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The Burton & Combs Families connect in one way or another as far back as 16th century England. The following includes some of the known or probable connections as well as more on the BEACH, CLARK, INNES, MASON UPTON & UNDERWOOD Families and more… This report is still very much under construction, and we ask that all additions/corrections be emailed to The Combs Research List

Combs Counties of Record include: VA: Gloucester Isle of Wight Lancaster Middlesex Old Rappa Richmond Stafford Westmoreland MD: St. Mary's. EN: Essex Worcestershire

Our earliest known BURTON-Combs connection includes the MASON family - as does our second known connection:

The will of Elizabeth MASSON (MASON) of Stock, Co Essex, EN, dated 2 Apr 1564, proved 15 Jun 1564, named both Joan BURTON and Besse Combs. (Wills of the County of Essex, England, Volume 1, 1558-1565, by F.G. Emmison, 1986, pg 187.)

Almost a hundred years pass before we find another Burton-Combs connection:

09 Dec 1656 (Greater London Principal Probate Registry, Act. Book, 1656, A-F, 68) Richard BURTON. Administration granted to Anne COOMBE alias BURTON, wife of George COOMBE, daughter of Richard BURTON, late in the Island of Virginia, deceased. (VSLA Survey Report No. 4336, pp.1-2, Stamp No. 04134, f.314vo) Note: Record (also?) located at Prerogative Court of Canterbury per Oldham)

The location in England Richard BURTON had resided remains unknown. Ditto for whether George & Anne BURTON Combs resided in England or Virginia (or elsewhere); however, the following records for a Richard BURTON may offer clues as to his location in Virginia:

20 Dec 1653 (VA Land Patent B3:269) Richard BURTON, 360 A on N side of Queens Cr. near the head, beg. at the mouth of Kings Cr. running to trees of Edm. WELCH. Trans. of 8 pers: Benj. MATHEWS, John LUNN, Ann GLOUCE, John SMITH, Eliz. BRISTOW, Ann SUBSTANCE, Edw. HARBROUGH, Andrew WMSON. (WILLIAMSON), Ann LOYD, Wm. LATHAM (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. I, Nugent) Search Words: LLOYD MATTHEWS

26 Feb 1653 (VA PB3:44) George THOMPSON, 400 A lying below mouth of Pieanketank Riv bounded on NW side with a tract of land surveyed for Richard BURTON, NE upon Pieanketank Riv. als. Sting rye Bay and SE upon Queens Creek. Trans. 8 pers: Jno. RICHARDS, Wm. BRACON, James LACY, James LEIGH, David DONART, Richard BRENT, Jno. LEECH, Danll. NASH (C&PI, p. 247)

Although neither of the above records name the county, they appear, based on other records, to have been, in Gloucester County. The appearance of George THOMPSON is what makes the 16th century Co Essex, EN record interesting, in that the will of Elizabeth MASSON mentions "mother THOMSON," although it is not yet clear whether Mrs. THOMPSON was actually her mother, or if the term was a courtesy one.

Another Virginia record for a Richard BURTON is of possible interesting due to William BEACH :

10 Jun 1654 (Westmoreland [later Stafford County] - VA Patent Book 3:299) Wm. BEACH, 700 A, S side of Petomeck [Potomac] Riv., & N. side of Petomeck Creek, against land of Mr. Robert YOE. Trans. of 14 pers: (includes) … Rich. BURTON… John SMITH… Marginal Note: 7 Jun 1655 Mr. FOUKE assignee of sd. BEACH, ackd. the sale hereof to Wm. EARSBY (or EARSLY) (C&PI, p. 297)

The BEACH and INNES Families appear in records with the Combs of both Westmoreland VA and St. Mary's Co MD:

1 Oct 1691 (Westmoreland Order Book, 1691-1698, p. 39a) Phillipp COMES son of Phillipp COMES is adjudged twelve yeares of age and is bound apprentice to Thomas BEACH, with him to live till hee bee one and twenty yeares of age. BEACH doth assume to teach and instruct him in the art and mastery of a brick layer which he now useth. (Westmoreland County, Virginia, Order Book 1690-1698, Part One, 1690-1 - 1692, Abstracted and Compiled by John Frederick Dorman)

One Phillip Combs d in Westmoreland Co VA in 1731. If he was Phillip the younger, then his father may well have been the Phillip Combs who was overseer in St. Mary's Co MD to Thomas GERRARD who d in Westmoreland Co VA. In St. Mary's Co MD, we find the following:

15 Mar 1698/9 (St. Mary's Co MD Admin Accts, page 93) Account of Ann ENNIS, Admr of the goods & Chattels, debts and credits of Thomas ENNIS, late of St. Mary's deceased. Said Account charges herself with all the estate of Sd decd, as per the inventory of same, amounting to 22..8..4. Disbursements went to Enoch Combs; Robert CLARKE; William COOMS; John NUTHALL; Andrew FOY. due to the estate: 13..1..6 March 15, 1698/9 Allowed by the Commissioner General Batson Regr. (St. Mary's County, Maryland, Administrative Accounts, 1674-1720, T. L. C., Miami, FL)

Enoch Combs, b ca 1638, transported himself, wife, Barbara, and son, Enoch Combs II, to St. Mary's Co MD in 1664/5. He may have been the Enoch Combs in the records of Lancaster Co VA in 1662. Abraham Combs was in Old Rappa. Co VA by 1662 until ca1676 when he removed to St. Mary's Co MD with daughter, Sarah, who afterward m Robert CLARK. William Combs above is believed to have been a son of Enoch Combs I. It is not known why Enoch and William Combs and Robert CLARKE received disbursements from Thomas ENNIS' estate.

Little more is known of ENNIS himself - other than that the INNES and BEECH Families of St. Mary's Co MD were closely associated:

25 Mar 1659 - 17 Jul, 1669 (St. Mary's MD Wills) .Will of William COALE [COLE] of St. Jerome's, St. Mary's Co., To dau. Sara, wife of Elias BEACH, personalty. To wife Sara, execx., residue of estate, during widowhood. In event of marriage of said wife, estate to be equally divided between wife Sara, and child., viz: Richard, William, John, Nicholas and dau. Mary COALE. Test: Thos. PAIR, Thos. GRIFFIN. (1. 335. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1, Jane Baldwin Cotton, Baltimore MD, 1904)

22 Jan 1663 - (no date proved) (Maryland Wills 1.169) Will of Anna BEACH, widow of Elias BEECH [sic]. To eld. dau. Mary BEACH, (aged 10 yrs., 7 wks.) young. dau. Rebecca BEACH, (aged 3 yrs., 6 mos.) young. son Thomas BEACH, (aged 1 yrs., 7 wks.,) personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Thos INNES. John BOULTON. (Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1, Jane Baldwin Cotton, Baltimore MD, 1904)

10 Oct 1667 St. Mary's Co MD. Warrant to Daniel CLARK and Thomas ENNIS to appraise the estate of John NUTHALL, deceased. (Register of Maryland's Heraldic Families)

26th Jan., 1675 - 21st Feb., 1675. Maryland Will of Thomas LOQUER, Son Thomas, ex. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Sd. son to be sent to Eng. to be educated. Overseers: Thos. INNES, Elias BEACH. Test: Matthias WOODS, Nich. PAINTER. (2. 399. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1, Jane Baldwin Cotton, Baltimore MD, 1904)

Back in Virginia, we also have:

25 Dec 1709 (Richmond VA Wills) Will of James INNES of Richmond sick but of sound memory, dated 12/25/1709, proved 6 Dec 1710. names daughters, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah, sons, Enoch, James (land by Mr. JACKSONS) (both sons under age), daughter Sarah, executor, mentions servant Hugh MATLER, gray horse to wife. If sons die, then all to dau Sarah. s/James INNES {Seal}. Wits: John H. HUST, James B. HUST, John B. BARTHOLOMEW, Jr. (VA Families who add that Hannah m Charles BRENT of Stafford VA)

31 Jan 1665 - 2 Apr 1670 (Isle of Wight - VA Land Patent Book 6:285) James ENNIS & His Sonne James, 200 A, Lower Parish, upon the mayne br. of Pagan Cr. adj. land of Capt. Jno. UPTON, now in Jno. WHEATLEYE'S possession & the Batchellors plantation, now in possession of Peter GARLAND; Granted to Mr. Peter KNIGHT 13 Mar 1638 who sold to sd. ENNIS last day of Jan. 1665. (C&P II:72)

Note: It is not known if any of the four James INNES above are the same. We do know that Capt. Jno. UPTON married Margaret _____ Underwood, mother of Col. William UNDERWOOD whose widow, Elizabeth m next ca 1663, Archdale Combs I of Old Rappahannock Co VA which brings us back full circle to the BURTONS:

22 Jul 1663 (Rappahannock Records, Vol. 1656-64, p. 342) "July 22, 1663, William UNDERWOOD, son and heir of William UNDERWOOD, Senr., late of Rappahannock County in Virginia in this part of America appoint my uncle William MOSELEY as guardian and attorney for me to care for the estate bequeathed by my father's will. He to send to my uncle Edward BURTON, Gent. of Kedeminster in County of Worcester to whom I have entrusted my education the income out of my estates in Virginia. I the said William UNDERWOOD am of the age of fourteen and one half years. 20 July 1663." (signed) William UNDERWOOD. Witnessed by Edward GRIGGS [Indexed GRIGGS], Will. JENKINS. Thomas HARTWELL Notr. Pub. of the City of Bristol whom I have desired to certify my true meaning. (Rappa. Co VA Records, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA)

The above William UNDERWOOD the younger was the son of Col. Wm. & Mary (BURTON? MOSELEY?) UNDERWOOD, thus step-son to Archdale and Elizabeth UNKNOWN Underwood Underwood Combs. But who was Edward BURTON?

Col. William UNDERWOOD'S mother, Margaret, had m: Capt. John UPTON, which is where we find another ENNIS connection:

Our next Burton-Combs Connection is actually a BURTON-MASON connection; i.e., the marriage of Joseph(?) MASON to Elizabeth BURTON on 11 Jul 1678 in Christ Church Parish (Christ Church Parish Register, Middlesex, Virginia, 1653-1812, John Otto Yurechko, Family Line Publications, Westminster MD, 1996) which brings us to Ann "Hannah" (MASON?) Combs of Richmond and the question as to whether she might have been the daughter born to Josiah [sic] & Elizabeth MASON on 6 Jun 1680. (ibid.)

To be continued…