The following are abstracts and transcriptions of Combs (& var. sp.) VA Land Patents/Grants and Surveys. Except where otherwise noted, the records are from Abstractions from the Surname Card Index provided by the Virginia State Library & Archives (VSLA), extracted by Combs Researchers Denise Mortorff & Carole Hammett.

Note: A new "still-in-beta-testing phase" Combs Research Project is to Transcribe in Detail these Patents/Grants/Surveys from the VSLA Files as part of our new Combs Deed Mapping Project. In those instances where the record has been Transcribed in Detail, the Surname Index Abstract has been replaced below by the Detailed Transcription.

More Land Patents abstracted from Caveliers and Pioneers

See Also the new Coomber/Comber Research Group

There are two sections to the Index: (1) State Land Patents & (2) North Neck Land Grants. These are not all Combs found, but do include the vast majority ( a few of the Stafford VA Joseph Combs may still be missing). In many/most instances, a copy of the original record can be viewed by going to the above site. In several instances, Carole and Denise did go on to view the actual record and abstracted more details than were given by the index. These record abstracts have NOT been proofed. Researchers interested in a specific record are encouraged to visit the above VSLA site to view the actual document. Moreover, when viewing the document, you have the ability to check the records preceding and following, which were often filed by "neighbors." In addition to the usual Combs & var. spellings, a number of COMER/COMBER records were also extracted "just in case." It is also suggested that you check our Combs Counties to see if additional data may be available on any of the following Combs.

(1) VA State Land Patents:

07 Oct 1812 (Montgomery Co VA Grants 63:294) Amos Combs. 335 A Head of S Fk of Little Riv, waters of New Riv adj. his own patent.

Note: Amos Combs is also found in the records of Montgomery Co VA as McCombs; however, he may have been either, and/or may have had a daughter who m a Combs.

15 Jul 1785 (Fayette Co VA [KY] Grants S:78) Benjamin Combs. 1000 A including fork of Lulbegrud at his improvement adj. Benjamin BERRY.

31 May 1787 (Fayette Co VA [KY] Grants 12:89) Benjamin Combs & George BARNETT. 319 A adj. William CAULKS [COX?] Survey on KY River.

02 Oct 1655 (Northampton - VA Land Patent Book No. 4, p. 13) Charles COOMES named as headright of Thomas LEATHERBERRY. (See Also )

01 Apr 1785 (Fayette Co VA [KY] Grant O:195) Cuthbert Combs. 400 A on waters of Lulbegrud and Howard's Upper Creek adj. Marquis CALMES, Jr., &c.

01 Apr 1785 (Fayette Co VA [KY] Grant O:197) Cuthbert Combs. 1000 A [DM Note: but last 0 scratched out so shows as 100], adjoining his settlement on the lower side.

21 May 1787 (Fayette Co VA [KY] Grant 9:398) Cuthbert Combs. 208-1/2 A on Lulbegrud Cr.

01 Aug 1813 (Hampshire Co VA B2:35-36 *3001) Daniel Combs 43-3/4 A on head drains of George's Run, a drain of Patterson's Cr. adjoining the lands of Spencer, &c.

[Original & Northern Neck Surveys A:136]

01 Dec 1810 (Montgomery Co VA Grant 61:386) Emmanuel Combs. 225 Acres on the head of the Clover Hollow waters of Sinking Creek a br. of New River adj. David PRICE.

20 Aug 1785 (Fayette Co VA [KY] Grants S:172) Fielding Combs. 500 A on Harrods Upper Cr adj. Joseph Combs' pre-emption.

[CH Note: Was Harrods Cr. same as Howards? Same as Harwood?]

06 Jun 1787 (Fayette Co [KY] 12:106) James Combs. 805-3/4 A on waters of Lulbugrud.

14 Aug 1786 (Jefferson Co VA [KY] Grants 5:318) Jesse Combs. 510 A on waters of Greene River, Soverns Valley adj. John WARFORD & Thomas HELM.

[DMM Note: Probably Severns, not Soverns]

28 Sep 1732 (Prince George Co VA Patents 14: 486) John Combs 400 Acres on the lower side of Flatt Creek adj. BOOKERS & FERGUSON.

[CH: This land was later in Amelia Co VA]

25 Nov 1795 (Greenbriar Co VA Grants 33:321) John COMBERS. 1000 on NW side of Greenbriar Riv.

21 Nov 1803 (Greenbriar Co VA Grants 52. p. 220.) John Combs 185 A on Greenbriar Riv adj. land of Frederick COMBER, Henry HOOLSAPLE, &c.

[CH Note: Probably COMBER? Frederick is listed in a Grant as COMBER also in 1793]

22 Feb 1724 (Surry Co VA Patents 12:162) John COMBOW. 150 A. Both sides of Rocky Run of Little Creek, and on the south side of the 3 creeks.

20 Sep 1669 (Lancaster Co VA -- VA Patent 6:280) John COME. 470 A beg at a corner marked white Oak of Abia BONNISON standing near or abt the head of Tabb's Creek.

[DM Note: Transcriber was not certain of surname and underlined it to indicate. CH Note: Patent has not been viewed yet, but given Tabb's Creek location, more likely CONE than COME]

18 Jan 1799 (Grayson Co VA Grants 38, 1797-1799, p. 491) John COMER. 150 A on a branch of Elk Cr.

Note: This was probably the RW John COMER.

04 Feb 1815 (Grayson Co VA Grants 64, 1813-1815, p. 396) John COMER 175 A on Elk Cr. adj. James SAGE.

06 Apr 1769 (Halifax VA Patents 38:561) John COMER 290 A on the W side of Peter's Cr. adj. BYRD'S land.

Note: This "might" be a COMES as George Combs of Halifax/Pittsylvania Cos VA had land adj. to BYRD.

10 Sep 1755 (Lunenburg Co VA Patents 32:625) John COMER 1000 A on both sides of the middle fork of Meherrin.

01 Jan 1852 (Carroll VA Grants 106:733) Joseph Combs. 150 A on waters of Stewart's Creek.

[CH: All Carroll Co VA Land was earlier in Grayson Co & some was also earlier in Patrick Co (formed from Henry), and some was occasionally "found" in Surry Co NC.]

01 Jul 1854 (Carroll VA Grants 109:810) Joseph Combs 8-1/4 A on w fork of Crooked Creek.

01 Nov 1858 (Carroll Co VA Grants 116:607) Joseph Combs 43-1/2 on waters of Stewarts Cr.

31 May 1787 (Fayette Co VA [KY] Grants 7:598) Joseph Combs. 4200 A on waters of Eagle Cr.

31 May 1787 (Fayette Co VA [KY] Grants 9:403) Joseph Combs 500 on Howards Upper Cr beg at the mouth of the creek.

31 May 1787 (Fayette Co VA [KY] Grants 10:305) Joseph Combs 500 A adj. his other entry and extending up Howards Creek to include his cabin.

20 Aug 1785 (Jefferson Co VA [KY] Grants S:170) Joseph Combs. 1000 A on waters of Floyd's Fork on W side of same.

19 Jul 1786 (Jefferson Co VA [KY] Grants 3:715) Joseph Combs 1000 A beg on Simpson's Cr abt 20 poles above mo of Plumb Run. )

04 Aug 1829 (Monongalia Co VA Grants 78:286) Philip COOMS 33 A on E side of Monongalia Riv.

01 Aug 1835 (Monongalia Co VA Grants 85:483) Philip COOMS 2-1/2 A adj. Hannah SCOTT & Jonathan TUKINOR

21 Nov 1755 (Halifax Co VA Patents 32:651) Thomas COMER 450 A on both sides of Stewards Cr. and adj. WALLS land.

10 Jul 1757 (Halifax Co VA Patents 36:1063) Thomas COMER 348 A on Peters Cr.

01 Feb 1781 (Halifax Co VA Patents C:15) Thomas COMER. 253 A on the southern draughts of Peters Cr. adj. his own and WALLS land.

26 Oct 1699 (New Kent Co VA Patents 9:241) Thomas COMER 738 A on the brs. of Pamunkey Riv. beg. at &c. on the east side of one of these branches called the New River. since &c. to another br. called Goose Creek.

Notes: New Kent was organized from York Co VA, and part of New Kent later became King & Queen Co VA and this was probably the Thomas COMER below who may have been COMES.

25 Apr 1701 (King & Queen Co - VA Patents 37:391) Thomas COMER 139 A in Pamunkey Neck amongst the branches of the Acquinton Beg. at Thomas NICHOLLS' black oak. Patents 9:360.

Notes: Unidentified, but see also Thomas COMBES/COMBER of Essex Co VA & King & Queen Co VA

28 Oct 1702 (New Kent Co VA Patents 9:492) Thomas COMER beg among br. of Pamunkey Riv, beg. &c. on w. side of one of the brs. called of the said Riv. called Little River.

20 Sep 1768 (Lunenburg Co VA) Thomas COMER 400 A on a br. of Runaway Cr. and adj. James BOYCE'S line.

02 Dec 1785 (Jefferson Co VA [KY] Grants T:562) William Combs. 1000 A on head of COXES Creek adjoining his pre-emption on lands on the north.

[CH Note: Probably a Catholic Combs?]

01 Sep 1782 (Kentucky Co VA [KY] Grants G:165. ) William Combs. 1400 A on both sides of Stewert's Creek on the waters of the Beech Fork.

Note: See Earliest Combs &c. Families to KY. This land later in Nelson Co KY?

31 May 1848 (Patrick Co VA Grants 100:108.) William Combs. 147 A on Lovings Cr.

[CH Note: This land was adjacent to Grayson, later Carroll Co VA and on the Surry Co NC state line]

19 Dec 1800 (Russell VA Grants 46:569) William Combs 100 A. … that by virtue of two exchanged treasury land warrants, No. 665 and No. 663, both aforesd the 6th day of Sep 1796, there is granted unto William Combs A Certain tract or parcel of land Containing one hundred acres, by survey bearing date the 13th day of Jan 1798, being in the County of Russell adjoining the survey of the said Combs & bounded as followeth; to wit, beg. 3 white oaks, corner to said Combs thence South nineteen degrees East, 96 poles crossing a branch to a black oak and ???? saplings on the west side of a spruce North sixty ??? … 168 poles to two hickories and a white oak on the east side of a spruce with twenty one degrees West 96 poles to three white oak saplings another corner to said Combs and with his line South sixty nine degrees West one hundred and 66 poles crossing Mockerson Creek twice to the beginning with … appurtenances to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land… s/James MONROE, Governor of Commonwealth of VA. Dated 19 Dec 1800.

Notes: A Copy of this deed can be viewed and/or saved at: This should be done since the above was just a "quick look-see" and not carefully checked/proofed. The earlier land mentioned is not found as a Patent or Grant, and no Combs are found in Early Russell VA Deed Books. Whether the warrant numbers have significance is not known.]

30 Dec 1848 (Patrick Co VA Grants 101:44) Zadock Combs. 70 A on headwaters of Lovings Cr.

(2) North Neck Virginia Land Grants:

13 Mar 1789 (Hampshire Co VA NN Grants T:335) David Combs 400 A on the waters of Little Cacapehon and adjoining Nathan BROWN, George ANDERSON and Christian MOMAN(?). 3002.

(Originals & NN 2:61)

01 Aug 1789. (Hardy VA NN U:105-6) Francis I. Combs 260 A on N River the waters of Great Cacapehon in the gap of Short Ass. including a great spring. *3003

(Original & NN 2:50-51)

(See Also Hardy Co VA)

03 Aug 1789 (Hardy VA Grant U:83-4. *3004, NN & Orig 2:55) Francis I. COOMBS. 407 A beg. on the side of Pattersons Cr. in or near a line of Joseph WHARTONS nor Felix DORANS land.

03 Aug 1789 (Hardy Co VA Grants U:98-9. *3005, NN Orig. 2:54-55) Francis I. Combs 250 A including the headspring of the fork of Pattersons Cr. including the Sink Holes.

05 Jun 1792 (Hardy Co VA Grants NN Grants V:635-6 *3006, NN Orig. 2:433)) Francis I. Combs 230 A on the waters of the North River of Gr. Cacapehon adj. a survey of William SCOTT and Ignatius PERRY.

05 Jun 1792 (Hardy Co VA V:638-9 *3007, NN Orig. 2:433) Francis I. Combs. 195 A on waters of the North River of Gr. Cacapeon

24 Sep 1800 (Hardy Co VA NN Y:464 *3008, NN Orig. 5:199-200) Francis I. Combs. 93 Acres on Mtn. Run, waters of the North River adj. lands of Thomas MARSHALL.

27 Sep 1800 (Hardy Co VA NN Y:463. *3009, NN Orig. 5:173-4) Francis I. Combs 132 A adj. his own land and the land of Thomas MAGILL on the Hunting Ridge

19 Oct 1796 (Culpeper Co VA - VA NN Grants X, 1795-97, p. 378, *3010, NN Orig. 4:65-6) Gilbert Combs 145 A adj. John TUTT and James TUTT and on a spur of Muddy Run Mountain.

(Virginia State Library Archives)

See Also RW Soldier Gilbert Combs

20 Oct 1802 (Culpeper Co VA NN Z, 1800-05, p. 247, *3011, NN Orig. Surveys 5:201) Gilbert Combs 120 A beg. &c. on the south side of an arm of the overtop mountain.

(Virginia State Library Archives)

20 Oct 1802 (Culpeper Co VA NN Book Z, 1800-1805, p. 246 *3012, Surveys 5:194) Gilbert Combs 22-1/2 A adjoining Peter HOFFMAN and on Blackwater Run

(Virginia State Library Archives)

14 Nov 1805 (Culpeper Co VA NN A:2, 1805-12, pp. 20-21, *3013, NN Orig. Surveys 6:256-7) Gilbert Combs 228 A beg. on the S side of Nixon's Arm corner to Henry MILLER

(Virginia State Library Archives)

14 Nov 1805 (Culpeper Co VA NN Grants A:2, 185-12, p. 13. *3014, NN Orig. Surveys 6:257-258) Gilbert Combs. 186 A beg on the northeast side of the Fodder Stack Mountain

20 Aug 1807 (Culpeper Co VA NN Grant Book A2, 1805-1812, p. 127-8,. *3015, Orig. NN Survey 6: 258) Gilbert Combs 70 A adj. Ezekiel BRANDOM and the land of ADAMS.

25 Aug 1838 (Hampshire Co VA NNE2:366-7, *3016, Orig. and L.O. Surv. Bk R:659) James Combs 67 A on the NW side of the Cove Mountain

20 Oct 1842 (Hampshire Co VA NN Grants E2:299, *3017, Orig. and NN Surv E:47-8) James Combs, Jr. 100 A on the S side of Stony Mountain

13 Mar 1696/7 (Richmond Co VA NN Grants No. 2, 1694-1700, p. 263) John Combs 200 Acres beg. at a hickory by the river side on the line of a patent of one William YARRETTS now in the occupation of Mr. TANKARD and running along said line north, northwest, 12 purches to a stake and white oak thence along another line of YARRETS north, northeast, 3/4 of a degree East 320 purches to a red oak corner tree to UNDERWOOD & YARRETT, thence along a line of UNDERWOODS North 9 degrees, West 15 purches to a stake by small hickory thence West 15 degrees, North 102 purches to a white oak and a branch, thence south, southwest 3/4 of a degree West 308 purches to a Chestnut Oak upon the bank of the river on the Northwest side of a branch near Indian Needs Old Field, thence down the river its' several courses to the first mentioned station containing and being now laid out for 200 acres go together ye to have used to hold ye yielding and paying 4 shillings yearly ye provided ye dated the thirteenth day of March one thousand six hundred and ninety 6/7. W. F. GB.

(Excerpted from original by Denise Mortorff). This is (c1662 - c1716)

Note: The above land is part of the first of a series in our new Combs Deed Mapping Project. See Also County Line Combs of King George/Westmoreland VA.

15 Mar 1696/7. (Co Not Given. NN2:263-4) John WRIGHT Smith of the Co of Westmoreland… bounded as followeth… beg. a little below Capt. PEALE'S corner in the fork and upon the south side of the N Run and running since s 16 degrees e crossing the south run of the said fork 316 poles, since south 16 degrees west 142 poles to a hickory, since s 79 degrees, e 220 poles to a red oak in a glade since e 83 degrees n into the lower end of the said fork where the run divides 220 poles since up the N run of the said fork according to the several courses and meanders thereof to the first beg. containing and being now laid out for 440 acres together ye royal lines excepted ye to have and to hold ye yielding and paying 9 shillings yearly ye provided ye dated te 15th day of Mar 1696/7. s/WFGB.

Excerpted from originals by DMM. Surname Indexed as WRIGHT, not Smith, which was probably his occupation. This record immediately between John Combs & John WILLIS records and possibly a Richmond VA neighbor despite possible Westmoreland Co VA designation. See also Combs Land in Old Rappa. Co VA

31 Oct 1763 (Stafford Co VA NN, 1757-81, p. 100. 3019. Orig.) John Combs 188 a on drains of beaver dam and long br. of aquia.

Notes: John Combs, Sr., son of Joseph Combs I of Stafford, and h/o Seth BULLITT.

01 Sep 1826 (Hampshire Co VA NN C2:333-4, *3020, Orig. NNB:392-3) John Combs 77-1/2 a. See: FOREMAN, David 01 Sep 1826.

09 Aug 1726 (Stafford Co NN Pat Bk A:211) Joseph COMBE of Stafford Co., 576 acs. in sd. county on Acquia Crk. adj. COMBE'S land.

Notes: Joseph Combs I

18 Oct 1727 (Stafford Co VA NN Grants B1726-1729, p. 98, Folio. 3022.) Joseph Combs 535 A on br. of Town Run. "This deed is for the lands granted to Henry NORMAN in Deed Book No. A, Folio 108."


No date. ca 09 Jun 1740. (NN Grants F:109[may be a B], *3033. Original Filed as Stafford Co.) Joseph Combs No County. 225 A. adj. COOKE on the west side of a branch

(Whether Combs actually recd this land cannot be determined; however, it is unlikely he did since the deed is neither dated or signed.) [DM Note: All preceding as written by " card indexer"]

08 Apr 1741 (Stafford Co VA NN Grants E:1736-1742:242. *3024 Orig. & NN E:237) Joseph Combs 1433 A on the N branches of Aquia adjoining land of John WARNER, James BUTLER (ditto)

Notes: Seeking to identify the above James BUTLER

09 Apr 1741. (Stafford Co VA NNE, 1736-1742, p. 243, *3025, Orig. NN grant E:237) Joseph Combs 413 A on the br. of the south run of Chappawomsick adj. lands of John LEE and Richard FRISTOW.

Notes: Seeking to identify the above John LEE

19 Jun 1787 (Hampshire Co VA NN Grants S:229-30. Orig. NN1:87-88) Joseph Combs 235 A on b sides of the Maple Bottom Br. of the N River Cacapehon

19 Jun 1787 (Hampshire Co VA NN Grants S:230-231. Orig. NN Grants 1:87) Joseph Combs 193 A on Mill Cr. a drain of the S branch.

23 Dec 1790 (Loudoun Co VA - VA NN Grants, V:60-61 *3028, Orig. NN Grants 2:434) Joseph Combs 206 A on the br. of Goose Cr. adjoining Major WARING, John CARLYLE, and Capt. DALTON.

02 Sep 1806 (Loudoun Co - VA NN Grants A2:39, * Orig. NN Survey 6:247) Mahlon Combs 3 A on waters of Goose Cr adj. HOUGH, STUDDARTH, &c.

Notes: A Rev War Soldier and s/o Andrew Combs

01 Feb 1820 (Hampshire Co VA NN Grants C2:8. NN Surveys B:43-4) Mary Combs 12-3/4 acres on the round knob and on the waters of cold stream, a drain of big Cacapehon, adjoining the lands of the heirs of John Combs.

01 Sep 1852 (Hampshire Co VA NNF2:353 Orig & NN Surveys E:458-9) Mathew Combs 45 A on the NE side of Horse Ridge

[CH & DM: This Combs is still alive, and a member of this list <g>]

10 Aug 1844 (Hardy Co VA NNE2:421 Orig. & NN Surveys E:117) Pius Combs 315 A on the top of Big Ridge, on the headwaters of Claypole's Run, a drain of Lost River.

(See Also Hardy Co VA)

13 Jul 1705 (Richmond Co - VA NN Grants No. 3, 1703-1710, p. 111) William Combs 100 A on the heads of the branches of Portridges Creek in Richmond Co bounded by the lands of John BROWN, Maxfield BROWN and Major WRIGHT, warrant issued 6 Mar 1704, survey by William THORNTON. Beginning at a corner of the land belonging to Maxfield BROWN being a white oak, thence extending southeast by east 140 poles to a scruby [sic] red oak by or nigh land of Major Wright, thence North eight degrees east 100 poles to a red oake saplin thence north 36 degrees and a half, west 120 poles to a black oake thence south 58 degrees, west 80 poles to a hickory standing in a line to Jno. BROWN thence south 5 degrees east 74 poles to the first station containing 100 acres of land… given at our office in Lancaster 13 Jul 1705. William Combs his deed for 100 Acres in Richmond County. This deed registered in pages by mistake recorded here again.

Notes: This is Wm. Combs, s/o Archdale Combs I. A Copy of this deed can be viewed and/or saved at: This should be done since the above was just a "quick look-see" and not carefully checked/proofed.

02 Aug 1852 (Hampshire Co VA) William Combs 30 A on NW side of Cove Mountain NN Grants F2:335, NN Surveys E:442-3

02 Aug 1852 (Hampshire Co VA) William Combs 20 A on NW side of Cove Mountain NN F2:334, NN Surveys E:443