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By 1654-1656 Thomas STONE transported Phillip COMBS and William HOWGATE to Maryland (Earliest Combs to Maryland)
Thomas STONE was the s/o Gov. William and Verlinda GRAVES Stone who arrived by 1654-56 or earlier (at which time Charles County was "West St. Marie's"), transported by Thomas STONE of Charles County He is first found in what would become Charles in 1656:
1656 - 1661 Charles County Court Proceedings, 1658-1662. Caecilius absolut Lord Proprietarie of the Prouince of Mariland and Aualon Lor Barron of Baltemore &c to all persons to whom thees presance shal come greeting know ye that wee for and in Consideration that John TOMKINSON and Andrew WATSON of owr sayd Prouince of Mariland planters haue 600 Acres of land dew to them in owr sayd Prouince as appeareth upon record and according to the tenor of owr Articles under hand and seale baring date at Portchmouth in the relme of England the eight day of August 1636 Recorded in the Secretaries office of owr sayd Prouince doe hearby grant unto the sayd TOMKINSON and Andrew WATSON All that parcell of land Liing on the north side of Patomake Riuer begining at a marked Oake standing near a great March the sayd March respecting Machepungo on the south side of the sayd Riuer and runing for breadth from the sayd Oake East and bee north downe the Riuer 300 perches to a marked Pokeekerie tree Runing one the East with a line drawne Nort and bee East in to the woods from the sayd Pokeekerie for the lenght of three hundered and twentie perches unto a marked Oake one the north with a line drawne west and bee south from the sayd oake 300 perches unto a marked Oake one the west with a line drawne South and by west unto the sayd marked Oake one the south with the sayd Riuer Contayning six hundered Acres mor or lesse to geather with all profits Rights and benefits thearunto belonging Royall mynes excepted to haue and to hold the sam unto them the sayd John TOMKINSON and Andrew WATSON their heirs and Assignes for euer to bee holden of us and owr heirs as of owr manor of west St Maries in free and Common soccage by fealtie only for all seruices yealding and paying thearfor yearly to us and owr heirs at owr usuall recipt twelue shilling in mony starling or six bushals of good Corne at the feast of the Natiuitie of owr Lord giuen at St Maries under owr great seale of owr sayd Prouince of Maryland the thirteenth day of Januarie in the year of owr Lord one thowsand six hundered fiftie fowre witnes ow Liuetennant of owr sayd Prouince
William STONE

endossed one the basside of the Precedent Pattent as followeth Bee it knowne unto all men by thees Presants tht I John TOMKINSON doth assigne all my land of six hundered Acres of that is hear mentioned in this Pattent to John DELAHAY for his heirs or assignes for euer Ao Domini 1656 witnes my hand. John [I his marke] TOMKINSON
Witnes Philip COOMES
Edward OKES

Endossed againe as followeth
I Andrew WATSON doe Assigne all my Right title and interest of this Pattent unto Joseph LENTON his heirs Executors administrators and Assignes for euer 20th July 1657 Andrew AV WATSON
Testes John [I his marke] TOMKINSON
this Assigment Acknoleded in open Court ut testatur Per mee March Ao 1661 Georgium THOMPSONUM Amanuensem (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 53:173-4)
There are several items of interest regarding this land and those who peopled it: On 20 Jan 1663/64, Edward ROE of Talbot County sold Machapungo in Lancaster County, Virginia (See below for more regarding later ownership of this land, including possibly another ROE and more Talbot connections). On Jan On 23 Feb 1659/60, one Thomas MILLNER of Avon River, Charles County, Maryland, bequeathed the 200 acre tract "Redd Clift" in Westmoreland County, Virginia, to one John THOMPKINSON (Wills, 1:32). James LEE and John TOMPKINSON were appointed overseers of estate of Joseph LENTON on On 17 Apr 1661, the nuncupative will of Ursuly LYNTON of Charles County included bequests to Jane THOMPKINSON and John, son of John DELAHAY (Wills, 1.24), and in 1667, a John THOMPKINSON of Charles sold land in this county (Charles County Court, Archives of Maryland, Vol. 60:165) John DELAHAY immigrated "by 1661" with wife, Jane, and step-son, James SISSON (Gibbs). Re the latter, note that One Jane, sister of Mary, w/o David WICKLIFFE of Westmoreland County, Virginia, married (1) Daniel SISSON; (2) Rev. William BUTLER of Westmoreland; and (3) James BROWNSFORD. Rev. BUTLER was brother of Mary who married William UNDERWOOD, Sr. of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia, step-son of Archdale and Elizabeth COMBS of that county. John THOMPKINSON later "re-sold" his share of this land to William THOMAS who sold to John NEWTON (possibly same who was widow of Thomas GERARD?) who sold to William JEFFERS (Archives of Maryland, 53:200)
1658 - 1664 In his declaration for land in 1669, Phillip COMBES of Charles County declared that he was the former overseer of Thomas GERRARD, and that he had transported his wife, Elizabeth, and servant Sarah HOWGATE (aka HEWGATE or HOGGETT?) in 1658, and himself in 1664. (Earliest Combs...)

[13 May 1663] Charles County Court Proceedings. Gills GLOVER Plantive, John alias Jacob LUMBROSO Defendant by his Attur: Mr Abraham ROWS. The Plantiue aresting the defendant in an action of debt Prefereth his Petition as followeth.
To the Worshipfull Commissioners of Charleses Countie the humble Petition of Gils GLOVER Sheweth Whearas John LUMBROSO stands justly indebted unto your petitioner the sum of too thowsand and seauenty pounds of tobacco as per specialty appears your petitioner hauing often times demanded the sayd tobacco but cannot as yet receaue it Thear for humbly Craueth Judgment for the same with Cost of suit and your Petitioner shall euer pray &c
And in Confirmation of the sayd Petition the Plantiue Produceth the defendants bill as followeth
This bill bindeth mee John LUMBROSO my heirs or Assignes to pay or Cause to bee payd unto Gus GLOVER or his assignes the full and just sum of too thowsand fiue hundered seauenty too pounds of tobacco and Caske to bee payd in Charleses County in place or places the day of december next as witnes this my hand this 16th day of march Ao 1662. John LUMBROSO. Witnes James LENDSEY Josaphat DOROSELL. Whearupon Mr Abraham ROWS Produced his letter of Atturney and three Receipts as followeth
Know all men by thees Presants that I John alias Jacob LUMBROSO doe hearby Constitute ordaine and appoynt my trusty and well beloued frind Mr Abraham ROWS my trew and Law full Atturney to agitate any buisnes with or against mee the sayd LUMBROSO in Charleses County Court held the 5th of January next ensuing the daet hearof giuing and hearby granting unto my sayd Atturney my full Power and lawfull Authoritie in the Premisses as fully largely and amply as if I my self wear personally presant: as witnes this my hand this 18th of december Ao 1663 & seale John LUMBROSO. Seigned Sealed and Deliuered in Presenc of us George THOMPSON, Henry MOORE

Reccaued of John LUMBROSO one hundered and seauenti Pounds of tobacco and Caske this 21th day of July 1663 Gils GLOVER his marke [witness] John STONE

Receaued by mee Gus GLOVER of John LUMBROSO too hundered pounds of tobacco and Caske in part of a bill of too thowsand flue hundered and od I say Receaued by mee this 10th day of Nouember 1663 Gills GLOVER his marke. teste Josaphat DOROSELL

Receaued of John LUMBROSO 1 hogset of tobacco waying neat four hundered and eight pounds for the use of Gils GLOVER I say Receaued by mee this 4th day of January 1663/4 Elisabeth + GLOVER her marke [witnesses] George LANGHAM Thomas WOODBERY
and endossed one the backe of the sayd bill as followeth

Receaued in part of this inmentioned bill one hundered sixtie nine pounds of tobacco and Caske I say receaued by mee this 13th of May 1663 Gils GLOVER his marke [witness] Philip COOMES
The sum of which Receipts amounting unto 947 lb of tobacco which beeing deducted out of 2572 lb of tobacco thear Remaineth dew 1625 lb of tobacco for which the defendant Confeseth a judgment: It is thearfor ordered that the sayd LUMBROSO pay unto the Plantiue sixteene hundered and twenty flue pounds of tobacco with Cost and Charge of suit:
(Maryland Archives, Vol. 53:428-429) SW: LINDSEY WOODBERRY
In Feb 1663/4, Gils GLOVER identified himself as a Carpenter of Portobacco. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 53:475). Was George LANGHAM who witnessed Elizabeth GLOVER'S mark same as George LINGAN of Calvert County with Enoch Combs?
Mar 1663/4 St. Clements Manor, St. Mary's 28 Aug 1666 - 20 Jun 1667 Will of Richard PINNER. To wife (unnamed), such land as she may select. To Roger CORDING, 80 A. at 21 yrs. of age. To sons Richard and William, residue of lands in equal portions. To Philip and William, sons of William ELLIS and of Ann ROE, personalty. Overseers: Francis SAWYER, Wm. ELLIS, Jos. HARRISON and Henry ADAMS. Test: Wm. ELLIS, John DIGBY, Richard ROE. (1.306 Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)
Although no county is given, in Charles county court on 2 Aug 1666 Richard PINNER had recorded the mark of his cattle that he had "brought out of Virginia." (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 60:32), and on 10 Apr 1667 in Provincial Court, Robert SLYE sued George ATTKINS [ATKINS] "who maryed the Relict of Richard PINNER defendant," alleging that "the said Defendt having an Estate in Virginia is gone thither to possess the same and to live by it by which meanes the plt: is remediless to sue for his Just right..." The Sheriff of Charles county reported himself unable to locate George ATKINS (Archives of Maryland, Vol 57:175). The honeymoon was brief: On 12 Feb 1666/67 Ann Pinner Atkins appeared in Provincial Court declaring that: "Whereas Ann PINNER alias ATTKINS the relict of Richd PINNER late decd had Admcon Comitted to her of the Goods & Chattles of the said Richard PINNER who dyed (as the Office was then inform'd) intestate since which there doth appeare a will of the said Richard PINNERS Wherefore upon informacon giuen the Court that Georg ATTKINS since marrying the said Relict and doth dayly imbezill & wast the Estate of the said Richard PINNERS decd whereby in time the said PINNERS Orphants will be totally depriu'd of theire right thereto, It is Ordred that Administracon be Committed to the said Ann PINNER alias ATTKINS wth the said will annexed upon the Estate of the said Richard PINNER deceased she being named Executrix in the said Will, and that her now husband George ATTKINS is not to haue any Intrest in or to meddle with any part or parcell of the said Estate which shall be duely brought in and Administred upon by Vertue of the a foregoing Aministracon, neither is the said George ATTKINS to bee burdened withall or molested wth any of the debts that shall ensue thereon or which properly doth or which hereafter shall be accompted due from the Estate of the said Richard PINNER decd (Archives of Maryland, 57:241-2) Both Richard PINNER, Jr. and William PINNER both died testate abt 1685, their wills both proved on 17 Jun 1685, both "of Charles County." The will of Richard Jr. named wife Mary and daughters Ann and Eliza. The will of William named wife, Rose and her "father in law Richard CLOWDER," his brother Richard, his "cousin" (niece?) Anne PINNER, and his mother, Ann ATTKINS (MD Calendars of Wills). It appears that Richard PINNER is stating that Philip and William ELLIS are sons of William ELLIS and Ann ROE, but whether in or out of marriage cannot be told, or at least not from this abstract. Ditto for whether Ann Pinner Atkins was Ann ROE. Overseer Francis SAWYER is actually Frances MORGAN, wife of Peter SAYER of Talbot County, who witnessed the will of Edward ROE, thus Ann ROE would appear to probably be "somehow kin" to Edward ROE, particularly given the following record:
10 Nov 1668 Charles County Court Proceedings, 1668—1670. Mr. Francis POPES Deed of Grant of three hundred Acres of Land to the Heires of Rich: PINNER decesd.
To all Christian People to whome these prsents shall come Greeting; Know That Whereas I Francis POPE of Charles County in the Province of Mary Land Gent: as well for & in Consideracon of a Considerable Quantity of Tobacco & Cask to me in hand paid by Richard PINNAR of the sd County & Province Planter in his Lifetime the Receipt whereof I the sd Francis doe hereby Acknowledge, & myself to be there with fully satisfied, Contented & paid, & thereof & therefrom & from every part & parcell thereof doe Acquitt, & Discharge the Heires Executors & Administrators of the sd Richard PINNAR now deceased, as also for diverse other Good Causes & Considerations did Bargaine Sell Alien Enfeoffe Assigne & set over unto the sd Richard PINNAR in his Life time Heires & Assignes for ever all that Parcell or Tract of Land Scituate lying & being on the North side of Patomacke River beginning at A Marked Oake standing neere a branch & running for breadth down the River East & by North from the sd Oake to a marked Pokikory Tree & from thence running into the woods as by Pattent relation being there unto had may more at large appeare Containeing by estamation the halfe of Six hundr: Acres of Land Granted to John TOMPKINSON and Andrew WATSON by Patten beareing date the Thirteenth Day of January in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred fifty & foure or three hundred Acres more or less with all & The houses, Edifices, Buildings, Orchards Pastures, Meadows Feedings, Ways, Watercourses, Gardens, Yards, Backsides Easments, Proffitts, Comodities & Appurtenances to the sd premises, or to any part or parcell thereof any waies belonging or appertaineing together wth all Deeds Writings Evidences, Manuscripts or papers touching or concerning the same or any part or parcell thereof To have & to hold the aforesd Parcell of Land & all & Singular the Premises before Granted Bargained & Sould wth their & every of their Rights Members & Appurtenances wtsoever unto the sd Richard PINNAR his [60:192] Heires & Assignes for ever, And whereas likewise the sd Richard PINNAR departed this Life before Acknowledgmt of the sd Bargaine & Sale, Alienation Enfeoffemt or Assignemt in manner aforesaid Could in the Court of the said County of Charles County be made by me the said Francis POPE to the sd Richard, Now know yee tht I the sd Francis POPE in Consideracon of the sd Bargaine & Sale, Alienation, effeofrnt or Assignmt here before expres'd to be made to the sd Richard by me the sd Francis & not aknowledged by me before the decease of the sd Richard aforesd doe Judge myself in all right & Good Conscience bound & obliged to grant enfeoffe Assigne & set over & I the sd Francis doe by these prsents Grant enfeoffe Assigne & set over all my right title & Interest in the sd tract or parcell of land & premises here before mentioned unto Richd PINNAR & Willia PINNAR the right heires of the sd Richd PINNAR deceased & I the sd Francis doe further acknowledge by these prsents that all my right in the sd Land & prmises soe passed to the sd Rjchd PINNAR decd but not in his life time Acknowledged to him the sd Richd doth now rightfully & lawfully remaine & rest to the sd Richard PINNAR & Williamm PINNAR & to theire heires & Assignes forever, & I the sd Fran: Pope for myself my heires Executors & Administrs doe Covenant Promise Grant & Agree to & Wth the sd Richard PINNAR & Wm PINNAR their heirs & Assignes by these prsents tht the sd Richd & William their heires & Assignes & every of them shall & may by Virtue of these prsents from time to time & at all times for ever hereafter lawfully peacably & quietly have, hold, use, occupie, posses & enjoy the sd Land & all & Singular the before Granted prmises theire & every of their Rights, Members, & Appurtenances free & cleare of all incumberances & have, receive & take the rents, issues, & Proffitts thereof to their own proper uses & behoofes joyntly & severally in such manner as to the Will & Testamt of their sd father Richd PINNAR shall Agree & Accord wthout any manner of Let, trouble, eviction or Interruption of or by the sd Fran Pope his heires Exectrs Administrs or Assigns or any of them or of or by any othr person or persons wtsoever In wittness whereof I the sd Francis POPE have to these prsents set my hand & seale this tenth of Novemr 1668 Signed sealed & Deliver'd Francis POPE 0 in prsence of us Rich: BOUGHTON Henry bonner (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 60:191)

30 May 1670 - 25 Jun 1670 (St. Mary's Co MD) The Will of William TATTERSHALL, witnessed by Abraham COMBE (among others) refers to land in Charles Co MD: "…to my Eldest son Lawrence TATTERSHALL one tract of land Containing four hundred and fifty acres called Tattershall's Gift. Formerly belonging to Thomas COLE lying and being in Charles County…"

15 Dec 1669 Proceedings of the Council of Maryland. At a Council held of the Right Honble the Lord Proprietary held at Saint Marys the 15th day of December 1669. Present Philip Calvert Esq, William Calvert Esqr, Jerome White Esqr, Baker Brooke Esqr, Samuel Chew Esqr, Councillors:

His Lordships Instructions concerning the Annual Rent of 4S for every hundred Acres was debated several Pattents being in the hands of the honble the Chancellor before the receipt of his Lordships Instructions 24 whereof were signed by the Honble Charles Calvert Esqr Governor before his departure out of this Province resolved that those only pass the Seal and are as follows
Justinian Dennis 350 acres
John Davis 200
Thomas Goddard 50
John Hunt 100
Owen Jones 70
Robert Gates 100
Gilbert Cropp 100
Thomas Warner 100
Andrew Ward 100
Robert Gates 257
John Bayley 300
John Whinfield 200
Cornelius Comeygs 350
Philip COMBS 150
Francis Adams 100
Thos Stonstreet 150
John Gwyn 30
John Coffers 100
Thomas Phelps 100
Jno Hicks & Meekins 100
Thomas Shuttleworth 200
John Boyden 80
Ninian Beale 300
George Uldrson 200
(Archives of Maryland 5:59)
The above 150 acre grant is presumably the Coomes Purchase tract in the following record. Also note that of those listed above, Thomas GODDARD's widow, Ann, died in Talbot County in 1697, her will witnessed by Edward COMBS, s/o William and Elizabeth ROE Combs of that county.
10 Oct 1670 - Nov 1672 Philip COOMES of St. Marye's County, for 3,000 lb. tobacco, sells to John ALLEN of Charles County, a 150 acre tract called Coomes Purchase, which is on the "west side of Wickcowcomaco maine fresh" and ajacent to land of John COATES [COURTS] and Allexander SMITH... dated 10 Oct 1670, not proved until the second Tuesday in November 1672. s/ Philip COOMES. Wits: Rich: EDLEN [Richard EDELEN] and Hen: MOORE [Henry MOORE].
See Combs &c. Land of Charles County for more re Coomes Purchase, including how Peter SAYER of Talbot County, close associate of William COMBS of that county, also devised both Coomes Purchase land in the amount of 250 acres, and Green Spring land (described as in Calvert) by 1676, but to John WADE, not John ALLEN. See also 1719 Charles County re the purchase of 100 acre tract Coombs Purchase by Thomas COOMBS (s/o Richard) described as "situated on the west side of Port Tobacco near "Green's Inheritance" and near Alexander HAMILTON'S plantation." While there is no evidence that Peter SAYER was residing in Charles, he clearly had some kind of association with John ALLEN, John SAUNDERS and John COLE of Charles:
8 May 1673 - 11 Jun 1678* Maryland Provincial Chancery Court Proceedings, 1673 (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 51:104) Charles &c To the Sheriff of Charles County Greeting Whereas Peter SAYER hath Come before us in our Court of Chancery and hath found Sufficient Security as well his Clamour to prosecute as for one horse Called Roane being the proper horse of him the said Peter which John ALLEN took &c dated 8th may ret 11th June 1678

Peter SAYER agt John SAUNDERS Peter SAYER Replevin ad vic Corn Charles for one horse Called Cooper, marked on the near Buttock & one horse Called Aahy dated 8th may ret 11th June 1678

Peter SAYER agt John COLE. Peter SAYER Replevin ad vic Corn Charles for one horse Called Twiggs dated 8th may ret June 1678*

*Archives of MD Editor: "The dates of the above replevin entries all read 1678. Whether these year dates are correct and are later inserts, or are clerical errors for 1673, has not been determined."

1676 (Lib 15, fol. 383) Edward COOKE (Mariner), proved rights to 150 acres in MD. for transporting Richard COOMBS, James BUXTON, and Michael NUTNALL. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Ray from Sr. Donnally's "Imprints.")
The above is believed to be Richard COOMBES I of Charles Co. See also both Joseph COMBS I of Stafford Co VA and Burton-Combs Connections for more re early Cook Connections) Sr. Donnally's "Imprints" ads that "Richard COOMBS m. Anne SHERCLIFFE, daughter of William SHERCLIFFE and Mildred THOMPSON," but her source remains unknown.
20 Jun 1676 - 15 Jun 1678 Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings. John WADE agt John SLYE. Peter SAYER demised to John WADE for a three year term beginning 20 Jun 1676, a 250 acre tract of land in Charles County by name of Coomes Purchase and a 700 acre tract in Calvert County by name of Green Spring, which land John SLYE now possesses.
See below re Peter SAYER, Edward ROE and William COMBES of Talbot County, and see Land of Charles County, including 150 acre tract by name of Coomes Purchase sold by Philip COMBES to John ALLEN in 1670, at which time, Phillip COMBES was residing in St. Mary's County.
2 Oct 1676 (Charles Co, MD Liber 2:353, #32284) The Inventory of Charles GREGORY (chirurgeon) included amongst a long list of accounts [list of debts not included here], debtors, Mr. Thomas GERRARD... William STANNARD, Phill. COMBES, Thomas POPE... (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1679-1686 Libers 6, 7a, 7b, 8, V. K. Spillers) An accounting on 4 Mar 1679 included Thomas GERRARD, William CHANDLER, Capt. ASPINALL, John BRACKER... and Phillip COMBS, administrator Thomas CLIPSHAM (ibid., 6.667)

11 Apr 1678. Provincial Court Proceedings, 1677/8. Ordered by the Court, that the Justices of the peace for St Maryes County & Charles County doe forthwith meet together effectually to consult about mending the high way att the Mill lately called John ALLENS Mill att the head of Wiccommico river betwixt St Maryes & Charles County. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 67:247)

20 Jun 1676 - 15 Jun 1678 Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings. John WADE of Charles County sues John SLYE late of St. Mary's because SLYE has entered the land that is Coomes Purchase, 250 acres [sic] that Peter SAYER of Talbot County (where he is a close associate of William and Elizabeth ROE Combs) devised to WADE on 20 Jun 1676 for a period of three years, and ditto for a second tract by the name of Green Spring lying in Calvert County containing seven hundred acres. John ALLEN is the tenant in possession of the land, but failed to appear in court even though subpoenaed (see Land of Charles).

13 Aug 1680 (Charles(?) Co MD Liber 7A:197, #32284) The Inventory of Samuel RASPIN included amongst a long list of debtors, Philip COMBS. (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1679-1686 Libers 6, 7a, 7b, 8, V. K. Spillers) (See Also 1684/5 below)
Charles County Land also includes the information that Samuel RASPIN'S estate was first administered by John ALLEN (of Coomes Purchase), then by Thomas MARSHALL of Allen's Mill, thus likely this is Phillip of 1669 Charles and 1670 St. Mary's, particularly given the following:
Oct 1681-13 Jan 1681/2 Proceedings of the Council of Maryland. Phillip COOMES is a witness to the alleged sedition of Thomas MARSHALL and he, John BRACHER, John BROOKE and John PEMBROKE, are required to give a deposition and post a bond. The warrants issued were all to Charles County. Also Note: Thomas MARSHALL was a co-petitioner with Abraham COMBS of St. Mary's County sometime shortly before 5 Nov 1681. (See Land of Charles County).

09 Aug 1682 (Charles Co Ct. & Land: I #1.342) Elizabeth COOMES, dau. of Phillip COOMES. Cattle mark recorded 9 Aug 1682. (Combs Researcher Carol Collins)

03 Feb 1684/5 (Charles MD. Inventories, Liber 8:289) Abraham COMBS £336.80. Apraisers: William ROSWELL, Mr. Stephen GOPH (Abstracts of the Inventories and Accounts of The Prerogative Court Of Maryland, 1679-1686 Libers 6, 7a, 7B, 8, V. L. Skinner, Jr.) SW: GOUGH
Abraham COMBS of St. Mary's [sic] signed his will on 26 Dec 1684, and it was proved on 30 Jan 1684/5 by Henry PAINE, Peter MILLS and Thomas SWAILES. Why then was the inventory filed in Charles? Was Abraham living in this county at the time of his death? No land records have been found for him in any of the three counties. The estate inventory in Charles Co MD included personalties (household goods, etc.), it appearing that he either had a home in Charles County, or was providing same to someone else. The above William ROSWELL d testate in St. Mary's Co MD ca 1695, the third husband of Emma LANGWORTH (Johnson) (Turner); and GOUGH ca 1700. Did either man earlier reside near Richard or Phillip COMBS? (Or descendants later found with Combs?) Emma's brother, James LANGWORTH, was of Charles County, MD in Aug 1660 when he wrote his will naming wife, Agatha (JOHNSON); son, William (800 A. "St. John's."); son John (300 A. on St. Clement's Bay and rights, 670 A. yet to be taken up); dau. Mary and hrs. ("St. John's,"); and residue of land to dau. Eliza; Godson John GARDNER, son of Luke GARDNER, "St. John's;" goddau. and niece Eliza: JOHNSON (300 A. on St. Clement's Bay); goddau. and niece Mary TURNER, dau. of brother Thomas TURNER, "land due me by warrant;" goddau. and niece Jane CONSTABLE, dau. of Marmaduke CONSTABLE, "personalty at 18 yrs. of age;" brothers and sisters Luke GARDNER and Elza: his wife; Thomas TURNER and Emma his wife, of St. Clement's Bay; kinsman Robert GREENE; and Roman Catholic Church. Witnesses were Zachary WADE, Henry ADAMS, Thos. BROOKE, and Thos. SIMPSON (1. 133. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 1). How James was kin to Robert GREEN and/or which Robert GREEN, is not yet known. Ditto for CONSTABLE. See 1629 Oxfordshire, EN will of William COMBS, s/o John & Margaret ARCHDALE Combs who named Aunt Chrian [Christian?] LANGWORTH of Devonshire, EN.
20th Mch., 1684; 18th May, 1685. Will of Col. William CHANDLER. To son William at age, and hrs., 1,000 A. home plantation, 300 A. adjoining sd. plantation, and 200 A., part of "Greene Spring." To son Richard at age, and hrs., 250 A., "Round Hill," and 200 A., "Old Woman's Branch." To daus. Jane, Anne, and Mary, at 16 yrs. of age, 400 A., residue of "Green Spring." To wife Mary, execx., personalty. Test: Sam'l LUCKETT, Jno. LEMAIRE, Owen NEWEN. (4.112 Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)
See above re Phillip COOMES, Peter SAYER and John ALLEN re Coomes Purchase and Green Spring, and note that on Aug 1762, William COMBS, Sr., son of Richard COOMBS, Sr. of Charles, aged 62, deposed that 37-38 years [abt 1724-5] earlier he was at the locating of William CHANDLER'S tract, "Green Springs." That same date, his wife, Winifred ENSEY, age 54 [b ca 1708] deposed that she had lived "in Chandlers Land" from her infancy until she married. Also Note: One of our "Dangling" Maryland COMBS is Francis COOMES, b ca 1726, Maryland (County not known), d 3 Apr 1822, Nelson Co, KY; m Charity WOOD; resided from ca 1769-1796 at "Round Hill," Surry Co, NC. Was Francis' "Round Hill" named after the above location? Given that he named his eldest son, Richard, and a daughter, Winnifred, he would seem most likely to have been from the Charles Co MD Combs. Moreover, two of his daughters, Rachel and Anna, married daughters of William COMBS of Charles Co, MD and Nelson Co, KY, thought to have been a son of Thomas and Elizabeth WHARTON Combs.
13 Mar 1684/5 (Charles Co MD Liber 8:245, #29603, #69873) The List of Debtors in the Estate Accounts of Samuell RASPIN included Philip COOMES. Administrator: Thomas MARSHALL. (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1679-1686 Libers 6, 7a, 7b, 8, V. K. Spillers) (See also 1680 above)
The above is the last Charles County record for a Phillip COMBS until 1718/19 when one Phillip makes a payment to the estate of Edward ROOKWOOD, the debt possibly not being Charles County-related (See also St. Mary's). In 1691, however, in Westmoreland County, Virginia, one Phillip COMES, age 12 (born ca 1679), was apprenticed as a bricklayer by his father to one Thomas BEACH, possibly the same as found in the records of St. Mary's County? (Thomas BEACH, b 1662, s/o Elias and Ann BEACH, Jr. and gs/o Elias and Ann BEACH, Sr., the latter having married next Thomas INNIS, with Enoch and William COMBS and Robert CLARK (h/o Sarah COMBS, d/o Abraham) having received disbursements in 1686/7)

27 Mar 1689. 3 Apr 1689. (Old Rappa. VA DB8:18-21) William and James COGWELL of Charles Co, Meriland, Planter possed of parcel of land containing 500 A, part of a Patent of 1,000 A… for valuable consid in hand already paid… to Johanna HUDSON of County and Place aforesaid, Widow, her heirs, 250 A being half moiety or part of the sd 500 A aforesd. lying at head of Portobaco Creek in Rappahannock Co Virginia which sd 250 A adj. with Plantation commonly known or called by the name of COGWELLS Plantation which is now in tenure of and occupation of sd Johanna HUDSON together with all houseing… wee the sd Wm. COGWELL and James COGWELL together with our Wives Susanna and Ann… ack. 27 Mar 1689. S/Wm. COGWELL, James COGWELL; Wits: Wm. FORD, Eliza. [marke] MUNFORD, Edmd. POTTER. Rec. 3 Apr 1689.

We Wm. COGWELL and James COGWELL do assign… all right… all our Stock of Cattle and hogs belonging to the Plantacon that is now in possession of Johanna HUDSON in Co of Rappa. Virginia and likewise all our household gods only a flock bed and furniture and a sett of Tools unto Johanna HUDSON her heirs… this 26th of Mar 1689. S/(same as above)

We the sd William COGWELL and James COGWELL (ditto) with our Wives Susanna and Ann COGWELL do ordain James SMITHSON of Rappa. our attorney..27 Mar 1689. s/Wm. COGHILL [sic], James COGHILL, Susaana COGHILL; Wits: Wm. FORD, Eliza MUNFORD, Edmo. POTTER. Rec. 3 Apr 1689.(Old Rappahannock Co VA Deeds, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, McLean, VA)
The COGHILL/COGWELL (& var. sp.) Families of Old Rappahannock Co VA are seen frequently in records with both Archdale COMBS & Abraham COMBS of that county, as is a Marmaduke HUDSON (relationship to Johanna, if any, unknown). The above James & William COGWELL were sons of James COGHILL/COGWELL, a close associate of both Archdale COMBS of Old Rappa. Co VA & Abraham COMBS of Old Rappa. Co VA & Charles & St. Mary's Co MD. William COGHILL may be the same who had d in St. Mary's Co MD by 1703. The above Johanna HUDSON has not yet been identified, but had also removed to Charles Co MD within two years after the above record:
28 Aug 1691 - 7 Oct 1691 (Old Rappa. Co VA DB8:264-5) Johnanna HUDSON of Charles City County in the Province of Maryland, consid 40 lbs. sterling, to Mr. Richard BOOKER of Glocester [Gloucester Co, VA] whereof I Johanna HUDSON land… the within menconed Bill of Sale…S/Johanna [her J mark] HUDSON; Wits: Mary [M] DUCKSBERRY; Cornls. BUTHELL [BETHEL?], David COGWELL, Rowland PERION.

Jonathan [sic] HUDSON of Charles Citty County in the Province of Maryland to loving friend Mr. Wm. PEIRCE of Rappa. County in Virgnia … to acknowledge Bill of Sale asinged to Richard BROOK [sic] of Glocester County… 28 Aug 1691. S/ Jonathan [sic] [ J marke] HUDSON; Wits: Row. PIRSON [sic], David COGWELL. (Old Rappahannock Co VA Deeds, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, McLean, VA)
William PIERCE was husband of Sarah UNDERWOOD, daughter of ? and Margaret _____ Underwoood Upton Lucas, thus sister-in-law of Elizabeth _____ Underwood Underwood Combs, w/o Archdale COMBS of Old Rappa. Co VA. (See Also The Underwood Families) The above land was in that part of Old Rappa. Co VA that later became part of Essex Co VA, and quite near to or on Pumens End Run where Archdale COMBS, Warwick CAMMOCK & John MEADORS (bro-in-law of Abraham COMBS) also owned land. Children of the above Richard BOOKER of Gloucester Co VA later purchased the above land from the COGHILLS and later yet resided in Amelia Co VA adjacent to John, George & Phillip COMBS of that county. It is believed likely that these COMBS removed to Amelia at the same time as the BOOKERS, probably directly from Essex County. (See Also Booker Families)

28 Apr 1693 According to "Genealogies of Virginia Families, Harrisons of Northern Virginia," Vol. 3, pp. 683: "Benjamin BULLITT (son of Joseph and Elizabeth BRANDT Bullitt) was born April 28, 1693 (Record of Births, Charles Co., MD, Liber P, No.1, folio 212, Land Office, Annapolis, MD), died in 1766 (Fauquier Co VA Will Book 1:108; Fauquier Minute Book 1764-68, p. 227)… married in 1737 Mrs. Elizabeth (HARRISON) Bullitt, daughter of Thomas HARRISON of Stafford County, Virginia…"
Also Note: Other published genealogies list her as d/o Joseph & Ann BARNES Harrison; source for all still unknown; however, Benjamin BULLITT'S 1766 Fauquier Co VA will mentions his father Joseph BULLITT'S burial place in Maryland (no county). Benjamin's daughter, Seth, m John COMBS, Sr., s/o Joseph COMBS I of Stafford Co VA.
16 -19 Jan 1693 Will of Edward FORD of Charles County, MD. To wife Eliza, "Dog's Point" during life, and 200 acres (unnamed) to her and her heirs. To son Edward sd. "Dog's Point" at death of wife afsd. To unborn child, land (unnamed). To brother Charles, 200 A. (unnamed). Ex. not given. Test: Jno. CORNISH, Giles COLLIER, Sam'l EDMANDS. (2. 246. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 2)

ca 1694 [undated*] Charles Co, MD Prerogative Court Records. 10.416. Account. Edward FORDE. Received from: Richard COOMBS. Payments to: Thomas HUSSEY, Francis GREEN paid to Henry ADAMS, Mark LAMPTON, Richard HARRISON, John CORNISH, Cleborn LOMAX, Col. WARREN, Thomas CHAPMAN, William STONE, John WINKOLUE. Executrix (unnamed relict) wife of Thomas WHICHELEY.
Other than his transport record (year made not known), this is the earliest record we have for Richard COMBES in the 17 years since his arrival in Maryland. On 4 Nov, 1719, Richard COMBES (COOMBES), then age 63, deposed regarding a part of a tract called Christian Temple Manor, on south side of Mattawoman (petition John SANDERS), stating that Joseph MANNING had been appointed at the request of Thomas WICHERLY to run out a tract of land called Christian Temple Mannour, that he had married the relict of Edward FORD "which FORD had some pretention to the Manor." In 1721, John SMOOT conveyed to John SAUNDERS a portion of Christian Temple Manor, which had been inherited by his wife, Posthuma FORD, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth ALLANSON Ford, which was described as land "whereon Richard COOMBS lately lived." (See 1719-1721 Charles).
1695-1696 Prince George's Co MD was organized from Charles and Calvert At least some COMBS are found next in the new county, including one Enoch COMBS w/wife Sarah, thought by many to have been Enoch COMBS II, s/o Enoch & Barbary UNKNOWN Combs I of Calvert.(See Earliest Combs of Maryland). This same year, the boundaries changed between Calvert and St. Mary's and Charles Counties, with Calvert losing land to both counties.

1696 Richard COOMBS was living in Charles Co. MD. on land called "Christian Temple Manor" on the Mattawomen Creek. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Ray from Sr. Donnally's "Imprints." Source not known).

1 Sep 1695 MD Prerogative Court Records. 138.64. Charles County. L22.12.1. Estate of John SMITH. Appraisers: Francis HARRISON, John BOOKER, Thomas WARTO. [sic] Approver: John BRINIOLL (Skinner...) SW: WHARTON

12th Oct., 1696; 11th Mch., 1696-7. Will of Thomas MUDD of Chas. Co. To wife Ann, "Hall's Place" during life. To son Thomas, sd. plantation at decease of wife and land in dispute bet. testator and Maj. BOREMAN; also 650 A., "Brierwood." To son Henry, "Boreman's Reserve." To son George, 400 A., part of "/combs/records/canada/cannarvan," bought of Capt. Jos. PILE. To son John, 180 A., "St. Catherino's," bought of Edmond NUGENT, and 250 A., residue of "/combs/records/canada/cannarvan" afsd. In event of death of any son or sons without issue, lands to pass in natural succession to male hrs. To dau. Julian CLARKE and hrs., 120 A., "Jarvi****s." To dau. Barbara and hrs., 200 A., "Mudd's Rest." Sons Henry and George to be taken in charge by their brother-in-law, Thomas CLARKE. Wife Ann and son Thomas afsd. joint exs. Residue of estate to be divided among wife and child., viz., Thomas, Henry, George, John, Barbara, Sarah, Jane, and Ann MUDD. Child. to be of age at 18 yrs. Overseers: Son Thomas CLARKE and brother William BOARMAN. Test: Wm. HOWELL, Wm. BURMAN, Jno. BROOKES. 7. 265. (MD Calendar of Wills)
Thomas CLARK was the brother of Robert CLARKE, h/o Sarah COMBS (d/o Abraham of St. Mary's County); married (1) Ann BARBER, d/o Luke of St. Mary's; and (2) Julian MUDD, d/o Thomas MUDD, Sr. Thomas MUDD, Jr. married Rebecca, widow of Major John LOWE who died ca 1698, St. Mary's County.

21 May 1698 - 15 Mar 1698/9 (Charles Co MD 6:220) Will of John NELSON. To wife Mary and hrs., entire estate, real and personal, including "Damfrit" and "Gilliod," both containing 546 A. Exs.: Wife afsd. and father-in-law Griffin DAVIS. Test: Rich'd COMBES, Jas. BROWN, Wm. MOSS. (Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. II, Baldwin, p. 169)
The above Richard COMBES is apparently the same who later deposed (in 1729 and 1741 in Charles Co MD) that he was b in 1653-4. An inventory for John NELSON'S estate was recorded on 21 Apr 1699, but not by whom, nor did it include an administrator's name. The value was L14.6.10. (19:42) No accounting was found. One Griffith [sic] DAVIS witnessed the will of Stephen MURTY in St. Mary's County in 1684 (See Combs re accounting).
----- 29 Mar 1699. Will of Edward SAUNDERS of Charles County. To son John, all lands in Va. except 400 A. To son Thomas and brs., afsd. 400 A. in Va.; he dying without issue to pass in turn to son Charles and dau. Jane, and hrs., son Edward already having his share of real estate. To William HUNTER, priest, grandchild. Mary, Thomas and Sarah SAUNDERS, personalty. Wife Jane, extx. and residuary legatee of estate. Overseers: Eld. son John afsd, and Wm. THOMPSON. Test: Jas. SIMMES, Andrew SIMPSON, Jno. SAUNDERS.( 6. 248).
Edward SANDERS (or his father?) was a justice in Stafford County, Virginia during 1665 at the same time and place as Archdale COMBES sat on juries and was otherwise in court (Stafford Co, VA Order Book, 1664-1668). Archdale removed to Old Rappahannock County, Virginia later that same year. Edward was later named a representative of the estate of Giles BRENT in Virginia. Also note the John SAUNDERS, witness. Was he a brother? Also note the James SIMMES who witnessed and see rampant Combs-Sanders-Simms records in the next century...
3 Feb 1699/1700 MD Prerogative Accts. 197-1/2a.97. Charles County. Acct. of Thomas TAYLOR. Payments to: John COURTS, Capt. John BAYNE, Kenelm CHESELDYNE, Mr. John GOUGE, Mr. William HEWTON, Mr. Robert YATES. Admin: Ann TAYLOR. (Skinner...)
See William HEUNTON of St. Mary's County, estate account of 1698 "approved" by Robert COOMES and Thomas COOKE.
7 Dec 1699 Maryland Testamentary Proceedings. 19-1/2A.102. Charles County. Account. Thomas HUTCHINSON. L287.131.11. Payments to Mr. Paggan & Co (merchants), John HAWKINS, Mr. TROTTMAN, Richard BOUGHTON, Mr. John SOTHERON, Richard COMES, William SMITH, William TROTTMAN, Robert SKINNER, Thomas BROOK. Executrix: Ann MAGRUDER, wife of Allexander MAGRUDER (Skinner...)

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