Orange County was organized from Spotsylvania Co in 1734. In 1749 Culpeper Co VA was organized from Orange Co VA, and it is possible(???) that the Spotsylvania Co VA land bequeathed by Archdale Combs II of King George Co VA in 1735 to his daughter, Ezabelle [Isabell], may have been in that part of the county which later became Culpeper. The only reason we consider this a possibility is that numerous of his TUTT & UNDERWOOD step-cousins, are found in these counties, most in a migration pattern from King George>Spotsylvania>Orange Counties.

Orange County was also the "technical" parent county for Frederick VA; however, it appears so far that most of the early Combs of Frederick Co VA resided in the southern portion of that County, the part that was earlier in Augusta Co VA. We find no early Combs in Culpeper Co VA. Our earliest Combs record is not until the early 1800s when Rev Soldier Gilbert Combs of Monmouth NJ & Shenandoah Co VA removes to that county (to live by the TUTTS, no less); however, there are some rather "interesting" Combs-Associated migrations, including both the Underwood and Hammett Families of King George > Stafford > Fauquier > Culpeper Cos VA and the Underwood and Hammett Families of Middlesex Co VA. (See Also the Underwood and Hammett Families)

The earliest records found for any Combs-Associated Families are those of the HAMMETTS, UNDERWOODS & TUTTS. The HAMMETTS left Richmond VA for Stafford Co VA, then Prince William/Fauquier, thence that part of Culpeper Co VA which later became Orange Co VA, whereas the TUTTS do not appear to have ever been in Stafford Co VA. The UNDERWOODS remain an unknown in terms of Stafford Co VA (unresearched).

20 Jun 1748 (Orange Co VA NN Grants G:83) James TUTT, 208 A. In the Great Fork of Rappahannock River, Beginning on the south side of Campbells Branch.

(Virginia State Library Archives)

11 Jun 1749 (Orange Co VA NN Grants G:179) William TUTT, 400 A in the Great Fork of Rappahannock River adjoining James TUTT, James WILLIAMS, &c.


20 Jun 1749 (Culpeper Co VA NN Grants G, 17147-51, p. 209) Richard TUTT, 400 A. In the Great Fork of Rappahannock River and adjoining James TUTT


20 Jun 1749 (Culpeper Co VA NN Grants G, 17147-51, p. 208) Richard TUTT, 400 A. In the Great Fork of Rappahannock River adjoining land formerly granted to Benjamin TUTT & being on the side of Muddy Run Mountain.


20 Jun 1749 (Culpeper Co VA, NN Grants G, 17147-51, p. 208) Richard TUTT, 400 A. In the Great Fork of Rappahannock River adjoining land formerly granted to Benjamin TUTT & being on the side of Muddy Run Mountain.


23 Aug 1749 (Culpeper Co VA NN Grants G, 1747-51, p. 289) William TUTT, 500 A adjoining Walter BUTLER & William COWN &c. & running across WATTS Branch & GREENS Road.


The earliest Combs record located in Orange Co VA; however, is not until after the organization of Culpeper Co, and is for a Maryland Combs who has not yet been identified

A Size Roll of Capt. Mercer's Company August the 2d 1756

No.Men's Nameswhen enlistedwhere enlistedAgeSize
feet inches
23Thomas COOMBSOcto: 10 1755Culpeper325' 6"MasonMarylandFair Comp. full faced and stoops in the shoulders very much

(See Combs &c. and George Washington)

Ed Note: Thomas COOMBS of Culpeper Co, VA, b ca 1724, Maryland, has not yet been identified. His is the earliest Combs record located in Culpeper (est. from Orange in 1749), and he is not found again in that county. His is the only Culpeper enlistment included on this payroll (although there are a number of additional Marylanders) and the only enlistment on this date. Thomas Combs also signed (made his mark) to indicate that he had been paid for duty with Capt. Mercer's Company for both Sep and Oct 1856. According to Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1744, Murtie June Clark GR 973.2 page 405, Published by Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc. 1987, Thomas Combs/COOMBS was found on Capt. Mercer's payroll in both Sep and Oct 1756 (pp. 420 & 425). It is quite possible that he was the later Thomas Combs of Frederick Co, VA.

No further Combs records have been found in Orange, and the next Combs record is not found in Culpeper Co VA until 1791-3 when Monmouth Co, NJ RW Soldier Gilbert Combs came to this county from Shenandoah Co VA where he is found on tax lists with va/born Nicholas Combs, Sr. (h/o Nancy GRIGSBY, and son of Mason Combs, Sr. of Richmond, Stafford & Frederick Cos VA & Surry Co NC. Gilbert & Christianna DENTON Combs' son, Aquila Combs was born 6 Mar 1791 in Shenandoah Co VA, and daughter, Nancy Combs was born 26 Apr 1793 in Culpeper Co VA (RW Pension Application)

Note: Gilbert Combs is not "supposed to be" kin to the Combs of Richmond VA, yet inexplicably he removed from Shenandoah Co VA to Culpeper Co VA where we find him living adjacent to the children/grandchildren of Richard & Mary UNDERWOOD Tutt, the latter the step-niece of John Combs of Richmond VA (father of Mason Combs, Sr.):

19 Oct 1796 (Culpeper Co VA NN Grants X, 1795-97, p. 378, *3010, NN Orig. 4:65-6) Gilbert Combs 145 A adj. John TUTT and James TUTT and on a spur of Muddy Run Mountain.


20 Oct 1802 (Culpeper Co VA NN Z, 1800-05, p. 247, *3011, NN Orig. Surveys 5:201) Gilbert Combs 120 A beg. &c. on the south side of an arm of the overtop mountain.


20 Oct 1802 (Culpeper Co VA NN Book Z, 1800-1805, p. 246 *3012, Surveys 5:194) Gilbert Combs 22-1/2 A adjoining Peter HOFFMAN and on Blackwater Run


13 Nov 1805 (Culpeper Co VA NN Grants A2:14, Original & NN Surveys 6:302) Benjamin TUTT 56 acres adj. Isaac STONE & Hansford TUTT


14 Nov 1805 (Culpeper Co VA NN A:2, 1805-12, pp. 20-21, *3013, NN Orig. Surveys 6:256-7) Gilbert Combs 228 A beg. on the S side of NIXON'S Arm corner to Henry MILLER


14 Nov 1805 (Culpeper Co VA NN Grants A:2, 185-12, p. 13. *3014, NN Orig. Surveys 6:257-258) Gilbert Combs. 186 A beg on the northeast side of the Fodder Stack Mountain


20 Aug 1807 (Culpeper Co VA NN Grant Book A2, 1805-1812, p. 127-8,. *3015, Orig. NN Survey 6: 258) Gilbert Combs 70 A adj. Ezekiel BRANDOM and the land of ADAMS.


13 Oct 1812 (Culpeper Co VA NN Grants A2, 1805-12, p. 523-524, Original & NN Surveys A:98-9) Hansford TUTT & Lewis TUTT, 206 acres adjoining Land of WADDLE, STRODE & others


20 Dec 1814 (Culpeper Co VA NN Grants B2, 1812-20:86-87, Original & NN Surveys A:182) Lewis TUTT & Hansford TUTT 110 acres adjoining Almond VAUGHN, Archibald TUTT & others.


Notes: See Also The Underwood Families

1800 Culpeper Co., Va 1800 Tax List

Gilbert Combs 2-5-2-0
1st -white males
2nd- horses
3rd slaves over 16
4th slaves 12-16

("Virginia Genealogist" Vol. 17, page 30)

1810 Culpeper Co, VA Census

p. 84: Gilbert Combs: 12101-21301-09

(1810 Culpeper Co VA Census, (c)1997 by Teresa Kelley and provided to US GenWeb. See Copyright Restrictions)

May 16, 1811 Shenandoah Co, VA. Between John DENTON and Elizabeth his wife of County of Culpeper to Gilbert Combs of the same place...consideration of four hundred equal undivided fourth part of two separate tracts of land lying in Powells Fort in County of Shenandoah to wit: one of which was granted to John DENTON dec'd the 18th June 1766 and the other ro the representatives of the said late John DENTON deceased the 6th June 1788...the first contained 182 acres the latter 220 acres... Wit: none Signed: John W. DENTON and E. DENTON Recorded: 7/8/1811

(Combs Researcher Butch Hicks)

Notes: This is apparently Gilbert's share in the estate of his father-in-law, Capt. John DENTON. Gilbert Combs appears to have left Culpeper Co VA by 1813 when his son Aquilla's marriage to Elizabeth RIDDLE is recorded on 23 Dec of that year in Botetourt Co VA.