Saline County was established in 1821 from Cooper Co MO. In 1829, it lost area to non-county, most of which, in 1833 became Pettis Co MO.

1842 Excerpted from biographical sketch of Silas Evans COMBS by Combs Researcher Michael Wilson from National Historical Company - Cass & Bates County, p. 641: "Ennis COMBS, M.D., was a native of Virginia, and of Scotch-Irish descent, and his mother, formerly Mary S(ydor) HINDE, was a Kentuckian by birth, and of English ancestry… In 1842 (Silas E. COMBS)…moved to Missouri and located in Saline County, where he was engaged in farming till 1851, when he went to Jackson County. In 1867 he came to Cass County, Missouri." Combs Researcher Pat Orton adds (from same source) that Silas was born May 22, 1821. Important! Seeking transcription of full biography!

Notes: Silas Evans COMBS was the s/o Evan Ennis & Mary S. HINDE Combs of Montgomery Co KY & Lafayette Co MO.

20 May 1843 Saline Co, MO DBK:29 James SHELBY to Dr. Evan Ennis COMBS of Boone Co, MO. 600 acres of land in Saline described as the E½ NW, NE SW, W½ SW, SE, SE SW, & W½ NE Section 26, Township 51, Range 20; NE SE Section 27, Township 51, Range 20; and the W½ SW Section 25, Township 51, Range 20

(Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson who adds: A portion of this land later became the community of Orearville)

14 Apr 1846 (Saline Co MO Marriage Records) Frances H. COMBS married Robert FIELD on 14 Apr 1846 in Saline County, Missouri, by H. J. BROWN

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Virginia Winn Parker from Field Cousins Online, from Marriage records of Saline Co., MO 1820-1850 BY Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry)

VWP Notes: According to Field Cousins, Robert was a widower, his late wife, Nancy PIPER, mother of all his children except, by Frances "Fannie" COMBS, one daughter, Frances W. "Fannie" FIELD, b. ca 1847 who m. Edward A. MCQUEY of Pike Co, MO on 8 Sept. 1870 in Saline Co, MO. (See also 1860 and 1870 Census, and Biography of Robert FIELD below) Who was Frances? On the 1850 Saline Census, the FIELDS are listed adjacent to Silas Evan COMBS, s/o Evan Ennis & Mary Sydnor HINDE Combs.

22 Feb 1847 Saline Co, MO DBM:1. Dr. Ennis COMBS of Jackson Co, MO to Silas E. COMBS, land in Saline described as the E½ NW & W½ NE Section 26, Township 51, Range 20 [160 acres of the 600 originally obtained in 1843].

(Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson)

15 Aug 1848(Saline Co MO Marriage Records) Fielding A. COMBS married Elizabeth F CARTHRAE

("Early American Marriages: Missouri to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

Notes: Fielding A. COMBS, Jr., s/o Evan Ennis & Mary S. HINDE Combs of Montgomery Co KY & Lafayette Co MO.

1850 US Census Index, Saline Co., MO

90th District

Page 042

526 528 COOMBS Silas E. 29 M Farmer KY
COOMBS Martha J. 28 F KY
COOMBS Edward M. 6 M KY
COOMBS Sarah E. 2 F MO
COOMBS Theodosia 1 F MO [Dosha Prewitt per bible record]

Notes: Silas Evans COMBS (s/o Evan Ennis and Mary Sydnor HINDE) m 30 Aug 1842, Martha Jane PREWITT (Combs-Prewitt Family Bible Record).

pg. 28

527/529 FIELD Robert 45 M Farmer 4,000 VA
FIELD Frances H. 38 F KY
Field William 20 M Farmer MO X
Field Sarah E. 18 F MO
Field Virginia 16 F MO X
Field John 14 M MO X
Field Susan 12 F MO X
Field Robert 10 M MO X
Field Milton 8 M MO X
Field Willyann 6 F MO X
Field Joseph 4 M MO
Field Frances W. 3 F MO

Notes: Frances H. COMBS m 1846, Saline, Robert FIELD. Extracted from Field Cousin Online newsletter, p. 6, by Virginia Winn Parker: 1850 Slave Schedule shows Robert had nine slaves, lists the female Willyann as a male Willioman, and lists Frances W. FIELD as age 3.

VMP Notes: Willioman and Joseph were born after death of their mother, Nancy PIPER, but before the marriage of Robert to Frances H.

Page 049

613/616 COMBS Fielding A. 25 M Physician KY
COMBS Elizabeth F. 19 F VA

Notes: Fielding A. & Elizabeth F. CARTHRAE Combs, s/o Evan Ennis & Mary Sydnor HINDE Combs).

Pages 072B & 073A

927-932 HIX Amanda J. 29 F Tenn 39
HIX Erasmus D. 12 M MO X
HIX Mary 7 F MO X
HIX Medora 6 F MO X
HIX Emma 3 F MO
TODD Charles W. 36 M Physician KY
PASSON Daniel R. 48 M Merchant Maine
KNOTT William 23 M None KY

(1850 Saline Co, MO Census, US GenWeb Census Project)

Notes: Who was May L. COMBS? Also note that she is on Census Index as Mary L. COOMBS

12 Sep 1854 Saline Co, MO DBT:159. John & Mary MILLER of Rockingham Co, VA to Dr. Fielding A. COMBS. Lot 1 in Block 7, located in Marshall, Missouri.

3 Mar 1857 Saline Co, MO DBT:201. Fielding A. COMBS and his wife Elizabeth Frances sold Lot 1 to D. R. PARSONS & Company. The two grantee signatures on the deed are Charles E. PATTERSON and Daniel R. PARSONS.

(Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson)

1860 Saline Co, MO census

(Extracted from Field Cousin Online newsletter, p. 6, by Virginia Winn Parker)

Robert FIELDS 55 M Farmer 18840 18000 VA
Mrs. Frances H. FIELDS 41 F

Only children listed were John, Milton, Robert, Joseph, Sarah.

[VMWP note: Virginia and Frances W seem to be missing]

In addition to Field family in the household on this census were:

Mrs. Susan GAINES 21 F MO
Wm H. GAINES 28 M School Teacher VA
Virginia GAINES 2 F MO
Fannie GAINES 13 F MO

(VMWP Note: Could this be an error and could this really be Frances W, dtr of Frances H and Robert FIELD? The date is about right.)

Extracted from Field Cousins Online #28.2 of September 16, 1997, by Combs Researcher Virginia Winn Parker. Source: Biographical sketch, 1876 Plat book, Saline Co MO, Saline Co Historical Society Library at Marshall, MO:

"Judge Robert FIELD" "Judge FIELD was born in Albemarle county, Va. Dec 14th 1803. When seventeen years of age he engaged as salesman and manager for Samuel MILLER, a wealthy merchant and tobacconist of Lynchburg. He remained there four or five years and then went to richmond and did business with a brother, Jas. W. FIELD, as family grocers. While in richmond he married Miss Nancy W. PIPER of Albemarle county. In 1830 he left Richmond and arrived in Saline county and began business here by entering some two hundred acres of land , on which he settled and which forms a part of his present home. He taught one or two terms of school while getting his premises ready for farming, and then turned his attentin entirely to this business and in the growing of and trading in live stock. He pushed his possessions in real estate up to about one thousand acres, and was once a very extensive farmer. In former days he was an active political worker, and has often rendered the Democratic party valuable service. He has been honored by the people a number of times with official trusts. He was once county assessor, twice sheriff, and served two terms as one of the judges of the County Court, and filled each of those positions with efficiency and impartiality.

The late war found him a true friend of the south, and he was, as a consequence, considerably harrassed by the Federals and the state militia, and on one occasion they put a rope around his neck, preparatory to hanging hiim, simply on the score of being an avowed firend of the south. His first wife died in this county and left him nine children, and he was again married to Miss Fanny COMBS, formerly of Kentucky, by whom he has had one child-the wife of Edward MCQUEY, of Pike County."

Another article from History of Saline County_. 1881., pp.628-629:

"Judge Robert FIELD, Sr., P. O. Little Rock. The subject of the following sketch is the son of John and Sarah Field, and was born in Albemarle county, Virginia, December 14, 1803. In June, 1830 he loaded his team at Richmond, Virginia and moved to Missouri. He was married in Virginia on the 14th of December 1829 to Miss Nancy PIPER, who bore him four sons and three daughters. On the 16 of June, 1844,his wife died in December, 1846, he was married again to Miss Fannie H. COMBS, and by this marriage he has one daughter. His second wife died May 13, 1869, and he married the third time. on the 14 day of September 1871, to Mrs. Catherine MOSSISON. Judge FIELD is one of the old settlers and one of the solid farmers of Saling county. He served the county as sheriff for two terms, 1840 to 1844 and he was judge of the county court for years."

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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