A Special Report Prepared by Archdale-Combs-Kendall Researcher Denise Mortorff.
- with subsequent updates by Combs Researchers as noted -
(See Also the London Inns of Court and Archdales, Combs &c. of the Inner Temple)

* Selected LOVETT and PALMER entries have now been added. See Also Archdale-Combs-Palmer Families

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Middle Temple Register of Admissions Middle Temple, Courtesy Guildhall Library Middle Temple

Abstracted Entries of
& (Selected) LOVETTS and PALMERS


Background - Given the ever present title of Draper and mention of Middle Temple in sources referencing the Combs, I researched both to determine specific resources of interest. In conducting a bibliographic search, I learned that both Drapers and the Temple (Middle and Inner) are organizations with origins in the 12th and 15th centuries respectively and that they still exist today (See Also London Inns of Court).

Therefore, I immediately queried each organization regarding the availability of records. I have been advised accordingly by the Librarian and Keeper of the Records for the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, Mrs. J.E. Edgell, that “virtually all of the information we hold on early members of this Inn is contained in the Minutes of the Middle Temple Parliament. [correspondence dated 16 Jan.1998] I am currently working with Combs-Kendall Researcher Joe Kendalll in extracting the Combs data from this source. Mrs. Edgell also continues -- “There is also the Register of Admissions to the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple …”

Research Value - Inherent in the establishment of the Virginia Plantation were business interests of the Crown, adventurers and tradesmen. Key decision-makers in England were centered in London among which many were members of an organization known as the “Temple”. There are extensive “Temple” records regarding their membership of which many early Colonial families of America appear to descend or be related and the records provide sufficient details to make connections from London to outlying areas where the members were viewed as originating or residing prior to their stay at the “Temple” in London. Minutes provide additional clues to potential relationships among both ARCHDALES and Combs of different shires. Understanding the background and operations of both the “Temple” and Guilds such as the Drapers, also offer a distinct picture of the value for genealogical research as well as a better understanding of the relationship between business and politics in England. There is strong evidence that the earliest colonial settlers were among the privileged who were given special rights, and who had vested business interests in the development of the Virginia Colony, as well as other colonies of this continent. Note: These rights can be related directly to guild membership as a result of political and business ties to the Crown. Different sources on the history of the guilds or livery, as specifically referred to in available resources, should provide insights into the Combs that have been identified as Drapers (to be published shortly).

“Middle Temple” Record Sources - The following English Combs & ARCHDALE data is derived from the REGISTER OF ADMISSIONS TO THE HONOURABLE SOCIETY OF THE MIDDLE TEMPLE From the Fifteenth Century to the year 1944. Treasurer Her Majesty the Queen. Compiled under the direction of the Deputy Treasurer Sir Henry F. MacGeagh, K.C.B., K.B.E., K.C., and the Master of the Bench by H.A.C. Sturgess Librarian and Keeper of the Records. Volume I (of IV). London: Published for the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple by Butterworth & Co. (Publishers) LTD. MCMXLIX (1949). No copyright stated.

Admissions Record Content - The current Keeper of the Records, Mrs. J.E. Edgell, has indicated that Admissions Records include, “(where known or applicable) the dates of admission and call to the bar for individual members, their paternity and their geographical provenance”. [correspondence 16 Jan.1998] It is important here to explain that early membership was intended for persons that wanted to become lawyers, and more importantly also allowed the noblemen, knights or gentlemen and others of substance to be voted in as honorary members. [THE HISTORY OF THE MIDDLE TEMPLE, LONDON From the Institution of the Order of the Knights of the Temple To the Close of the Stuart Period Compiled from the Original Records of the Two Learned and Honourable Societies of the Temple by J. Bruce Williamson a Master of the Bench of the Hon. Society of the Middle Temple. London, John Murray. 2nd ed. August, 1925. No copyright.]

Note: Temple records begin 7 July 1501. Official records for the years 3 February 1524 through 14 February 1550 are lost. “Particulars of Admissions are to be found in these volumes up to the year 1658, after which date separate books of admissions were regularly kept until the year 1879… In the Registers now published it has been possible to include, from other sources, the names of many members who were admitted to the Inn prior to the commencement of the surviving Records. In like manner an attempt has been made to fill the gap caused by the loss of the records covering the years 1524 to 1550.” The earliest record of admitting members as “Calls to the Bar” is recorded 26 June 1574. Until 1852 the records were enscribed in Latin.” [Foreward. MIDDLE TEMPLE REGISTER of ADMISSIONS.]

Denise Mortorff
Archdale-Combs-Lovett Researcher and Historian

July 1501 to December 1944 With List of Admissions prior to 1501 obtained from various sources.

No pre-1501 ARCHDALE or COMBS or variant spellings.

1501 through 1550“Admissions during the period for which a volume of Records is missing
February 1524-5 to February 1550-1” (Obtained from various sources)

Undated COMBES.

May [17] 1509 LOVETT.

1551 through 1599

Oct. 16, 1551 Richard ARCHEDALLE.
“Richard ARCHDALE was admitted to the Middle Temple at the instance of a Mr. John POLLAR, on October 16, 1551, and signed ‘Per me Richm. ARCH [EDALLE].’” (Memoirs of the Archdales)

Richard ARCHDALE was the s/o John & Ann ARCHDALE of Staffordshire, EN and brother of Thomas ARCHDALE, Draper of London, who m (1) 31 Oct, 1568, St. Antholin Budge Row, London, Mary CLIFTON; and (2) 29 Dec 1583, St. Antholin, Blithe WILFRED. Thomas' daughter, Margaret, m 11 Dec 1587, St. Antholin, John COMBE, also a Draper of London.

Oct. 19, 1571 William COMBES, late of New Inn [London], gent., second son of John C., late of Stratford on Avon. [Warwickshire] esq. decd. Called 9 Feb., 1578-9

19 Oct 1571William COMBES, late of the New Inn, gent., second son of John COMBES, late of Stratford on Avon, esq., Dec. generally; fin, 20 s. bound with Messrs. Richard LEUCKNOR and William SAVAGE”. (p. 181, Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll)

William COMBS' brother, John (d ca 1588), m (1) Joyce BLOUNT of Worcestershire. His son, Thomas Combs m (1) Mary SAVAGE and (2) Mary BONNER, d/o Anthony & Bridget SAVAGE Bonner. William had been knighted by 1593 when he is named as “Sir William COMBE of the Midell Temple, Esquyer,” h/o of a daughter of Mr. Richard and Alys HANBERY, Goldsmith of Datchett, Bucks, and London, whose other daughter had m Sir Edmund WHEELER, also a Goldsmith of London.

Aug. 15, 1573 Edward COMBES, late of New Inn [London], gent., son and heir of Edward C., of Barholte Sackvelde, Essex, gent. decd. Called 9 Feb., 1578-9

24 October 1580 “Mr. KENDALL to the chamber of Messrs. COMBES and WETHERED on surrender by Mr. COMBES” (p. 236, Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll)

14 Jun 1583 “Henry POOLE, the steward, shall be admitted to the chamber of Messrs. Edward COMES (sic), KENDALL, and WETHERED [nb: apparently a.k.a. WITHERS] in place of Mr. COMES, one of the Masters of Le Utter Barr, who shall be admitted to the chamberr of Messrs. BURGOIN and LANGFORDE..” (p. 261, Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll)

The above Edward COMBE has not been identified, but “Barholte Sackvelde” in Essex has now been located: it was a manor in the parish of West Bergholt. Middle Temple records indicate that the above Christopher KENDALL was of Brills, Bucks.

1600 through 1650

Apr. 16, 1600 Robert LOVETT, only son of Francis L. late of Lyscomb, Bucks, esq., decd.

Sir Robert LOVETT, s/o Francis and Ann CRISPIN Lovett of Liscomb, Buckinghamshire, married (1) Susan BROOKE (d/o Richard and Unknown PATE Brooke, Esq.; (2) 24 Oct 1610, All Saints, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England, Anne SAUNDERS, d/o Richard SAUNDERS of Dinton, Bucks, and Elizabeth BLOUNT of Blountshall, Leicsestershire. His daughter, Elizabeth, baptised 3 Apr 1614, Wotten Underwood, Bucks, married 8 Jul 1630, Soulbury, Bucks, John COMBE, who also entered the Middle Temple (see 1622 below), s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe.

Oct. 17, 1602 William COMBES, son and heir of Thomas C., of Stratford super Avan Warwicks, esq.

17 Oct [1602] Mr. William, son and heir-apparent of Thomas COMBES of Stratfrod super Avan (sic), Warwickshire, esq. .. bound with Messrs William COMBES, esq., and Rowley WARDE. (p. 425. Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll)

William COMBS of the Middle Temple in 1571 was the uncle of Thomas COMBES, who was son of John COMBS II of Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire. This William was b 1588, s/o Thomas & Mary SAVAGE Combs of Warwickshire, m bef 1619, Katherine BOUGHTON, d/o Edward.

Oct. 18, 1602 Francis COMBES, son and heir of Frenceis C., of Hempsted Herts., gent.

18 Oct 1602 Mr Francis COMBES son of Francis COMBES of [ Hemel] Hempstead, Herts. at the insistance of Mr. Edward COMBES (p. 425, Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll)

Francis, b 1583, Hemel-Hempstead, Hertfordshire, s/o Francis & Jane POPE Combs, m bef 1604, Barbara EWER, d/o Henry EWER of the Middle Temple and his wife, Elizabeth CLARK of London, the latter d/o George CLARKE, D. D. [Doctor of Divinity] Question Was this George CLARK kin to George CLARK, Merchant of London, and h/o Barbara PALMER of Hill, Bedfordshire, the latter cousin to William (and Barbara ARCHDALE) Palmer and apparently the same who is named in the will of Ellis COMBS, kinsman of John & Margaret ARCHDALE Combs? (See Also Below) Also note that the above would appear to indicate a relationship existed between the COMBS of Hemel Hempstead, Herts, and Edward COMBS of Essex in 1573.

Nov. 14, 1608 Thomas COMBES, second son of Thomas C., of Stratford super Avon, Warwicks., esq.

Thomas COMBS, b 1591, s/o Thomas & Mary SAVAGE Combs of Warwickshire (brother of William Combs of the Middle Temple in 1602, d testate ca 1656, Warwickshire.

Aug. 08, 1623 Thomas ARCHDALE, son and heir of Richard A., of Chippinge Wickham, Bucks., esq. Called 22 Nov., 1633.

Thomas ARCHDALE was the s/o Richard & Judith THORPE Archdale of Wycombe, Bucks (and grandson of Barnard and Anne FERNE Archdale), his father 1st cousin to Margaret ARCHDALE Combs. Also admitted to the Middle Temple in 1623 was Edward DITCHFIELD of Edmonton co. Middx. Sewer to King Charles I; matriculated Cambridge 1619; B. A. 1622-3; adm. to the Middle Temple July 1623; m 27 Mar 1631/2, Mary MANNING, d/o Randall and Mary COMBE Manning, the latter d/o the above John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combs. (Visitations…)

10 May 1626 Edward PALMER, son and heir of John P. of Compton Scorfin, Warwicks. esq.

05 Nov 1629 John PALMER, second son of John P. of Compton Scorphin, Warwickshire, esq.

Not identified, but see Warwickshire re Combs-Palmers of that county.

18 Jun 1631 Archdale PALMER, son and heir of William P. of London, esq.

Archdale PALMER was the s/o William & Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer of London & Wanlip, Leicestershire, the latter sister of the above-mentioned Margaret ARCHDALE Combs, daughters of Thomas ARCHDALE. Not known if he was kin to Edward and John PALMER above.

1651 through 1699

Nov. 28, 1661 William COMBE, of Stratford On Avon, Warwicks., esq.

May 31, 1666 John COMBES, son and heir of ______ C., of Daventry, Northants. esq., decd. Called 9 May, 1673.

02 Dec 1679 Archdale PALMER, son and heir of William P. of Wanlip, Leics., esq. Called 25 May 1688.

09 Feb 1692/3 John PALMER, son and heir of William P. of Wanlip, Leic. esq. decd.

Possibly the same as Archdale PALMER, s/o William PALMER, and gs/o William & Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer?

1700 through 1943

Feb. 9, 1722-3 Richard COMES, son and heir of Richard C., of Wells, Somerset, esq.

Richard the younger was an alumni of Trinity College, Cambridge University

Mar.13, 1772 Richard ARCHDALE, third son of Nicholas A., late of the City of Dublin, Ireland, esq., decd. Called 12 Feb. 1779.

See Archdale Memoirs

May 12, 1802 Richard Barnard COMBER, eldest son of _______C., of Gatewick, near Steyning, Sussex, esq.

Jan. 29, 1900 Robert George Nicholson COMBE, of Clare College. Cambridge, and of Dunmurry Co., Antrim, Ireland, (21), second son of Abram C., of Belfast, Antrim, [Ireland] gent.

May 16, 1905 James Robert COOMBES, B. A., Madras, deputy collector, Madras provincial service, of 8 Hale's Road, Egmore, Madras, S. India, and 101 Asylum Road, Peckham, (46), eldest son of James C., of Madras, S. India, manager, private secretary's office, Madras, decd.

June 23, 1915 Edward Holton. COUMBE, B. A., B. Sci., LL.B., Lond., of 5 Essex Court, Temple, barrister-at-law (Admitted to Gray's Inn 13 Jan. 1896;called to the Bar there 26 Jan., 1900.)

Jan. 16, 1931 Francis Paul COOMBS, of the Royal College of Mauritius, and of Beau Bassin, Mauritius, (19), son of M_____J_____C., of Beau Bassin, Mauritius, captain, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mauritius. Called 17 Nov. 1933.

Additional Comments

Other spellings not abstracted: COMYN, COMYNS. The “Minutes” of the Temple should provide somewhat of an enlargement of our picture of the COMBES and possibly the ARCHDALE families, and are currently being abstracted for posting to the list. I will check on the sources from which the earliest named “COMBES” above were derived through correspondence with the Librarian of the Middle Temple. Also, there are records for the Inner Temple I should be abstracting, as well.

Denise Mortorff, Archdale-Combs-Kendall Researcher

Copyright, 1998-2008 Denise Mortorff and the Combs &c.

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