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William HAMMETT I of
Richmond/King George Counties, Virginia

Father of William HAMMETT II of
King George, Stafford & Culpeper, Virginia (-1777)

Updated 08 Nov 1998
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The earliest HAMMETT record found in Virginia Colony thus far is in 1690 in Stafford County, a William HAMMET who may have been the same found thirteen years later in Richmond County:

11 Dec 1690 (Staf Co, Va. DB D, Pt. II, pp. 180a-181) Att a Court held att ye house of Thomas ELZEY for ye County of Stafford for ye layinge of ye Levy Xber the 11th 1690.
Present: Coll. William FITZHUGH, Mr. Saml. HAYWARD, Mr. John WITHERS, Mr. Willm. BUCKNER, Capa. Georg MASON, Mr. Edward THOMASON, Mr. Matthew THOMPSON, Justices.
Payments to be made for Wolves heads to: … - total 8500 lbs. of tobo. … To John PEAKE Junr for Interringe of Peter MORRIS, to George ANDREWS for fetchinge Bullets; to Rica. MARTIN for himself & Hen. RIDGWAY, to Capa PEALE for a Keeper, to Capa. PEALE for his servis & Servts trouble in fetchinge Powder & Bulletts - 12290; to Boat hire att 20 pr; to Capa. PEALE for William HAMETT for nine daies at 20 pr diem; to Capa. PEALE for two handes six daies att 20 pr diem; to Capa. PEALE for privision for them; to Morris CLERKE for nine daies; to Mr. GREGGE for Bacon at 18 lb att 6 1 p pound, to Capa. PEALE for Ocquon Ferry, to Mr. HAYWARD for assistance; to Mr. GIBSON for one Coro. fee; to Jon. HAWKINS for Boat Hire three daies at 20 pr diem; To Thomas ELZEY for Trouble at his House; to Samps. DORRELL Undertaker for buildinge ye Court House one moiety to be paid this year - 2000; To sallary att ten pr cent; to Caske att eight pr cent; to Allowed Capa. SCARLETT; two levies overpaid last year includeinge Caske & Sallarys - Total 40506
Contra By 673 Tithables att sixty one pr poll is 41053
Recorded in ye County Court Records of Stafford this 12th day of December 1690 (Stafford D&W, 1689-1693, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA)

The above record does not specify whether William HAMMET was a resident of Stafford County, nor what services he performed; however, it appears probable that many of the payments were for militia expenses, possibly the result of an Indian uprising? Capt. PEALE may have been Malachi PEALE who owned land in Richmond near William HAMMETT I of that County [source to be entered], and Sampson DORRELL'S surname may have been the source of the name of Dorrell's Run on which later William HAMMETTS owned property. Learning more about Morris CLERKE who was also paid for nine days may also provide further clues as to the identity of this 17th Century William HAMMETT.

At least one, and possibly all, of the William HAMMETTS of Richmond/King George Counties, Virginia, was our earliest HAMMETT ancestor. The earliest record uncovered thus far for a William HAMMETT in Richmond or King George County, Virginia (none located in Old Rappa. as yet) is the following, whom we have titled William HAMMETT I for the time being:

7 May 1702 (Richmond OB3:168) The action brought by John DALTON as Marrying ye Admrx. of Wm. BROCKENBROUGH agt. Wm. HAMMETT & Sarah his Wife, Admrx. of John ROSE deced, is dismist for insufficiencie in the Declaration. (Order Book Abstracts of Richmond County, Virginia, 1702-1704, Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA, 1991)
7 May 1702 (ibid.) The action brought by John BROWNE against William HAMMETT is dismist, no prosecution. (ibid.)

Sarah, wife of William HAMMETT I, may have been neè BROWN, based on the following record:

30 Aug 1683 - 24 Sep 1683 (Old Rappa. DB7:70-71) "…I John ROSE of Rappa.: County doe oblidg & bind over unto Wm: BROWN his heires two Cowes and Calves by their sides and likewise a white horse branded wth. a Star for him or his heires and alsoe do bind and make over one Gray Mare branded with a R and all these p:perly for him to dispose as he shall think fitt wth: this provisoe that if the said ROSE doth not pform the conditions underwritten, that is to say, that I John ROSE doe prmise that I will not beat abuse nor no wise wrong my Wife in any respect wtsoever but I do prmise and obleidge myself to prvide and take care of her & hers as all honest men doe for their Wives & Children & like promise that I will not anywise disobleidg nor slander nor any wise abuse the above said Wm. BROWN nor my Wifes Father nor Mother in any sort wtsoever neither by act word nor deed but will doe what lyeth in me to be peaceable and quiete and honest husband to Sarah my Wife and likewise to the abovementioned psons and if I doe not pforme all these things above mentioned then this my obligation to be in full force and vertue or else to be of no effect. As Witness my hand and seale this 30th of August 1683. S/John ROSE; Wits: Grace [X] MILLS, Moses HUBBARD, Rec. 24 Sep 1683. (Deed Abstracts of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia, 1682-1686, Deed Book No. 7, Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, Virginia, 1990)

It is known based on later records that William HAMMETT I resided adjacent to the BROWNS, most probably (although not yet documented) the same BROWN Family as above. However, the above record is twenty years earlier, the wife is not named and none of the individuals have been specifically identified as yet. Moreover, there appears to have been some confusion, on the part of either William HAMMETT or the Richmond Court Clerk as to the name of his wife:

6 Nov 1702 (Richmond OB3:198) The action brought by James PHILLIPS against Wm. HAMMETT and Mary his wife, Admrx. of John ROSE deced, is dismist, the Plt. not prosecuting. (Order Book Abstracts of Richmond County, Virginia, 1702-1704, Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA, 1991)

As we continue to research the records of Old Rappa. and Richmond Counties, we will hopefully determine the actual wife of William HAMMETT(S); however, it should be noted that if the above Sarah BROWN was the wife of John ROSE, named 1683, then William HAMMETT I was probably significantly older than we have heretofore assumed.

3 Aug 1704 (Richmond OB3:398) In the action of Debt betwene James PHILLIPS, Plt. and Wm. HAMMITT Defendt. for Two hundred pounds of tobbo., the Sheriff having returned the Defendt. by Copy Left. Attachmt. is thereofre granted to the Plt. against the Estate of the sd. Defendt. for seven pr. of Mens Shoes and Two hundred pounds of tobbo: according to his Declaration returnable to the next Court for Judgment. (Order Book Abstracts of Richmond County, Virginia, 1702-1704, Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA, 1991)

Was Wm. HAMMETT I, like his neighbor, William Combs, who died 1718/9 in Richmond Co, VA, also a shoemaker? (See Also William Combs of Richmond) The following records support the possibility that Sarah, wife of William HAMMETT I may have been neè BROWN:

28 Feb 1707/8 - 5 May 1708 (Richmond DB4:129a-130) Indent. 28 Feb 1707/8. John BROWNE and Maxfield BROWNE both of St. Maries Parish in County of Richmond to William HAMMITT of the aforesaid Parish and County, 2000 pds. Tobbo: to them in hand paid by William HAMMETT, by these presents do bargaine sell and confirme unto William HAMMETT a certain parcell of Woodland containing Fifty acres be the same to be layd out upon the back line of said John BROWNES Devident on the East side of one of the branches of Ginkatigue Run: To have and to hold the parcell of Woodland unto William HAMMETT and to the heires of William HAMMETT forever: freely and clearly acquitted… sett their hands and seales the day and yeare above mentioned. S/ John [the marke of B] BROWNE, Maxfield BROWNE. Wits: Thomas [the mark of] HENDERKIN, Jno: HOSKEN. Joshua DAVIS by virtue of a Warrant of Attorney from John BROWNE and Maxfield BROWNE acknowledged the Deed to William HAMETT in Richmond County Court the 5th day of May Ano: Dm: 1708 and also by virtue of a Power of Attorney from Elizabeth BROWNE, Sarah BROWNE, Wives of the said John and Maxfield, relinquished their right of Dower…Test. J SHERLOCK Cl. Cur. We the Subscribers do hereby authorize and impower Joshua DAVIS our Attorney to acknowledge a sale of a parcell of land to William HAMMIT and this shall be his sufficient warrant… our hands this 4th day of May 1708.
S/John [??? B] BROWNE, Maxfield [MB] BROWNE. (Deed Abstracts of Richmond County, Virginia, 1705-1708, Deed Book No. 4, Ruth and Sam Sparacio, Antient Press, McLean, Virginia, 1991)

John and Maxfield BROWNE above were the sons of William BROWN, Sr. who died bef 1683 in Old Rappa. County, and his relict, Elizabeth _____ who married (2) bef 1683, Evan MORGAN, who died 1683/4 in Old Rappa., and (3) bef 1685, a James TAYLOR whom we have not yet identified (Old Rappa. OB, 1683-1686, p. 38 (52)); Old Rappa. Deeds, 1686-1688:280-281). That this BROWN family was the same referred to in the 1683 deed above appears to be evident based on the following record:

(Old Rappa. WB2:32-3) Dtd. 1 Aug 1683. Will of Evan MORGAN of the Freshes of the Rappahannock River in Virginia, Planter…to my Godson, Maxfield BROWNE, my Wife's youngest Son. two able men servants each having 5-6 years to serve when Godson at age of 18…instead of now Servants Thomas GANIONS and John ROBINSON & if wife Elizabeth doe alter her condition by marriage bef Servants Thomas and John be free, then loving friend Mallachy PEALE to take the said Servants… care & custody for Godson and also Godson if he thinks fitt soe to do. Item. to said Godson 120 A. of a tract of 220 which John ROSE is now living and seated upon… to Godson, two good Cawses of the age of five and … [etc.] … Item. to my Wifes youngest Daughter Elizabeth BROWN two good cowes with calfes… to be delivered to her at age of 18 or day of marriage. Item. to my wife's son, William BROWN, one good Cow with calfe when he keeps house and all my Carpenter tools. Item. …my boy, Thomas BOOTH, the time he hath to serve me by indenture … and one hhd. of Tob: to pay his passage to England. Always provided he returns there, if not to serve his time with my Friend Mallachy PEALE, he paying my wife 1200 lbs. of Tobo. Item…to loveing Wife Elizabeth & unto my loveing Friend Mallacy PEALE all rest of my estate both reale and personai:And doe nominate…joynt Exec. and Execx… S/Evan [A] MORGAN; wits: Josiah MASON; Thomas [T] JONES; Thomas BOOTH. Ack. Josiah MASON… Dep. of Thomas JONES aged 33 years or thereabouts that he was present and saw sd MORGAN sign and deliver to Mr. Mallachy. 5 May 1684. (Sparacio)

Also to be considered is that many years later, in Culpeper County, is a James MASON (1745-1779) who married Mary BRODERICK, born 20 Oct 1745, Overwharton Parish Register, Stafford Co, VA, daughter of Christopher BRODERICK and Sarah HAMMETT (Cannon), and granddaughter of William HAMMETT II. Possibly of the same MASON family? See Also Josiah and other MASONS, and the BROWNS in respect to the family of John and Hannah (MASON?) Combs of Richmond, and their son-in-law and daughter, William and Elizabeth Combs Kendall, also near neighbors of the HAMMETTS, and with UNDERWOOD intermarriages as well. Also Note Evan MORGAN'S use of the phrase "my wife's youngest daughter," which implies that his wife may have also had older daughters.

By 1724 the land of William HAMMETT I in Richmond was part of the recently organized King George County (1720-21):

10 Jul 1724 (North Neck Grants Book A:39) William HAMMETT of King George Co. 160 acres in Hanover Par. King George Co. on Chingateague Cr. Warrant 8 Aug last. Surveyed by Mr. John SAVAGE 7 Sept last. Adj. Nicholas DOWTON, Thomas NEWTON, John DODD, George PEACHE. 10 Jul 1724 (VA NN Land Grants, 1694-1742, compiled by Gertrude E. Gray, GPC, Baltimore, 1987)

Of James HAMMETT, son of William HAMMETT II, later married, probably in either Stafford or Culpeper County, Hannah DODD, daughter of Nathaniel DODD (d 1784, Fauquier), and granddaughter of the above John DODD, born 1666 in Charles Co MD, the son of Richard & Mary DYNE Dodd. (Dodd Researcher Libbie Griffith) Whether the DODDS were later with the HAMMETTS in Stafford County is not yet known; however, Charles Co MD is yet another location that should be searched for early HAMMETT records.

14 Dec 1725 - 1 Jan 1725/6 (KG DBI:318-32) 14th/15th Dec 1725 between William HAMETT of Hanover Parish King George County Planter and John DOUGINS of Parish of Washington County of Westmoreland… by deeds of Lease and Release for ffour thousand pounds of good tobacco sold 100 acres on head of main branch of Gingotague and being part of Patent granted by the Proprietors of the North Neck to William HAMETT for 116 acres dated 10th July 1724 bounded .. Nicholas DONOHO'S line; land of Thomas NEWTON; land of John DODD; line of George PRATT…
Presence Isaac ARNOLD, Wiliam x HAMETT
Isaac ARNOLD, Junr.
His mark Elizabeth x HAMETT
John x GOFF his mark
Recorded 7th Jan 1725 and Elizabeth the now wife of the said William HAMETT relinquished her Right of Dower and thirds at the Common Law..
Know all men … I William HAMMETT [sic] … am bound unto John DOUGENS in sum of 8000 pounds of good and lawful tobaco .. 15the December 1725. The condition .. if truly performs all agreements obligation to be void … William x HAMETT
(Same witnesses)
7th January 1725 .. Bond recorded
(King George County, Virginia Deed Abstracts, 1721-1735, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, McLean, Virginia, 1986)

In 1726, we are confronted again with possibly-conflicting wives' names:

7 Jan 1725/6 (King George OB1725-1728:295) King George County Friday the 7th day of January 1725. William HAMETT came into Court and acknowledged his Lease, Release and Bond unto John DOGAN, And Isabell the Wife of the said William, relinquished her right of Dower and Thirds at Commn Law thereto which at the Instance of the said DOGAN is admitted to Record. (Order Book Abstracts of King George County, Virginia, 1725-1728. This book is part of King George County, Virginia, Order Book 1721-1735. This part, 1725-1728, covers pages 294-443, Courts of 3 December 1725 through 8 March 1728/9. Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, 1320 Mayflower Drive, McLean, Virginia 22101, 1992)

Do we have a many-married William HAMMETT (a condition we continue to experience in relation to the research of the many William HAMMETTS), or clerk or transcriber error?

5 Feb 1725/6 (King George OB, 1725-1728, p.301) King George County Court 5th of February 1725/6. In the Information exhibited by William HAMETT agt. David JONES, the Deft. pleads Not Guilty and the Plt. joines it and the same lyes till ext Court for trial. (ibid.)
5 Mar 1725/6 (King George OB, 1725-1728, p.308) … King George County Court 5th of March 1725/6… The Information exhibited by Wm. HAMET agt. David JONES is ordered to be dismist, the Deft. being dead. (ibid.)

We have not researched either the above David JONES, nor the following Robert JONES, but it appears that in addition to a possible BROWN ancestor, that we may also have a JONES -and a later direct line of SMITHS; i.e., a Genealogical Nightmare.

(King George WBA1:131) Will of Robert JONES… weak in body, but of osund and perfect mind and memory… Imps… my daughter Phillis SMITH two feather beds and furniture…two pewter dishes, five plates, two basons and one Tankard… my son Charles JONES one shilling Current Money of this Colony… my daughter Elizabeth HAMET one shilling Current Money… Mary CONNERY [rel. not stated] one shilling Current Money…. my daughter Phillis SMITH all and Singular the rest of my estate… my daughter Phyllis SMITH whole and sole Executrix… hand and seale the 28 day of June 1737…
s/Robert His [R] Mark JONES {Seale}
Wits: Jno. JACKSON, Mary [X] CONNERY (her mark). Prvd. 2 Sep 1737. LWT of Robert JONES, deced. by Phillis SMITH his Executrix… and oaths of John JACKSON and Mary CONNERY and admitted to record…. (King George County, Virginia Will Book A-1, 1721-1752 & Miscellaneous Notes, George Harrison Sanford King, Fredericksburg, VA, 1978, SHP, Easley, SC, 1986)

The above record may indicate that William HAMMETT II, who had married an Elizabeth by 1725, was the same as the Unknown HAMMETT who married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert JONES, particularly given that a Robert JONES of Essex Co Virginia, associated with both BROWNS and Combs:

(Essex Co. DB 17:303-305) Mar. 9, 1723. Francis GOULDMAN of St. Anne Par., Essex Co., to Robt. JONES of same...100 pds. sterling for all that plantation & tract of land whereon Francis GOULDMAN deced lately dwell'd containing 400 acs...beg. at a white oak by the Church Rd. on the S Side thereof & in ye south line of a pattent granted to John JOHNSON deced bearing date 10th Dec 1663 for 737 acs and 1405 perches...thence to the end of the sd. line to a marked gum thence east to a marked red oak nigh the land of Augustine BRETHENBIRD [sic] & to Rappa River thence up sd river to Occupation Crk. thence up sd crk to land of Salvator MUSCOE thence along the several courses of sd Muscoes land to the Church the beginning. Wits: Thomas COMBES, John BROWN. (Essex Deeds) Note, however, that the Thomas COMBES above may have been a COMBER instead.

It is not yet known, however, if either (a) the above is the same Robert JONES, nor (b) which HAMMETT that Elizabeth, daughter of Robert JONES of King George, married. Also, although not yet researched, later records in Prince William/Fauquier Counties VA indicate that William HAMMETT III, son of William HAMMETT II, who married Rosamund SMITH in Overwharton Parish in Stafford in 1755, was likely the father of a Nathaniel Jones HAMMETT. In the meantime, however, yet more questions arise due to the following record:

(King George DB2:181) 27th Feb 1738/9 To All Christian People I Sarah HAMMET of King George County Hanover Parish give to my loving daughter Agnes HAMMET after my Decease all my Household goods and Stocks and all I am possest with .. 27th February 1737/8.
Sarah x HAMMET
Presence William MARSHALL
(King George County, Virginia Deed Abstracts, 1721-1735, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, McLean, Virginia, 1986)

Is the above Sarah HAMMETT the same as Sarah (BROWN?) Rose who married William HAMMETT bef 1702? (2) Are the above William and John MARSHALL of the same family as the MARSHALLS of Culpeper who were near neighbors of William HAMMETT who died in that county in 1777, and who may be of the same family as the Westmoreland County MARKHAM-MARSHALL family who also removed to Culpeper? Also, although Westmoreland VA records have not yet been checked for HAMMETTS, at least one William HAMMETT, probably the same who was of King George(?) was recorded there; i.e.:

25 Aug 1731 (Westmoreland Order Book, 1721-1731:389) William HAMETT vs. Thomas DART. Trespass upon the…? Damages 800 lbs. (lined out)} Dismist being agreed. (Abstracted by C. Hammett, 1997)

By May 1744, William HAMMETT I of King George is deceased. Although no estate records have been located in King George thus far, the following record provides the name of his only documented son, William HAMMETT II:

(King George DB3:6-11) Indenture made 3rd/4th May 1744 between William HAMMET of Stafford County Planter and Elizabeth his wife of one part and Daniel WHITE of Hanover Parish King George County .. by deeds of lease & release .. for sum Twelve pounds Ten shillings current money sold 50 A in Hanover Parish .. to be laid out on the Back Line formerly belonging to John and Maxfield BROWN purchased of (them) by William HAMMET father of William HAMMET party to these presents .. a cross the Dividing line of said John and Maxfield and 25 acres out of each party's Dividend..
William Hammet
Elizabeth x Hammet
At a court held 4th May 1744 .. Deeds of lease and release recorded ., said Elizabeth being Solely Examined acknowledged her free consent...
Memo - That William HAMMET agreeth to pay what Quitrents is due before of these presents & said Daniel WHITE only paying the Quitrents to commence from date of these presents ..
4th May 1744 - Consideration money -paid.
Know all men .. I William HAMMET .. am Holden unto Daniel WHITE .. in sum Twenty five pounds current money of Virginia ,. 4th May 1744. Condition if above bounded hath conveyed unto Daniel WHITE 50 acres on Back Line of Land of John & Maxfield BROWN and formerly sold by them to William HAMMET late of this County Deceased, and father to William HAMMET party to these presents as on Records of Richmond County may appear .. if keep all covenants .. said deed .. this obligation to be Void .. otherwise stand ..
William HAMMET
At a court held 4th May 1744 .. Bond recorded.
(King George County, Virginia Deed Abstracts, 1721-1735, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, McLean, Virginia, 1986)

Is William HAMMETT of Stafford with wife Elizabeth in 1744 the same individual as William HAMMETT of King George with a wife Elizabeth in 1725? Was he the son of William and Sarah (BROWN?) (Rose) Hammett? Or possibly a grandson? The answers to these questions are not known yet, and the records of Overwharton Parish in Stafford County, Virginia, add even more to the confusion:

Born: HAMMETH, Margaret daughter of William and Mary HAMMETH, February 10, 1739/40 (The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA, 1723-1758 and Sundry Historical and Genalogical Notes, George Harrison Sanford King, , Fredericksburg, VA, SHP, Easley, SC, 1961)

The above is the next HAMMETT record found in Stafford Co VA following the above 1690 record, and the earliest William HAMMETT record in the Overwharton Parish Register of Stafford County, Virginia, pre-dating the record of William and Elizabeth _____ Hammett of Stafford by several years, yet this William HAMMETT has married a Mary, not an Elizabeth. However, only two years later, we find William and Elizabeth HAMMETT in the parish records:

Born: HAMMET, Charles son of William and Elizabeth HAMMET, February 4, 1742/3 (ibid.)
Born: HAMMET, Mary daughter of William and Elizabeth HAMMET, February 4, 1744/5 (ibid.)

Is this the same William Hammett II of King George and Stafford? Apparently so based on later records; however, Elizabeth, wife of William HAMMETT in 1725 in King George cannot have been the same as Elizabeth, wife of William HAMMETT in 1742/3, and yet Margaret, Mary, and Charles HAMMETT of the above records all appear to have been the children of William HAMMETT II based on later records. Did Elizabeth (JONES?) die between 1737 and 1739, and he marry next a Mary who also died by 1742, and then a second wife named Elizabeth?

This is not known to us yet as we continue to sort through the various records; however, what is known to us are the names of most, if not all, of the children of:

of King George, Stafford, Prince William/Fauquier and Culpeper Cos, VA

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