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Morgan County was established in 1833 from Cooper Co MO. Part of southern Morgan may have been moved into the old “Kinderhook” County, organized in 1841 from Benton, Pulaski and non-county land. Kinderhook's name was changed to Camden in 1843. In 1845 Moniteau Co was organized from Cole and Morgan, and in 1860 Miller gained from Morgan. Additional surrounding counties include Pettis and Benton. Note: See also add'l data in re Pettis Co, MO below.

See Also Combs &c. Land of Moniteau-Morgan-Pettis

1836 John L. Combs, Fayette Land Office Abstract, Vol 4, p. 406.
T44NR19WS10SE¼SE ¼, 40 acres

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Michael R. Wilson from U.S. Land Sales - Missouri, Abstract of Entries. Vol 4 (1836 - 1837); and Missouri Index to Topographic and other Map Coverage. United States Geological Survey.)

1837/04/06 David VAUGHT married Saphony Combs (JP) John B. FISHER

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Bob George from "Missouri Genealogical Abstracts and Records," Vol 3, pg 120, Sun City AZ Genealogical Library)

Notes: 1840 census not checked yet, but see Camden Co, MO in 1850 and Sebastian Co, AR in 1860.

1838 John L. Combs, Vol 5, p. 512,
T44R19WS15SE¼NE¼, 40 acres

(ibid., Vol 5 (1836 - 1840))

1840 Lin [Levi] Combs, Fayette Land Office Abstract, Vol 6, p. 326,
T44NR19WS15NW¼NE¼, 40 acres.

(ibid., Vol. 6. 1839-1842)

17 Jun 1839 Combs, Levi married JOHNSON, Menerva on 17 Jun 1839 in Morgan County, Missouri

(Early American Marriages: Missouri to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

Note: See 1850 Census Pettis Co. MO

1840 Morgan Co MO Census Index

Moreau Twp

P. 170
Combs, Elijah

Richland Twp

P. 183
Combs, Levi

P. 185
Combs, John

(US Census Index)

Notes: In 1850, John L. and Levi Combs are on the Pettis Co, MO Census

12 Jan 1843 Combs, Fanton married SANDS, George W. on 12 Jan 1843 in Morgan County, Missouri

Early American Marriages: Missouri to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

Notes: In 1850, they are found on the Pettis Co, MO census listed adjacent to John L. Combs.

30 Oct 1843 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 1) COMBS, Thomas IVY, Amanda 10/30/1843

1848-1851 James Combs, Abstract not recorded

(believed to be Palmyra Abstract), Vol 9, p. 333

T44NR18WS32NE¼SW¼, 40 acres

(ibid., Vol. 9. 1848-1851)

1850 Morgan Co MO Census

Moreau Twp

p. 223

23 Combs, Elijah 42 m farmer b. KY
Elizabeth 38 f KY
Sarah 14 f KY
Zur 10 m KY
Hugh 8 m KY
Isabell 2 f KY

Note: If this is the same Elijah that was in Osage twp in 1840, then these younger children were born in MO.

170 VAUGHT, John 60 m farmer $1000, b. VA
Nancy 43? f KY
Anderson 24 m laborer MO
Matty 18 f MO
Claiborne 21 m MO
John 18 m MO
Margaret 16 f MO
Silas 14 m MO
Malinda 12 f MO

Note: Claiborn VAUGHT m. Angeline KELLY 3/31/1851 Morgan Co, MO. John VAUGHT m. Elapha KELLY 12/4/1851 Morgan Co, MO.

h/h172 VAUGHT, Henry 36 m farmer TN
Lucinda 24 f IL
Catherine 8 f MO
Margaret 4 f MO
Catherine Johnson 60 f KY
Delia Johnson 13 f MO

Note: (Henry VAUGHT m. Lucinda SMITH 12/30/1841 Morgan Co, MO)

Haw Creek Twp

p. 236

210 Combs, James 45 m farmer KY
Zelpha 46 f KY
Jonathan 16 m laborer KY
William 14 m KY
Rebecca 10 f KY
Daniel 7 m MO
John 5 m MO
Mary E. 4 f MO
David H. 2 m MO

Note: James Combs m. Zelpha HUNT, 21 May 1833, Sur. Zur Combs, consent father Jonathan HUNT, Zilpha of age. Wit. Zur Combs, Barren Co, KY. Rebecca Combs m. Alexander HUNT 8/29/1858 Morgan Co, MO

209 IVY, Anslem R. 45 m farmer $600 TN
Julian 23 f KY
Joil (Joel?) 22 m laborer TN
Catherine 19 f MO (Twin)
Hannah 19 MO (Twin)
Francis 16 f MO
Amanda 16 f MO
Rebecca 15 f MO
Nancy 13 f MO
Elizabeth 12 MO
Mary 9 f MO
Susannah 3 f MO
William 6/12 m MO
_______ Cox? 35 f KY Idiot

Notes: Image was cut off at bottom of page. Anslem R. IVY m. Julian Cox 12/31/1846 Morgan Co, MO. Hannah IVY m. James Henry 1850 Morgan Co, MO. Rebecca IVY m. Thomas German 1851 Morgan Co, MO. Nancy IVY m. Wm. Mock 1858 Morgan Co, MO. I saw on the IVY GenForum someone said Francis is a male. Census information from census images. Marriages from Morgan Co, MO Marriage Book 1 except where noted

Natalie McClendon

1850 Morgan Co MO Census Index

Moreau Twp

p. 223
Combs, Elijah

Haw Creek Twp

p. 236
Combs, James

Buffalo Twp

p. 266
Combs, William

Note: John & Levi Combs are not found in the Morgan Co, MO 1850 census; however, a John L. & Levi Combs are both found in the 68th District of the 1850 census for Pettis Co MO (adj. to Morgan Co). Likely the same John L. & Levi? (John L. on p. 155 & Levi on p. 128). See Also land records above for John L. and Lin Combs).

28 Oct 1852 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 1) COMBS, Andrew J. FORD, Mary 10/28/1852

30 Oct 1853 Combs, Thomas married IVY, Amanda on 30 Oct 1853 in Morgan County, Missouri

(Morgan Co MO Marriage Records) (Early American Marriages: Missouri to 1850, Jordan R. Dodd, et al, Precision Indexing Publishers, Bountiful, UT)

Note: Corrected from Marriage Book Vol. 2?, page 211 (Mo State Archives microfilm reel C4763) by Natalie McClendon. The difference of 10 years makes identifying Thomas and Amanda much easier.

1854-1855 Elijah Combs, Fayette Land Office Abstract, Vol 11, p. 118
T41NR17WS15N½SW¼, 80 acres

(ibid., Vol. 11. 1854-1855)

1854-1855 Elijah Combs, Fayette Land Office Abstract, Vol 11, p. 169
T41NR17WS15SW¼NW¼, 40 acres

(ibid., Vol. 11. 1854-1855)

29 Aug 1858 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 1) HUNT, Alexander COMBS, Rebecca Jane 8/29/1858

12 Dec 1858 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 1) COMBS, Isaiah NORRIS, Susan 12/12/1858

1860 Morgan Co MO Census

Richland Township

Florence PO

p. 596

598/566 Combs Thomas 25 M Farmer $300 KY
Eliza A. 27 F MO
Wiliam 5 M MO
Mary 4 F MO
Zilpha 2 F MO

( image 34 for Richland Twp)

Mill Creek Twp

Syracuse PO

p. 88/601

621/589 Combs, James 55 m farmer $1304 $697 KY
Zilpha 50 f NC
Wm. B. 23 m farmer $500 $285 KY
Danl [S or F] 18 m MO
John J. 16 m MO
Mary B. 14 f MO
David 12 m MO

( Image 1 for Mill Creek Twp)

NMc Notes: If John J. Combs listed above is not the John J. Combs who is the ancestor of Judith Oldham who has posted information about him on the Morgan Co page and has her lineage on a personal website. The birthdates and places seem to match. I have tried to make contact with Judith Oldham with no success. My interest is in the Barren Co, KY to Morgan Co, MO connection. Still looking for information on John L. Combs who made the same migration, (b. about 1796 VA) to Richland Twp about 1836. Judith Oldham places all the Combs who married in Morgan Co, MO around 1840 (Levi, Fanton, Thomas, Sophony), plus a John W. Combs (presumed father of John J. b. 1845) as children of Stephen Combs and Synthey Wright. Can't figure out where/why that connection was made. Evidence suggests at least Levi and Fanton are children of John L. Combs of Barren Co, KY and Morgan/Pettis Co, MO (Natalie McClendon)

Osage Twp

Mining PO

p. 693

1268/1214 Combs Elijah 49 M Farmer $1,500 $798 KY
Betty 47 F KY
Hugh 18 M MO
Isabella 11 F MO
Thomas 7 M MO

21 Mar 1860 Deed by Thomas Combs of Allen Co KY, mentions, among others, his sons, “…William, James & Elijah [Combs] who lives in Morgan Co. & in Camden Co MO …”

(Allen Co KY Deed book 2 page 562)

30 Jan 1862 (Morgan County Marriages Book 2) COMBS (KOMBS), Daniel JONES, Matilda Ellen 1/30/1862

8 Jun 1863 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 2) COMBS, Hugh B. TAYLOR, Lucinda 6/8/1863 Lucinda Taylor Camden Co. At house of Elijah Combs, Osage TWP. Witness: Alfred Joy and James Kelsay

8 Jun 1863 Morgan Co, Combs, Hugh B of Morgan Co. & TAYLOR, Lucinda of Camden

Source: Ancestry/Rootsweb/Camden Co, MO, Marriage Records Camden County Residents In Other Counties

Notes: Hugh B. Combs and Lucinda are found in the 1870 Morgan Co, MO census.

MB Note: Hugh Combs is the son of Elijah Combs (son of Thomas Combs of Allen/Barren/Monroe Co, KY). His middle name is Brown I believe. Elijah Combs is found in Morgan Co, MO also along with his brother William Combs. My great grandfather Samuel Combs is found in 1870 in Camden Co, MO. It appears the Combs of Camden and Morgan counties are the relatives of Thomas Combs as mentioned in his deed/will of 1860.

16 Jun 1863 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 2) JONES, Jesse B. COMBS, Mary C. 6/16/1863

9 Sep 1866 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 2) STOUT, John W. COMBS, Isabel 9/9/1866

24 Apr 1867 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 2) COMBS, John COMBS, Tilda E. 4/24/1867

Congressional serial set, volume 2617
By United States, Government Printing Office
Page 312

Source: Google Books

By the act for the allowance of certain claims reported by the accounting officers of the United States Treasury Department, approved March 2, 1889.


To William Wendleton, administrator of Elijah Combs, deceased,
Morgan County, sixty-four dollars...............................64.00

Note: Elijah Combs is the son of Thomas Combs of Allen Co., KY according to his will/deed in 1862 which lists his 12 children and where they reside.

Myra Britt

28 Apr 1869 Florence, Morgan Co, MO. Died: John W. Combs (Florence Cemetery records, Combs Researcher Judith Oldham)

JO Notes: John W. Combs served in the Civil War. His wife's name was Mary A. My husband is descended from Mary Belle Combs, d/o Rowen Combs, s/o John J. Combs, s/o John W. and Mary A.

1870 Morgan Co, MO Census

Mill Creek Township

186. COMBS William 34 KY
Matilda 32 MO
Martha 8 MO
Alley 9 MO
Lovina 4 MO
James 2 MO

Note: If this is same William & Tilda E. COMBS Combs married 24 Apr 1867, who is the mother of the older children?


Haw Creek

338. COMBS James 64 KY
Zelphy 60 KY
William 15 MO
Zelphy 8 MO

339. JONES Jesse B. 30 MO
Mary 27 MO
John 8 MO
Thomas 6 MO
Lavina 4 MO
Lemuel 6/12 MO

Note: Jesse B. JONES m. Mary C. COMBS, 16 Jun 1863, could she be the Mary B. in James Combs' household in 1860?


Osage Twp

51. COMBS Hugh B. 29 MO
Lucinda 29 MO
Elizabeth 5 MO
Liza J. 3 MO
Joseph L. 3/12 MO

Note: Hugh B. COMBS wed Lucinda TAYLOR 8 Jun 1863 in Elijah's House.

53. COMBS Elijah 61 KY
Elizabeth 56 KY
Thomas 18 MO
Isaac 12 MO
PURL Mahala 40 KY
PURL Uriah 12 MO

Note: Elijah Azur Combs of Allen Co, KY who married Elizabeth Jane KELSEY, 21 Mar 1828

54. STOUT John 24 MO
Elizabeth 23 MO
James 13 MO
Josephine 10 MO
Henry 9 MO
Elijah 2 MO
Sarah 1 MO

Note: Is Elizabeth same as Isabel Combs who married a John W. STOUT on 9 Sep 1866? First child born after their marriage date is named Elijah (??Isabel/Elizabeth's father?)

95. COMBS Zurr 32 KY
Susan 31 MO
Tolitha C. 3 MO
Jasper W. 1 MO WILLSON Ellen 9 MO

Note: Son of Elijah Azur and Elizabeth Jane KELSEY Combs.


Richland Twp

2. COMBS John 29 MO
Matilda 27 MO
Mary 7 MO
Bell 2 MO
Delila 6/12 MO


286. IVY A. R. 64 TN
Julia 54 KY
Absalom 19 MO
Delley 15 MO
George 12 MO
Simon 9 MO
COMBS Julia 9 MO


19 Oct 1879 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 2) COMBS, Samuel KAYS, Margaret J. 10/19/1879

24 Dec 1883 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 3) HUNTER, Mose COMBS, Jane 12/24/1883

15 Feb 1885 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 3) SPARKS, B. N. COMBS, Nancy B. 2/15/1885 A. W. Anthony, guardian of groom consented, John J. Comb, father of bride, consented.

24 Dec 1885 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 3) WHITE, John C. COMBS, Delilah F. 12/24/1885 John J. Combs, father of bride, consented.

17 Nov 1897 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 5) COMBS, John W. JONES, Alma 11/17/1897

21 Nov 1897 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 5) SCHUPP, J. Wm. COMBS, Susan E. 11/21/1897 Mary E. Schupp, mother of groom consents

20 Mar 1898 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 5) COMBS, James E. McDANIEL, Sarah E. 3/20/1898

13 Sep 1899 (Morgan County Missouri Marriages - Book 5) COMBS, J. B. MOON, Lula 9/13/1899

Certificate of Death
File no: 27868
Place of Death: Morgan County, Richland Township
Full Name: John Combs
Residence: (blank)
Length of residence in city or town where death occurred: 84 yrs
Male, White, Widower
Wife: Matilda Jones Combs
Date of birth: Apr 22 1843
Age: 84 yrs, 4 mo, 22 days
Occupation: Farmer retired
Birthplace: Morgan Co, MO
Name of Father: James Combs
Birthplace of father: not known
Maiden name of Mother: not known
Birthplace of mother: not known
Informant: Rowen Combs
Informant's Address: Glensted MO
Filed: Oct 20, 1927 EE Holtzen, M.D.
Date of Death: Sept 14, 1927
Cause of Death: effects of influenza or chronic Bronchitis
Contributory: Senility
Signed: S N Newton, M.D., Versailles, MO
Place of Burial: Union Cem Florence
Date of Burial: Sept 16, 1927
Undertaker: Rapp
Address: Stover(?)

Note: This appears to be the John Combs, age 5, in the 1850 Morgan Co Census household of James and Zelphia Combs.

Selected Burials, Morgan County, MO

Combs, Adalyn May (Sarah Adaline)25 Oct 189029 May 1939Versailles2nd91
Combs, Cecil (Mother)19101974Mt.Carmel1B4
Combs, Charles Gregory "Greg"18 May 191205 May 1987Bethlehem Orig.154
Combs, Charles W. hus/J.(Paxton)19 Jan 193126 Jun 1995Mt. OliveM8Kor
Combs, Charley Woodrow hus/Sarah11 Nov 191230 Apr 1998Mt. OliveM10
Combs, David L.1870Jun 1874Mt.Carmel2M4
Combs, Dimple (Maness)w/CG03 Jul 191105 Nov 1996Bethlehem Orig.155
Combs, Elijah18 Nov 180828 Nov 1880IvyG18
Combs, Eliza J. d/HB & LO16 Feb 186715 Feb 1873IvyG17
Combs, Elizabeth w/Elijah29 Oct 181218 Nov 1881IvyG19
Combs, Emmett H. (Father)19071985Mt.Carmel1B4
Combs, Estella (Moon) w/Berry27 Feb 188610 May 1918Mt.Carmel3O13
Combs, Flora Ann19 Apr 190916 Jul 1909Florence UnionR25
Combs, Jack18751919Versailles2nd91
Combs, James A.21 Apr 186825 Jul 1884Mt.Carmel2M4
Combs, James E.08 Apr 187409 Jan 1956Florence UnionR24
Combs, Jno. B. s/WB & MC Combs08 Apr 187629 Dec 1909Mt.Carmel1F10
Combs, John J.21 Apr 184314 Sep 1927Florence UnionS25Civ
Combs, Juanita (McGines) w/NL30 Aug 1925one dateVersaillesWest LawnE17
Combs, Luly M. w/JB Combs04 Jun 187615 Apr 1906Mt.Carmel1F10
Combs, Mancil W. s/JW & Alma17 Oct 191520 Aug 1917Mt.Carmel2N10
Combs, Margaret B. (or I.) w/Samuel09 Nov 185805 Mar 1881Rocky Mt.1st /KaysM23165
Combs, Matilda A. w/JJ12 Jul 184313 Jan 1917Florence UnionS24
Combs, Matilda C. w/WB183631 Mar 1877Mt.Carmel2M4
Combs, McKinley Jr.28 Jan 192122 Mar 1984BarnettG/Evr.Life87WW2
Combs, Nettie T.(Kauser) w/WR09 Aug 188323 Oct 1953Hopewell1stV13
Combs, Norman L. "Whitey" hus/J13 May 192205 Oct 2000VersaillesWest LawnE175/6
Combs, Sarah C. (McNeal)w/CWMt. OliveM10
Combs, Sarah Ella (McDaniel)04 Apr 187814 Aug 1953Florence UnionR24
Combs, Sarah L. d/MC & WB10 Oct 186624 Dec 1888Mt.Carmel2M4
Combs, Thomas28 Nov 185126 Oct 1872IvyG15
Combs, William Rouen28 Nov 18800 Oct 1973Hopewell1stV13
Combs, Wm. datesno datesMt.Carmel2M6Civ
Combs, Zur07 Jun 183815 Nov 1872IvyG16
compiled by William “Bill” Williams

Natalie's note: Matilda A., wife of J. J. Combs, above, is Matilda Jones. The death date attributed to John J. Combs' father, may in fact refer to Matilda's father. See 29 Apr 1869.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives