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Independence County was formed in 1820, from Lawrence and Arkansas Counties.

1860 Independence Co, AR Census

Gainsboro Twp

p. 128, July 10 1860

Martha Combs, 24, f, w, in hh of Levina SEARCEY KY (age 49)
Wm H Combs, 2, m, w AR

1870 Independence Co, AR Census


Batesville PO

p. 148, Sept 1870

143/143 Combs Francis N, 30, m, w, Farmer, PP=$230 TN
Martha 29, f, w, Keeping House TN
L????? 9, f, w IL
Louisa 8, f, w IL
Alice 4, f, w IL
Green B, 1, m, w

Notes: Probably s/o of Green B Combs (see next entry), formerly of Overton Co, TN. See 1850 and 1860 Overton census. This census record seems to indicate that Francis first removed to Illinois and then came south to Arkansas after he left Tennessee. Could wife Martha have been the Martha MEDLOCK found in the 1860 household of Green Combs?

144/144 Combs Green B, 46, m, w, Farmer, RE=$200 TN
Elizabeth E, 39, f, w TN
Margaret, 21, f, w TN
STEEL John 22, m, w, Teamster AR

Notes: Green B Combs, formerly of Overton Co, TN. Believed to be son of John Combs Sr. of Fentress Co, TN.

146/146 Combs James 22, m, w, works on farm TN
Josephine [c/r] 22, f, w, Keeping House TN
FARRIS [?] Mary, 20, f, w TN

Notes: Appears to be son of Green B Combs. See 1850 & 1860 Overton Co, TN census.

Big Bottom Twp

p. 26, 3 Aug. 1870

66 Combs Medley 6, m, w TN in hh of John E PASCOR (age 28) and wife Nancy (age 24).

Black River Twp

p. 48, Sept. 1870

214/235 Lilly Combs 4, f, w Unk
in hh of Joseph MOORE, age 37, and several minors and who appears to have no wife.

1880 Independence Co, AR Census

Black River Twp

ED [c/r?]

p. 162/10, June 7, 1900

89/89 Combs Eli, w, m, 38, md, farmer KY KY KY
Harriet N, wife, w, f, 36, md, Keeping house MO KY KY
Rosetta A, daughter, w, f, 12, single, at home AR
Lilly R (or M), daughter, w, f, 10, single, at home AR
Basy ?, daughter, w, f, 7, single, at home AR
Ettl???, daughter, w, f, 3, single, at home AR

Ruddell Twp

ED 123

p. 28/206, June 15, 1880

284/297 [James? Can't Read] Combs w, m, 35, md, farming TN TN TN
B A Wife w, f, 37, md TN TN NC
Ambrose son w, m, 9, single AR TN TN
H (or N) L daughter, w, f, 1, single AR TN TN

Notes: Heritage Quest indexes the male as Jasper L Combs; however, he appears to be same as the James Combs (age 55) in the 1900 census, Ruddell Twp, with wife Barbara and daughter Hypha L, age 21, and 2 more children. In 1900 he is enumerated as Jas A Combs.

p. 38/211, June 18 & 19, 1880

340/353 Combs G B w, m 62, md, farming TN VA TN
E E wife, w, f, 56, Keeping house TN TN NC
L L grandchild, w, f, 19 IL TN TN
Green grandchild, w, m, 11 AR TN TN

Notes: Appears the grandchildren may be same as Green B and L??? seen in the 1870 household of Francis N. Combs. No Francis found in this census. Could this mean he is deceased?

Ruddell Twp


p. 200, Sheet 16, June 7, 1880

134/144 Combs Wm, border, w, m, 16, single, farm hand MO IL IL
Living in the household of David SUTTERFIELD.

p. 201A, Sheet 17, June 7, 1880

145/155 Combs John w, m, 30, md, laborer TN TN blank
Sarah, wife, w, f, 23, md, Keeping house AR Prussia KY
Mary, daughter, w, f, 14, single IL TN IL
Green, son, w, m, 8, single IL TN IL
Shelly, son, w, m, 7, single AR TN IL
N A, daughter, w, f, 5, single AR TN IL

Notes: Since there is a son named Green in the household, one might consider this John to be the same as John found with Green Combs in his 1850 Overton Co, TN census. John may have first relocated to Illinois as indicated by the states of birth for his children Mary and Green. The age for John also seems to have somewhat understated based on the age for daughter Mary. Also the same for his wife Sarah unless she is a second wife. Son Shelly is next found in the 1900 Jackson Co, AR census where there is also a widowed John Combs. Shelly Combs then moves further south down into Shelby Co, TX.

1900 Independence Co, AR Census

88/88 Whaley R. P. Head M W June 1840 59 M 18 AR NC AL
Tennessee Wife F W Feb.1860 40 M 18 10/7 AR MS NC
Henry Son M W Feb.1880 20 S AR AR AR Cant read
A. Dau F W Feb.1883 17 S AR AR AR
Addie Mae Dau F W Oct.1885 14 S AR AR AR
John Son M W March 1887 13 S AR AR AR
Med Son M W 1891 9 S AR AR AR
Mable Dau F W Nov.1892 7 S AR AR AR
Wm H Son M W Nov.1894 5 S AR AR AR
Combs Samuel Boarder M W Jan.1871 29 S KY KY KY Farm Labor

Samuel Virgil Combs son of Hiram Combs, son of Clinton Combs (s/o of Mason "8" Combs) and Matilda Combs, (d/o of George "8" Combs)

Gainsboro Twp

ED 38

p. 103A, June 1, 1900

7/7 Combs Eugene, Head, w, m Mar 1874, 26, md 5yrs IL KY TN, Farmer
Martha B, Wife, w, f Nov 1875, 25, md 5 yrs, 2ch/2 liv AR AR AR
Mary S, Daughter, w, f Dec 1896, 3, single AR AR AR
S??? M, Daughter, w, f c/r 1899, 1, single AR AR AR

Black River Twp

ED 34

p. 54A, June 7, 1900

69/70 Combs Georgina, Head, w, f ??? 1842, 59, wd, 12ch/6 liv Can't/Read TN TN
Birdie, Daughter, w, f ??? 1864, 36 [or 26] Can;t/Read KY TN

p. 54B, June 8, 1900

75/76 Household of James and Emma (32) DORR
Combs Lee, Boarder, w, m Feb 1880, 20, single AR TN TN, Farm laborer

p. 56A June 13, 1900

107/108 Household of Elizabeth MEANS, Head Jan 1850, 50, wd TN TN TN
Combs Pearl, Neice, w, f Jan 1890, 10, single AR TN AR
Emma, Niece, w, f May 1892, 8, single AR TN TN

Ruddell Twp

ED 44

p. 167B, June 20, 1900

215/215 Combs James, Head, w, m Aug 1844, 55, md 23yrs TN TN TN, Farmer
Barbara, Wife, w, f Aug 1843, 56, md 23yrs, ?ch/3 liv TN TN TN
Hypha L, Daughter, w, f Mar 1879, 21, single AR TN TN
Ralph, Son, w, m May 1882, 18, single AR TN TN
Clayton, Son, w, m Oct 1884, 14, single AR TN TN

Ruddell Twp

Batesville City ED 45

p. 170A, June 2, 1900

48/49 FILES Erastus M, Head, w, m Mar 1855, 45, md 21yrs AL AL AL
Martha C, Wife, w, f Nov 1853, 46, md 21 yrs, 3ch/2 liv AR AL TN
Combs Mary E J, Daughter, w, f Oct 1879, 21, md 3yrs, ?ch/ 0 liv AR AL AR
Burt, Son-in-law, w, m Mar 1878, 22, md 3yrs AR IL AR
Also: Nancy NIXON, daughter, with husband John Nixon and children

Notes: Appears that Burt Combs married Mary E J FILES.

p. 172A, June 4, 1900

86/88 Household of Joseph and Maggie JOHNSON
Combs Edna, Cousin, w, f May 1881, 19, Single AR AR AR

1910 Independence Co, AR Census

White River Twp

106/110 Combs Sam Head M W 38 M1 8 KY UN UN Farmer
Ada Wife F W 26 M1 8 4/3 AR MS AR
Claude Son M W 7 S AR KY AR
Jesse Son M W 4 S AR KY AR
Roy Son M W 1 S AR KY AR

1920 Independence Co, AR Census

White River Twp

100/102 Combs Samuel Head M W 52 WD KY KY AR
Claude Son M W 16 S AR KY AR

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives