Jackson County was formed from Kanawha, Mason & Wood Cos VA in 1831. No Combs by surname are found on 1830 census of any of these three counties.

1840 Jackson Co, VA Census Index

p. 218
William H. Combs

1850 Jackson Co, VA Census

635/642 William COMES 39 m Shoemaker VA
Sarah 37 f VA
Amanna 16 f VA
Helen 11 f VA
Sincy 9 f VA
Contra 8 m VA
Edgar 6 m VA
Pometra 4 f VA
Lislie 2 m VA

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Daryl Combs, Nov 1996 from microfilm copy)

Notes: According to Combs Researchers Opal Combs and Mary Combs Williamson, the formal given names of the above family are: William Henry Combs, Sarah Susan, Arianna Hanson (not Amanna), Mary Helen, S. Lucy Ann (not Sincy), Contee F (not Contra), William Edward (went by Edgar), Pometia (not Pometra) and John Leslie. Later children were: Sarah F., Henry Clay and Isabella Ida May

According to researchers N. R. Williamson, Jr. and T. A. Williamson, William Henry Combs was the s/o a William Henry Harrison Combs, printer, and b 27 Apr 1811 in Loudoun Co, VA; d 1896 [See Mason Co, WV]; m ca 1832, Fauquier Co, VA [see below],* Sarah Susan "Sallie" FLOWEREE, b Fauquier Co, VA.

According to Researcher Karen Click Phillips, {Sallie} Sara Susan FLOWEREE, born February 7, 1812, in Rectortown, Fauquier County, Virginia, died in Mason County, West Virginia, December 26, 1896; married, Romney [Hampshire Co], Virginia, William Henry Combs, born April 27, 1811 near Hopewell Gap, in the Bull Run Mountains, Fauquier [sic] County, Virginia.

Both of the last two sources were found in the book, JACKSON COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA, PAST AND PRESENT - 1990, p. 172. Their sources for the ancestry and the maiden name of William's wife are not known. The 1880 Jackson Co VA Census lists William H. Combs, his wife, Sarah, and son, Henry C., then age 25, as born in Fauquier Co, VA; however, the same census shows son, William Edgar [sic], then age 35, as b in Jackson Co, VA. No marriage or birth records have been located as yet. No William, Henry or Harrison Combs has been found in 1810 Virginia Census in either Loudoun, Fauquier or Hampshire Cos VA (1810 Virginia Census is not complete). In 1820, there is an unidentified William Combs down in Mecklenburg Co, VA, abt which no more is known. In 1830, there is an unidentified William Combs in King George Co, VA who might be a "possibility," but all other 1830 VA William Combs appear to be accounted for. For full extractions of this source, see Combs Research List Archives postings 6 Sep 1998.

See the 15 Jul 1833, Frederick Co, MD Marriage of William H. Combs & Sarah S. C. FONREE [sic]

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser who adds: These were indexed under COMER; however, I could not determine whether they were COMER or COMES so am including them tentatively)

49-51 William COMES/COMER 29 Va farmer
Dilia 21 Va
Noah 6 Va
Lucinda 5 Va
Elenor L. 3 Va

51-53 Mathew COMES/COMER 35 Va
Hetty 3- Va
Solomon 14 Va
Sarah 12 Va
William 10 Oh
Geo. W. 8 Oh
Jonathan 6 Oh

52-54 George W. COMES/COMER 30 Oh farmer
Matilda H. 21 Va
Isaac 2 Va

1860 Jackson Co., WV Census

(Provided by Researcher Bettie Kesmc to Matt Combs)

570-531 William H. Combs age 49 farmer born Va
Sarah age 46 born Va
Lucy A. age 20 born Va
Carter T. age 18 farm laborer born Va
W. Edgar age 15 born Va
Pamela age 13 born Va
John L. age 11 born Va
Sarah age 9 born Va
H. C. (male) age 7 born Va
Isabella age 5 born Va
Ida M. age 1 born Va

Note: William Comes(sic.) in the 1850 census. Apparently he gave up the shoemaker business? (See notes above).

1870 Jackson Co, WV Census

(Provided by Researcher Bettie Kesmc to Matt Combs)

168-168 William Edgar Combs age 25 farmer born Jackson Co.
Nancy A. age 26 born Va.
Lillian A. age 2 born Jackson Co.
Amanda VAN KIRK age 11 domestic born Va

#286-286 William H. Combs age 59 farmer [Cottageville] born Va
Sarah S. C. age 56 born Va
John L. age 22 born Jackson Co.
Sarah F. age 18 born Jackson Co. [married Jacob WRIGHT on 17 March 1874]
Henry C. age 16 born Jackson Co. [d Mason Co, VA]
Isabella age 13 born Jackson Co.
Ida M. age 11 born Jackson Co.

Transcribed by SHG, from images found at FamilySearch

Union Twp

Jackson C H

p. 23; 19 Jul 1870

167/168 Combs William E. 25 MW farmer -- 425 VA
Nancy A. 26 FW Keeping House VA
Lillian A. 2 FW WV
VANKIRK Amanda 11 FW Domestic Servant VA

p. 39; 23 Jul 1870

285/286 Combs William H. 59 MW farmer VA
Sarah S. C. 56 FW Keeping House VA
John L. 22 MW Farm Laborer VA
Sarah F. 18 House work FW VA
Henry C. 16 MW Laboring on Farm VA
Isabella 13 FW VA
Ida M. 11 FW VA

1880 Jackson County, WV Census

(Provided by Researcher Bettie Kesmc to Matt Combs)

251-252 William H. Combs age 69 farmer born Fauquier Co., Va.
Sarah age 63 wife born Fauquier Co., Va
Henry C. age 25 son/field laborer born Fauquier Co., Va
Belle age 22 dau born Jackson Co.
Ida M. age 20 dau born Jackson Co.
William SMITH age 5 indigent born WV

Bettie's Notes: William H. Combs service w/Company B. 22nd Va. Inf.

Ed Note: Sarah S. FLOWEREE said to have been d/o Daniel and Arianna Elizabeth HANSON Flowereee who m 1802 Fauquier Co, VA; however, Henry C. seems unlikely to have been born in that county. Are both his and his father's birth counties possibly in error?

333-334 William Edgar Combs age 35 farm laborer born Jackson Co.
Nancy C. age 37 wife born WV
Lily A. age 12 dau born Jackson Co.
William age 11 born Jackson Co.
John age 7 son born Jackson Co.
Mary age 5 dau born Jackson Co.
Daniel age 2 son born Jackson Co.

Bettie's Notes: Co. B, 22nd Va Inf., son of William H. & Sarah S. C. Combs.

1900 Jackson Co. Census

(Provided by Researcher Bettie Kesmc to Matt Combs) [B: I do not have all of the 1900 census]

Ripley District

277-281 Combs. William E. 54 Head Jul 1845 WV M-32 Farmer
Nancy 57 Wife Jun 1842 WV M-32 5/5 [father born Maryland]
Daniel 22 son Mar 1878 WV Farm laborer

1910 Jackson Co. Census

(Provided by Researcher Bettie Kesmc to Matt Combs)

Ripley District

17-17 Combs, William Edgar 65 M-41
Nancy A. 67 wife M-41 5/5
Daniel F. 32 son _

Bettie's Notes: s/o William H. and Sarah S. C. Combs. Edgar served in Co. B 22nd Va. Inf. William & Nancy are buried in Morgan Cemetery, Sidneyville

54-54 DUDGEON Samuel D. 44 head JaxCo. M-17 [m. 4 June 1893 JCMR]
Lillie (Combs) 41 wife JaxCo. M-17 7/7
Arnim (?) 16 son
Wilma 14 dau
Ellen 12 dau
Francis 10 son
Paul 7 son
Estelle 5 dau
Contee (?) 2 son

55-55 Combs John Edward 36 head JaxCo. M-14 [m. 1 Sept 1895 JCMR]
Lillie (FOREMAN) 32 wife JaxCo. M-14 7/7
Edgar 13 son
Beatrice 10 dau
Alta 8 dau
Floyd 8 son
Lena 6 dau
Louise 5 dau
Mattie .11 months dau

Union District

101-102 Combs, William C. 39 M-1 M-20
Sarah A. 39 wife M-1 M-20 7/6
Mamie 19 dau
Charles C. 18 son m. 20 June 1920 JCMR
Verda SHINN, age 22 [of Evans, d/o Austin A. and Birtie Shinn]
James 16 son
William 13 son
Cecil 7 son
Reuben 1.7 son

Bettie's Notes: Their son, Charles C., m. 20 June 1920 JCMR Verda SHINN, age 22 [of Evans, d/o Austin A. and Birtie SHINN

Ravenswood District

114-116 CURRY, John H. 34 M-2 M-6 farme farm renter
Nellie V. 27 wife M-1 M-6 5/4 parents born Ohio
Willie 12 son
Homer 10 son
Lucy 7 dau
Wilbur 5 son
Cecil 3 son
Velma 2 dau
Hazel 0.1 month dau

Bettie's Notes: John H. CURRY, s/o Wilson and Lucy (VANNOY) Curry. John married (1) Kathryn CARPENTER. John, age 27, m. (2) 6 May 1904 JCMR Nellie V. BEYMER, age 21, d/o W. H. and Amanda (HAMILTON) Beymer. Their son, Willie, at age 20 of Sandyville, m. 25 Dec 1919 JCMR Lillian E. SARVER, age 20 of Sandyville, d/o Lorenzo D. and Emma SARVER. Their son, Homer, age 25 of Sandyville, m. 6 Sept 1925 JCMR Jessie Combs, age 21 of Liverpool.

1920 Jackson Co, Census

Union District - Cottageville Precinct

1-1 William C. Combs age 49
Sarah A. age 50 wife
Mamie age 29 dau
Charles C. age 27 son
James E. age 26 son
Cecil D. age 17 son
Reuben D. age 11 son

live on the Ripley to Sandyville Road:

152-152 William Combs age 75
Nancy age 77 wife


William Combs, a printer, came to America about 1731. His son, William Henry Harrison Combs, also a printer, was once the employee of Benjamin Franklin, married Mary Helen MURPHY whose ancestors came from Belfast, Ireland, the County of Down. Their son William Henry Combs born April 27, 1811 in Loudoun County, Virginia [died December 1896] married about 1832 in Fauquier County, Virginia, a Sarah Susan FLOWEREE, also known as Sallie; FLOWEREE is pronounced floray. She was born in Fauquier County, Virginia. They settled in Jackson County about 1836. Some of their children and grandchildren settled in Jackson County and are buried in Mason and Jackson County. Children: Ariana Hanson Combs born April 17, 1834 in Fauquier County, Virginia married Joseph BIBEE. Their children were Helen, Daniel, John, Anna, and Mrs. Maggie Bibee Sullivan. Mrs. Sullivan resided at Folsome, West Virginia and the remainder of the children scattered over different states. William Edgar Combs died in his 87th year [January 9, 1930]. He married Nancy ROACH. Five children; Lily, Frances, William, John, Daniel. Several grandchildren are scattered throughout the state. Daniel Combs drown in his 9th year during the Civil War while on a raft with a negro slave in the Ohio River. Permisha C. Combs married John PICKENS. Two children; William Floweree PICKENS, all died in Iowa. One granddaughter, Mrs. Hazel Sloan HAGERTY, Stanwood, Iowa, was in tough with Mrs. Mary Combs WILLIAMSON until her death. Contee Fairfax Combs was a Confederate soldier. He enlisted when he was 16 years of age. He died in the war and we never knew where he was buried. Sarah Susan Frances Combs, married Jacob KNIGHT, both died at Hartford city, West Virginia. Five children: William, Nellie, and Daisy, Mrs. Susie Knight Turley at Hartford, and Lydia at Pittsburgh. Lacey Ann Combs married Marion CRUM. They had five children; Sallie Crum married William KING of Cottageville, and she had two children. He later married a Miss SAYRE. William, Frank and Emma died unmarried. O. J. Crum married Annie Sayre, Cottageville. They had a large family. Mary Helen Combs married Kinsey PRUDENS and they had several children. John Combs died at the age of 25 years, unmarried. Henry Clay Combs the subject of this sketch was born April 18, 1856 and died January 2, 1930. He is buried in Combs Cemetery in Union District, Mason County, West Virginia. Born in Jackson County, he has many descendents born and raised in Mason County. Married Lanora Anis SAYRE, daughter of M. G. and Mary Charlotte PARSONS SAYRE, granddaughter of Herbert Ezekiel SAYRE. H. C. Combs and Lanora Combs had the following children: Mary Blanche, Edgar Contee, William Henry, Sarah Susan, Ulysses Grant, Rhoda Agness, Henry Clay, Jr., Hoit Steve, and Roy Lesley Combs. Mary Blanche Combs WILLIAMSON is the mother of Eugene Victor, Zara Alicia, Lannes Wilkinson Clay, Lydia Maxine, Ney Rene, Jerome Davidson [deceased at age three weeks], and Torres Aulaire. Mary Blanche was a D.A.R. member and she spent her life doing work on her family history. It is because of her devotion to family history that we have so many records in our family. Ida May Combs married James Armstrong. She is the last child of the ancestor William Combs who immigrated to this country.

Submitted by NR Williamson, Jr.and T. A. Williamson.