Pettis County was est. in 1833 from Cooper, Saline & non-county area. In 1835, Benton, was est. from Pettis and St. Clair Cos.

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Combs &c. Land of Moniteau-Morgan-Pettis (re land and county-line changes)
Morgan Co MO (re overlapping records)

1836 (Morgan Co MO) John L. Combs, Fayette Land Office Abstract, Vol 4, p. 406. T44NR19WS10SE¼SE¼, 40 acres (Extracted by Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson from U.S. Land Sales - Missouri, Abstract of Entries. Vol 4 (1836 - 1837); and Missouri Index to Topographic and other Map Coverage. United States Geological Survey.)

1838 (Morgan Co MO) John L. Combs, Vol 5, p. 512, T44R19WS15SE¼NE¼, 40 acres (ibid., Vol 5 (1836 - 1840))

1840 (Morgan Co MO) Lin [Levi?] Combs, Fayette Land Office Abstract, Vol 6, p. 326, T 44NR19WS15NW¼NE¼, 40 acres. (ibid., Vol. 6. 1839-1842)

1840 Pettis Co, MO Census Index

No Combs [See Morgan]

1844 Pettis Co, MO Land Clinton Abstract Vol 7:244. James M. Combs. 40 acres. T45NR21WS20, SW¼SE¼.

1845-1846 Pettis Co, MO Land (plotted as Cass Co, but doc. notated county as Pettis). Fayette Abstract. Vol 7:356. James H. Combs. 40 acres. T45NR30WS1, SE¼SW¼

28 Feb 1847 (Pettis Co MO Marriage Records) BRACHT, Mary married Combs, James on 28 Feb 1847 in Pettis County, Missouri ("Early American Marriages: Missouri to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

28 Sep 1848 (Pettis Co MO Marriage Records) Combs, John married HOWARD, Permelia on 28 Sep 1848 in Pettis County, Missouri ("Early American Marriages: Missouri to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

Notes: Not found on 1850 Pettis Census, and not identified, but note that James P. Combs, s/o John Harrison & Sophia Bullock Combs Combs, m in 1846 in Clark Co, KY, a Polly Jane HOWARD, and see below.

1848-1851. Pettis Co, MO Land. Clinton Abstract Vol 9:464. James H. Combs. 40 acres. T46NR22WS23. SE¼, SE¼

1848-1851 Pettis Co, MO Land. Fayette Abstract Vol 9:236. Joseph Combs. 80 acres. T45NR20WS11. E¼, SW¼

1848-1851. Pettis Co, MO Land. Vol. 9:207. Abstract not listed. W. E. Combs. 40 Acres. T45NR20WS2, NW¼, SE¼

1848-1851. Pettis Co, MO Land. Abstract Not Listed Vol9:215. William E. Combs. 40 acres. T45NR20WS13.

1850 Pettis Co MO Census

(Transcribed from LDS Film 0443617 by Combs Researcher Deb Coombs who adds: The page numbers and district were unreadable but according to the Census Index, all the following families were in the 68 District with page numbers added in [brackets] from that source)

Census taken by Jonathan S. BROWN

p. 116

#116 James H. COOMBS 33 M farmer $400 KY
Mary I. 30 F KY
Elizabeth BRACHT 9 F MO

Notes: James H. Combs m 1847, Pettis, Mary BRACHT, whom it appears may have been a widow, and possibly the Mary AGEE who m 27 Feb 1840, Pettis Co, MO, William BRACHT (Pettis marriages, ibid.). Could this be James H., s/o Joseph & Susan CLARK Combs? (See next)

p. 120

156/156 Joseph Combs 41 M farmer KY
Caroline 31 F KY
John 16 M farmer KY
Susan 12 F IL
Seth 10 M IL
Frances 8 F KY
Richardson 7 M KY
Leslee C. 5 M MO
James E. 3 M MO

Notes: Joseph B. Combs (s/o Joseph & Susan CLARK Combs), m 7 May 1833, Clark Co KY, Caroline Combs (d/o John Harrison & Sophia Combs Combs). It is not yet known where they might have resided in Illinois during 1838-1840 (The only 1840 IL Joseph Combs found on census index was in Fulton Co, IL. Not known if same).

#161 Fielding Combs 42 M farmer $600 KY
Mary C. 32 F KY
Sophia 10 F MO
Minor 6 M MO
Rodney 4 M MO
Mary 2 F MO

Notes: Fielding A. Combs (s/o Joseph & Susannah CLARK Combs), m 25 Oct 1838 Clark Co KY Mary C. Combs (d/o John Harrison & Sophia BULLOCK Combs).

#162 William E. Combs 35 farmer $800 KY
Nancy H. 28 F KY
Agnes 5 F KY
Elizabeth 1 F MO

Notes: William E. Combs (s/o Joseph & Susannah CLARK Combs) m 28 Sep 1841, Clark Co KY Nancy H. PIGG.

#163 S. N. CALMES 28 farmer 500 KY
Elizabeth 23 F VA
S.N. 2 M MO

p. 128

#267 Levi Combs 30 M farmer VA
Minerva 26 MO
Mary A. 5 F MO
Naomi 1 F MO

Notes: Levi Combs m 17 Jun 1839, Morgan Co, MO Minerva JOHNSON, and on 1840 Morgan Co, MO Census.

p. 155

#638 John COOK 33 M farmer $800 KY
Elizabeth 31 F KY
Sarah A. 16 F MO
John L. 14 M. MO
Thomas B 7 M MO
Pamela 6 F MO
James D. 4 M MO
Mahala 2 F MO

#639 Conrad RINGIN 47 M (no occupation listed) $240 GERMANY
Giertige 45 F GERMANY
Catherine 14 F GERMANY
Henry H. 11 M MO
Mary A. 8 F MO
John 6 M MO

#640 John PHEIZER 62 M farmer $500 GERMANY
Mary C. 65 F GERMANY
Elizabeth 19 F GERMANY
Catharine 16 F GERMANY
Margaret 8 F GERMANY
Clementine 6/12 F MO

#641 James W. DICKERSON 59 M farmer $800 VA
Rebecca R. 50 F VA
Catharine 22 F VA
Joseph W. 20 M student of medicine VA
Norbon W. 18 M farmer VA

#642 George W. SANDS 29 M Baptist Preacher $300 OH
(Nargous) F. SANDS 26 F KY
Joann 3 F MO

Notes: Fanton [sic] Combs m 12 Jan 1843, Morgan Co, MO, George W. SANDS

#643 John L. Combs 70 M. ocupation - (Suparannatin)… [Unreadable] VA
Phebe 45 F VA

Notes: Who is this? Was Phebe wife or daughter? John L. was probably same as on the 1840 Morgan Co MO census.

#644 Edgar C. KIRKPATRICK 27 M farmer (no estate value listed) OH
Elizabeth 26 MO

#645 Eliphelet DURILL 28 M farmer $400 OH
Sarah 20 F MO
Victoria 4/12 F MO

Notes: Eliphelot DURRELL [sic] m 19 Apr 1849, Pettis Co, MO, Sarah JOHNSON (possibly kin to Minerva wife of Levi Combs?

#646 Mason DURILL 46 farmer $320 MA- (M-a-f)
Lucinda MOORE 41 MA- (M-a-f)
Sally S. MOORE 19 F MO

#647 Isaac G. BURKLEY 53 M Baptist Preacher $500 VA
Cornelia 39 F KY
[continued on p. 156]
Mary A. 20 F MO
Nancy 18 F MO
Pamela 16 F MO
Lydia M. 13 F MO
James KATES 26 M farmer OH

#648 James HARVY [HARVEY?] 39 M farmer $150 PA
Nancy 35 F TN
Elizabeth 14 F MO
James A. 12 M MO
Charles L. 10 M MO
Julia T. 8 F MO
William A. 6 M MO
Lydia N. 3 F MO
John E. C. 1 M MO

16 Nov 1853-13 Nov 1854. Pettis Co, MO Land. Clinton Abstract Vol 10:5. James H. Combs. 40 acres. T46NR22WS28. 10. NE¼, SE¼

1851-1856 Pettis Co, MO Land. Warsaw Abstract. Vol 13:88. James H. Combs. T46NR22WS23. 10. SE¼, NW¼

1860 Missouri Census

Flat Creek

p. 881

Wm Combs 48 head KY
Nancy wife
Susan Combs 88 mother VA

Note: Is Susan widow of Joseph Combs of Clark Co KY.? - see marriage of 27 Sep 1797 Also see archive. RE: Susan Combs, mother of Wm E. Combs Also below.

Vol. 1, Pettis County, MO Inventories, Appraisements, Sale Bills and Settlements, 1868 - 1871, p. 408:

Susan Combs, deceased, late of Pettis County, Missouri, personal property, goods and chattel as follows: One land warrant valued at one hundred dollars.

Admininstrator - Wm. E. Combs
Dated 2nd day of Dec 1874

Note: (Just a summary. The full record can be found on Film No. 0947328)
Kathy McConnell DeFoster

1919 Biography of William Dillard O'BANNON:

William was born March 29, 1884, the son of Thomas H. and Mary Elizabeth (DILLARD) O'Bannon. Thomas was born near Georgetown, Missouri March 10, 1850. He was the son of Allen and Mary (BIRD) O'Bannon. Allen was born in Pettis County near the old town of Pinhook which no longer exists as a town. Mary Elizabeth DILLARD was born in Cooper County, MO, a daughter of William and Nancy Virginia (HUGHES) Dillard. William Dillard was born in Cooper County, MO. Nancy Virginia HUGHES was a native of Tennessee and came, with her parents, to Pettis County in 1830. Thomas and Mary Elizabeth O'BANNON were the parents of: William Dillard, Mary Ann, Allen, Nancy Lucinda who married Willis Barnes Combs, and Elizabeth who married Claude WILKERSON. By a former marriage, Thomas was the father of two sons: Fred W. and Thomas F. William Dillard O'BANNON married Miss Margaret Elaine MAY on November 20, 1907. She was the daughter of William MAY of Knob Noster, Missouri.

(Extracted from Genealogical abstracts from the Biographies in The History of Pettis County Missouri by Mark A. McGruder written in 1919, published by the Pettis Co, MO GenWeb)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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