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Salem County was established in 1694 from the Province of West Jersey, and in 1748 Cumberland was est. from Salem.

7/6/1751 Bucks County, Pennsylvania Benjamin COMBE having for some time been removed with his family to within the compass of Haddonfield Monthly Meeting [Salem Co, NJ], has not requested a certificate.

Extracted from Bucks County Church Records Of The 17th And 18th Centuries, V. 2; Anna Miller Watring, et al; Family Line Publications; Westminster MD; 1994 by Combs Researcher Thom Mont

28 Sep 1765. Sarah Mead, daughter of Samuel, requested certificate to Salem MM NJ. Certificate was granted 26 Oct 1765

Source: Fairfax M M, Hinshaw, V1:533.

26 Oct 1765: Margaret MEAD, the Wife of Samuel MEAD from Fairfax, and three of her minor children, Ruth, Richard, and Margaret JR. were granted certificates to Salem M M in New Jersey. Margaret and these three children were later received by certificate in Salem, NJ on 26 Oct 1767.

21 Dec 1765 Samuel MEAD Jr requested certificate to Salem MM NJ. Certificate was granted 25 Jan 1766.

16 Dec 1766 (LC-DBE: 283-284) Power of Attorney from Samuel MEAD, residing in New Jersey, to John WILKS , son-in-law, and Wm BAKER…“to ask, demand, and receive all debts due and demands that shall be due to me.” Wit: Nich MINOT, Chris PERFECT, Abel JANNEY Jr. Rec: 12 Jan. 1767.

Source: Bogue/Meade Freepages, Rootsweb, Ancestry & (Index to Loudoun County, Virginia, Land Deed Books A-Z, by Patricia B Duncan, p. 70

Notes: The first Salem Co, NJ record found for Samuel MEAD who removed from Loudoun Co, VA. He was a tanner and originally from Bucks Co, PA. He moved with a large group of Quaker families to what was initially Prince William Co, Va, (but later Fairfax, then Loudoun). He second wife was Margaret MEAD. Samuel MEAD is well-documented in Quaker records for behavior inconsistent with the principles of the Society of Friends. While in Loudoun Co, his neighbor and associate was one Samuel Coombs. There was also a very early Quaker Samuel Combe in Bucks Co, PA, cooper, who was a member of the Falls M M community where Samuel MEAD was a member. See those counties for more information. The 1793 Salem Co tax lists show a Joshua, John, and Samuel Coombs. Joshua married Samuel MEAD'S daughter Margaret but not further information is known for John and Samuel.

25 May 1767 Margaret MEAD, wife of Samuel, and children Richard, Ruth, and Margaret, received on certificate from Fairfax M M, Va., dated 27 Oct 1765 (Salem M M, Hinshaw, v2).

31 Aug 1767 Samuel MEAD Jr, received on certificate from Fairfax M M, Va., dated 25 Jan 1766. Sarah MEAD received on certificate from Fairfax M M, Va. (Salem M M, Hinshaw, v2)

5 Oct 1767 Sarah MEAD (rpd mcd) reported to have married contrary to discipline (Salem M M, Hinshaw, v2)

26 Oct 1767 Samuel MEAD Jr (dis mcd) disowned for marrying contrary to discipline by marrying first cousin (Salem M M, Hinshaw, v2)

26 Oct 1767 Sarah COPPERTHWAITE (formerly MEAD) disowned for marrying contrary to discipline (Salem M M, Hinshaw, v2)

6 March 1770 (LC-DBG:232-233) Deed between Samuel MEAD Sr of Salem Co, Province of West New Jersey, Farmer, and Benjamin MEAD [of Loudoun Co] his son for love and affection and for the better support and maintenance…

Source: Bogue/Meade Freepages, Rootsweb, Ancestry

27 Dec 1773 Richard MEAD (dis mcd) disowned for marrying contrary to discipline (Salem M M, Hinshaw, v2)

20 Oct 1777 “Class Rolls of Capt. Cornelius Nieukirk's Company, Salem County Foot Militia, October 20, 1777.” Listed under heading Class 5 it says “John Combs, Sergeant”.

Source unknown. Could possibly be the John COOMBS in the 1793 tax list.

Posted to the Combs &c. Mail List by Peggy Large.

25 April 1780 Joshua Coombs married Ruth MEED in the Pittsgrove Baptist church, Daretown, Salem Co., NJ.

Source: File #59 per Mena MEAD

Notes: Family of Joshua and Ruth MEAD Coombs: Joshua Coombs was a soldier in the Revolutionary War (see DAR records, Volume II 043). He was a farmer and a Methodist. He was born 27 Jun or Jul 1757 in NJ and died 31 Jul 1835 in Hamilton Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ. He is buried in the Olivet M.E. churchyard, Pittsgrove, Salem Co, NJ. He married Ruth Mead 25 Apr 1780 in the Pittsgrove Baptist church, Daretown, Salem Co., NJ. Ruth Mead Coombs died 15 Aug 1822 in Pittsgrove, Salem Co., NJ. She, too, is buried in Olivet M.E. churchyard Pittsgrove, NJ. See cemetery records below.They were the parents of seven children:

  1. Jesse Coombs b. 1780, Pittsgrove, Salem co., NJ and d. 21 Oct 1846 in Millville, Cumberland Co., NJ. He married Mary Magdelena HITCHNER, b. 15 Oct 1782, Pittsgrove, NJ and d. 6 Feb 1863 in Milleville, NJ. They married 6 Apr 1805; both are buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Millville, NJ. They had eleven children together: Jane, Christina, Ruth, Jacob, Joshua, Elizabeth, Mary, Jesse, David, Samuel and John Coombs.
  2. Susannah Coombs, d. before 1824;
  3. Priscilla Coombs who married Jedediah DAVIS;
  4. Rachel Coombs;
  5. Hannah Coombs who married John DOWNS 29 Jun 1822 in Gloucester Co., NJ;
  6. Sarah Coombs b. 25 Apr 1791 in Deerfield, Cumberland Co., NJ and d. 4 Aug 1879 and was married to Rev. Uriah ACKLEY b. 5 Jun 1780, Gloucester Co., NJ and d. 7 Aug 1851, Daretown, Salem Co., NJ. Both are buried in Olivet Cemetery, Pittsgrove, Salem Co.,NJ. They had 14 children together: Samuel, William, Joseph, Rachel, Hannah, Ann, Mary, John, Jesse, Sarah, Ruth, Coombs, Jane and George Ackley.
  7. Mary Coombs, was born in March 1794 and died 7 Aug 1888 and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Millville, NJ. Mary was a second wife of John SURRAN, possibly born in Camden, NJ. Mary had at least one daughter, Eunice SURRAN Cromwell, b. Dec. 1817 and died in 1920, was widowed very early (she was married about 8 years when her husband died) and they had three children--two daughters and one son. To support herself and her children she was a storekeeper and eventually became a midwife in Philadelphia, PA.

Source: Family information submitted by researcher Susan VOIGT, who states some of the research provided to her by Mena MEAD. Susan is a descendant of Mary Coombs SURRAN, d/o of Joshua and Ruth MEAD Coombs. See also Gloucester Historical Society, Woodbury, NJ.; Coombs and Higbee Families and compiled by Jeanne H. Bonnet, a descendent of Jesse Coombs Sarah Coombs Ackley (Mary Coombs Surran's older sister and brother).

Per Susan VOIGHT, Joshua Coombs believed to be the son of Thomas Coombs (b c1723) and his wife Elizabeth b. 4 March 1725/26 and d. 4 Sept 1808. She is buried in the Olivet M.E. Cemetery, Centerton, Salem Co., NJ. Elizabeth and Thomas were married about 1748. See Gloucester Co, NJ for records of a Thomas Coombs and his wife Elizabeth.

Notes Re: Samuel MEAD Jr. Samuel, Jr. married the first time contrary to discipline to his first cousin (no name given) 26 Oct 1767. He also was a constable in Salem Co., NJ. He was married a second time to Elizabeth Coombs 2 Sept 1779, in the Pittsgrove Baptist Church by Rev. William Worth. Other family members were married in this church as well. He administered the estate of his father Samuel of Salem Co., NJ, 12 Jun 1784. I have five children listed for Samuel Mead, Jr. but not sure who the mother's are: Margret, b. in VA; Samuel, b. in NJ, John, Mary and Robert Mead b. 2 Jun 1801, Salem Co., NJ. Samuel MEAD, age 60-70, found in 1830 census (PittsGrove Twp)

30 Jul 1781 Salem MM [Salem Co, NJ] COOMBS, Ruth (late MEAD) dismissed for marrying contrary to discipline.

Extracted by Combs Researcher Kate C. DiBlassio from Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy by Wm. Wade Hinshaw, Volume 11

Notes: According to this same source, Margaret MEADE, wife of Samuel, and their children, Richard, Ruth and Margaret, were received on certificate on 25 May 1767, from the Fairfax VA MM in Loudoun Co, VA dated 26 Oct 1765. It is not yet known whom Ruth MEADE Combs married. See also early Bucks Co, PA Combs-Mead-Elliott marriage..

30 July 1781 Ruth Coombs (late MEAD) disowned for marrying contrary to discipline ((Salem M M, Hinshaw, v2). See above where Ruth married Joshua Coombs 25 Apirl 1780.

25 Sept 1782 Pennsylvania Gazette. Advertisement for land to be sold in the Township of Pittsgrove and county of Salem in the western division of the State of New Jersey, a tract of land containing 147 acres with good improvement on it and tanyard, in a good part for getting bark with good meadow made, considerable more may be made. Any person inclinable to purchase, may know the terms by applying to Samuel MEAD on the premises. If the said tract is not sold before the 29th of October next, it will that day be put up for public sale

Notes: The above may indicate the property was being sold because Samuel MEAD Sr. had died.

Source: Bogue/Meade Freepages, Rootsweb, Ancestry

12 June 1784 Samuel MEAD, the administrator within named being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almight God did dispose and say that Samuel MEAD within named died without a will a will as far as he knew and this was sworn at Salem on 17 June 1784

Source: Orig: Liber N-26:100, Archives in Trenton, NJ, per: Bogue/Meade Freepages, Rootsweb, Ancestry

1790 Salem Co, NJ Census

Not extant

1793 Salem Co, NJ (Tax Lists?)

Mannington Twp


Pittsgrove Twp

COOMBS, Joshua
COOMBS, Samuel

(Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from Census CD)

1800 Salem Co, NJ Census

[not extracted yet? not extant?]

8 Mar 1808 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, NJ. Married: Rachel COOMBS (b 31 Jul 1786, Pittsgrove, Salem Co, NJ; d 30 Jul 1868, Union City, Darke Co, OH); & Azael NICHOLS (b 12 Dec 1784, Pittsgrove, Salem Co, NJ; d 9 Mar 1816, Pittsgrove, Salem Co, NJ); m (2) 28 Dec 1816, Pittsgrove, Salem Co, NJ, John MURPHY (b 24 Apr 1770, Woodbury, Gloucester Co, NJ; d August 14, 1850, Daretown, Salem Co, NJ).

(Combs Researcher John T. Nichols - sources still needed)

1810 Salem Co, NJ Census

[not extracted yet? not extant?]

18 Feb 1819 Salem Co, NJ. Married: Rebecca COOMS & Daniel HARKER

(Combs Researcher Doug Baker from FHC files, original source still sought)

DB Notes: Transcribed from diary of ?????, d/o Lydia Louise Coombs HARKER who m James Rogers BRYAN, b 1828: “I learned from (my cousin) that my mother Lydia Louise Coombs HARKER was the daughter of Daniel HARKER and Rebecca COOMBS (and) that her mother died when she was only two yeas old and the she went to live with her brother* Aaron HARKER in Vincentown [Burlington Co], NJ and that she remained there till she was married in 1851. My mother had 3 own brothers, John, Aaron, and Joseph and 3 sisters, Mary, Demaris, and Rebecca. Demaris who married Charles POTTER and who lived with the COOMBS "down Jersey" until she married…” (See also James COMBS & Daniel HARKER of 1835 Dearborn Co, IN).

* I think she means her uncle, Aaron HARKER, but am not sure.

1820 Salem Co, NJ Census

[not extracted yet? not extant?]

1830 Salem Co, NJ Census

Piles Grove Twp

p. 346

John R Coombs 00301 000011
3m (10<15), 1m (20<30)
1f (20<30), 1f 30<40)

Pitts Grove Twp

p. 291

James Coombs 001[?] 11 1020101
1m (10<15) - maybe very light mark 1m (15<20), 1m (20<30)
1f (<5), 2f (10<15), 1f (20<30), 1f (40<50)

David Coombs 00002 01001
2m (20<30)
1f (5<10), 1f (20<30)

p. 292

William A Coombs 00101 00101
1m (10<15), 1m (20<30)
1f (10<15), 1f (20<30)

John Coombs 00020001 0112001
2m (15<20), 1m (50<60)
1f (5<10, 1f (10<15), 2f (15<20), 1f 40<50)

George Coombs 00001 31001
1m (20<30)
3 f (<5), 1f (5<10), 1f (20<30)

1840 Salem Co, NJ Census Index

Pitts Grove Twp

Page 192
William COOMBS
William T. COOMBS

19 Aug 1886. Salem Co, NJ Death Certificate
James COOMBS, deceased
age 81 years 7 months  1 day
white, Farmer
birthplace--Pittsgrove, Salem Co. NJ
last residence--near Shirley, Upper Pittsgrove Salem Co., NJ
Life long resident of this state
Place of Death--near Shirley
Father's name--George COOMBS
country of birth--America
Mother's name--Elizabeth CARUTHERS Coombs
Country of birth--America
Death date--August 19, 1886
Cause of death --" A General braking up of a long life"
Length of sickness--sudden
No burial place listed

(Combs Researcher Kathy Karn)

Chestnut Grove Cemetery
Elmer, Salem County, New Jersey

Coombs, A. Carleton, b. 1906, d. 1981, H/o Althea C. Coombs

Coombs, Albert H., b. 1872, d. 1964, H/o Elverta N. Coombs,

Coombs, Althea C., b. 1915, d. 1987, W/o Carleton A. Coombs

Coombs, Elverta N., b. 1876, d. 1914, W/o Albert H. Coombs,

Cooms, Dorothy B., b. 1917, d. 1995, W/o Joseph R. Cooms,

Cooms, Elizabeth M., b. 1880, d. 1948, W/o J. Howard Cooms,

Cooms, Elizabeth, b. 1845, d. 1940, aged 95y, W/o Henry Cooms,

Cooms, Furman M., b. 1881, d. 1961, H/o Verna A. Cooms,

Cooms, Hannah A., b. 1838, d. 1932, W/o Henry J. Cooms,

Cooms, Henrietta, b. 1877, d. 1877,

Cooms, Henry J., b. 1835, d. 1914, H/o Hannah A. Cooms,

Cooms, Henry, b. 1842, d. 1915, H/o Elizabeth Cooms,

Cooms, J. Howard, b. 1879, d. 1963, H/o Elizabeth M. Cooms,

Cooms, Joseph R., b. 1915, H/o Dorothy B. Cooms,

Cooms, Vandelver ?, d. 10-15-1826, C/o Henry J. & Hannah A. Cooms,

Cooms, Verna A., b. 1886, d. 1935, W/o Furman M. Cooms,

Contributed by Keith S. Allen to the USGenWeb Archives

Olivet Cemetery
Salem, New Jersey

(formerly Olivet then Centerton), now Pittsgrove, Salem County, NJ 08318

Coombs, Elizabeth, d. 9-4-1808, aged 82y 6m, W/o Thomas Coombs,

Coombs, Joseph, d. 7-30-1875, aged 78y ?m 3d, H/o Ruth Coombs,

Coombs, Phebe, M., b. 10-12-1831, d. 2-4-1855,(neè Garrison), W/o John Coombs & D/o Samuel & Ann Maria Garrison,

Coombs, Ruth, unreadable, W/o Joseph Coombs,

Coombs, Sarah, b. 8-25-1791, d. 8-4-1879,W/o Rev. Uriah Ackley Coombs,

Coombs, Uriah Rev., Ackley, d. 8-7-1851, aged 71y 2m 2d, H/o Sarah Coombs,

Contributed by Keith Allen to the USGenWeb Archives

Pittsgrove Presbyterian Cemetery

Daretown, Salem Co, NY

Church and cemetery established about 1767 Indexed by Barbara McCormick

Coombs, George, b. 16 Mar 1833, d. 15 Apr 1915, [BM]

Coombs, Mary Kern, b. 16 Apr 1846, d. 27 Feb 1900, w/o George Coombs, [BM]

Coombs, Rebecca Mayhew, b. 1 Jul 1806, d. 2 Sep 1878, w/o William A., [BM]

Union Grove Cemetery
Almond Road
Pittsgrove Twp, Salem Co., NJ

Ackley, Coombs, b. 1825, d. 1922, H/o Jane Ackley,

Ackley, Jane, d. 10-31-1893, aged 65y 8m 5d, W/o Coombs Ackley,

Question: Is there a relationship to Rev. Uriah Ackley Coombs buried in Olivet Cemetery (above)

Contributed by Keith S. Allen to the USGenWeb Archives

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives