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Note: This report is very incomplete, and all lines have not yet been documented below. See both Charles County, Maryland and Earliest Combs to Maryland

Nothing is known of Richard Coombs' ancestry, and very little about his early years. According to Maryland transport records, he was transported in 1676 by one Edward COOKE, Mariner (Lib 15, fol. 383) It remains unknown to whom Richard was actually indentured in Maryland (assuming he was indentured). According to both Kelly's "Hamilton Family," page 14, and Sr. Mary Donnelly's "Imprints," Richard married an Anne SHIRCLIFFE, but the source for this statement remains unknown.

Richard was born ca 1653/4 according to depositions he gave in Charles county in the early 1700s (see that county) and died before 1747 (Land Liber Z-2, p. 160). He has yet to be found in any records with any other Combs other than his own descendants, even though his descendants are found owning land originally owned by Phillip Combes of Charles County (by 1656), and associating with the same families as the Combes of St. Mary's County (descendants of Abraham Combes and Enoch Combes).

In 1703, twenty-seven years after his arrival in Maryland, Richard purchased 200 acres of Green's Inheritance from Robert and Mary GREEN (Land Lib Z-1, fol. 70). He also acquired the tract "Addition" from William GREEN (as repayment of a debt?), and purchased part of the tract, "Christian Temple Manor."

Richard's children, none of whom are proven other than William who inherited his land, are believed to be:

William, b ca 1700, d. Sept. 1783, Charles County, Maryland, m. Winifred ENSEY (d/o John and Winnefred)

Richard, Jr., d. Jan. 1752, Frederick County, Maryland

Thomas, d. Jan. 1753, Charles County, Maryland, m. Elizabeth WHARTON




Eleanor, died Frederick County, Maryland, married (1) Dennis DOHENY, and (2) John CLEMENT

Generation Two

William COOMES, Sr. (Richard1), born ca. 1700, died testate Sep 1783; married ca. 1722 Winifred ENSEY and was exec of her father's will and guardian of her young siblings. (Perogative Court Wills Lib 21, fol. 549). He patented Coomes Hunting Place, Coomes Delight, Meadows, Duncastle, PawThickett (and PawThickett Enlarged), Coomes Park and Two Partners. He also bought Green's Inheritance, 146 acres from brother Thomas in 1747. Children:

William Jr. (William2, Richard1), died Jul 1796, married Teresa _--

Joseph (William2, Richard1), died Sep 1779, married Sarah (JENKINS?)

Sarah (William2, Richard1), married Henry GREEN

Winifred (William2, Richard1), married Walter SMITH

Mary(William2, Richard1), married Edward MILES

Elizabeth (William2, Richard1), married --- SMITH

Richard (William2, Richard1), died May 1796, married Clare GREEN

Thomas (possibly William2, Richard1)) who died before his father and had daughter, Ann, mentioned in William Sr.'s will.

Thomas (Richard1), born bef 1699; died testate, Charles County, Maryland, 1752/3; married before 1724, Elizabeth WHARTON, died 1772, Charles County. Children:

Mary Ann (Thomas2, Richard1), married bef 1753, James HAMILTON

Bennet (Thomas2, Richard1), died bef 1767, married Drusilla CULVER

Thomas Wharton (Thomas2, Richard1), living 1783 on Green's Inheritance, died 1804, Charles County, Maryland

Anastasia (Thomas2, Richard1), born 1743 died 11 Aug 1799, Iberville Parish, LA, married Joseph Ignatius HAMILTON

Ann (Thomas2, Richard1), widowed by 1775, married Roby STEWART

William (Thomas2, Richard1), born 1734-40, died 1824, Nelson County, Kentucky

Joseph (Thomas2, Richard1), died aft 1777

Francis Ignatius (Thomas2, Richard1), born 1734-52, died 1817, Hardy County, Virginia, married Cassandra CULVER

Walter (Thomas2, Richard1), born 1734-52, died 1775 in Charles County, Single

We thank Carol Collins and Joe Lewis for the above! Note also that much more information is available on all children and grandchildren than the above on our Charles County site.