In 1833, Van Buren County MO was established from Jackson and Lafayette, although not formally organized, remaining attached to Jackson. In 1834, Johnson was established from Van Buren and Lafayette, and in 1835, Van Buren was formally established, also gaining territory from Jackson, with the administration of Bates Co being moved from Jackson to Van Buren. In 1847, Old Donaldson Co was established from Jackson, Johnson, Van Buren and Lafayette, but not formally established. In 1849, Van Buren's name was changed to Cass Co, and that same year, Old Donaldson Co was merged into Cass, Johnson, Jackson and Lafayette, with old Seneca becoming new Donaldson. In 1851, Vernon was organized from Bates, but not formally established, and in 1852, Vernon was merged into Bates and Cass. In 1855, Bates gained from Cass.

1839 (Van Buren/Cass Co MO Vol 6, p. 182, Lexington Office) David B. COMBS. T44NR30WS01, NE¼ Lot 3, 79 acres (Combs Land of Missouri)

Notes: Probably David Bullock COMBS (s/o John & Elizabeth Bingham BULLOCK Combs), d 26 Sep 1841, Johnson Co, MO.

1840 Cass/Van Buren Co, MO Census Index

No Combs?

1845-1846 (Van Buren/Cass Co MO* Vol. 7, p. 356) James H. COMBS T45NR30WS01, SE ¼, SW ¼;, 40 acres, (plotted in Cass County, document recorded as Pettis County) (Combs Land of Missouri)

25 Jul 1848 Lafayette Co, MO will of Dr. Evan Ennis COMBS (s/o Cuthbert & Sarah EVANS Combs, Sr.) stipulates sale of land in Van Buren Co, MO described as T43R30, the E ½ NE of Section 24 and the E ½ SE & SE NW of Section 35. (Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson)

MRW Notes: This parcel amounts to about 200 acres of farm land, located south of the small community of Garden City, Missouri.

1850 Cass Co, MO Census

16th District

p. 62

44/44 Isham ADAMS, 33, m, Farmer NC, RE=$150
Martha ADAMS, 31, f IL
Thomas B ADAMS, 8, m MO
Jesse B ADAMS, 6, m MO
Sally J ADAMS, 4, f MO
James V ADAMS, 2, m MO
Clem Combs, 17, m, Farmer IL

(Source: Heritage Quest Original Census Images)

Note: The will of Jesse B Combs (probated in 1848 in Benton Co, MO) identifies a daughter as the wife of Isam ADAMS. The will also names son Clemmy Combs. This ADAMS family was living 9 houses from a Robert and Mary CORNETT, both b. in KY. One Nathan CORNETT, born in Ky., living in household #81. It is not known whether these CORNETTS from Ky. were part of the large CORNETT family that settled in Perry Co., Ky., and who intermarried with several of the Combs that descended from Mason Combs Sr. of Staffford Co., VA. Jesse's children Martha ADAMS, Clem Combs, Mary A BILDERBACK (see below) all state they were born in IL. Their sister Rebecca RUCKER (1850 Jasper Co, MO. census) also states she was born in IL. Their older brother Wesley states he was born in KY in his census records; however, Wesley's daughter Elizabeth is shown as having been born in IL.

p. 63

55/55 Jesse Combs, 32, m, Farmer Tenn
Katharine Combs, 21, f Tenn
Lucinda J. Combs, 8, f MO
Sarah M.Combs, 5, f MO
Nancy E. Combs, 3/12, f MO

(Source: Heritage Quest Original Census Images)

Note: Named as son in the will of Jesse B. Combs (probated 1848 in Henry Co, MO). On 23 Feb 1841 Combs, Jerry (possibly Jesse?) married RUCKER, Catharine in Jasper County, Missouri (Early American Marriages: Missouri to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT). Since Jesse had two sisters (Rebecca and Lucy) that married RUCKERS (Eliott and John), it is entirely possibly this was Jesse Combs and not Jerry Combs. The original marriage record needs to be reviewed. Rebecca Combs and Eliott RUCKER were also married in Jasper Co., Mo., giving further credence to the belief it was Jesse Combs that married Katharine RUCKER.

56/56 Charles BILDERBACK, 26, m, Farmer and tenant PA, RE=$330
Daniel BILDERBACK, 1, m MO
Sarah BEATTIE, 45, f PA

(Source: Heritage Quest Original Census Images)

Note: 06 Jan 1848 (Henry Co MO Marriages) BILDERBACK, Charles married Combs, Mary Ann on 06 Jan 1848 in Henry County, Missouri (Early American Marriages: Missouri to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT). Mary Ann Combs was the daughter of Jesse B Combs whose will was probated in 1848 in Henry Co., MO. Mary is named in her father's will, and Charles BELDERBACK provided security for the administration of the estate. Mary and Charles have not been located in 1860 but may have been in Kansas since their 1870 Taney Co, MO census records shows 2 children born in Kansas. This family moved further west to Lane Co, OR by 1880.

1851-1856 (Cass Co MO Vol. 13, p. 86) John C. COMBS T44NR33WS02,SE¼SE¼, 40 acres.

1854-1855 (Cass Co MO Vol. 11, p. 49) John C. COMBS T44NR33WS04, Lot #2 NE¼ & Lot #3 NE¼, 159 acres, 20 poles (Combs Land of Missouri)

Notes: The 01 Jul 1848 80 acre patent of a James C. JACKSON at T45NR33WS25, dated 7/1/1848, is less than 4 miles from the above Section 2 land above. Also at T45R33WS25 is the patent of a Thomas JACKSON dated 1/1/1849. Could James C. and Thomas JACKSON have been the same about whom Carlton COMBS, s/o John and Jean JACKSON Combs, stated of his maternal “…uncle Thomas JACKSON and family and the only son, I believe, of my Uncle James [JACKSON], moved to Cass Co., Mo. in a year or two after we went to Indiana [1828-9] where they lived until death over took them or most of them in early life with consumption. Whoever may be left of those families and their descendants I suppose to remain there still, at least I have never hear of their removal.” Note, however, that Carlton makes no mention of whether any COMBS also removed to Cass County. The only John C. COMBS mentioned is his cousin, John, s/o George Mabry and Agnes ORE Combs, and h/o Dorcas COMBS (m 11 Sep 1826, Grainger Co TN).

16 Nov 1853-13 Nov 1854 (Cass County, MO, Volume 10, p. 189, Clinton Abstract) Jesse B. COMBS T43NR28WS17, NE ¼, NE ¼ 11, 40 acres (Combs Land of Missouri)

16 Nov 1853 - 13 Nov 1854 (Cass Co MO, Vol 10, P. 452, Warsaw Abstract) Christopher B. COMBS. T45NR28WS34, W10. SW ¼, SW ¼;, 40 acres (Combs Land of Missouri)

Notes: See Christopher COMBS of 1838 Ray Co, MO. Could this be the same?

1860 Cass Co, MO Census

(not yet extracted)

1860 Cass Co, MO Slave Schedule [included]:

p. 139, 2nd column:
John C. COMBS. 12 Slaves, all black males.
Silas E. COMBS 1 Black male age 12

(Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson who adds that these are John Cuthbert “Cud” and Silas Evans, sons of Evan Ennis, Sr.)

6 Apr 1862 - Mar 1864 Federal (Union) Civil War Pension File of Joseph A. COMBS states that he enlisted on 6 Apr 1862 in Cass Co, MO and was discharged in Mar 1864 following an injury in Sedalia, Pettis Co, MO. Joseph not yet located in records of either Cass or Pettis, but is found in 1850 in Montgomery Co, KY household of his father, Rodney W. COMBS (s/o Joseph and Susannah CLARK Combs of Clark Co, KY and gs/o Cuthbert and Sarah EVANS Combs, Sr.). Joseph A. married Sarah Elizabeth KIRK in 1854 in Montgomery County, and left MO after his discharge for Wyandotte Co, KS where he is found on the 1870 census. He moved next to Rooks Co, KS and died in 1911 in Riley Co, KS.

From: History of Cass and Bates Counties National Historical Co, 1883, pages 641 - 642

SILAS E. COMBS, farmer, section 7, was born in Montgomery County, Kentucky, May 22, 1821. His father, Ennis Combs, M. D., was a native of Virginia, and of Scotch-Irish descent, and his mother, formerly Mary S(ydor) HINDE, was a Kentuckian by birth, and of English ancestry. Silas was reared and educated in his native county on a farm. In 1842 he moved to Missouri and located in Saline County, where he was engaged in farming till 1851, when he went to Jackson County. In 1867 he came to Cass County, Missouri. In 1875 he took a trip to California and remained there two years. His farm now contains 150 acres of land. He has held many minor offices in the different counties where he has resided, and has been constable in Index Township for nearly six years. In the fall of 1881 he was elected township collector. Mr. Combs was married August 30, 1842 to Miss Martha J. Prewitt, who was born in Fayette County, Kentucky, March 17, 1822; they have had thirteen children, eight of whom are living: Bettie (SANDERS), Dote (THOMSON), Samuel W., Susan E. (HEIGHTOWER), Florence (NUNN), Robert L., Dollie H. and Mattie W. Mr. Combs is a member of the I.O.O.F. fraternity. He belongs to the M. E. Church.

Submitted by Linda Berney

Notes: Silas Evans COMBS was the s/o Evan Ennis & Mary S. HINDE Combs of Montgomery Co KY & Lafayette Co MO and gs/o Cuthbert and Sarah EVANS Combs, Sr. (see Joseph A. COMBS above).

1870 US Census, Missouri - Cass County (partial?)

p. 611A


(Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson who adds that Silas Evans was on the 1860 Jackson Co, MO Census)

5 Sep 1875 THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the bearer hereof, Bro. Silas E. COMBS and his wife Sister Martha J. and their daughter Susan M. COMBS, are acceptable members of the M. E. Church South, at Index, in the bounds of the Index Circuit South West Mo. Annual Conference and they are heartily commended to the care of the Church among whom their lot may be cast. Sept. 5, 1875 R. H. SHUIFFER, P. C. (Edna F. Hightower Collection).

Notes: This letter may have been procured preparatory to the departure of Silas Evans COMBS and his wife, Martha Jane PREWITT, for Lakeport, Lake Co, CA from where he wrote their recently married daughter, Susan (to a HIGHTOWER, father of Edna F.), on 26 Apr 1877, but by Feb 1878, had returned to MO per a letter from his son, Robert Lee “Bob” to one of his sisters (not identified).

1876 Cass Co, MO State Census

Source: Missouri State Census Collection, 1844-1881 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Original data: Missouri State Censuses. Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives. Submitted by Barbara RIVAS

Index Entires
(image too faded to read)

C I Combs
E Combs
S W Combs
S W Combs

Township 44

H H Combs 10 to 18
Mariah of 45 years and upwards
Wm H of 45 years and upwards
Wm H 18 to 21
Zaida 10 to 18


Wm Combe 21 to 45
Sarah E Combe 21 to 45
Ella Combe under 10
L Combe under 10 female

1880 Cass Co, MO Census

Austin Township

District 90

p. 25

228/(241) Combs, Andrew R. white, male, 56, married, farmer, OH, VA, TN
Martha J. white, female, 42, wife, married, Keeping House, MO, --, --
Rosina, white, female, 12, daughter, single, attended school, MO, OH, MO
George A. white, male, 3, son, single, MO, OH, MO
Cora, white, female, 2, daughter, single, MO, OH, MO
Dolly, white, female, 3/12, born Feb, daughter, single, MO, OH, MO

Note: This is believed to be Robert Andrew Combs and his second wife, see Combs site discussion posted in Fremont Co, Iowa, 1870.

Submitted by Linda Berney


233/246 Combs, James O. 21 farmer IA OH OH
Mary 19 KY KY KY
Charles 1 MO IA KY

Riddle, James 39 father-in-law laborer KY VA VA
Andrew 17 bro-in-law laborer KY KY KY
William 14 bro-in-law KY KY KY
Richard 13 bro-in-law KY KY KY
Margarett 9 sis-in-law KY KY KY
Susy 6 sis-in-law KY KY KY
George 5 bro-in-law KY KY KY
Kate sis-in-law KY KY KY
Frank 2 bro-in-law MO KY KY

Note: s/o Robert (aka Andrew Robert Combs) & Louisa CASE Combs, found next in 1900 McDonald Co, MO and 1910 Elbert Co, CO Census, and previously in 1870 Fremont Co, IA Census (s/o Robert) and 1860 Union Co, IA (s/o Robert).

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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