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Robert Combs (alias ASHBY?) was b 1749-1753 at Berry’s Ferry, Shenandoah River, Frederick Co, VA; resided in Loudoun Co, VA from at least 1777 to at least 1779, resided in Fauquier Co, VA from at least 1781 to 1842 when he died on 12 May. Robert may have married by 1787, Sarah LINTON (undocumented DAR Files). He appears to have been a natural son of Joseph Combs II of Stafford, Frederick and Loudoun Cos, VA (Loudoun Co, VA Tax Lists, 1790 Fauquier Co, VA Deeds), possibly by Sarah ASHBY (1758 Frederick Co VA Court Minutes). His wife Sarah is listed as a LINTON in DAR lineages, and they named a daughter Jane Linton Combs, a daughter Ann L Combs, and their son Burr Combs named a son John Linton Combs. Robert and Sarah also lived on land that had been conveyed in trust for the benefit of William Linton or his heirs.

New Research! A recent review of original documents from two Fauquier Co, VA Superior Court of Chancery & Law cases document the following: (1) Robert Combs died 12 May 1842; (2) his wife was named Sarah and she was still alive in 1825; (3) he had two sons and four daughters: Jane Linton Combs who married Henry GLASCOCK, Frances H aka “Fanny” BRASHEARS, Sarah Ann SHACKLETT who married William SHACKLETT (removed to Kentucky), Ann L GLASCOCK who married Spencer GLASCOCK, John Combs (who removed to Kentucky), and Burr Combs who married Catharine WELCH. These two cases provide substantial documentation about Robert’s children and the heirs of his deceased daughter Sarah Ann, his estate and the settlement thereof, his trust in his son-in-law Henry Glascock, his desire to treat his children equally, and his efforts to financially help son Burr Combs purchase land and pay his debts. The first case was brought by Robert Combs against Sylvester WELCH [Jr] Admr of Sylvester WELCH Decd [Senr] and Burr Combs. When Robert died in 1842, the case was transferred to John Thomas Glascock, the administrator of Robert Combs decd. The second case was filed in 1842 (following Robert’s death) by Henry GLASCOCK, his wife Jane and other heirs against Burr Combs, John Combs, the Shacklett heirs, John Thomas GLASCOCK the admr, and Humphrey B POWELL as trustee for Robert Combs & wife and as executor of Burr POWELL decd. This case provides estate accounting documents and includes a copy of an 1825 deed of trust from Robert Combs to Henry GLASCOCK wherein he places his property in trust to Glascock for his and his wife’s support until their death. Robert names his children and the manner in which he wished his estate to be divided at his or his wife’s death, whoever lived the longest. He also states that the land he resides on in Fauquier is land that was conveyed in trust for the benefit of Col. POWELL exor or Wm LINTON or his heirs. There may be deed records in Fauquier that document Robert’s wife Sarah as a Linton. The complainants wanted the administration’s accounts adjusted and distributions made. Robert’s land was sold and the slaves divided into four lots. Settlement papers show that both Burr and John Combs received advancements and that Burr’s advancements exceeded his equal share of the estate. Henry Glascock stated he had purchased the interest of John Combs (of Kentucky) in his father’ Robert’s estate. See below for more detailed information. It may also be significant that the newspaper advertisement for the court ordered sale of Robert’s land is described as containing 158 acres and the same whereon Robert Combs deceased lately resided. Could this be the same 158 acres of land that Joseph Combs of Loudoun Co, VA deeded to Robert ASHBY alias Combs (see below) in the year 1790, and if so, is this a confirmation this Robert Combs was a son of the said Joseph Combs. See below for more records contained in these chancery cases and see Combs VA Chancery cases in Fauquier County

Important! Some assumptions are being made in this report which may be eventually disproved, most particularly that Robert Combs alias ASHBY of Fauquier in 1790 was the same as RW Robert Combs of Fauquier. A number of records are still needed to prove or disprove these assumptions, and also to attempt to locate some of the oral family histories herein such as those in the DAR Files below.

According to his Revolutionary War Pension File, Robert Combs applied for his pension on 21 Aug 1832, Fauquier Co VA, declaring he was aged 79, (b ca 1753), and born near Berry Ferry on the Shenandoah River in Frederick Co, Virginia, but that he had no record of his age. He declared that he had entered into service seven different periods, twice as a volunteer, once as a substitute and four times drafted He stated that he volunteered in a mounted militia company raised by Capt. Levin POWELL in Loudoun Co, VA, to guard the shores of James River and adjoining waters to prevent the forces of Lord Dunmore from landing and damaging the country, shortly after his destroying the magazine, and that they marched as far as Fredericksburg on the Rappahannock River where they learned that Lord Dunmore had left the Chesapeake. They returned home; this tour was of seven or eight days. Robert declared that his next service was when he rendezvoused in a company of militia raised by Capt. Simon TRIPLETT in Loudoun County in 1775, which he joined in 1776, called minute men. They marched to Alexandria (D. C.) in May or June where he continued until cold weather set in. Shortly after returning from the minute service he substituted for John LANG to go to NOLAND’S Ferry on the Potomac, to receive the Hessian prisoners captured at Trenton and guard them on their way to Albemarle Barracks. This tour was in very cold weather and occupied two or three weeks. In the fall of 1777 he was drafted in Loudoun County and went in a company commanded by Capt. McMICKENS under Col. CLAPHAM and marched to the north and joined the army on the evening after the battle of Germantown. He supposes it was a three month tour. Robert Combs declared that he was drafted again in Loudoun and served under Capt. Simon HANCOCK and Col. COLEMAN and marched to Pennsylvania by Lancaster. He believes it was three months.

In the spring of 1781 he was drafted in Fauquier County and marched to Richmond under Capt. JENNINGS and Col. Elias EDMONDS, encamped a while on Shockoe Hill, was commanded by Gen. MUHLENBURG, encamped a while on James River below Richmond and afterward marched up the river. This tour or three months used to be distinguished the running tour from the men taking fright from the false rumor while marching in the night during a thunder storm. Early in the fall of 1781 he was drafted again in Fauquier County and marched under Capt. James WINN and Col. Elias EDMONDS to Williamsburg and was stationed about there until the besieging of CORNWALLIS in Yorktown, in which he was engaged until the capitulation [19 Oct 1781]. During the siege the company was transferred to the command of Capt. Lynn SHARP and the regiment to training of Maj. WELCH. He guarded a part of the prisoners to the Barracks above Winchester [Frederick Co, VA] where he was discharged.

He received three certificates of pay for his service which he sent to Richmond and took Treasury warrants for 4750 acres of land which were located on Licking River in Kentucky.

On 21 Aug. 1832, in Fauquier Co., VA, James S. PICKETT, a justice of the peace, declared by record of his father he was born in May 1775 and resides on his native hill in Fauquier County which has been his home from his birth. Robert Combs resides about one and a half miles from him, where he has occupied for more than fifty years. [ca 1782]. More than thirty years ago and frequently since he has entertained PICKETT with many incidents of his soldiers scenes, particularly with that tour called the running tour, of the rush of the rear of the army when frightened at night, of men stumbling down in the fence ditches in the dark and crying “quarters,” quarters, and next morning the unfortunate evidence of lost swords, guns, hats and knapsacks.

On 21 Aug. 1832, in Fauquier County, VA, Anthony ETHELL, aged 75, declared he served in the Virginia militia in 1775 and 1776 in the company of Capt. Simon TRIPLETT called minute men. Robert Combs, now aged about 79 [b ca 1753], joined the company before harvest in 1776 and was stationed at Alexandria (D. C.) and continued in service until cold weather.

On 21 Aug. 1832, in Fauquier Co., VA, Reuben MURRAY, aged 70, declared he served a tour in the militia in 1781. He marched in a company of Capt. James WINN to Williamsburg and was stationed about there some time before the siege of Yorktown in which he was engaged until the capitulation, and guarded a part of the prisoners to the barracks at Winchester. The company was transferred to Capt. Linn SHARP. Robert Combs was drafted in the same service and was a mess mate with him and was discharged at the same time and place with him.

On 27 Aug. 1832, Loudoun Co, Virginia, Burr POWELL declared he had in his possession the record of an association formed about 1774 in Loudoun County for the purpose of resisting British aggression in which record the name of Robert Combs appears. The record has been mislaid.

In a declaration made on 30 Apr 1833, in Fauquier Co., VA, Robert Combs stated that he served first as a mounted volunteer under Capt. Levin POWELL eight days, second as a volunteer under Capt. Simon TRIPLETT five months, third as a substitute for John LANG fifteen days, fourth under Capt. McKICKENS and Col. CLAPHAM as a drafted soldier three months, fifth under Capt. Simon HANCOCK and Col. COLEMAN three months as a drafted soldier, sixth as a drafted soldier under Capt. JENNINGS and Col. Elias EDMIONDS three months, and seventh as a drafted soldier under Captains WINN and SHARP before, at and after the capture of Cornwallis for three months.

On 1 May 1833, Fauquier Co., Virginia, George LOVE declared he had lived in the same neighborhood with Robert Combs for nearly thirty years [ca 1802]. “George LOVE is now and has been for several years a Deacon of the Long Branch Baptist Church, Clerk to the Columbia Association, justice of the peace for Fauquier County, principle assessor in the 21st Collection District of Virginia about 1816, late colonel of 44th Regiment Virginia Militia, and now mathematical and practical land surveyor, late engineer upon the Quantico Canal and late assistant inspector of the James River Canal improvements.”

Robert Combs, private in the company of Capt. POWELL in the Virginia line 17 months and 23 days, was placed on the Virginia pension roll at $59.22 per annum under the Act of 1832. Certificate 12919 was issued 17 June 1833.

A Query Letter stated that he died 9/7/46. Please note that new research shows Robert Combs died 12 May 1842.

1835 Federal Pension Rolls. Fauquier Co, VA Robert Combs, Private, Virginia Continental Line, $59.22 Annual Allowance. $177.66 Amount received. 17 Jun 1833 pension started, age 81. (Revolutionary War Pension file of Robert Combs (S8251), abstracted from Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data From Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records, Volume 1, Patrick Wardell, p. 228; Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications, Volume Twenty One, Abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman, Washington, D. C., 1975; Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, Vol 1: A-E, Abstracted by Virgil D. White, Published by The National Historical Publishing Company. 1990; and 1835 Federal Pension Rolls, VA )

Joseph Combs II was the only known Combs in the area of Berry’s Ferry in the 1750s (during which period he was charged with fornication with a Sarah ASHBY. By 1764, Joseph had removed from Frederick to Loudoun Co, VA, where Robert Combs is first found of record in 1770 when he, Thomas GRYMES, John Combs and several slaves were tithed by Joseph Combs II, listed on the tax return of Leven POWELL of Shelburne Parish who was not only Robert’s first commander in the Revolutionary War, but was also Joseph II’s brother-in-law (h/o Sarah HARRISON). John Combs has not yet been identified. Robert’s appearance on this list indicates he was probably born ca 1749 rather than 1753 (assuming same individual, which seems extremely likely as no other Robert Combs nor any Robert ASHBY has been located in Loudoun during the time period when Robert stated he resided in that county).

From 1771 through 1775, Robert continued to be tithed by Joseph Combs II. As noted by Burr POWELL’S 1832 Loudoun declaration, Robert Combs, along with Joseph and Stephen (s/o Joseph II) Combs, were among the signers of a “Resolution made at Loudoun, Virginia in 1774 condemning the British Parliament and agreeing to sever connections untill they repeal the discriminating tax, etc.” Joseph, Robert and Stephen were all missing from Loudoun tax lists in 1776 and 1777, probably due to either or both missing lists and military exemptions since Robert indicates in his pension declaration that he enlisted in the fall of 1777 in Loudoun and again for another three-month tour shortly thereafter. Robert is not again found in the records of Loudoun.

According to Robert’s deposition, he was in Fauquier by the Spring of 1781 when he again enlisted, and that he was last discharged from Frederick Co, VA in the fall of that year. He is not found in the 1783-1786 Fauquier Co, VA tax lists (however, all not yet reviewed), but on 20 Mar 1787 he was listed in the Fauquier Co, VA Tax List C (not the same district as the Combs descended from John & Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr., brother of Joseph II) tithing himself, 3 blacks over 16, 3 blacks under 16, 2 horses and 5 head of cattle.

In 1790, Joseph Combs of Loudoun Co, VA deeded 158 acres to Robert ASHBY alias Combs, and an adjacent 163 acres to Henry WASHINGTON of Prince William (Fauquier Co, VA DB10:373 & 375, extracted by Combs Researcher Jeff Duvall from Fauquier Families, 1759-1799: Comprehensive indexed abstracts of Tax and Tithable Lists, Marriage Bonds and Minute, Deed, and Will Books, and Others by John P. Alcock (Athens, GA: Iberian Publishing Company, 1994) Could this be the same 158 acres of land in Fauquier advertised for public sale in 1844 and described as being land where Robert deceased lately resided. In Robert’s 1825 deed of trust, he referred to the land on which he lived as having been conveyed in trust by Col. Powell’s exor or Wm Linton or his heirs. Humphrey B Powell, the executor of Burr Powell was named as a defendant in a suit between the heirs of Robert Combs.

In 1797 Robert was listed on a Fauquier Co, VA poll list, and in 1800, appeared on the Fauquier Co VA Tax District of Elias EDMONDS Junr with 1 free male over 16; 2 horses owned; 2 tithable slaves over 16; and 0 tithable slaves 12-16.

In 1810, Robert was listed on p. 250 of the Fauquier Co, VA census:

Robert Combs, 01101-00401-09

1 male 45+ (b bef 1755) 1 female 45+ (b bef 1755) 1 male 16-25 (b 1785-1794) [John] 4 females 16-25 (b 1785-1794) [Jane L, Frances, Sarah Ann, and Ann L] 1 male 10-15 (b 1795-1800) [Burr]

This census record is consistent with Robert’s 1825 deed of trust wherein he names 4 daughters and 2 sons who were still living in 1825. Burr’s census records show that he was the younger male and the older male would have been John who was the bondsman on his sisters’ marriage records (Frances and Ann).

29 Apr 1814 Fauquier Co VA Marriage Bonds. John W. BISHEAR & Frances H. Combs, bondsman John Combs (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendricks from Fauquier County, Virginia Marriage Bonds: 1759-1854 & Marriage Returns: 1785-1848 by John K. Gott). The bondsman was Frances’s brother John Combs. She is further identified as Francis H Brashares in Robert’s 1825 deed of trust.

Notes: According to the IL SAR Biography of Valentine Harrison SURGHNOR, b 8 Feb 1847, Pruntytown, Va. [not found], he was the s/o Valentine Harrison & Mary BRASHEAR Surghnor, gs/o John W. and Frances Combs Brashear [sic], and ggs/o RW Robert & Sarah LINTIN Combs. Who was the bondsman, John Combs? Could he have been Robert’s son born 1785-1794 per the 1810 census?

sw: linton

6 Oct 1814 William SHACKLETT & Sarah Ann Combs. s/o Edward SHACKLETT; d/o Robert Combs (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendricks from Fauquier County, Virginia Marriage Bonds: 1759-1854 & Marriage Returns: 1785-1848 by John K. Gott)

Notes: Sarah Ann was the d/o RW Robert Combs by his wife, Sarah LINTON, according to (1) his great-granddaughter, Mrs. Martha Glenn Baer (DAR Lineages, Volume 41); and (2) his great-great granddaughter Mrs. Mary Roberta STRINGER Cooney (DAR Lineages, Volume 89). No marriage record has been located. She is further identified as Robert’s daughter in his 1825 deed of trust.

17 Feb 1815 Fauquier Co VA Marriage Bonds. Spencer GLASSCOCK & Ann COMBS, 17 Feb 1815 bondsman John COMBS (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from Fauquier County, Virginia Marriage Bonds: 1759-1854 & Marriage Returns: 1785-1848 by John K. Gott). The bondsman was Ann’s brother John Combs. Ann is identified as Ann L Combs, wife of Spencer Glascock, in her father’s 1825 deed of trust.

22 Jun 1820 Henry GLASSCOCK & Jane Combs, bondsman Spencer GLASSCOCK (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Kendricks from Fauquier County, Virginia Marriage Bonds: 1759-1854 & Marriage Returns: 1785-1848 by John K. Gott). Robert Combs’s 1825 deed of trust and Fauquier Co. Chancery Court case files clearly identifies Jane as Jane Linton Combs, wife of Henry Glascock. The fact she carries the middle name of Linton may further suggest her mother was Sarah LINTON. Spencer GLAS(S)COCK was married to Jane’s sister Ann L Combs.

1820 Fauquier Co, VA Census

Robert Combs
1 male 45+
1 female 45+
1 female 26-45 [unmarried daughter?]
1 male 18-25 [Burr?]
1 female 10-16
1 male under 10
1 female under 10

Notes:The male 18-25 would definitely be Burr. The female age 26-45 could be a daughter who may have been widowed with young children who could account for the youngest male and female. Frances, Sarah, and Ann were married before 1820 and Jane was married in 1820. In Robert’s 1825 deed of trust, he does not name the husband of daughter Frances H Brashares [Brashears] as he does for his other three daughters.

12 Oct 1821 Fauquier Co, VA Marriage Bonds. Burr Combs & Cathrine WELCH, 12 Oct, 1821 by William WILLIAMSON (Presbyterian). Cathrine d/o Sylvester WELCH. Marriage Return 16 Oct 1821 ((Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from Fauquier County, Virginia Marriage Bonds: 1759-1854 & Marriage Returns: 1785-1848 by John K. Gott) See 1850 Census Notes.

The 1830 Fauquier Co, VA Census Index includes a Robert Combs, and in 1840, Robert and Burr Combs are both listed on p. 140 of Leeds Parish. (In 1830, Burr is listed two pages earlier than Robert). Although Burr appears likely to have been the son of Robert, he is undocumented as yet.

According to the SAR file of Valentine Harrison SURGHNOR, Robert died in Virginia on 13 May 1842 (A DAR file, however, lists his death as 1846 in Ohio). Please note that Fauquier Co., VA. chancery court documents now give Robert’s date of death as 12 May 1842.

No estate records have been extracted as yet, nor is it known if Robert left a will.

20 Sept. 1825 Deed of Trust between Robert Combs and Henry GLASCOCK (Image/p. 141)

INDENTURE, dated 20 Sept. 1850 between Robert Combs of Fauquier County, Virginia, of the one part and Henry GLASCOCK of the same county and state…”the said Robert with a view of making provision for the future support of his wife should she survive him and an equitable distribution of his estate among his children after the death of himself and his wife as well as for five dollars to him in hand paid by the said Henry Glascock…Hath granted bargained & sold…unto the said Henry G Glascock all his estate real & personal consisting of land slaves &c as follows Viz: the tract of land in the County of Fauquier on which he now resides, being the same that is conveyed in trust for the benefit of Col. Powells exor . or Wm LINTON or his heirs as also two slaves named Marcus & Hinson in said trust deed aforesaid also Isaac a slave pledged to Henry Glascock, when redeemed also whatever land he he entitled to in the State of Kentucky also the following slaves Viz.z Jesse, Violet, Jane, Sandy, Mary Ann & Almira the children of said Jane and all crops now made or growing on the land on which the said Combs resides as also all stock of cattle, Horses Hogs & sheep all plantation implements & house hold and Kitchen furniture, with every species of property now in his possession that is not more particularly described together with all houses buildings & appurtenances to the land belonging. To have and to hold the lands aforesaid and the slaves with the future increase of the females and the stock of every sort with its future increase and the crops made & growing as also the other property contained herein or intended to be contained in this trust into the said Henry Glascock his Heirs and assigns forever UPON trust nevertheless that the said Robert Combs and his wife Sarah and the longest liver of them shall have the use, possession enjoyment and profits of the estate, real & personal aforesaid for and during their natural lives and at the death of the longest liver of them the said property or whatsoever shall remain of it after the support of the said Robert & Sarah shall descend and pass share & share alike to all their children Vitz: Jane Linton now married to Henry GLASCOCK, Francis H BRASHARES, John, Sarah Ann the wife of William SHACKLETT who is to have the use of it during her life, and then it is to go to her children or their descendants as the law would distribute it, and Ann L. the wife of Spencer GLASCOCK who is to have the use of it during life and at her death it is to pass to her children in like manner as Sarah Ann SHACKLETTS part & Burr Combs, but John Combs is to account in the distribution for a slave he got named Tom at the sum of four hundred & fifty dollars and any land in Kentucky that has been allotted to him there, and Sarah Ann the wife of Wm SHACKLETT, also to account for any land she or her husband may have had allotted to them in Kentucky and Burr Combs to account for any advances that have been made for his use already & for whatever sum the said Robert may be compelled to pay as his security in future. The advances already made are as follows 227:79 Nov. 22 1823 &262 dols: about the same time paid towards saving his land and about $25 lately paid to the sheriff on an Exon [execution] Payne agst. Combs for the benefit of Baylis The said Robert being still bound for the balance of that & other executions now out against the said Burr. The said Henry GLASCOCK binding himself his heirs &c to hold the property in trust subject to the uses in this deed as stated and during the lives of said Robert Combs & Sarah Combs and the longest liver of them and then to give up the same for distribution in the manner herein directed or such part of it as remain unexpended in the support of said Robert & Sarah. In witness whereof the said Robert Combs and Henry GLASCOCK have set their hands & affixed their seals hereunto the day & year before written.”

Robert Combs (Seal) Henry GLASCOCK (Seal)

Loudon [sic] County to wit:

We Burr POWELL & Abner GIBSON Justices of the peace in the County aforesaid do hereby certify the Robert Combs a party to a certain deed, bearing date on the 30th day of September 1825 and hereunto annexed personally appeared before me in our county aforesaid and acknowledged the same to be his act and and deed and desired us to certify the said acknowledgment to the Clerk of the County Court of Fauquier in order that the said deed may be recorded. Given from under our hands and seals this 30th day of September 1825.” Burr POWELL (Seal) A. GIBSON (Seal)” The Indenture was acknowledged by Henry GLASCOCK in Fauquier Court on Oct. 4 1826.

(Source: Henry Glascock & Wife & others v Burr Combs etc.; Index ID: 1849-004, Library of Virginia Archives, Chancery Court Index digital database. Abstracts, extracts, and transcriptions submitted by Sue Elfving)

SE Notes: It is assumed this deed was actually recorded; however, the book and page number were not given. The case file for this chancery suit consists of 144 pages (images) of documents for the suit between the heirs of Robert Combs and includes detailed information about the evaluation of assets, the sale of land, the names of slaves, the advancements to the heirs before Robert’s death, and the settlement and distributions to the heirs and their heirs. The suit was filed in the fall of 1842 and settled in 1849.

This deed in trust identifies Robert and Sarahís children as: Jane Linton GLASCOCK (wife of Henry the grantee), Francis H BRASHARES [Brashears], John Combs, Sarah Ann SHACKLETT (wife of William), Ann L GLASCOCK (wife of Spencer), and Burr Combs. Son John Combs and the Shackletts removal to Kentucky is additionally confirmed in other case documents. It is not known where John Combs lived in Kentucky nor has he been identified. Robertís daughter Francis H aka Fanny [in other documents] may be a widow by this time since her husbandís name is not listed. The documentation of daughter Janeís middle name as Linton is another suggestion her mother Sarah was a LINTON. Furthermore, Robertís reference to the land he lives on land and 2 slaves as being held in trust for the benefit of Wm Linton or his heirs might be definitive proof that Sarah is a Linton heir. More research is needed on the Lintons. Fauquier County court records show that Robert Combs did incur more expenses substantial expenses relative to his son Burr Combs, styled an insolvent debtor in this suit brought by his brother-in-law Henry Glascock. Robert Combs outlived his wife Sarah and he died 12 May 1842 (p. 58 of Henry Glascock & Wife etc. v Burr Combs etc.). The decease of his daughter Sarah Ann SHACKLETT and his son Burrís financial problems from numerous court judgments and debts added to the difficulty of settling the estate. Burr’s advancements were in excess of his share of the estate; therefore, he received no distribution. Son John of Kentucky also received advancements by way of a Negro named Tom and some land in Kentucky. The trust deed states Sarah SHACKLETT received land in Kentucky. At this time, we have no record of Robert receiving land in Kentucky but he easily could have due to his service in the Revolutionary War. More research is needed to locate this land. Perhaps the actual land warrant/patent states it was assigned to John Combs from Robert Combs.

ALSO important in this suit is the information provided about the slaves. There are names, ages, and even some names of their children that may be of genealogical value to African American researchers who have ancestors in Fauquier during this period. It is possible that individuals mentioned in these papers are later enumerated in the 1870 census.

Known Issue of Robert and Sarah Combs

Robert Combs documented the names of his two sons and four daughters in the 1825 deed of trust between him and his son-in-law Henry Glascock. Fauquier Co. marriage records exist for 5 children (John Combs excepted) and Fauquier Co. Chancery Court case files confirm the given name of his wife (Sarah) and the names of his children, their male spouses, and identifies the heirs of daughter Sarah Ann Combs and her husband William SHACKLETT. The 1850 census records for three children (Jane Glascock, Ann L Glascock, and Burr Combs) have been located in Fauquier Co. Daughter Sarah Ann Shacklett and son John Combs removed to Kentucky. The deed of trust shows that Robert desired to treat his children in very equal terms and that he tried hard to help his son Burr who was often in debt. After Robert’s death, his son-in-law Henry Glascock pursued an equitable distribution of Robert’s estate for the surviving children and the heirs of deceased daughter Sarah Ann. In a sense, Henry seemingly justified his father-in-law’s faith in him. See Fauquier Chancery records for complete review of the chancery case documents.

  1. Jane Linton Combs (b c1787), so styled by her father’s 1825 deed of trust, married Henry GLASCOCK on 22 June 1820 in Fauquier Co, VA. Her middle name LINTON is also found in numerous chancery court case papers suggesting it was commonly used when she was referenced. She was born circa 1787 per her 1850 Fauquier Co., census record and is therefore believed to have been the eldest child since she is named first in the deed of trust and other court documents. Given her approximate date of birth and date of marriage, she appears to have married somewhat late in life (about age 33) if the year 1820 is correct for the marriage. It is not known when Jane died but appears it was prior to 1860. Living with Jane in 1850 was her sister Ann L Glascock (age 55) and two of Ann’s daughters, Sarah A (age 35) and Virginia A (age 26). The 1825 deed of trust from Robert Combs to Henry Glascock shows that Robert trusted Henry with his entire estate. Henry also advanced Robert $260 (in return for a Negro in trust) to help him pay for half of the purchase money his son Burr Combs’s land. Henry’s role in this transaction is detailed in a deposition that Henry gave in support of Robert Combs’ suit against Sylvester Welch [Jr] admr of Sylvester Welch [Sr] decd. After Robert Combs died, court papers show that Henry Glascock purchased the land where Robert resided at the time of his death and that John Combs assigned his interest in his father’s estate to Henry Glascock. Henry’s census records show him to be a man with considerable resources. The Glas(s)cock surname and family in Fauquier has been extensively research so one would assume their children have been identified.
  2. Frances H Combs (b before 1793), listed secondly by her father in his 1825 deed of trust and often shown secondly in listing of heirs in sundry court papers. The middle initial “H” is also commonly shown. Some researchers show her as Fanny. She married 29 April 1814 to John W BISHEARS whose name is shown as BRASHEARS in other documents. A 1850 census record has not yet been located for Fanny, but she was still alive in 1849 when the chancery court case brought by Henry Glascock and his wife Jane & others was settled. According to the IL SAR Biography of Valentine Harrison SURGHNOR, b 8 Feb 1847, Pruntytown, Va. [not found], he was the s/o Valentine Harrison & Mary BRASHEAR Surghnor, gs/o John W. and Frances Combs Brashear [sic], and ggs/o RW Robert & Sarah LINTIN Combs. Since her husband is never mentioned in any of the chancery court documents, he may have been deceased.
  3. John Combs (b by 1793), styled as being of Kentucky is identified as a son in his father’s 1825 deed of trust. Court records in two chancery cases state this John removed to Kentucky although no mention is made of what county. He has not yet been identified in a Kentucky record. He was age 16-25 in his father’s 1810 household (b 1785-94) and was certainly age 21 (b by 1793) when he was bondsman for his sister Frances’s 1814 marriage. The deed of trust shows John received a Negro named Tom from his father valued at $450 plus land in Kentucky that had been allotted to his father. Henry Glascock purchased John’s residual interest in his father’s estate. Although summoned, there was no deposition or answer to the complainants’ bill. It is not yet known when John removed to Ky. but his father’s 1825 deed of trust did refer to John possibly receiving land in Ky. that had been allotted to Robert.
  4. Sarah Ann Combs (b after 1793, d by 1842?) married William SHACKLETT (s/o of Edward) on 6 Oct 1814 in Fauquier. Her marriage record states she is the daughter of Robert, and she is named in her father’s 1825 deed of trust and her husband is listed as William Shacklett. Sarah was deceased when Henry brought suit (1842) against Burr Combs and her heirs are named as complainants. The Shackletts removed to Kentucky and may have lived near Shelbyville, Ky. Court records suggest some of her children returned to Fauquier. Those listed as defendants were Abner Shacklett, Elizabeth Shacklett, Ann Maria Shacklett, Catharin Shacklett, Lucinda Shacklett, William Shacklett, the last three infants [under age 21] by their guardian ad litem. Also listed was Mary J, wife of David Arnold. Abner purchased the shares of Ann M Shacklett, Elizabeth Shacklett, and Catharine Shacklett.
  5. Ann L Combs (b c1795, d after 1860) married Spencer GLASCOCK. Their Fauquier marriage bond is dated 17 Feb 1815 and John Combs [her brother] was bondsman. She is identified in her father’s 1825 deed of trust as his daughter and is listed as the fifth child. Ann is always listed with a middle initial “L” but no record shows what the initial represents. She was born circa 1795 as she is age 55 in the 1850 Fauquier Co. census where she is living with her sister Jane and her husband Henry Glascock, and her daughters Sarah A (age 35) and Virginia A (age 26). Although her husband Spencer Glascock is listed in Robert’s deed of trust, he is not listed nor referenced in any of the chancery court papers and may have died.

    For an unclear reason, all of Ann’s children were listed along with her as plaintiffs in the case to settle the estate of Robert Combs. They were not direct heirs since their mother was still alive; however, they were listed in this way: Ann L Glascock, Catharine Elizabeth Glascock, Susan Glascock, Armistead B Glascock, Virginia Ann Glascock, an infant by Ann L Glascock her next friend. By 1848, a court notice lists one Catharine E Carver. Researcher J McAfee states Catharine married William Carver and they can be found in Fauquier census records. Catharine was born circa 18181 per her 1880 census.

    Carver-Old Tavern burial information shows the following burials: Ann Glascock (d/o of Spencer Glasscock and Ann Combs), Armistead Glasscock (s/o of Spencer Glasscock and Ann Combs, CSA Black Horse Cav), and Ann Combs Glascock (Source: J McAfee post on Genforum Glasscock message board taken from Fauquier burials, Rootsweb).

    J. McAfee also states William Carver married Catherine E. Glascock b. 1816 daughter of Spencer Glascock and Anne Combs. Edmonia Carver is with Catherine’s sister, Virginia Glascock, in the 1870 Warrenton, Fauquier Co, VA Census as a helper. James Carver (Edmonia’ brother) is with John Samuel Glascock & Louisa Lake in the 1870 US Census for Warrenton, Fauquier Co, VA also. John Samuel Glascock is the son of Henry Glascock and Jane Linton Combs.
    William CARVER & Catherine E GLASCOCK 16 December 1843 Fauquier. Catherine is age 62 (b c1818) per her 1880 Fauquier Co. census record.

  6. Burr Combs (b 1797, d 16 April 1876) married Catharine WELCH (b 1804/5, d 19 March 1888), the d/o of Sylvester WELCH Sr. on 12 Oct, 1821 according to the Fauquier marriage returns. Burr is identified last in the 1825 deed of trust and his marriage to Catharine, d/o of Sylvester Senr. is further documented in the Fauquier Co. Chancery Court case Robert Combs admr. v Sylvester Welch [Jr] admr. of Sylvester Welch Decd [Sr.]. In the plaintiff’s bill (pp. 9-15) dated 3 Aug. 1840, Robert states his son Burr married Catharine Welch, d/o of Sylvester Welch Sr. who subsequently approached Robert with a proposition to help Burr purchase land for a home for him and his wife. Welch suggested he and Robert would each pay half of the purchase money that amounted to $600 or $650. Robert agreed to the proposal. Robert placed a negro slave in trust to his son-in-law Henry Glascock in return for Henry paying $250 to Mr. Welch. According to Henry’s deposition, Mrs. Combs (Robert’s wife) came to his house in the fall of 1823 and told him about Robert and Welch’s agreement. Robert needed to raise an additional $250 more besides what he had already paid to Mr. Welch. She said Robert would pledge a negro by deed of trust for the $250 if Henry would agree to let him have the money. Henry said he gave the sum of $260 directly to Mr. Welch and produced the receipt from Mr. Welch who died soon thereafter, and his son and administrator, Sylvester Welch Jr., obtained a judgement against Robert Combs for $458 which Robert claimed was unjust and therein the reason for the suit. Exhibits for the plaintiff show that Burr was often in debt and Robert had helped him by loaning him money and by providing security for his debts. Robert died while this suit was in progess and the case was transferred to the administrator of Robert Combs decd. who was John Thomas Glascock. When Burr’s brother-in-law Henry Glascock filed his suit on behalf of Robert’s heirs, it is shown that Robert’s advancements to Burr Combs totaled $840.77 plus $202.60 interest which was more than his equal share from the estate (p. 58 of Glascock suit). Burr is also referred to as an insolvent debtor indicating he was in financial distress which seems to have been a pattern with him. In Robert’s suit against Welch there are depositions by Catharine WELCH, Baylis TRACEY, Henry GLASCOCK, Daniel VOWLS, John MCCLANAHAN, John FISHBACK. Burr (age 53) is found with Catharine (age 44) in the 1850 Fauquier census. Two sons Crawford and John are in their household. See Burr & Catherine A. Combs in their son John L Linton Combs Bible Record. John L married Frances A. WELCH on 18 Feb 1858. Burr Combs died 4/16/1876, aged 79 yrs. Catharine A Combs died 19 March 1888, aged 83 yrs., wife of Burr Combs. Crawford C. Combs died Aug. 1870, aged 46 yrs. Burr and Catherine appear to have had two sons (John L and Crawford C) and one daughter not yet identified.