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Overton County was established in 1806 from Jackson County, Tennessee. In ca1821, northern Overton Co was ceded to Monroe Co, Kentucky. Fentress was established in 1823 from Morgan and Overton. In 1870, Clay Co was established from Overton and Jackson, and in 1879, Pickett Co was established from Fentress and Overton.

Kentucky-Tennessee State Line ca 1824

1820 Overton Co, TN Census

p. 210

John Miller adj to Samuel Dixon
000010 0011 (1 m 26-45), 1 f 16-26, 1 f 26-45

William Boswell

Samuel Boswell

p. 214

James Boswell adj to Hugh Miller

p. 220

Pearson Miller

p. 223

Samuel Boswell

Notes: Some of these names are found in the divorce action between Samuel Dickson and his wife Ann Miller who later married John Combs.

The following was taken from a book Tennessee Divorces 1797-1858 by Gale W. Bamman, C.G. & Debbie W. Spero:

Dickson, Samuel 11 July 1822 Overton County

Samuel was married ca 1812 to ANN MILLER. Ann has committed adultery and left the bed and board of Samuel for the past 12 months.

Statement by John Briggs that in summer of 1821 he saw Ann with Hugh Miller.

Statement by Susannah Boswell that in August 1821 Ann left Samuel and said she was going to East Tennessee to live and that she wouldn't return, and that Samuel should never have a divorce if she could help it.

Statement by Phillip Jones that he saw David Collins and Ann Dickson in bed together.

Statement by Ann Miller that she (Ann) came to live with the Dicksons in March of 1821.

Statement by Polly Miller that Ann Dickson was at her house in May 1822 saying she would not live with Samuel again and that she would keep him from getting a divorce.

Statements by Hugh Miller and James Boswell.


Samuel is husband of Ann Dickson. She left in 1821 and moved to McMinn County where she married JOHN COMBS in 1822 or 1823, and they continue to live together In Fentress County.
Petition is accompanied by the signatures of 10 persons.
Statement by David Neuman, Justice of the Peace for McMinn County that he married John Combs and Ann Dickson January last.

Submitted by Myra Britt

Feb 1844-Nov 1849 Circuit Court Minutes (index)

Combs, James H. p. 35

Combs, Joseph p. 57

Combs, Joseph H. p.162

Combs, Green p. 467

Source: Online Index: Overton County, Tennessee Circuit Court Minutes February 1844 - November 1849 from Overton County Circuit Court Minutes Book Feb 1844 - Nov 1849 transcribed by Vonnie Looper; online

1850 Overton Co, TN Census

p. 096

015 Green COMBS 31 M TN Farmer
Elizabeth 21 F TN
Francis 10 M TN
James 6 M TN
Margarett 4 F TN
Jane BROWN 16 F TN

(Combs Researcher John Kays)

Notes See 1840 Fentress County, Tennessee Census (and add'l), and see next.

Feb 1848 - Feb 1850 Circuit Court Minutes (index)

Combes, Green - p. 451

Source: Online Index: Overton County, Tennessee Circuit Court Minutes 1848 - Feb 1850 from Overton County, TN, Circuit Court Minutes, Feb 1848 - Feb 1850 transcribed by Vonnie Looper Munnerlyn; online

19 Dec. 1855 (Overton TN Deeds N, Page 201) Wiley HUDDLESTON deed tract of land held by Grant No. 300 lying in the County of Overton on waters of Wolf River to J.A. and W.C. HUDDLESTON 19 Dec. 1855. Indenture made and entered into this 19th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty five by and between J.A. HUDDLESTON, W.C. HUDDLESTON of the one part and Wiley HUDDLESTON and Willis HUDDLESTON and John HUDDLESTON, Thomas S. HUDDLESTON, Joseph COMBS and Lucy A. COMBS, and Green B. MURPHEY and Charlotte his wife of Fentress County, Tennessee and part of Overton County. Whereas HUDDLESTON, COMBS and MURPHEY have sold unto J.A. and W.C. HUDDLESTON for $30 each, paid, acknowledged, all their rite and interest to a certain piece of land lying in Overton County on waters of Wolf River, adjoining John GRAHAM, to Simon H. HUDDLESTON line, etc. thereunto belonging and being all the estate right interest that Wiley H. HUDDLESTON, WILLIS HUDDLESTON, John B. HUDDLESTON, Thomas S. HUDDLESTON, Joseph COMBS and Lucy his wife, and Green B. MURPHEY and his wife Charlotte, have to the said land premises, unto J.A. HUDDLESTON and William C. HUDDLESTON their heirs and assigns forever. W.H. HUDDLESTON and Willis HUDDLESTON and John B. HUDDLESTON and Thomas S. HUDDLESTON, Joseph COMBS, etc. etc. etc. all sign.
Attest - Willey H. HUDDLESTON. Willis H. HUDDLESTON. Proved 18 March 1856."

(Overton County, Tennessee Genealogy Records compiled by Edythe Rucker Whitley)

Oct 1856 - Jan 1860 Circuit Court Minutes (index)

Combs, Green pp. 42, 143, 150, 152, 153, 159

Source: Online Index: Overton County, Tennessee Circuit Court Minutes October 1856 - January 1860 from Overton County, TN, Circuit Court Minutes, October 1856 - January 1860 transcribed and indexed by Vonnie Looper Munnerlyn; online

1860 Overton Co, TN Census

Dist. 11

Monroe PO

p. 042 - June 8, 1860

292/ 290 COMBS, Green 42 M W Farmer 800 400 TN
Elisabeth 34 F W TN
Frances 22, F W TN
John 17 M W TN Sch
James 16 M W TN Sch
Margarett 15 F W TN Sch
MEDLOCK Martha 24 F W TN

SE Notes: Green B Combs is next found in the 1870 Independence Co, AR census. Living next door to him was one Francis N Combs, male, age 30, with wife Martha. Green's 1840 Fentress Co census record shows one young male in the household. Perhaps the above Frances was incorrectly enumerated as a female. Margaret was also with her parents and an apparent son James was living 2 doors away.

Jan 1866 -Sept 1867 Circuit Court Enrollment (index)

Combs, (no first name) 158, 160

Comer?, James 107, 153, 214

Comer, Joseph 147, 149, 152, 154, 156

Source: Online Index from Overton County, TN, Circuit Court Enrollment, January 1866 -September 1867- Causes tried and determined in the Circuit Court. transcribed and indexed by Vonnie Looper Munnerlyn; online

Note: No Combs mentioned in index for Court Minutes 1867-1872 or in indices for later records. Perhaps Green Combs has left by this date