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Valentine Harrison SURGHNOR. Extracted from the "YearBook of the Illinois Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, "Wm. Johnston Printing Co., Chicago, IL, 896, published circa 1932, page 243:

320. 8120. Valentine Harrison SURGHNOR, Real Estate, 85 Dearborn St. Born, Pruntytown, Va., February 8, 1847; admitted September,1894:
Valentine Harrison SURGHNOR=Mary E. BRASHEARS.
John W. BRASHEARS=Frances Combs.
Robert Combs=Sarah LINTIN.
Robert Combs. Born in Virginia, May, 1753; died in Virginia, May 13,1842. He was a private in Capt. Levin POWELL'S company in 1775. In Simon TRIPLET'S company in 1776. In Capt. McMICKEN'S company, Col. CLAPPIN'S regiment, in 1777. Capt. Simon HANCOCK'S company, Col. COLEMAN'S regiment, Capts. JENNINGS and WINN'S company and Col. EDMOND'S regiment, 1781; all from Virginia. He was in the battle at Yorktown. Reference: Recs. of Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C.; certificate September 11, 1894.

Notes: The marriage of John BISHEAR [sic] to Frances H. Combs is recorded in Fauquier Co, VA,29 Apr 1814; no marriage record for Sarah LINTON has been located. "Pruntytown, VA" is located in present day Taylor County, WV. See also RW Robert (Ashby?) Combs of Frederick, Loudoun and Fauquier Cos, VA.

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Mary COOMBS Rogers of Loudoun Co, VA. (Excerpted by Combs Researcher Deb Coombs from the book, "Some Virginia Families Being Genealogies of the Kinney Stribling Trout McIlhany Milton Rogers Tate Smickers Taylor McCormick and Other Families of Virginia, by Hugh Milton McIlhany, Jr., M.A., Ph.D., 1908, reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1962)

Page 231:

"Mary COOMBS, daughter of Samuel COOMBS and Mary CHESTNUT,was b. 24 Sep1776, and d. 2 Nov 1863, Warrenton [Fauquier Co, VA]. She m. Hugh ROGERS in 1792 in Loudon Co., VA. Hugh ROGERS, son of Arthur Rogers and Mary McFall, was b. 19 May 1768 Bucks Co., PA and d. 15 Aug. 1853 at "Stone Hill" nr. Middleburg [Loudoun Co, VA]."

Mary and Hugh Rogers had:

  1. Elizabeth Rogers b. 20 Mar 1794 "Stone Hill"; m. William Rogers Swart abt. 1813 d. nr. Middleburg abt 1880
  2. Samuel Rogers b. abt 1796 "Stone Hill" d. in infancy
  3. Hamilton Rogers b. 8 Nov 1798 "Stone Hill"; m. 28 Oct 1823 Mary Hawling nr. Leesburg; d. 20 Aug 1882
  4. William Rogers b. 1 Jan 1800 "Stone Hill"; m. 1)7 Nov. 1822 Elizabeth Hixson; m. 2) abt 1845 Ruth White; d. 22 Dec 1888 in Dover
  5. Asa Rogers b. 4 Jun 1802 "Stone Hill" m. Eleanor Lee Orr 5 May 1829; d. 1 Sep 1887 Middleburg
    1. Arthur Lee Rogers, son of Asa Rogers and Eleanor Lee Orr, was b. 21 Oct 1831 m. Charlotte Rust 23 Nov 1858 Baltimore, MD; and d. 13 Sep 1871 Middleburg.
  6. James Rogers b. abt 1804 "Stone Hill"; m. Martha Hawling abt 1827 Loudon Co., VA; d. 5 Nov 1883 Jeffersonton, Culpeper Co., VA
  7. Sarah Rogers b. 24 Sep 1807 "Stone Hill"; m. Theodore Nathaniel Daviss on 22 Mar 1830; d. 20 Dec 1894 Warrenton
  8. Ann Rogers b. 4 Aug 1809 "Stone Hill"; m. Taliaferro Milton McIlhany; d. 5 Jul 1882 in Warrenton
  9. Mary Jane Robers b. 29 Feb 1812 "Stone Hill"; m. William Hixson Rogers 23 Sep 1834; d. 19 Jan 1871 Richmond, VA
  10. Martha Rogers b. abt 1815 "Stone Hill" m. Daniel Alfred Sowers 11 Jun 1839; d. 4 Apr 1882 Warrenton
  11. Susan Rogers b. abt 1818 "Stone Hill" m. abt 1843 John Armistead Spilman; d. 2 Mar 1874 Warrenton

DC Notes: On p. 229, McIlhaney references a manuscript written by Mr. Arthur Lee Rogers entitled "Sketch of the Rogers Family," which the author states was written in 1853 and pub. in 1871. Based on the above, Arthur Lee ROGERS was the grandson of Mary COOMBS Rogers who was still alive at the time his manuscript was written. McIlheny does not specify that his source for Mary CHESTNUT'S maiden name was Arthur Lee ROGERS; however, if it was, ROGERS' source for CHESTNUT was likely oral family history from his grandmother and probably more accurate than that of grandson, William F. COOMBS, whose manuscript was written from memory 40 years later, and which states that Samuel COOMBS, Sr. married Mary WILKES [sic]. See also, however, Loudoun Co, VA records re Samuel Combs, Jr. and Samuel WILKES.

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