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Stark County was established from Columbiana in 1808.

1810-1830 Stark Co, OH Census Index

No Combs

1840 Columbiana Co, OH Census Index

John Combs

Note: This may be the John Combs who m Anna MILNER [A.K.A. MILLNER] 11 Apr 1816, Columbiana Co OH. He died 4 Oct 1857 in Carroll Co OH, and his wid died about Dec 1881. He served in Thomas GREGG'S VA Mil. He also lived in Stark & Columbiana Co OH, and his widow also lived in Decatur Co IA (Combs of the War of 1812)

Note: Not necessarily relevant, but the Loudoun Co VA tax list dated 3/26/1787 included Joseph Combs (0-8-7-3-8) tithed self and Thomas HOLLAND, and (among others) one John MILNER.

1850 Stark Co, OH Census

Paris Twp

p. 412b IMAGE

451/461 Jas? H Combs 24 M Carpenter 400 PA
Matilda 22 F PA
Elvernia (?) 2 F OH
Rebecca MILLER X F OH sch

Note: Unidentified

1860 Stark Co, OH Census

(Source: Original census images, Heritage Quest)

1st Ward Canton City

Canton PO

p. 126/8, June 6, 1860

76/76 Joseph Combs 29, M, ditto for Blacksmith, PP=$100 ditto for OH
Henrietta 28, F PA
Cora A, 8, F OH
Elizabeth A, 5, F ditto
Oran J, 3, M ditto
Almond D, 1, M ditto

Note: Probably related to James Combs of Paris Twp.

Paris Twp

Paris PO

p. 475/39 June 12, 1860

294/285 James Combs 35, M, Carpenter, RE=$2900, PP=$400 ditto for OH
Matilda 33, F ditto
Elmira 12, F ditto
Charity W 9, F ditto
Marion 4, F ditto
Lora A 2, F ditto

1870 Stark Co, OH Census

First Ward, Canton City

Canton PO

p. 72/36, June 7, 1870

256/290 Combs Josiah 42, MW, Works in Real Estate, RE=$3400 OH
Henrietta 39, FW, Keeping House PA
Elizabeth 15, FW, At Home OH
Etta 4, FW OH
Dora 2, FW OH

(Source: Original census images, Heritage Quest)

Note: Enumerated as Joseph in 1860

p. 87, 11 June 1870 [sic]

John Combs, Landlord 58 VA
Rebecca, 41, b. VA
Edna, 20, b. VA
Louis, 18, b. VA
Abraham, 2, b. VA

Note: A long list of tenants (perhaps boarders) in his census entry. Previously in 1860 Columbiana Co, OH census. John's wife was Rebecca EMMONS.

Alliance P.O.

p. 282 B

Presley Combs, 65, Huckster $1500 - VA
Annie L., 30, b. Ohio
GIBSON Mary, 30, F, Domestic servant Ireland

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Mary Bryant Park)

Notes: See Presley and John Combs of Loudoun Co VA. The same? Could he possibly be the same as Prestly Combs in the 1850 & 1860 Allegheny Co, PA census.

Alliance PO

p. 303/63 June 8, 1860

511/538 Combs James, 44, M, W, Laborer OH
Rebecca 33, F, W, Keeping House OH
Richard 16, M, W OH

(Original census images, Heritage Quest)

Augusta Twp

Augusta PO

p. 7, July 13, 1870

121/125 Comes Jacob J 47, M, W, Farmer, RE=$3000, PP=$600 OH
Annie, 47, F, W, Keeping House PA
Mary E, 17, F, W, At Home OH
Anna M?, 11, F, W, ditto OH

(Original census images, Heritage Quest)

Note: Couple previously in Carroll Co, OH. Sep 28 1848 Carroll Co, OH. Married: COMBS, Jacob & LOVET Ann

Paris Twp

Robardsville PO

p. 506, July 14, 1870

345/350 Combs James 46, M, W, Farmer, RE=$4000, PP=$600 OH
Matilda 43, F, W, Keeps House OH
Almira 21, F, W, At Home OH
Charity 19, F, W, At Home OH
Marien 14, M, W OH
Laura 12, F, W OH
Almon 8, M, W OH
Ida 6, F, W OH
Hattie 4, F, W OH

(Source: Original census images, Heritage Quest)

Note: James deceased by 1870 when his children state their father was born in NJ. James Combs of Paris and Joseph Combs may be related since both have sons named Almon and James also has a daughter named Hattie.

1880 Stark Co, OH Census

(Source: Original census images, Heritage Quest)

Lake Twp

ED 141

p. 18/9, June 16, 1880

183/189 Combs Joseph MW 50, Md, Blacksmith OH OH OH
Henrietta, Wife FW 49, Md, Keeping House OH OH OH
Orin, Son MW 22, Single OH OH OH, Rheumatism
Almon, Son MW 21, Single, Blacksmith OH OH OH
Ellen, Daughter FW 14, Single OH OH OH
Dora C, Daughter FW 12, Single, Attends School OH OH OH
Joseph E, Son MW 9 OH OH OH
Lorena, Daughter FW 4 OH OH OH

Note: James Combs of Paris and Joseph Combs may be related since both have sons named Almon and James also has a daughter named Hattie.

Lexington Twp

Town of Alliance, Arch St, ED 143

p. 93/50, June 14, 1880

518/608 MILNER Syman. W, M, 43, Md, Carpenter OH OH OH
Fraces, Wife FW 40, Md, Keeping House OH VA VA
Jessie, Daughter FW 10, Single, At School OH OH OH
Blanche, Daughter FW 7, Single OH OH OH
Roy P, Son MW 5, Single OH OH OH
Combs Presley B, Father, 75 MW Wd VA VA VA
Annie, Daughter, 45 FW Single, Writer OH VA VA

4th Ward Canton

ED 139

p. 9/412, , June 2, 1880

73/95 Combs Jacob MW 55, Carpenter OH OH OH
Anna, Wife FW 53, Keeping House PA PA PA
Mary, Daughter FW 23, At Home OH OH PA
Mattie, Daughter FW 19, At Home OH OH PA
James, Son MW 11, At School OH OH PA

Note: Jacob in in the same Household (diff family #) of Henry & Sarah Gotchall HH 73/94).

Paris Twp

ED 152

p. 41/306, June 17, 1880

377/388 Combs Matilda FW 52, Wd, Housekeeping OH Prussia Prussia
Marian, Son MW 24, Single, Carpenter OH NJ OH
Almon, Son MW 18, Single, Farming OH NJ OH
Ida Irene, Daughter FW 16, Single OH NJ OH
Hattie R, Daughter FW 13, Single OH NJ OH
Minnie E, Daughter FW 9, Single OH NJ OH

Town of Minerva, ED 152

p. 8/289, June 2, 1880

82/86 Combs John MW 68, Md, Taylor VA VA VA
Rebecca, Wife FW 53, Md, House Keeping OH VA VA
Cassuth L, Son MW 28, Single, Cooper OH VA OH
Foster L, Son MW 12, Single OH VA OH

See Also the OH Death Certificate Database for more Combs Records for this county.

To Be Continued…

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