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Simpson was established in 1819 from Allen, Logan and Warren Counties, Kentucky.
1820 Franklin Twp, Simpson County, Kentucky Census p. 12 Transcribed by Birdie McNutt
COMBS John 2200103101000 1200211

Notes: Possibly the John Combs who patented 30 acres on Drakes Creek, Logan Co., KY, surveyed 16 Sep 1817 (See also next)
30 Jul 1825 On motion of John Combs leave is given Sheriff to amend his return endorsed an execution on 7-30-1825 in favor of Lewis COCKRILL, for the use of J.L. & E. BENBROOK against the estate of Benjamin RANKINS & Robert RANKINS number 2209 which as amended will read, "Levied on the land on which Wm BRIGHT li...... the property of Benjamin RANKIN betweent he 20th & 24th of Sept 1825 and in time to sell 21st of Oct. 1825. S/ Wm A SLOSS, DS for Jos. SLOSS, S.S.C." 7-11-1827. C-205 [Similar entries in C-206 re two other cases in favor of Cockrill and one in favor of Francis Moore] (Source: Simpson County Court Records. Extracted and submitted by Combs researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt)
19 Apr 1826 Simpson County, Kentucky. John M. ROBERTSON vs Dolly Combs, Conrad HUMBLE, Jos. DUFF & Nancy his wife, H. PUTNAM and Ibby, his wife, Mary Combs who intermarried with Larkin BURCHFIELD, Rachael DILBECK who intermarried with A. DILBECK, the children of R. WILBANKS, Decd by his wife Jane__(Blank space) Decd., Jennett DUFF, wife of Abram DUFF; in chancery. Def Dolly Combs is no inhabitant of this Commonwealth and failed to appear; unless she appear by first day of next July Term the cause will be taken for confessed as to her; two months advertisement ordered. 4-19-1826. C-29.

It appearing that defs are no inhabitants of this State, and they failing to answer as required by law....unless said defs appear here by the first day of next July term the cause will be taken for confessed against them; two months advertisement ordered. 4-21-1826. C-40.

Printers certificate in proof of publication filed. 7-11-1826. C-57

Separate answer of Dolly Combs, and joint answers of Larkin BURCHFIELD & wife; and of A. DUFF & wife; and of H. PUTNAM & wife; & of R. PUTNAM & wife; and of A. DILBECK & wife filed. 7-18-1826. C-82

Answer of Joseph DUFF and Nancy his wife, filed. 10-10-1826. C-112

Pltf may take depositions of Geo. CLINGMAN, Wm POOL, Richd. WAINSCOTT & Wm BARNETT. 10-15-1828. C-415.

This cause came on to be heard upon the bill, depositions, exibits & answers of Dolly Combs, R. PUTNAM & wife, A. DUFF & wife, Abraham DILBECK & wife, H. PUTNAM & wife, Joseph DUFF & wife, Larkin BURCHFIELD & wife, & the other defs having failed to answer & Publication have been duly made according to law, the bill is taken for confessed. Ordered that the contract between said compl & the def Dolly Combs be annulled, set aside & held for naught; that the injunction granted be made perpetual. Def Dolly Combs pay compl 110$ with interest from 9-28-1818, $13.37 with interest from 6-13-1820, $25 with interest from 9-1-1823.

The right, title & interest of Dolly Combs, in & to the 100 acres of land in the bill mentioned, be sold to the highest bidder at public auction or so much therof as will satisfy this Decree. Isham L. MOORE is appointed Commissioner to carry this decree into effect. 4-24-1829. D-48

Commission reported the sale at public aution all the right title and interest & claim of Dolly Combs in and to the 100 acres of land mentioned, at which sale Jno. M. ROBERTSON became purchaser for the sum of $10, he being the highest bidder, and executed deed. Deed approved. 7-16-1829. D-65 (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt)

Jul 1829 Deed from Dolly Combs by Is. L. MOORE, Commissioner, to John M. ROBERTSON. July, 1829. 100 acres. $10. On Drakes Creek, being part of 200 acres patented to Conrad HUMBLE & conveyed by E. M. COVINGTON & G. MADISON to one Jos. DUFF & being same part conveyed by Dolly Combs to John M. ROBERTSON known by the name of bushy botton whereon said Combs formerly resided. (Excerpted from the Old Commissioner Deed Book in Simpson County Court Clerk's office, page 51 by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt)

Notes: Dolly Combs was the widow of Bennett Combs, died 1801, Pendleton Dist, SC. Following his death, Dolly and her children removed to KY where she is found on the 1810 Warren Co., KY census and the 1820 Butler Co., KY census. Of Dolly's children: Abraham DUFF married Verlinda Combs (a.k.a. Jennett????] before 1799, probably in Pendleton Dist, SC. Hazeal PUTMAN married Isabel Combs 18 Oct 1806 in Warren Co., KY; Reubin WOOLBANKS married (1) 1 Oct 1807 in Warren Co., KY, Jane Combs; Redding PUTMAN married Stacey Combs 6 Jun 1812 in Knox Co, IN; Larkin BURCHFIELD married 16 Mar 1815, Gibson Co, IN, Mary Combs; Abraham DILLBACK married Rachel Combs 17 Jan 1817 in Warren Co., kY; No marriage record has been found for Joseph DUFF and Nancy (Combs?).
4 Nov 1826 [Simpson Co., KY Record Bk] The Grand Jury returned an indictment against NED, a negroe man, SLAVE, for burglary. 4-11-1826. C-4

Thomas M. SMITH, James W. DAVIDSON and Williams MILLS, Esqurs., practicing Attorney in this court, appointed to defend Ned, a negroe man, Slave. 4-11-1826. C-5

Jury: John Combs, Stephen BEAUCHAMP, Wiliam M. BOOKER, James WEST, Joseph SHULTS, Amos S. WEST, Joseph PENNINGTON, Josias B. BULLOCK, Miles BAIRD, Micajah CLARK Jur, William McELVAIN and Charles HANCOCK. 4-11-1826. C-5

Juror Charles HANCOCK not appearing, the rest of the venire are discharged and prosecution ordered continued. 4-13-1826. C-8

The atty on behald <sic> of the Commonwealth failing herein farther to prosecute, prosecution dismissed, and def go hence thereof without delay. 7-13-1826. C-74

SMITH, DAVIDSON and MILLS, Esquires, for their services in defending Ned, a negroe man, slave, the property of James N. MANIFEE, are allowed the sum of Twenty dollars for their services, to be paid by said MANIFEE, owner of said slave. 7-18-1826. C-84 (Extracted by Birdie (Totty) McNutt)
4-13-1826 [Simpson Co., Record Bk (hereinafter SCKY RB)] Micajah CLARK, Sen. vs Thomas BEAUCHAMP & Henry STRATTON; in chancery. Def STRATTON ruled to being to court he original books in which are contined the accounts mention in bill and answer filed herein. 4-13-1826. C-9

13 Oct. 1826 [SCKY RB] Cross bill of def STRATTON is ordered to be taken for confssed against compl. 10-13-1826. C-129 (Extracted by Combs researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt)

13 Oct 1826 [SCKY RB] Ordered that compl's bill be dismissed.....defs proceed to have the benefit of the judgment. Compl to pay defs $8, this 10% damages upon $80, the amount of the judgment. 10-13-1826. C-130

14 Oct 1826 [SCKY RB] Appeal to Court of Apeals granted compl upon his executing $175 bond with John Combs or John LEWIS his security. 10-14-1826. C-135 (Extracted by Combs researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt)

13 Apr 1826 [SCKY RB] BANK COMONWEALTH vs Micajah CLARK Sr., Jno. Combs & Jno. LEWIS; in debt. Defs not appearing, pltf recover $120....4-13-1826. C-10 (Extracted by Combs researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt)

14 Apr 1826 (SCKY RB) Henry STRATTON Admr & c vs George T. SCOTT & others; in convenant. Dismissed. Pltf recover of defs SCOTT, Combs and JONES his costs.....4-14-1826. C-14 (Extracted by Combs researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt)

18 Apr 1826 [SCKY RB] Jno DOE on demise T. HEFFINGTON vs Richd ROE alias Joel HUDSPETH; in ejectment. Dismissed. 4-18-1826. C-21 (Extracted by Combs researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt)
18 Apr 1826 (SCKY RB) John P. BUSH Assignee & c vs J. W. CROCKETT, Jno LEWIS & George RAILEY; in debt per sheriff's return this suite is to abate as to def Railey. Other defs failing to appear, pltf recover of them $75. 4-18-1826. C-22 (Extracted by Combs researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt)
18 Apr 1826 [SCKY RB] Ezekiel BENBROOK vs Moses HUNT; in case. 4-18-1826. C-23

11 Jul 1826 (SCKY RB) The death of the pltf being suggested, the suit is abated as to him. On motion of pltf's atty suit is revived in the name of John BENBROOK, Administrator of the intestate. 7-11-1826. C-55

10 Oct 1826 Def may take depositions of Joseph DUNCAN & Isiah KERBY, Henry County, Tenn. 10-10-1826. C-111

10 Apr 1827 Def may take depositions of Joseph DUNCAN & Isaiah KERBY, Henry County, Tenn. 4-10-1827. C-143

16 Oct. 1827 Attachment awarded pltf against Jno. A. SWINEY of Allen County and Jos CORNWELL of Simpson County....$100 bail, each, may be taken. 10-16-1827. C-284

19 Oct. 1827 Pltf may take deposition of Joseph CORNWELL. 10-19-1827 C-294

15 Apr 1828 JURY: William Mallory, John Combs, Wm C. BRADBURN, John Majors STRINGER, Geor. W. CLARK, Chs. WATTS, James SWAN Junr., Robt. MILSPAUGH, Samll. HADEN, John BELL, & W. T. BIGGER. Verdict for pltf for $12.50 in damages. 4-15-1828. C-310. (Extracted by Combs researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt)
12 Apr 1827 [SCKY RB] BULLOCK vs CLARK Jr. & Jno. Combs. Josias B. BULLOCK vs Micajah CLARK, Jr., & Jno. Combs; in chancery. CLARK be estoped & forecloased <sic> of and from all equity of redemption in the property in said Deed of Trust mentioned and that def Combs proceed to make sale of said property in said Deed & Bill mentioned at public auction at the house of def CLARK on having given 20 days notice or so much thereof as will be sufficient to pay & satisfy this Compl the sum of $4100 with interest from 4-8-1824 at 6% per annum, also, the further sum of $87.16 and that said Combs make conveyance to the purchaser and make report. 4-12-1827. C-154

Commissioners report. After having duly advertised the same for twenty days in the SPIRIT OF THE TIMES at Bowling Green....Josias B. BULLOCK became the purchaser....tract whereon said CLARK now lives supposed to contain 1100 acres which he purchased of James BELL; also one negroe man named Billy, one negroe woman named Jenney, one negroe woman named Lydda, 10 head of cattle, 18 head of hogs, Lot of sheep, two ploughs, 1 pair of hand irons, two skillets and one oven---which property amounted to the sum of $2076.12 ½ cts. Also the following property to Micajah B. CLARK one negroe girl named Jane, one negroe girl named Frances, six chairs one Table, and a bureau amounting in the whole to the sum of $239.50 cts also the following property to Bennett M. CLARK. One Kettle at $2,00 -- also the following property to John Combs, on cow and calf at $7.50. And bonds have been taken for the same. Dated 10-18-1827. Commissioner filed deed to compl. 10-18-1827. C-291

[Excerpts form the Old Commissioner Deed Book in Simpson County Court Clerk's office, page 22: Deed by John Combs, Commissioner, for Micajah CLARK, Jr., to Josiah B. BULLOCK. Comm. did on 5-19-1827, after advertising the same in the land....Sale Price, $1500. 1st Tract, 200 Acres. 2nd Tract, corner to Chs. LUCAS's old survey; Jacob KEATHLEY'S line; Wm CROGHAM'S 100 Acre survey; Nashville Road; point commonly called "th 46 Mile Tree", Jon_?_ HOLCOM, said CLARK'S PLANTATION, 400 Acres.

3rd Tract, 360 Acres; bank of Drakes Creek, said Clark's corner, one of JOHNSON'S corners. 4th Tract, CLAYTON'S old line; containing 172 acres but conveying only what is on the West side of Drake's Creek------several tracts supposed to contain about 1100 acres.] (Extracted by Combs researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt)
13 Apr 1827 The Executors of Saml. DUVAL decd vs Henry STRATTON, George T. SCOTT & others in chancery. Separate answers of defs STRATTON, G. T. SCOTT & Jno Combs filed. 4-13-1827. C-157

Bill of interpleader filed by Jas. H. WILKINS and he be made party def. 4-17-1827. C-167

George W. JOHNSON admitted as def and upon his motion the negroe girl Martha Ann be delivered to the custody & safe keeping of the Sheriff of this county; unless the def Scott shall execute $500 bon to said JOHNSON with good & sufficient security conditioned to have the said negroe forthcoming to abide any fuuture order of Court. Upon Scott failing or refusing to execute bond, Sheriff deliver said girl to JOHNSON upon his executing like bond to said Scott. 7-17-1827. C-229.

Def SCOTT pay to compls $29.23 specie, with interest from 3-6-1827, the amounty paid by Combs on the execution of favor of Decd and that he pay to James H. WILKINS $327; that he pay compls $314 with interest from 9-4-1825; that he pay WILKINS $2 paid by him in the purchase of said slaves under the execution in favour of Davis HARDEN against said SCOTT. Upon failure of SCOTT to make said payments he be forever foreclosed form all equity of redemption in the slave Martha Ann, and that said slave be sold to the highest bidder upon the public square in the Town of Franklin.....Thomas HAIL be appointed Commissioner to carry this decree into effect. 7-20-1827 C-253

Sums ordered not having been paid, the Commissioner proceed to carry decree into effect. 10-11-1827. C-266

Commissioner reported that mad sale of the slave mentioned, highest bidder and Jos H. MARSHALL became the purchaser at the sum of $397, $38.28 1/4 of the amount in silver and the ballance in Commonwealth's Bank Paper upon a credit of 3 months and took bond and security to the compl for the said amount.....4-18-1828. C-325 (Source: Simpson County Court Records, Extracted and submitted by Combs researcher Birdie (Totty) McNutt) Search Words: Marshall Stratton Duval Johnson Scott Wilkins Harden
4-18-1828. C-324. MICAJAH CLARK JUNR & c Vs GEO. A CISSELL, WM. H. HOWARD &; in chancery. Compl's injunction be dissolved except as to the sum of $66.66 2/3 with leave to def to proceed to have the benefit of his judgment at law except as to said sum. Compl pay def CISSELL $44.28 being his 10% damages upn $442.89 1/3, the amount of said injunction as dissolved. 7-16-1829. D-66

This cause came on to be heard.....& process being served upon defs BULLOCK & Combs and they not answering, the bill is taken for confessed against the. Compl's injuntion as to the sum of $137.60 be perpetuated and the residue of the judgment enjoined b dissolved. Compl pay def CISSELL the sum of $36.81, his 10% damages upon $368.19, the amount of injunction dissolved. 7-23-1829. D-92. (Extracted by Birdie (Totty) McNutt)
1830 US Census Index, Simpson Co., KY:
Page 287 John Combs
1840 Census Simpson Co., KY: No Combs
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