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Loudoun Co, VA Chronology of Records 1800-????

Note: Except where otherwise noted, all 1800s Loudoun Deeds were abstracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont.

25 March 1800 Loudoun County Deeds, 1757-1812. B&S 2A, f. 159 . For L125 Tract owned by Andrew COMBS. 78 acres. THIS INDENTURE made this twenty fifth Day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred Between Mary COMBS, John COMBS and Ann his wife Mahlon COMBS and Sarah his wife Israel COMBS and Jane his wife all of the County of Loudon and State of Virginia of the one part & William TOMLINSON of the County and State aforesaid of the other part...a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County and State aforesaid it being the one Moeity or half of a tract that Andrew COMBS (Deceased) died possessed of which tract is bounded as followeth Viz beginning at a stone and Maple in a branch in a line of the original thence south 545 W 20% poles to a black oak marked H corner to the original thence with the original line at 15% E poles to a stone and black oak .... containing 70 acres 1 Rood and 20 poles of land be the same more or less and all houses buildings ways waters watercourses orchards profits commodities Hereditaments & appurtanences whatsoever to the said premises... Signed Sealed & Delivered In the presence of Matthew RUST, John MUDD, Temple SMITH.
Mary (her M mark) COMBS
John (his / mark) COMBS
Nancy (her / mark) COMBS
Mahlon COMBS
Sarah (her 7 Mark) COMBS
Israel (his M mark) COMBS [mark looks like a three-tonged comb]
Jane (her / mark) COMBS

TM: I have a photocopy of this and will transcribe later - it is rather lengthy.

Notes: The above are Mary, widow of Andrew COMBS I of Tonoloways, and her three youngest sons: RW John & Nancy GREEN (Vinnander) COMBS; RW Mahlon & Sarah COMBS; and Israel and Jane COMBS. The land may have been the 150 acres purchased by Andrew in 1766. Also note that there were two Israel and Jane COMBS (See the 1815 marriage of Israel COMBS (s/o RW Mahlon I?) and Jane BOLLING).

1800 Loudoun Co VA Census Index

No extant census (Extant Tax lists?).

abt 1800 Loudoun Co, VA. Born: Alexander COMBS

Notes: The 1850 Russell Co VA Census lists Alexander as age “5-” (b 1791-1800), b Loudoun Co, VA. In both 1830 and 1840 in Russell, he was listed as b 1800-1810. In 1860 in Russell, he was listed as age 62, and his Apr 1868 headstone lists him as b 1795 (Scott Co, VA Cemetery Records).

9 Sep 1800 Loudon Co, VA Order Book - Indenture of bargain and sale between Mary COMBS and John COMBS and Nancy his Wife, Mahlon COMBS and Sarah his Wife of the one part and William TOMLINSON of the other part was proved by the oaths of Matthew ROUST John MUDD and Temple SMITH the subscribing Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be recorded.


Will of William Thompson, Loudon County Wills Book F, f. 190: 1800. John Vernon, Exor.; daughters Sarah and Mary Tomlinson, Bernard Taylor, Exor; daughter Elizabeth Tomlinson; sons William and Thomas Tomlinson; wife Mary Tomlinson. Wit: Isaac Hook, John Mudd; Mahlon Combs.

Will of John Mudd, Book L, f. 155; 1810-1815: Sister in law Trecey Doudle; Walter Mudd, brother; John Mudd, nephew and son of Walter; Patty Mudd, wife; Capt. Thomas Gregg, Exor. Wit: Abijah Janney, John Cummings, Gabriel Megeat

Extracted by Thom Mont from Index To Loudon County, Virginia, Wills 1757-1850; Comp. by Louisia Skinner Hutchison; Willow Bend Books; Lovettsville, Va.; 1997:

TM Note: Gabriel Megeath and his wife Martha were good friends of John and Nancy Green, widow Vinander, COOMBS, per Martha's testimony and based on the fact that the Megeath tombstone is just in front of John Coombs' tombstone.

COMBS LOVE [needs date] Augustine Love to pay Israel Combs fifty three cents for one day attending court in court as witness against Simpson. Continues into 1802.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

9 Feb 1802 COMBS LOVE: Ordered that Augustine Love pay unto Israel Combs one dollar and six cents for two days attendance as a witness for him at the petition of Simpson. [William Simpson assignee of Francis [Titusfelt?] v. Augustine Love, discharged the same date with costs].


Submitted by Thom Mont.

16 Jun 1802 COMBS LOVE: Mahlon Combs, plaintiff v. Augustine Love, defendant. The parties attorneys mutually submit all matters of difference between them in this suit to the final determination of Leven Powel, Matthew Rust, Edward Coe & Leven Luckett or any two of them whose award thereupon is to be made the Judgment of the Court and the said arbitrators may proceed to make their award expartie in this case either party shall fail to attend them after receiving ten days previous notice of the time and place appointed for that purpose and the same is ordered accordingly.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

15 Sept 1802 Commonwealth v. Maling Combs; Commonwealth v. Malon Combs.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

15 Sep 1802 Commonwealth v. Joseph Combs


Submitted by Thom Mont.

9 Nov 1802 COMBS LOVE: Mahlon Combs plaintiff v. Augustine Love defendant In Case
The arbitrators.this day returned their Award in these words. We the subscribers having Examined the accts produced to us by the parties in this suit and heard their witnesses are of opinion that the Defendant is justly indebted to the plaintiff in the sum of twenty two pounds nineteen shillings and six pence and that he ought to have judgment for the sum together with his costs. Certified this 10th day of September 1802. Leven Powell, Matthew Rust, Leven Luckett.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

Nov 1802. Loudoun Co VA Marriage Returns. DOYLE, Charles & Nancy COMBS m. by John DUNN, Protestant Episcopal, no church listed

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

ca1803. British Mercantile Claim. Joseph COMBS of Loudon. L189.9.3; penal bill to Payne POWELL for 6 due 1 June 1770 included in this account. Removed to Kentucky about fifteen years ago, insolvent.”

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 23, No. 4 regarding British mercantile claims of about 1803 p. 279)

Note: About 15 years prior to ca 1803 would be ca 1788, but could also be 5 years either way (1783-1793) or even more. Which Joseph COMBS?

7 Jan 1803 Mahlon Combs, plaintiff, Augustine Love, Andrew Campbell, defendants. Upon a motion for a judg't on a forthcoming [time?] for the delivery of property taken by virtue of an [?] sued out of this court by the plaintiff against the goods and chattels of the defendant Augustine Love on the 11th day of November 1802. George Rust witness. Court ordered 55/8/6 penalty, to be lifted upon payment of 27/14/3 with interest.


Submitted by Thom Mont.

ca 1803 British Mercantile Claims. “James TRIPLETT of Prince William. L3.10.9, bond 3 July 1774, payable 3 Oct. 1774. Died about 1785, insolvent....Estate of Wm C LANE of Prince William. Bond L31.1.0, due L12.12.0 with interest from 7 Aug. 1770. Able. SIMON TRIPLETT, executor, solvent and will pay if due.”

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 23, No. 4 regarding British mercantile claims of about 1803 p. 278)

12 Mar 1804. Loudoun Co VA Marriage Returns. COMBS, James & Ann ORRISON. m. by John LITTLEJOHN, Methodist Episcopal, no specific church listed. (Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

Notes: If this is the James COMBS of the 1810 Loudoun Co, VA census, either he was quite elderly or not the eldest in his household. See also Orrison G. COMBS of Caswell Co, NC and Benton Co, TN. Possibly significant?

14 May 1804 Loudoun County Deeds, 1757-1812. B & S 2E f. 311 Mahlon and Sarah COMBS to Baptist Church, the North Fork Meeting House $1 Land “on which North Fork Meeting House stands.”

23 May 1804. Loudoun Co VA Marriage Returns. CORDELL, Martin & Martha COMBS m. 23 May 1804 by John LITTLEJOHN, Methodist Episcopal, no specific church listed.

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

31 Oct 1804. Loudoun Co VA Marriage Returns. COMBS, Robert & Nancy SEARS. m. by William WILLIAMSON (no church or religious denomination given)

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

Notes: Robert COMBS, b 18 Feb 1779, Loudoun Co, VA, d 6 May 1851, Morgan Co, OH?; m Nancy SEARS, b 13 Sep 1784, Loudoun Co, VA; d 18 Feb 1839, Morgan Co, OH. According to newspaper interview of their son, Burr Harrison COMBS (twin of Nimrod Ashby COMBS, both b in Loudoun in 1815), the family left Loudoun in 1825, first removed to Belmont OH where they spent some short time, and where the SEARS Family had previously located, then moved on to Morgan County. Both are buried in Noble Co, OH (est. from Morgan in 1851). Given Robert's own given name and that of his twin sons, he would appear to be kin to RW Robert COMBS, s/o Joseph COMBS II of Loudoun. See also Burr COMBS (b ca 1797) of Fauquier Co, VA, and note that the DAR Lineage of Sadie K. Combs (Vol. 111) incorrectly lists Robert, h/o Nancy SEARS as RW Robert COMBS.

3 Jan 1805 COCKRILL, John & Tamer COMBS m.. by William WILLIAMSON (no church or religious denomination given)

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

11 Feb 1805 Loudoun County Deeds, 1757-1812. B&S 2F, f. 214 Mahlon and Sarah COOMBS to John MCCORMICK for $534 tract in Berkeley County [VA] on Sleepy Creek granted John SMITH by patent 1776. 133 acres.

Notes: It is not known when or how this land was acquired. Could earlier land records provide an implied marriage record for Mahlon and Sarah?

3 Aug 1806. MELLON, Eli & Elizabeth COMBS. m. by John DUNN, Protestant Episcopal (no church listed)

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

02 Sep 1806 (VA North Neck Grants A2:39, * Orig. NN Survey 6:247) Mahlon COMBS 3 A on waters of Goose Creek, Loudoun County, adj. HOUGH, STUDDARTH, &c. (Combs Land of Virginia)

Note: RW Mahlon COMBS I, s/o Andrew COMBS I. See next.

GRANTEE Combs, Mahlon. grantee.
DATE 2 September 1806.
NOTE Location: Loudoun County.
NOTE Description: 3 acres on the waters of Goose Creek, adjoining Hough, Studdarth &c.
NOTE Source: Northern Neck Grants A, 1722-1726, p. 39 (Reel 290).
NOTE Recorded survey available. Northern Neck Surveys No. 6, 1802-1809, p. 247 (Reel 317).
NOTE Original survey exists.
NOTE Part of the index to recorded copies of land grants issued by the agents of the Fairfax Proprietary between 1690 and 1781 and by the Commonwealth between 1786 and 1874. Original and recorded surveys are also indexed when available. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.
OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Northern Neck Grants, reels 288-311.
OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Northern Neck Surveys, 1-6, A-E, reels 312-320.

Submitted by Denise Mortorff: extracted from VSLA website

13 Oct 1807. Loudon County Court Order Books. John LITTLEJOHN, Samuel MURRAY, John HARDING and John MCCORMACK to examine ... and settle the accounts of Obadiah CLIFFORD, Admr of Joseph COMBS, decd.

(Abstracted from courthouse copies by Combs Researcher Thom Mont who adds: Rev. John LITTLEJOHN married several of the descendants of Andrew COMBS I)

Notes: Which Joseph COMBS? Relationship of Obediah CLIFFORD to COMBS, if any? No Obediah CLIFFORD located on 1810 Census Index (but much of the Southern States 1810 is missing); however, an Elisabeth CLIFFERD [sic] is listed on p. 310 of the 1810 Loudoun Co, VA census (20010-20010-11). The nearest Combs listing is on p. 290 (Mahlon). A Marriage Index CD includes the 16 Sep 1799, Loudoun Co, VA marriage of Obediah CLIFFORD to Betsy COWPER.

According to The Combes Genealogy…, Joseph Combs II (s/o Joseph Combs I of Stafford) was a vestryman in Shelbourne Parish from 1771 to 1806, dying “shortly thereafter, around 1808;” however, it now appears possible that this may have been based on an erroneous assumption since Joseph last served as a vestryman in 1786 (See 1772 Shelburne Parish Vestry Notes).

10 Nov 1807 Loudon County Court Order Books. Mahlon COMBS vs Israel COMBS - Case reinstated “having been dismissed by mistake.”

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from courthouse copies)

16 Mar 1809 Loudon County Court Order Books. John COMBS vs. Mahlon COMBS. "This day came the parties by their attorneys and thereupon comes also a Jury to wit Robert HOUGH, Barton LUCAS, Robert MOFFETT, Garrett HOUGH, John HALLING, John NIXON, John MYERS, Charles DRISH, Giles TILLETT (FILLETT?), John HAMMERLY, Jesse SILCOTT and James LUCAS who being elected tried and sworn the truth to speak upon the Issue Joined upon their Oaths returned verdict (for) Plff nine pounds Eleven shillings and five pence damages with Interest on L18.19.5 the principal sum due from this day. Therefore It is considered by the Court that the Plff recover against the Def his aforesaid in manner and form aforesaid assessed with Interest as aforesaidand his costs by him about his suit in this behalf expended and the said defendant in mercy, etc.”

[Undated - Book covers 1808-1811] Loudoun County Deeds, 1757-1812. B & S, 2K, f. 54: Israel COOMBS to Eliza JANNY of Alexandria DC for $200, land North side Beaver Dam Branch of Goose Creek - 150 acres.

Notes: This is probably Israel, s/o Andrew COMBS I of Tonoloways, who inherited 150 acres from his father (will dated 1773, Loudoun).

29 Mar 1808-13 Jan 1812 (Loudoun Co VA Will Book K:73) Will of James CRAIG, written 29 March 1808, probated 13 Jan 1812, Loudoun Co., VA, mentions son-in-laws Edward CAVENS and John COMBS; daughters Agnes REDMAN and Izabel HUDDLESTON; grandsons Isaac and James, sons of William, deceased; sons James and Samuel; and daughter-in-law Rebecca, wife of James. Witnessed by Israel JANNEY, John BROWN and James BROWN.

(Loudoun Co VA Will Book K, page #73, abstracted by Craig Researcher Bob Craig (Craig Family of Loudoun Co, VA))

Note: John is thought to have been RW John COMBS, s/o Andrew I, who had three small children by 1781, and m (2) in 1797, Nancy (GREEN) Venander. According to the research of Bob Craig, James CRAIG's identified children were all born between 1759 and 1776. A second Combs Connection to the Craig Family is that of the above Samuel CRAIG (1776-1842) who m 13 Oct 1796, Loudoun Co, VA, Mary HUGHES (d/o Isaac & Mary WARNE Hughes) and later removed to Hopkins Co, KY where his daughter, Mary Ann (1815-1886), married 25 Feb 1836, William COMBS (1805-1887), s/o John and Mary “Polly” ADAMS Combs who had m 15 Feb 1798, Mercer Co, KY; resided in Henderson Co, KY in 1800 (tax lists), that part which became Hopkins in 1807, where John COMBS (ancestry unknown), b pre-1765, appears on the 1810 Hopkins Co, KY Census. Of others (selected) of James CRAIG'S children:

  1. Margaret CRAIG m Edward CAVENS. They sold land holdings in Loudoun in 1782 and in 1789 Edward was recorded in Fayette Co, KY where he d in 1814.
  2. William CRAIG (m 4 Apr 1783, Loudoun, Deborah, d/o William and Mary COE Holmes, Jr.) d in Jan 1808 in Hanoverton, Columbiana Co, OH (to where Loudoun Combs also removed, although later); Agnes m 1784, Loudoun, Aaron REDMAN., They, too, removed to Fayette Co, KY in the 1780s, but by 1798 were in Green Co, KY, that part which became Adair in 1801-1802. Both Aaron and Agnes d in Gibson Co, IN, Aaron in 1840 and Agnes in 1853.
  3. James CRAIG m 1803, Loudoun, Rebecca TITUS (d/o Francis & Jane PATTERSON Titus), and they remained in Loudoun.

01 Jan 1809. Loudoun Co VA Marriage Returns. Amos FOUCH & Ann COMBS m. Jan 1809 by John DUNN, Protestant Episcopal (no church listed)

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

Notes: According to the Family Bible of Amos & Anna COOMBS Fouch, Amos was the s/o Thomas FOUCH and Sarah COOMBS (d/o John & Alice JOLLY Coombs I of Tonoloways) and Anna [sic] the d/o RW Mahlon & Sarah COOMBS.

9 December 1809 Loudoun County Deeds, 1757-1812. B&S 2L f. 21 Mahlon and Sarah COOMBS to Eli MILLAN for $47.51 4 1/2 acres without 1/2 acre sold trustees North Fork meeting house, sold to COOMBS by CLAGETT Book Z f. 34 - see above).

24 May 1810 Loudoun County Deeds, 1757-1812. B & S 2M, f. 357 for $1 land from Eli and Elizabeth MILLAN to Mahlon and Sarah COMBS, 4 1/2 acres same conveyed by COMBS to MILLAN Dec 9 1809.

Notes: See 3 Aug 1806 Loudoun marriage record for Eli MELLON and Elizabeth COMBS. Was Elizabeth d/o Mahlon?

1810 Loudoun Co VA Census

Page 276:
POWELL, Leven: 31201-00011-09

Page 278:

COMBS, Israel: 01101-12001-01 (eldest male b pre-1765)

Page 280:

TRIPLETT, Ruben: 31010-10010-12

Page 284:

COMBS, Robert: 10100-10100-00 (eldest male b 1785-1794)

Page 287:

COMBS, James: 32001-11001-00 (eldest male b pre-1765)

Page 288 :

MILLEN, Eli: 10310-10100-00
TRIPLETT, Reuben: 21201-12301-00

Page 290:

COMBS, Mahlor [Mahlon]: 10210-00100-00 (eldest male b 1765-1784)

(Census CD)

Note: Source records needed as Census CDs are notoriously unreliable)

Notes: Of the above men, only Robert COMBS (h/o Nancy SEARS) appears to have still been in Loudoun in 1820 (He was born 18 Feb 1779 [sic] per Morgan Co, OH records). Israel COMBS I (b ca 1763) and RW Mahlon COMBS I (b ca 1759 [sic]) were both s/o Andrew COMBS I of Tonoloways. By 1820, Israel I was in Perry Co, OH, and Mahlon I in Licking Co, OH. Missing are RW John & Nancy VINNANDER Combs and Amos & Thomas FOUCH. The ancestry of both Robert and James COMBS is unknown (Given the 1804 marriage of James COMBS & Ann ORRISON, is it possible that James was not eldest in this household?). See 1787 Frederick Co, MD marriage of Reuben TRIPLETT and Rebecca COOMBS. See 1806 Loudoun marriage of Eli MELLON and Elizabeth COMBS.

17 August 1810 Loudoun County Deeds, 1757-1812. B&S 2M f 355 Mahlon and Sarah COOMBS to Baptist Church for $77 North Fork land adj. where COMBS lives and where meeting house stands.

8 Sept. 1810 Loudoun County Deeds, 1757-1812. B&S 2M f. 352 Mahlon and Sarah COOMBS to William WILKISON, deed of trust debt of $100 owed WILKISON. Security land adj. North Fork Baptist meeting house - east side of Philip VANSICKLER.

1811-1815 (Loudoun Co VA Will Book L:65) Will of William SUDDITH names: Peggy Thomson ATWELL, Dau.; Malinda FOX, Gr-Dau., dau. of Grace; Thompson ATWELL, Gr-Son; Jesse ATWELL, Son-in-law; Elizabeth GREEN, companion; Narcissa GEEN (GHEEN), dau; William ATWELL, Gr-Son; Grace Minton FOX, Dau.; Philip VANSICKLER, Exor. Wits: John BROWN, Nathan BROWN, Israel COMBS.

("Index to Loudoun Co. VA Wills 1757-1850,” Hutchison)

Notes: See also Combs-Sudduth of 1787 Loudoun Co VA, and note presence of Nathan BROWN (See 1827 below).

Feb 1811. Loudoun Co VA Marriage Returns. COMBS, Andrew & Abigail ODEN m. by John DUNN, Protestant Episcopal, no church listed

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

Note: One marriage CD lists Abigail's surname as IDEN. Who was this Andrew COMBS?

21 March 1814. Loudon County VA Deeds 1813-1833. B&S 2R f. 286. John Foundling COMBES to Nathan NICHOLS for $15 land near Blue Ridge. 11 poles.

Notes: See also John F. COMBS of 1831 Loudoun. 

9 Feb 1815 Loudoun Co VA Marriage Returns. COMBS, Israel & Jane BOLLING. m. by John DUNN, Protestant Episcopal, no church listed”

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

Notes: According to the DAR Application of Mrs. Marian A. CONKLIN, b Kendall Co, IL, she was the w/o Lemuel H. CONKLIN, Daughter of John W. and Milley MISNER Coombs, gd/o “Israel COOMBS and - BOLAN, his wife;” and ggd/o RW Mahlon COOMBS and Rebecca NORTON of Loudoun Co VA and Licking Co, OH. It is not known if the above is the same Israel COMBS, but presumably she knew the maiden name of her grandmother (although odd that she wouldn't know first name. Did Jane (or whomever) die young? Or did they separate? (See also other records documenting Mahlon w/wife, Sarah, 1800 Loudoun record of Israel (s/o Andrew I of Tonoloways w/wife, Jane, and the 1837 Loudoun marriage of Oswell & Emily CARTER Combs)

May 1815. Loudoun Co, VA Marriage Returns. ELLIS, Henry & Jane COMBS m. May 1815 by John DUNN, Protestant Episcopal (no church listed)

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

5 Nov 1815. Loudoun Co VA Marriage Returns. HERRON, William & Malinda COMBES m. 5 Nov 1815 by John DUNN, Protestant Episcopal (no church listed)

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

Note: One marriage CD spells Malinda COMBS. See also Combs-Herron marriages in Nelson Co, KY

1 Jan 1817 LC-DB 2W:234 (dated 1 Jan 1817; rec: 14 May 1818) Daniel BROWN and wife Rachel of Ldn to Jonathan SCHOFFIELD of Alexandria. BoS of 80a with water grist and saw mill on Goose Creek. Wit: William Coombs, R H CLEMENTS, Presley JACOBS, Ephraim GILMAN, William BRONAUGH, and Thos GREGG. (Source: Index to Loudoun County, Virginia, Deed Books 2V - 3D 1817 to 1822, p. 51-2, orig: LC-DB2W:234)

07-18 Aug 1818 Montgomery County, Kentucky Deed Book 8, page 446. Power of Attorney. Leven LUCKETT and Townshend D. PEYTON to William F. LUCKETT. Deed. Leven LUCKETT of Loudoun Co, VA to John COMBS of Montgomery Co, KY, part of a tract entered and patented in the name of Francis PEYTON, bearing date the 24th of December 1785, which said tract with two other adjoining was by the said Francis PEYTON divided to _____ to William HALE, Leven LUCKETT and Townshend D. PEYTON and afterwards by written agreement between the said William, Leven and Townshend, divided all of which will appear by a reference to the said Francis (PEYTON'S) last will and testament and the will in agreement aforesaid both of which [are filed with the Montgomery Co KY Courts].

Notes: John COMBS' ancestry has not been determined as yet. According to the “Peytons of Virginia,” Townsend Dade PEYTON, b 1774, Loudoun Co, VA; d. 25 Aug 1852, Oxford, Butler Co, OH; m Harriet Colston BEAL (Partial Reference -- Seeking Ancestry of Townsend. Was he s/o John & Seth HARRISON Peyton, brother-in-law of Joseph COMBS (See Combs-Harrison Families)? According to a 15 Nov 1830 deposition given by Townshend D. PEYTON, he was the brother-in-law of Leven LUCKETT, father of William F. LUCKETT and others... (Loudoun Co, VA Estate file of Leven LUCKETT (1762-1829), Loudoun Co, VA GenConnect Wills Board)

1820 US Census Index, Loudoun Co VA

Waterford Twp

Page 149

Thomas GREGG

Page 151

John COOMES [RW John? Missing in 1810]
Thomas GREGG

Page 152

Robert COOMES [m 1804, Nancy SEARS]
Thompson FOUCH [a.k.a. Thomas who m Sarah COMBS, d/o John & Alice JOLLY Combs I?]

Notes: This census not yet transcribed (needed!); however, John COOMES may have been the Rev. Soldier (missing in 1810). note the War of 1812 pension application of John COMBS who served in the VA Militia of Capt. Thomas GREGG, and who m Anna MILNER in 1816 in Columbiana OH (also lived in Carroll and Stark Cos OH and Decatur IA). Also note the much earlier appearance in Loudoun Co VA of a John MILNER who was tithed in 1787 (a year when lists were by “neighborhood") on same date as Capt. Joseph COMBS II. See also 1840 Henry Co, KY marriage of Lafayette & Evaline COMBS Milner, the latter ggd/o Samuel & Mary WILKES Combs of Loudoun VA and Nelson Co, KY.

17 October 1823. Loudoun County, Virginia Deed Book 3-G, 1823-1824. p. 332. Joseph COMBS and Eleanor, his wife, of Wayne County, State of Ohio, of the one part and Sarah BROWN, Maria Nichals BROWN, John Harman BROWN, Martha Ann BROWN, William Harman BROWN, and Mary Ann BROWN, children, heirs, and representatives of Nathan BROWN, dec'd, of Loudoun County in the state of Virginia. Whereas Nathan BROWN did buy from the said Joseph COMBS his interest in one sixth part of land in Loudoun County near the north fork of Goose Creek, which Andrew COMBS died siezed and possessed containing about 150 acres as will appear by refering to the Last Will and Testament of Andrew COOMBS now on record in the county and Court of Loudoun. For the sum of $200 paid to the said Joseph COOMBS by Nathan BROWN. And whereas the said Nathan BROWN has since departed this life, intestate, leaving the above named Sarah BROWN, Maria NICHOLS, Phebe BROWN, John Harmon BROWN, Marthann BROWN, William Harman BROWN and Mary Ann BROWN, his children, heirs at law to his estate, Joseph COMBS does convey his one-sixth part of the 150 acres... Joseph [his X mark] COMBS. [Elleanor [her X mark] COMBS. Witnesses: Benjamin GOCLAVOT?, Lewis GUNSTOFF

State of Ohio, Wayne county
We, Jesse MORGAN and Samuel SPENCER, Justices of the Peace in the county aforesaid do certify that Joseph COMBS and Elleanor, his wife, parties to a certain deed bearing date 17 October 1823 have appeared before us and desired to certify the said acknowledgements to the Clerk of the County Court of Loudoun in the state of Virginia in order that the said Deed may be recorded this 17th day of October 1823.

(Researcher Pat Combs O'Dell)

1827 (Holmes Co, OH Estate Records) Joseph COMBS of Holmes Co., OH, died 1827, received into his estate “a dividend %” from the estate of Nathan BROWN of Loudoun Co. VA by executors of that estate named HOLMES & NICHOLS...

(Combs Researcher Bob Combs)

Notes: Prior to his move to Wayne (later Holmes) Co, OH in 1819, the above Joseph COMBS (s/o Andrew COMBS I of Tonoloways) was of Fayette Co, PA.

Undated in original, but probably ca 1823. Rec. ca 1832 Loudon County VA Deeds 1813-1833. B&S 3Y f 130 Andrew COOMBS Jr to Nathan BROWN'S heirs. Widow of Andrew, Jr., Mary. Chancery suit in which Mahlon, Israel and Joseph COMBS were defendants - property sold. Right of Andrew COMBS Jr in land devised by Andrew COMBS Sr 25 May 1773 1 undivided 6th part North Fork of Goose Creek. Also right of William COMBS, Edward BROWN and Patty COOMBS his wife, Edward COMBS, Viena COMBS, Jonas and Abigal (COMBS) Lucas, Mary, Lucinda COMBS, heirs of Andrew Jr.

Notes: Andrew COMBS, Jr. (deceased) was the s/o Andrew COMBS I of Tonoloways. It is not yet known when or where he died; however, it was prior to 11 Aug 1818 when his widow, Mary, consented to the Nelson Co, KY marriage of their daughter, Abigail COOMBS, to Jonah [sic] LUCAS. Andrew has not been identified in 1810 census yet, nor Mary and children found in 1820 as yet although it seems likely they were residing in or near Nelson Co, KY since on 1 May 1821 in Nelson, Mary (listed as widow of Andrew) consented to the marriage of her daughter, Mary COOMBS, to William COOMBS (Edward COOMBS, Bondsman). At some time between 1826 and 1830, William COMBS [sic] removed to Owen Co, IN where are also found the 1827 and 1829 marriage records of Vianna [sic] and Lucinda COMBS respectively (thus this record pre-1827). It is not yet known if the above-named William COMBS was the s/o Andrew, Jr. or his son-in-law (h/o daughter, Mary) since only one Mary COMBS (the widow?) is listed as an heir above. Important! Many past researchers, not having this record, have mistakenly assumed that Andrew, Jr. was the s/o Edward & Rebecca STILLWELL Coombs I of Tonoloways and Nelson.

Nathan BROWN, deceased, is identified as follows:

25 Feb 1823 Loudoun Co., VA Will Book R - page 181. Will of John BROWN of Loudoun Co, VA leaves all his estate to daughter-in-law Ann BROWN, except his interest on his brother William BROWN'S land & bonds. Everything to pass to her sons and his grandsons John Harrison BROWN & William Holmes BROWN, with cash payouts to his daughters Lydia POTTS, Elizabeth POTTS, & Hannah GREGG wife of Thomas GREGG... John HOLMES & Amer NICHOLS named Executors...Witnesses: Stephen KERRICK, John PURSEL, & Jesse HOGUE...... Codicil: If both grandsons named above should die before reaching age 21 that all to go to “my deceased son Nathan BROWN'S heirs and assigns".

June 9, 1828 the will was proved and recorded at Loudoun court on motion of Amer NICHOLS with Ann BROWN and William HOLMES his securities as bond.

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Bob Combs who adds that: It appears this estate is the one which paid on behalf of Nathan BROWN to the estate of Joseph COMBS, Sr. in Wayne Co, OH for the purchase of land in Loudoun Co, VA per deed dtd. Oct. 17, 1823)

Note: See also Nathan BROWN & Joseph COMBS of 1786 Fayette Co, PA, and Nathan BROWN and David COMBS of 1789 Hampshire Co, VA (WV).

January 4, 1825 Genius of Liberty (newspaper), Leesburg, Loudoun Co, VA, p.3: Letters at Leesburg Post Office as of January 1, which, if not removed as of 1st April next, will be sent to the General Post Office, as dead letters. C.A. ALEXANDER, George ARMISTEAD, Rev. R. BURCH, Lewis BEATY, Elisa. H. BRISCOE, Lewis BEARD, Milly BUSHEAP, Anna BRADFIELD, Saml BECKLEY, Fielding BROWN, Hannah BROWN, Phillip BROOKS, Miss BEVERLEYS [sic], Saml. BUCK, Daniel BROWN, Robert BENTLEY, Clerk of Loudoun from Lynchburg, Va, Doct. CLIGATT, Saml. CLAPHAM, esquire, 2; Capt. Geo. M. CHICHESTER, 2; John CARR, Geo. CARTER, Mrs. Martha CORDELL, Chas. L. CHINN, Wm. CLEMENTS, shf; Israel COMBY, Charles Wm. DADE, George DONOHOE, Howell DAVIS, Saml. DAVIS, Henry M. DOWLING, Chas. G. ESKRIDGE, John M. EDWARDS, Wm. ELGIN, Gustavis [sic] ELGIN, President and Directors of Ashby's Gap Turnpike Company, Robert FULTON, Thos. FOUCH esq., Sanford FLING, Saml. FITZSIMMONS, Miss E. C. FITZGERALD, Susan FORTNEY, Miss Eliza GARRETT, Elizabeth P. GREGG, Mary GREGG, Miss Elizabeth A. GARDNER, Julius HAMILTON, Robt. B. HOUGH, David HANDLEY, John A. HOPE, Mrs. Lucinda HAVENER, Simeon HILLMAN, Josiah HALL, Benj. HAGERMAN, Jas. H. HAMILTON, Thomas HARRISON, Charles O'HARA, Rebecca KENWORTHY, Hezekiah KIDWELL, Miss C. E. LACEY, Dr. Geo. LEE, Dr. Francis LEE, Ludwell LEE, esq. 2; Rd. H. LEE, esq. 2; Wm. LANHAM, Mary BOWMAN, care of Edmund I. LEE, esq. Richard H. LOVE, Stacy LACEY; Jno. J?. MATHIAS, esq., Thomson MASON, esquire 2; John MORES, Catharine MATTHEW, Townsend McVEIGH, George McMULLIN, John MARKWORD, Susan McCARTY, Rev. Wm. McDOWELL, Miss Helen C. McCORMICK; Nancy ORRISON, Miss Matilda PRICE, Susan PROCTOR, Joseph PERRY, John D. PERRY, William PIGGOTT; Charles RUSSEL [sic], Gurley REEDER, Nancy RIGHT; Benj. SHRIEVE, Samuel SINGLETON, Sampson SAGE, Elizabeth SPUNT, Stephen SANDS, Henson SIMPSON, 2; Augustine M. SANFORD, George SINCLAIR, 2; Elizabeth STEWARD; Rev. S. TUSTON, 2; John THOMAS, Miss Alice T. TAYLOR, Miss Elizabeth TIMMS, Tunis TITUS, James TIPPETT, Charles VERMILION, Thomas VEALE, Garrat WYNCOOP, Mary WATERS, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Burr WEEKS, Dr. John T. WILSON, Elizabeth WILSON, Mrs. Ann WRIGHT, George WASHINGTON [sic], 2; Anthony WILSON, David YOUNG.

1825 Transcriptions from the Genius of Liberty, Leesburg, Loudoun Co, VA, Loudoun GenWeb

22 March 1829 Coombs, John. Richmond (VA) 1832. Loudon County, Va, 22 March 1829, Nancy Coombs [x her mark], widow of John Coombs, late pensioner (former private) who resided in this county for 101 years, appoints John G. Mosby Jr attorney to collect arrears due from 4 Mar 1848 to 16 Jan 1849, the day of his death; witnesses L. A. Megeath, Jos. P. Megeath. Richmond, 4 Apr 1849, John G. Mosby Jr collected $20.20

(Source: Selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers- Virginia (Revolutionary War), p. 124, submitted by George Baumbach)

Note: See report on this RW John Combs, s/o of Andrew I of Tonoloways

1830 US Census Index, Loudoun Co VA

Shelburn Parrish

P. 088

Presley COMBS

P. 092


(Not yet extracted, nor checked for completeness - transcriptions needed!).

Note: Also the Presley and John COMBS in the 1860 Stark Co OH census. Relationship, if any, unknown.) Presley may have been s/o RW John and Nancy GREEN (Vinnander) COMBS in DAR Lineages of Gertrude COMBS (Vol. 30) and Mrs. Grace Gove Dougherty (Vol. 48) Was this RW John COMBS? If so, see 1814 and 1831 John Foundling COMBS records. Was John F. RW John COMBS?

26 Aug 1830. Shelburne Parish, Loudoun Co, VA. Marriage Bond. COMBS, Henson & Maria TARPERMAN. Cageby JONES attests ages, bondsman.

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

6 May 1831. Loudon County VA Deeds 1813-1833. B&S 3W, f. 360. John F. COMBS to John JONES, $25 lot in Hillsboro. Elisha JANNEY witness.

Notes: See also John Foundling COMBES of 1814 Loudoun. Who was he?

19 Dec 1831. Shelburne Parish, Loudoun Co, VA. Marriage Bond. COMBS, Joseph & Nancy J. BRABHAM, dau of Thomas BRABHAM, who attests groom's age, bondsman.

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

1832 (Loudoun Co VA Court Records) Mahlon COMBS in Chancery Court suit against Joseph CARR. 1832.

(Source Needed! Provided by Combs Researcher Ray Montgomery)

Question: Was Joseph CARR kin to the CARRS who intermarried with the COMBS of Fayette Co PA? Why was the suit filed? Which Mahlon COMBS (none on 1830 census)?

14 Sep 1835 Shelburne Parish, Loudoun Co, VA. Marriage Bond. COMBS, William & Barbara E. MCCRAY. Joshua NICHOLS attests ages, bondsman.

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

8-10 Oct 1838. Loudoun Co VA Marriages. Bond. 8 Oct 1838. Oswell CARTER & Emily COMBS (COOL). Thomas POWELL attests ages, bondsman. Married 10 Oct 1838 by William BROADDUS (no church or relig. denom. given)

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)


Notes: Oswell & Emily COMBS Carter are on the 1850 Fauquier Co VA Census with what “looks like” possibly Emily's mother (Jane, b ca 1794, VA) and perhaps a sister (Catherine, b ca 1831, OH) Question: Could Jane have been Jane BOLLING who m Israel COMBS in Loudoun in 1815? See also 1855 Israel COMBS record below.

1840 US Census Index, Loudoun Co, VA

Jonah Hood

P. 149
Joseph COMBS

16 Jan 1849 North Branch Regular Baptist Church Cemetery, North Fork, Loudoun Co. VA.

John COMBS, d Jan 16, 1849 at 105 yrs, Rev. soldier. Erected by G.

DL: can't make out three letters. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Dale Larson from North Branch Regular Baptist Church, North Fork, Loudoun Co. VA. p. 83, No. 189)

Notes: The above is RW John COMBS (s/o Andrew I of Tonoloways), b ca 1754 [sic], Loudoun Co, VA; d “at Henry YOUNG'S in Loudoun County on 16 Jan 1849” per affidavit of his widow, Nancy GREEN (Vinnander) Combs who was residing in Morgan Co, OH by 6 Apr 1855. She d in that county in 1860.

1850 Loudoun Co, VA Census Index

Submitted by Sue Elfving (Source: original images)

July 10 1850 [Mostly paupers in entry]

226/226 Rebecca Dunlap 95, f VA, pauper
Jenkin Samis 83, m VA
Gleceter Bomis 70, f VA
Jno Combs 68, m MD
Jas Baneford 68, m VA
[many more paupers in this list]

July 30, 1850

632/632 Henry Young 44, m, farmer VA, RE=$4000
Rebecca Young 38, f VA
Nancy Combs 83, f VA
Rachel Young 18, f
Wm Young 16, m
David Young 14, m
J?no Young 12, m
Geo Young 10, m
Martha Young 8, f
Ann Bradley 14, f
Polly Bradley 50, f

9 Nov 1853. Loudoun Co VA Marriage Register. Rev John N. COOMBS of Baltimore Conference, age 26 years and 6 months & Sallie A. JATCHER, 20 years. Bride's mother consents in writing. Groom's age “taken for granted". Married by by Alfred G. CHENOWITH (no church or religious denomination given)

(Generously Extracted by Loudoun Co VA Researcher Linda Hindman)

Note: One marriage CD lists as John N. COMBS and Sallie A. HATCHER

Tuesday, August 28, 1855. Richmond Whig & public advertiser (Semi-Weekly Newspaper, Richmond, Va.: 1833) “Died- On Aug. 13, at the Glebe in Hampshire County, Va., Israel COMBS, age about 64 [b ca 1791], formerly of Loudoun County. (p. 4, c. 5)

(Extracted from the Bernard J. Henley papers, Henley Marriage & Obituary Database, Catalog Card, VSLA, Available on microfilm (Library of Virginia Film 144, VSLA).

19 Apr 1870 (Loudoun Co VA) Died. Benjamin COMBS, h/o Margaret A. PRICHETT formerly of Stafford & Prince William Cos, VA

(WC-27932, Index to War of 1812 Pensions Files, Vol 1, Virgil D. White)