/13/fo 139 John PERRY to the same: Martin ARCHEDALE will write about the money owing by John VANEHOVE.

1559-1565 SP 46/13/fo 140 Same to the same: Has had no sales; will try to purchase raisins, Castile soap and alum. Trading difficulties; the Governor (of the Merchants Adventurers) does not do his duty. ARCHEDALE has gone to Andwarp. As prunes reach London from France will buy no..."

1559-1565 SP 46/13/fo 142 Gamaliel WODFORD to the same: Martin ARCHEDALE's accounts are in order; will sell Peter BEKE's bills to answer STODDARD's heavy debts. Particulars of dealings in bills of exchange and cloth sales. ARCHEDALE is wonderful heavy and hopes for STODDARD's forg..."

29 Dec. 1562. SP 46/13/fo 143 Same to the same: Arrival of the Lushborne fleet with spices (prices given). As yet it is undecided among the Merchants Adventurers whether they should attend Barow mart; Andwerp
The next two records are in 46/13, but do not appear to be part of the above section. They have been included due to relating to Merchant Adventures:
(1566-1572) SP 46/13/fo 158 Marquess of Winchester to Mr. Fanshawe: Technical error by apprentice over declaring a bag of pepper. MARTYN, who claims the forfeiture, to be entreated to take a reward instead, in fairness to the merchant..."
The reference to MARTYN may be to 1567 Lord Mayor Roger MARTYN
SP 46/13/fo 159. Same to the same: "The Queen wishes the French to bring in wine etc., for sale, and he has allowed in the hoys from Flanders. The informations brought by Martin to be discharged. Because of the information against the London brewers Winchester is short of..."

27 May 1562 SP 46/13/fo 216. Sir Walter MILDMAY to Henry FANSHAWE: "To send the Merchants Adventurers a note of Kerseys exported by Italians from London and Southampton in 1485 and every tenth year since..."
SP 46/14: Years 1566-1570, 1577
SP 46/14/fo 24 John BROKE, draper, to the Lord Mayor and aldermen of London, petitioning for the examination of his liabilities for continuing payments to Abigail HERDSON, daughter of Sir Richard CHAMPION, deceased, and to John HEATH, cooper, to the use of Lady CHAMPION
SP 46/16 1576-1580, 1588, 1609

The following are additional SP 46 Series records included due to merchant adventurer references:
SP 46/16/fo 20. William Salkyns, Nicholas Mosley, Edmund Calthorpe, Thomas Rose, Clement Kelk, Richard Venables, Austell Becket and Henry Isham, assurers to George STODDARD for spice in the John Evangelist of London, brought from Lusborne, authorise STODDARD to safeguard..." PRO Note Text see also SP 46/13 and 43 in this part; and SP 46/185 and 189 in Part XI, Private Papers Series IV for further papers of George STODDARD. Folios 20 and 203 refer in SP 46/16

21 Apr 1577 SP 46/16/fo 64 Acknowledgment of debt by Richard LEDES, citizen and grocer of London, to George STODDARD, citizen and grocer [Search: LEEDS]

29 Nov. 1577. SP 46/16/fo 75 Memorandum of money owed by Edward HURDSUN, the writer's brother; arrangements for payment made in the presence of Richard MADDOCKE; tailor, of London; (witness named)
This extract does not state who the writer's brother is!
23 Mar 1579 SP 46/16/fo 166. "Receipt by John WOODCOCK, citizen and grocer of London, for £31 paid by George STODDERD, citizen and grocer, in respect of cancelled statutes merchant within two months of the death of Dorothy WOODCOCK, his mother..."

15 May 1580. SP 46/16/fo 203 List of bonds that George STODDERT is bound for Christopher Darell's debt; London

17 July 1583 [latest date in set] SP 46/17/fo 161-2d "List of deeds relating to lands in Grinwitch, Chislehurst, Leuesum and London; George STODDARD is party to many of them..."

8 Mar. 16 [latest date - incomplete entry]. SP 46/22/fo 83-4. List of deeds concerning lands in Hadlie and Washbrocke. [co. Suffolk] and another list for lands in Leausom, Brumlie, Chislehurst, Lee, Eltham, Motingham, Elmisted, Grinwitch and Charlton (co. Kent); George STODDARD is party to most... [incomplete entry]"

16 Apr. 1600. SP 46/22/fo 85. "John ALABASTER to his brother, John DORINGTON, in Gratious Stret, London: copyholds of Mr. STODDERD near Hadley and Leyham (lands named) Hadley..."

5 Mar 1603. SP 46/42/fo 252 Petition to FORTESCUE by James STODDARD for an order to the receiver of the Queen's rents to pay him for the rent of the Swan with Twoe Neckes, which he purchased from the Queen; with FORTESCUE's order and STODDARD's receipt..."

SP 46/125/fo 92-3. "The opinion of Thomas Randall, George Barne, aldermen of London, Dr. Laurence Huse, and Christopher Hoddesdon, merchant, in the dispute between the Company of Merchants for Discovery of New Trades and Nicholas and Richard PROCTOR; Trading beyond Wardhowse..."

1561. SP 46/189/119. Letter to George STODDARD, merchant, from Martin ARCHEDALE concerning cargoes of a ship (the Thomas Boyes)

ca 1561 SP 46/189/120. Note of accounts relating to cargoes of pepper and hops addressed to George STODDARD, merchant
In addition to the above SP 46 Series extractions are the following selected records:
C 1/521/42 "Henry, son and executor of Thomas HERDSON v. William BRUMWELL, mercer, and John BARNARD.: Action on a bond given on behalf of John LAURANCE for a loan contracted at Antwerp in Flanders in worsteads and whites, which were of less value than the loan...."

C 1/1006/31-33 Harry HERDSON of London, skinner, v. Thomas LAWRENCE of Norwich, merchant, and Gilbert GRYCE.: Iron shipped by complainant from Middelburg to Yarmouth, for which defendants agreed to pay 5l. 10s. the ton English or 4l. 10s. the ton of Middelburg.: NORFOLK

C 1/1331/60-62 William BROWNE of Swineshead gentleman, v. Harry HERDSON of London, skinner, (and the sheriffs of LONDON): Frivolous suits concerning lead sold by deft. to William EASTERDALE of Grimsby (Grenysby), merchant, of whom complainant bought it. Certiorari and... [incomplete entry]"

C 1/1331/63-65 William BROWNE of Swineshead gentleman, v. Harry HERDSON of London, skinner, (and the sheriffs of LONDON).: Frivolous suits concerning lead sold by deft. to William EASTERDALE of Grimsby (Grenysby), merchant, of whom complainant bought it. Certiorari and..."

04 Dec 1552 E 305/20/H2 Exchange: Edward VI with Edward, Lord Clynton and Saye and Henry HERDSON

C 1/1434/36-37 Barbara, executrix and late the wife of Henry HERDSON of London, v. Richard BRYDGES, knight, late sheriff of Berks.: Goods of John HIDDEN extended on statute.: BERKS.

2 & 3 Phil & Mary E [1556-7] Court of Wards and Liveries WARD 150/505/8 HERDSON, Henry: Middlesex

3 & 4 Phil & Mary [1557-8] Court of Wards and Liveries, WARD 7/100/10 HERDSON, Henry: Kent

4 Oct 1570 The Grocer's Court (City of London) granted 100 from legacy money as a loan to Martin ARCHDALE, who was in Hamburg; the suretors were George STODDARD 02, John VIOLET 04, and Edward HERDSON 06. (Combs &c. City of London Records)

ELIZABETH I [1558-1603] C 3/472/105. HUETT and DRAMT v. STODDERD, CHESTER, WOODRUFFE and JAMES: Middlesex.

1576 18 Eliz I Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series CC. C 147/338. "Grantor: 1) George STODDERD, citizen and grocer of London; 2) Thomas HERDSON, citizen and draper of London. Grantee: 3) Edward HERDSON, citizen and skinner of London. 4) John HERDSON, Lincoln's Inn, Midd, gentleman. Place of Subject: Agreement as to t... [incomplete entry]" (Index to the PRO)

21 Eliz I [1579] C 43/9/14. Parties: ARCHDALE v STODDERDE v RUSSELL and MORTON Subject: Proceedings on recognizance of debt. Judgment County: Kent and London. (Index to the PRO)

22 Eliz I [1580] C 147/329. Grantor: George STODDARD, citizen and grocer of London. Grantee: Edward HERDSON, citizen and skinner of London. Place of Subject: Mottingham [in Eltham]. County: Kent

21 Feb 1586 St Olave Hart St, London. Married: Judith STODARDE and Robert BARKAR (Family Search.Org, IGI, No. 6903675, Computer printout of London, St. Olave Hart Street, London, England) [Search: BARKER]

1610 Exchequer: Miscellaneous Ecclesiastical Documents. E 135/7/50. Letters of administration of the goods of Judith BARKER alias STODDERD (Fragment of seal of prerogative court of Canterbury) (Combs &c. of the PRO)

23 Mar 1614 Saint Lawrence Pountney, London, England. Married: Judeth STODARDE and Williame GUILLIAMS (Parish regiters, 1538-1666, Film No. 69037 - source not yet viewed)

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