Lafayette & Jackson Counties were established in 1825-6 from Lillard Co (abolished simultaneously). In 1833, the counties of Bates, Van Buren and St. Clair were est. from Jackson & Lafayette Cos, and in 1834, Rives Co (name changed to Henry later) was established from Lafayette Co, and Johnson Co from Lafayette and Van Buren.

1830 Lafayette Co MO Census Index

No Twp listed

p. 363
COMBS, Richard

Notes: No more is known of Richard (census record still needed). He is not on the 1840 Lafayette Co, MO census index, nor have any BLM land records been located for him in this county. It is possible that he resided in that part of Lafayette that became Bates, Van Buren or St. Clair in 1833. The only Richard located in the census index in 1840 Missouri thus far was in Johnson Co, MO.

06 Nov 1835 Lafayette Co, MO. BLM Land Patent. Doc. No. 3501 Accession No. MO0210__.100 Land Office: Lexington. Frederick WOOTON. 40 acres. T48NR27WS25. SENE.

28 Jul 1838 Lafayette Co, MO. BLM Land Patent. Doc. No. 9976. Accession No. MO1240__.424. Land Office: Lexington. Frederick WOOTON. 40 acres. T48NR27WS24. NWSE.

Notes: Frederick WOOTON m 13 Oct 1817, Clay Co, KY, Nancy COMBS, d/o Elijah and Sarah ROARK Combs, Sr. (see also 1840 and 1850 below). They were on the 1830 Perry Co, KY Census. The above tracts were adjacent parcels and their immediate "neighbors" (those also patenting land in these two sections) were:


COCKRELL, JOSEPH 12/05/1833 1991 MO0180__.067
COCKRELL, JOSEPH 11/04/1835 2920 MO0200__.020
DALTON, ADDISON F 07/15/1854 38297 MO1750__.251
GREER, JAMES W 05/01/1843 15400 MO1350__.201
GREER, JAMES W 05/01/1843 15402 MO1350__.203
KISER, NANCY A 06/01/1859 40678 MO1970__.339
MASYE, WILLIAM 06/01/1859 41172 MO1970__.473
MCALESTER, NATHANIEL 05/01/1843 17852 MO1390__.496
STANLEY, SHADRACK W 02/01/1851 29767 MO1600__.110
THOMSON, JOHN 05/01/1843 15399 MO1350__.200
THOMSON, JOHN 05/01/1843 15396 MO1350__.197
THOMSON, JOHN 05/01/1843 15398 MO1350__.199
TRACY, WINIFORD 11/01/1853 35020 MO1690__.069
WHITSITT, STEWART 01/22/1855 31700 MO1620__.359
WILCOX, THOMAS 01/15/1858 40470 MO1920__.102
WOLFENBARGER, ADAM R 01/15/1856 40478 MO1780__.492

Also Note: No Combs Land Patents have been found near those of Frederick thus far. SW: MASSIE, THOMPSON, WHITTSETT, MCALLISTER

1840 Lafayette Co, MO Census Index

No Combs by surname?

p. 151

25 Jul 1848 - 10 Jul 1849 (Lafayette Co, MO Wills) Ennis COMBS. Will dated 25 July 1848 - prob. 10 July 1849. Heirs: wife, Susan N. COMBS. Children, Sarah Elizabeth COMBS, Edward Mark COMBS and Mary CALDWELL late Mary Ann COMBS, son, Silas Evans COMBS, son, John C. COMBS part of proceeds from land in Saline Co, Mo. son, Fielding A. COMBS, Jr. dau., Caroline unmarried, son, James H. COMBS tract of land I purchased of Silas EVANS of Saline Co., Mo. Son, Ennis COMBS to live with Silas EVANS who has raised him this far until he is 21 years of age. Money in hands of Mr. BEBB, attorney at law, now residing in Elkton [Todd Co], Ky. shall be used to pay for land I purchased from Stephen G. WENTWORTH and HARBOURN. Land in Saline Co. and Van Buren Co.* to be sold 3 of my children … Caroline COMBS, Susan MATTHEWS late Susan COMBS and James H. COMBS. Exec. son John COMBS. Wit. Silas EVANS, Winney CREWS, James WARD, Chas. CARPENTER and N. C. MITCHELL. Codicil wr. 25 July 1848 - (nb: added language re clearing up land titles, etc.)

(Provided by Combs Researcher Rhoda Fone from LAFAYETTE COUNTY, MISSOURI ABSTRACT OF WILLS AND ADMINISTRATIONS 1821-1850, Compiled by Jacqueline Hogan Williams & Betty Harvey Williams, p. 221)

*Van Buren Co, MO was est. in 1836 from Jackson, and renamed Cass in 1849. The legal description of this land is the E ½ NE Section 24, Township 43, Range 30; E ½ SE & SE NW Section 35, Township 43, Range 30. This parcel would amount to about 200 acres of farm land, located south of the small community of Garden City, Missouri [see Note 6]. (Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson

Lafayette County, Missouri Probate File #37, Will. p. 1. Probate File of Ennis COMBS included:

???? John C. COMBS handing over administration of estate to William SPRATT.

1 Jun 1850 - 20 Jul 1850 Affidavit by Howard MATTHEWS of Hamilton County, Ohio. Certified by Hamilton Co, OH clerk

(Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson)

10 Jul 1851 To James H. COMBS a male Negro by the name of Caleb Jr. This transaction listed in a letter to the Lafayette County, Missouri Probate Court presented by William SPRATT, administrator of the will. The letter was dated 10 JUL 1851.

11 Jul 1857 Ann CATLETT is recorded as having a deed agreement with Ennis COMBS Sr. George Henry CATLETT is listed as well as G. C. CATLETT and Henry C. CATLETT also included. A list of deeds and financial agreements are listed as belonging to Susan CATLETT prior to her marriage and now part of the Ennis COMBS estate.

Notes: Evan Ennis COMBS, s/o Cuthbert T. & Sally EVANS Combs, Sr., m (1) Mary S. HINDE, came to Lafayette Co MO from Montgomery Co KY (See Also Saline Co MO); m (2) Susan Neville CATLETT (see Buchanan Co, MO) by whom he had no children. In 1850, children, James H. and Caroline were back in Montgomery Co, KY in HH of their sister, Mary A. COMBS, w/o Augustus B. CALDWELL.

01 Sep 1848 (Lafayette Co MO Marriages) BURNETT, Polly Ann married COMBS, William on 01 Sep 1848 in Lafayette County, Missouri("Early American Marriages: Missouri to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

1850 Lafayette Co, MO Census

46th District

Page 159 (013)

188 WILSON, John 61 VA
Caroline 42 VA
B. Bray 21 VA
Susan A. 18 VA
William A. 17 VA
Margaretta M. 14 VA
Caroline 11 VA
COMBS, Sarah 45 VA
CATLETT, Henry 14 KY

897 OSBURN: William 26 VA
Eliza J. 23 KY
COMBS: Elizabeth 55 VA
Thomas 21 MO
Martha 18 MO
Elizabeth 16 MO
Henry 14 MO

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

980 Nancy [COMBS] WOOTEN 51 Va.
Sarah WOOTEN 27 Ky.
Catha WOOTEN 25 Ky.
William WOOTEN 21 Ky.
Louisa WOOTEN 15 Ky.
Lucinda WOOTEN 12 Mo.
Nancy WOOTEN 6 Mo.
Louisa Jane WOOTEN 4 Mo.
Martha A. WOOTEN 4 Mo.
James L. WOOTEN 1 Mo

(Combs-Wooten Researcher Lynwood Peterson)

Lexington Twp

p. 248

1425 EVANS: Silas 62 KY
Sally 64 VA
COMBS: Ennis 12 KY

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

Notes: Sally COMBS, d/o Cuthbert T. & Sally EVANS Combs, Sr., m 14 May 1812 in Clark Co KY Silas EVANS. Ennis COMBS was her nephew, son of her brother, Evan Ennis COMBS, Sr., d 1849 Lafayette Co MO.

28 Jul 1859 Lafayette Co, MO Marriage Book E. p. 19. Ennis COMBS Jr. married Sarah Waddell CALLAWAY

Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson)

Notes: Sarah Waddell CALLAWAY was the d/o James Anderson & Cassa Ann WADDELL Callaway (DAR Lineage of Miss Belle COMBS, Vol. 75).

1860 Census of Lafayette Co., MO

202 COMBS: Ennis 23 KY
Sarah W. 20 MO
EVANS Sallie 74 KY
HOW: John 38 KY
Nancy J. 25 MO
Robert 1 MO

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

Ennis COMBS recorded as owning a fourteen year old Negro male in 1860 (Lafayette County, Missouri. p. 438A, line 16, 2nd column).

Sallie EVANS recorded as owning several slaves in 1860 (Lafayette County, Missouri. p. 438A, line 17, 2nd column).

(Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson from 1860 Lafayette Co, MO Slave Schedule)

Notes: Evan Ennis COMBS, Jr., s/o Evan Ennis COMBS, Sr. His aunt, Sallie COMBS Evans was his father's sister, widow of Silas EVANS. Ennis, Jr. married Sarah Waddell CALLAWAY, d/o James Anderson and Cassa Ann WADDELL Callaway, according to his daughter, Belle COMBS, b 22 Feb 1862, Lafayette County (Belle Combs' DAR Lineage, Volume 75, and see also the Edna F. Hightower Collection) Shortly after the birth of Belle, Evan Ennis, Jr. removed to Monrovia, Los Angeles Co, CA.

14 Jan 1866 (Lafayette County, Missouri; Marriage Book E. p. 261) Edward Mark COMBS & Lucy YOUNG (Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson who adds that Edward Mark was s/o Silas Evans & Martha Jane PREWITT)

???? Lafayette Co, MO. Born: Mrs. Georgie W. NUTTER Deatherage. Wife of Buckner F. DEATHERAGE. Daughter of Samuel NUTTER and Sallie WARNER, his wife. Granddaughter of William Alfred WARNER and Georgie COMBS, his wife. Gr-granddaughter of Leslie COMBS (1793-1881) and Margaret TROTTER (1799-1844), his wife, m. 1818 [Fayette Co, KY]. Gr-gr-granddaughter of Benjamin COMBS and Sarah RICHARDSON (1750-1816), his wife. Benjamin COMBS (1749-1838) was an officer in the Revolutionary War from Kentucky. He was born in Virginia; died in Winchester, [Clark Co] Ky. (Dar Lineage of Georgie W. Nutter Deatherage, Volume 65, DAR ID Number: 64194)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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