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Also includes Bethel, Broderick, Brooker, Brown, Cannon, Combs, Dodd, Ferguson (a.k.a. Forguson), Head, Jones, Marshall, Mason, Parks, Smith, Taylor, Thompson, Traywick, Warner, Woods

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William HAMMETT I of (Stafford 1st?) Richmond &King George Counties, Virginia; including surnames: Brown, Dodd, Downton, Jones, Marshall, Rose.
William HAMMETT II of Richmond & King George, Stafford, Prince William and Fauquier, and Culpeper Counties, Virginia; including surnames: Bethel, Broderick, Cannon, Dodd, Farguson (Ferguson), Jackman, Jones, Marshall, Mason, Smith, Strother, Underwood, Woods.
Descendants of Robert and Seth BETHEL Hammett of Stafford and Culpeper Counties, Virginia; Surry County, North Carolina; Spartanburg and Greenville Districts, South Carolina; Wilkes, Greene, GA; Carroll, Tennessee; Talladega, Alabama; Conway and Searcy, Arkansas; including surnames: Bethel, Brooker, Head, Mason, Taylor, Traywick, Underwood, Warner
Hammett Records - includes Hammett &c. Records from all of the above states, and more.
The Underwood Families of Isle of Wight, Old Rappahannock, Richmond, King George and Orange (Culpeper) Counties, VA
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This site includes selected records and genealogical reports for our early Colonial Virginia Hammett Ancestors, including a few family records, as well as deeds, wills and parish register records collected by numerous other researchers over the years. We would like to thank three Very Important and Special People, without whom most of what Hammett researchers already have would not have been possible:

(1) That lovely man, Our Very Own Tory, GEORGE HAMMETT of Nova Scotia, son of John and Sarah UNDERWOOD Hammett, without whose letters we might not even be able to prove our Virginia ancestry, never mind the South Carolina and Georgia years. More than forty years after the Revolution, in 1820, George wrote from Nova Scotia to his father in South Carolina, the first of a series of letters between George and his family that serve to document not only his siblings, but most (if not all) of the children of his grandfather, William HAMMETT II of Richmond/King George, Stafford, Prince William/Fauquier and Culpeper Co, VA.
(2) W. THOMAS EDWARDS and DELPHINE Miller, co-authors of that wonderful book, Hammett Families, Descendants of John Hammett, Sr. (ca. 1735 - 1822) and Sarah (UNDERWOOD) Hammett (ca 1740-1820), Named In Contemporary Family Letters And in Public and Family Records (hereinafter Hammett Families…, published in Atlanta, Georgia, ©1978. (Note: Permission to reprint must be secured from W. Thomas Edwards at See Also Below)
(3) Mrs. PHYLLIS HAMMETT BALLOU and her ancestors, the descendants of George HAMMETT, without whose careful care for the letters, so many of us would still be floundering these almost two hundred years later. Note: Permission to reproduce The Nova Scotia Letters should be secured from Mrs. Phyllis Hammett Ballou, 1710 Dover Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37130

The Hammett Research Reports herein have been provided for the free use of those engaged in non-commercial genealogical research. Any and all commercial use is strictly prohibited. Researchers are encouraged to copy and distribute this work freely, but with the proviso that it may only be copied and circulated in its entirety -- including this notice, and all sources, bibliographies and credits; excepting electronically in which case permission is granted freely to Hot Link to this site instead. IMPORTANT! Permission to reprint copyrighted works such as The Hammett Families… must still be secured from the authors. Email: Hammett Research List
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