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Southampton (Southton), an incorporated city in the county of Hampshire (Hants).

Jan 1617/18 - 16 Oct 1620 (SOAME, FOL. 93-4; 1096; pg 364-365) Sir William KINGESMILL of Sidmountaine, co. Southton., Kt. (Dat. ---Jan. 1617-18). Chs. of Kingsclere, Church Okeley, Woodcott and Litchfield [Hants]; wool in Hants.; my mans. In Warwick; Trustees and Overs: neph. Wm. FENYS, Lord SAYE and SEAL, Sir Henry WALLOPP, Sir Thos. BAKER, Sir Henry COLTE, Dt., and my cos. John DRIDON; 1d. called Fabians and Marvins in pshs. of Wootton and Church Okeley, co. Southton.; 1d. Called Normans in Ramsdall, in tithing of Wootton and lordship of Manydowne; 1d. In demesne of Hanington, called Sheeredowne, extending fr. Burghmesne of Hanington, called Sheeredowne, extending fr. Burghfeild betw. Kippins and Rowedowne and Locklie Coppice, the tents. grds. of Haniton [Honiton?] and Barefield to W. of Rastalls wood; pastures of Burfield and Barefield; 1d., parcel of man. of Maningdown, called Earchlingham and a pike called Culverhaye, demised by Cath. o WINCHESTER in deed dat. 1 Dec., 10 Jas. I [abt 1614]; Exor: son and hr. app., Sir Henry KINGESMILL; sons Rd. and George KINGESMILL; Wm. FRENCHE'S indr. of demise, dat. 18 Feb., 11 Jas. I [abt 1615]; my man. and now dwelling hou. of Malshanger; sheep and kine at Litchfield and at Saundford; my wife; dau. Frauncis (unm.); fath. Sir Wm. KINGESMILL, decd.; my marr. daus.; Judeth (und. 18), a ch. whom I have bred; son Joshua; fr. the death of Lady Sara ZOUCHE; leases of hous. in Fleet St.; lease unto Sir Anthony PALMER, Sir Thos. BAKER and Sir Thos. LUCY, Kts., dat. 23 Aug., 14 Jas. I. [1617]; lease dat. 22 June, 35 Eliz. [1593], made by me and my wife to Wm. COOMBE and Thos. HILMAN, both decd., concerning 1ds. in Hodnell als. Hodenhall, Ascott als. Asconicette, Hookes, Whittington, Radborne and St. Helen's, co. Warw.; deeds poll dat. 24 Feb., 11 Jas. I., and 22 Aug., 14 Jas. I.; Wm. Knighte. [W. KINGSMILL] Wits: H: WALLOPP, Henry COLTE, Jo: JEPHSON, Willm ATWELL, Tho: ALESS, scr., Willm FRENCKE.

(Pr. 16 Oct. 1620. Adm. Gr. 11 July 1651, to Abraham BARBER, prin. cred. of decd., to admr. goods, etc., of decd. Left unadmrd., by Sir Henry KINGESMILL, Exor:.) (Extracted by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin from Abstracts of Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury at Somerset House, London, England; Register SOAME 1620 by J. Henry Lea, 1904)


We have not yet identified all the locations ascribed to William COOMBE and Thomas HILMAN above, but it appears that at least some of these were the names of manors, and that they were most likely residents of Warwickshire rather than Southampton.

According to Alumni, Cantabrigienses from 1261-1752 (Cambridge University), Sir Anthony PALMER, son of John of Hartlip, Kent, married (1) "Catherine, daughter of William KINGSMILL of Southampton; (2) "Margaret , sister of Sir Dudley DIGGES, of Chilham, Kent." The parish records of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London, include the 27 Apr 1614 marriage of "Sr Anthony PAULMER Knight Barronett & Mrs Margaret DIGGS." She was the daughter of Sir Thomas and Ann St. LEGER Diggs of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, her mother marrying 2nd Thomas RUSSELL of Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire (one of the witnesses to the will of Shakespeare in which he bequeathed his sword to Thomas COMBE).

In St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury were also the family of John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe and her sister and brother-in-law, William and Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer (daughters of Thomas ARCHDALE). It is not yet known what the various relationships between the Combs and Palmers might be, but there are a number of additional Combs-Palmer ties. See also Anthony PALMER of Barbados).

Question: Could WALLOP have been WAUGHOP? WARCOPP? See also Archdale-Povey of Litchfield below. See Also Richard COMBS, claimed as a headright of Robert LEWCY (LUCY) for land in Charles City/County, Virginia

20 Jun 1627. Petition of Captain Thomas COMBE of Southampton, merchant, for a warrant for his ship to proceed to St. Christopher's.

(Calendars of State Papers, American and Colonial Series, 1574-1660, ed. W. Noel Sainsbury, Longman & Green, 1860, p. 78)

St. Christopher's was another common port of call for English ships en route to the American Colonies. It is unfortunate that the name of Capt. Thomas COMBE'S ship was not included. Question: Could he have been Thomas COMBES, shareholder of the Virginia Company in 1620? (See Early Combs to Virginia)

Apr 1912 Southampton, EN. Departure: Ship Titanic. Crew's List included:

Crew List/ Engineering Crew/ Fireman Mr. George COOMBS
Crew List/ Victualling Crew/ Cooks: C. COOMBS, Assistant Cook

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Leslie Owen from Titanic Ship's List)

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