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Jackson County was organized in accordance with an act of the legislature of the Territory of Arkansas, 5 Nov 1829.

The earliest record of a COMBS in Jackson Co, AR found is the 1857 Personal Tax List. (I will be posting tax lists later) There is John COMBS, Richwood Twp, from the 1850 Cherokee Co., Alabama Census, born 1827 in Tennessee, descendent of Joseph I of Stafford VA. And there is an unidentified William COMBS, Des Arc Twp. The 1858 Personal Tax List will have John, William, and B.W./N. COMBS. I have been unable to determine the lineage of William and BW; William will possibly be the husband of a Sarah born 1829 in TN in the 1860 Jackson Co, AR census. John is assumed to have died in 1858 and his wife Kesiah remarries in 1858 but, he is assumed to be the John in the 1859 tax list with BW, and William not there. Neither John, William, or BW are in the 1860 Jackson Co, Census. However, BW shows on a General Index of Deeds in 1861 granting power of Atty to AH LOGAN to sell land. The 1860, 70, 80 census will primarily be John's family and associated family. Beginning in 1900, Jackson Co, AR will begin to see many more COMBS.

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All census extractions are resourced from Ancestry and Heritagequest by Tim COMBS.

The Story Of Richwoods Township
James Minos BALCH, 1883

“Our early settlers were as follows: Whiting TURNER, John TURNER, William C. MAY, James (Babe) MARTIN, James MARTIN, Andrew JOHNSON, Alexander NOLES, S.L. HOWARD, Richard HOWARD, James HOWARD, Ambrose GARLAND, John GARLAND, Mac GARLAND, Bow GARLAND, Joe SUTHERLAND, Cord CARTER, Bill? CARTER, William FORD, Richard FORD, Charles FORD, Henderson FORD, John FORD, W.G. COOK, Alexander BRITT, Thomas BRITT, J.H. EDWARDS, John BLAIR, Minos BALCH, John BALCH, J.S. BALCH, Marcellus BALCH, J.H. BALCH, Baker BALCH, William BALCH, John JACKSON, J.F. JACKSON, Tom JACKSON, William COMBS, Bob BUSBY, Bonaparte BUSBY, Jack SMITH, H.G. PHARRIS, J.H. BURTON, James PATTON, Patrick KERRES, W. R.? HICKS, J.R. LEWELLEN, G.W. FRAZIER, Moses BEACH, James BERRY?, John BLAKE, Alford BLAKE, Abraham MAY, F.W. YORK, ____ HICKMAN, Washington BIGGS, Jesse TERRY, Kezzar CARTER, Dudley JONES, H.F. KINNEY, Daniel SUMPTER, R.P. WHALEY, __.W. SLEDGE, John COWEN, William BURTON, Samuel ANDERSON, __. J. HAMILL, Al WOODALL, Wiley OVERSTREET, John OVERSTREET, Willey? CARTER, Morgan CARTER, Frank BRIDGES, A.E. SHOFFNER, Will MROSS, Paul MROSS, John TODDY,.. ADDENDA We now give some more of the earlier pioneers that were inadvertantly omitted in the preceding pages. They are: J.N. BALL, Cord BALL, James PULLIAM, John PULLIAM, Geo. MATHIS, H.W. PHARRIS, Marion PHARRIS, Hartful HOWARD, John HOWARD, Harty HOWARD, Ed HOWARD, John EVANS, Andrew JOHNSTON, Rufus JOHNSTON, Tom BERRY, Albert THOMAS, Ben THOMAS, Tom COLE, John COPELAND, James BLALACK, J.D. BLALACK, John BRIDGES, George TURNER, Jacob ROLAND, Anderson JOHNSTON, Sam PENNINGTON, and Tom ADCOX.”

1860 Jackson Co, AR Census


937/937 BRITT, Alexander 51 NC
Harriett 23 NC
Thomas 18 MS
COOK, Charles 23 AL

Note: Thomas marries Sarah E COMES in 1868, Jackson Co, AR; naming problems here; oral histories of both COMBS and BRITT families identify Sarah E as the daughter of John & Kesiah JACKSON COMBS. 1860 census lists her as Nancy, 1870 as Sarah, 1880 and after she is Annie or Anna.

974/974 HOWARD, James 31 TN
Jane (JACKSON) 23 TN
Lottie 11 AR
Mary 5 AR
Mitchell 2 AR

Note: Jane, sister of Kesiah JACKSON COMBS wed James HOWARD in 1852, Jackson Co, AR

976/976 JACKSON, John 41 AL
Mary 40 AL
Sarah 18 AL
James 16 AL
Thomas 13 AL

Note: John is the father-in-law of John & Kesiah JACKSON COMBS. He is often confused about his age and place of birth. He is beside John and Kesiah on the 1850 Cherokee Co, AL census with wife Polly, possibly ALDERSON from Sumner Co, TN (Kesiah lists TN birth place). He is most likely on 1852 Jackson Co, AR Tax list and definitely identified by 1854 Tax List.

977/977 TURNER, William 31 AR
Margret (JACKSON) 25 AR
Permelia 8 AR
Jane 6 AR
George 4 AR
Samuel 2 AR

Note: Margret, sister of Kesiah, wed Wm M Turner 1858 Jackson Co, AR.


1093/1093 COOKE, Thomas 50 AL
Burton/Benton 16 AL
Charles 21 AL
James 12 AR
Martha 10 AR
COMBS, William 10 AR
Nancy, 8 AR
Martha 6 AR
COOKE, Alonzo 1 AR

Note: Kisiah JACKSON COMBS, widow of John descendent of Joseph I Stafford VA. wed WG COOK 1858 Jackson Co, AR. By 1870, they are in Obion Co, TN where census lists William and Martha COMBS as COOKS.

Des Arc

1865/1865 LEWIS, William 25 TN
Susan 20 TN
COMBES, Dutch/Suctk 10 TN

1868/1868 COMBES, Sarah 31 TN
Fannie 8 AR
Ophelia 6 AR
John 2 AR

Note: Could Sarah be the widow of William or BW from the 1857,58 Jackson Co, AR Tax Lists? And if Dutch is their son, his age and birth place would possibly mean a TN marriage and 1850 census.

1870 Jackson Co, AR Census


135/131 CHERRY, Levi 21 IN
Lilla 27 TN
COMES, Mary M 12 TN
William D 9 AR
Eli 7 AR
Sally?(male) 4 AR
Lesa? J (male) 2/12 AR

Note: Not easy to read. Unable to find anything further on these Comes or Cherry.


15/16 JACKSON, Thomas 21 AL
Mary 18 AR

16/17 JACKSON, James T/J 25 AL
Julia (COPELAND) 26 TN

17/19 JACKSON, John 58 TN
Alice 18 AR

Note: Thomas and James are the brothers and John the father of Kesiah widow of John Combs

22/26 COOK, Burton 24 MS
Salta 18 AR

Note: Burton is the son of WG Cook that wed Kesiah widow of John Combs

23/27 BRITT, James 27 MS
Sarah E 18 AL
James M 1 AR

24/28 BRITT, Harriet 35 MS

Note: Sarah E is the daughter of John and Kesiah JACKSON COMBS. She wed Thomas BRITT 1868 Jackson Co, AR.

26/31 PHILLIPS, Frank M 20 Mo

Note: Francis, Frank, FM PHILLIPS weds Martha COMBS (listed as Martha COOK in 1870 Obion Co, TN census), sister of Nancy/Sarah/Annie COMBS BRITT

1880 Jackson Co, AR Census


83/87 JOHNSON, Rufus 28 AR TN MS
Mary 35 TN
Jessy?(female) 2 AR
Martha 6/12 AR

123/127 COMBS, William 27 AL
Manda 18 Al
Alonzo 8 AR
Mitchel 5 AR

124/128 PHILLIPS, FM 30 MO
Martha (COMBS) 26 AR
John 5 AR
Eugene 2 AR
Baby (female) 1/12 AR

127/134 JACKSON, Thomas 27 AL
Margret 25 AR
Cordelia 6 AR

Note: Rufus JOHNSON is the father of Lucy born 1882 that weds Mitchel COMBS later. William COMBS, son of John and Kesiah, back from Obion TN, wed Amanda Hughes 1880 Jackson Co, AR. First wife of William undetermined. William's sister Martha is now married to Francis/Frank PHILLIPS. E.B/G. BUSBY is most likely Edward BUSBY, father of Pearl BUSBY that will marry Willie COMBS, son of William and Amanda HUGHES COMBS.


157/161 BRITT, Thomas 38 MS MS MS
Anna E (COMBS) 28 MS TN TN
Julia W 10 AR MS MS
Pinky(female) 5 AR MS MS
Ida 3 AR MS MS
Baby(female) 1/12 AR MS MS


112/112 COMBS, Lemuel T 41 IL KY MO
Josephine 41 TN TN TN
Alferd 13 IL IL TN
Henry 10 IL IL TN
Harvey 8 IL IL TN

Note: Lemuel Trenton born 1842 Gallatin Co, IL s/o Jonathan Pettit & Isavilla DOLAN (Muhlenberg Co, KY) s/o Thomas & Sarah ANDERSON Muhlenberg Co, KY s/o Thomas & Susannah PETTIT Hunterdon Co, NJ. Unable to trace Lemuel any further; believe his son Alfred to be in Pemiscot Mo in 1900.

1900 Jackson Co, AR Census


22/24 COMBS, Mitchell 24 AR AL __
Lucy 18 AR TN AR

Note: Mitchell, s/o William Combs wed Lucy JOHNSON, 1897, Poinsett AR. Alonzo has his parents birthplace backwards. His father, William, was born in AL and mother born in IL. This is the first clue to the unknown mother of Alonzo and Mitchell.

61/63 JACKSON, Thomas 49 AL AL UK
Nancy J 38 Ms,UK MS
daughter? 8 AR AL MS
Lucy M 3 AR AL MS
John A 5 AR AL MS

62/64 JACKSON, James F 55 AL TN PA
Josephine 45 AR UK UK
daughter? 23 AR AL Ar
James F 21 AR AL Ar
Miamie? V 17 AR AL AR
William A 13 AR AL AR
Arthur L 11 AR AL AR
Marybell 6 AR AL AR
Darsey M male 4 AR AL AR

Note: James and Thomas are brothers of Kesiah Jackson Combs, widow of John

64/66 WOODALL, Albert 47 NC NC NC
Mary 44 NC NC NC
John W 19 MS NC NC
William K 14 AR NC NC
Claudia 9 AR NC NC
Minnie 3 AR NC NC

Note: Minnie Woodall weds Julius Combs 1914 Jackson Co, AR s/o William, s/o John and Kesiah.

65/67 BRITT, Thomas 58 UK UK UK
Annie E 48 AL UK UK
Ida T 24 AR UK AL
Allice 19 AR UK AL
Jacob G 17 AR UK AL
John P 14 AR UK AL
Harry 9 AR UK AL

Note: Annie E Britt is d/o John and Kesiah Combs

66/68 MROSS, William 39 Mo,Ger,Ger
Julia M 29 AR UK AL
Thomas B 8 AR MO AR

Note: Julia Mross is d/o Annie and Thomas Britt

68/70 BUSBY, Edward 45 AR GATn
Susan 44 MS GA GA
Claud 14 AR AR MS
Pearly J 10 AR AR MS

Note: Pearl Busby weds Willie Combs s/o William s/o John and Kesiah; Claud Busby weds May Evins Combs, widow of Alonzo Combs s/o William s/o John and Kesiah; John and Kesiah's daughter Martha Phillips, w/o Francis M, is in Izard Co, AR.

74/76 COMBS, William 50 AL AL AL
Ellin 47 IL OH KY
Willie 15 AR AL AL
Julius 7 AR AL IL
Martha 5 AR AL IL
EVINS, Cyrus 18 IL IL IL
Artey 17 MO IL IL
Oscar 13 MO IL IL

75/77 COMBS, Alonzo 27 AR IL AL
May 21 IL IL IL
Allice 3 AR AR IL

Note: William, s/o John and Kesiah JACKSON COMBS, wed Ellen EVANS, 1891, Jackson Co, AR. An 1966 article in the STREAMS OF HISTORY periodical states that Mrs. Martha (Ellen) Evins came to the Ford Settlement from Indiana in the latter part of the 1880's with daughter, Minnie (actually, May, who weds Alonzo, s/o William COMBS, 1895, Jackson Co, AR.), and sons Edward, Cyrus, Artie, and Oscar.


295/316 FULTON, Malinda 60 IN KY NC
COMBS, Seara? 62 IL KY NC
_UYEN?, Eugene (son) 31 IN LN IN


72/74 SCUDDER, Charles 65 IL IL IL
Elizabeth 43 IL SC SC
Isabella 25 AR IL IL (niece)
Vina 3 AR AR AR (grand niece)
Mary 3 AR AR AR (grand niece)
COMBS, Shelly (male)26 AR AR AR no relation


156/156 COMBS, William 38 IL TN TN
Emma 26 AR TN AL
Willie 14 AR IL AR
Clayton 12 AR IL AR
Cathy 8 AR IL AR
Elzie (male) 1 AR IL AR
John (father) 56 TN TN TN widower

Note: John, age 56, born in TN, in the HH of William, is most likely the s/o Green B Combs, from Overton Co., TN. John is not in Green's 1850 Overton Co, TN HH but, he is in Green's 1860 Overton TN HH as 17y/o born in TN. Whether son or adopted, this John is linked to Green Combs who is probably the s/o 1840 Fentress Co, TN John Combs. Green is in Independence, AR by 1868 with sons Francis born in abt 1840, James born in abt 1844, and John born in abt 1843.


225/235 COMES, Charles 60 ETN ETN ETN
Anna H 42 __ TN TN
Estha 17 __ ETN MO
Caroline 15 __ ETN MO
John 7 __ ETN MO
daughter? 6 __ ETN MO
James 1? __ETN MO

Note: The 1840 East TN birth has me thinking Charles is linked to the family of Charles Allen Combs, Fayette Co, TN?, who is in Union, AR by 1850 census. Combs mail list contributor, Jeanne Murphy, on 2/17/1999, listed the children of Charles Allen and Rebecca B. TRAYLOR Combs. One "James C. born in 9/30/1841 (was soldier in Civil War and never returned)" is a possible match?


423/428 MYRICK, William 37 AL NC NC sawmill operator
R--le M 24 IN PA PA
COMBS, Lum 23 IL KY KY sawmill worker
RITTER, Andrew 18 AR AR AR sawmill worker
SHAILES, William 24 TX IN MO sawmill worker

Note: I believe it is Heritage Quest that indexes this as Lum Combs. The census image is mostly illegible and can barely make out "Lum". An 1897 Jackson Co, AR Tax List of an L Combs; an 1908 Jackson Co, AR marriage of CC Combs to Blanche LOYED; and an 1910 Independence, AR census of Columbus and Blanh Combs seems to make this Christopher Columbus Combs born in IL (Lum is short for Columbus). s/o Marcus Lafayette and Jeorgi Ann ALLMON Combs wed 1862 Marion ll, s/o William and Rosetta HAMMOND Combs wed 1825 Christian Co, KY, s/o Benjamin B and Elizabeth PAYNE Combs, grandson of Cuthbert and Sarah EVANS Combs. Line of Joseph l of Stafford VA.

1910 Jackson Co, AR Census


40/40 COMBS, Mitchel 35 AR AR AR marriage 1, 15 yrs, farmer
Lucy (JOHNSON) 29 AR AR AR marriage 1, ch.5/5
Almer N 9 AR AR AR daughter
Maybell 8 AR AR AR daughter
Ruby 6 AR AR AR daughter
Vernica 4 AR AR AR daughter
Mary 2 AR AR AR daughter

93/94 EVANS, Artie 27 MO IL MO marriage 1, 3yrs, farmer
Rose 22 AR TN TN marriage 1, ch.2/2
Elzie 2 AR MO AR son
Vina 8/12 AR MO AR daughter
Oscar 24 MO IL MO brother, single

Note: Artie and Oscar are sons of Ellen Evins who married William Combs (hh107 below).

106/107 COMBS, William 24 AR AL IL marriage 1, 2yrs, farmer
Pearl (BUSBY) 20 AR MO AR marriage 1, ch.1/1
Elmer 10/12 AR AR AR son
BUSBEE, Edward 53 MO MO MO father-in-law, widow

Note: Son of William Combs (next).

107/108 COMBS, William 60 AL AL AL marriage 3, 20yrs, farmer
Ellen (EVINS) 54 IL OH KY marriage 2, ch.7/6
Julius 17 AR AL IL son
Martha 14 AR AL IL daughter

Note: William is s/o John and Kesiah JACKSON Combs.

124/125 JACKSON, James F 65 AL TN PA marriage 2, 37yrs, farmer
Josephine 55 AR US US marriage 1, ch.12/9
Arthur 21 AR AL AR son
Albert B 18 AR AL AR son
Dossy 14 AR AL AR son
Rosie 33 AR AL AR daughter

Note: James Jackson is brother of Kesiah JACKSON Combs

128/129 WOODALL, Mollie 52 NC NC NC widow, ch.10/4
Roscoe 23 AR NC NC son, widow, ch.1/1 farmer
Claudie 19 AR NC NC daughter
Minnie 13 AR NC NC daughter
Ophal 3 AR AR AR granddaughter

Note: Minnie WOODALL weds Julius Combs s/o William Combs and Ellen EVINS 1914 Jackson Co, AR

136/137 BRITT, Jacob 27 AR MS MO marriage 1, 0yrs, farmer
Nellie (FORD) 17 AR US US marriage1, ch.0/0

Note: Jacob BRITT is s/o Annie Combs BRITT.

137/138 BURTUNGH?, Mancy MS AR AL marriage 4, ch.3/3
TENNESON, Willie 17 AR MS MS daughter
JACKSON, Johnnie 15 AR AL MS son
Lucy May 13 AR AL MS daughter

Note: Mancy Burtungh is the widow of Thomas Jackson, brother of Kesiah Combs and James Jackson.

139/140 MROSS, Wm 50 MO Ger Ger marriage 1, 20yrs, farmer
Julia 40 Ar,Ms US marriage 1, ch.3/2
Tom 18 AR MO AR son
Heneratta 3 AR MO AR daughter

Note: Julia Mross is d/o Annie Combs BRITT.

140/141 EVANS, Edward 30 IL IL IL marriage 1, 10yrs, farmer
Alice (BRITT) 29 AR MS AL marriage 1, ch.3/2
Minnie 5 AR IL AR daughter
Vestie 9/12 AR IL AR son
BRITT, Annie 59 AL US US mother-in-law, widow

Note: Edward Evans is the son of Ellen Evins who married William Combs. Alice BRITT, is d/o Annie Combs Britt d/o John and Kesiah Combs & sister to William Combs (HH 107)

143/144 BRITT, John 24 AR MS AL marriage 1, 2yrs, farmer
Vera (TUCKER) 26 AR KY TN marriage 1, ch.2/2
Helen 1 AR AR AR daughter
John 2/12 AR AR AR son
TUCKER, George 18 AR KY TN brother-in-law
Henry 25 AR KY TN brother-in-law

Note: John BRITT is s/o Annie Combs BRITT.

144/145 BUSBEE, Claud 24 AR AR AR marriage 1, 1yr, farmer
May (EVINS,COMBS) 32 IL US US marriage 2, ch.3/2
COMBS, Alice 13 AR AR IL step-daughter
Brady 6 AR AR IL step-son

Notes: Alice, is daughter of Annie Combs.


28/28 COMBS, Clay 22 AR IL AR marriage 1, farmer
Bertha (HOOPER) 16 AR US US marriage 1

Notes: Henry C Combs wed Bertha Hooper 23 Jan 1910 Jackson Co, AR. Henry Clayton/Clayborne is the s/o William s/o John s/o Green B of Overton Co, TN and Independence Co, AR. Clay will be in Craighead Co, AR 1920 and back in Jackson Co, AR 1930.

Cow Lake

17/17 EDWARDS, John W 57 IL IN IL marriage 5, 11yrs, farmer
Allis M 36 AR VA IL marriage 3, ch.7/5
Elbert G 6 AR IL AR son
John E 3 AR IL AR son
SANDERS, Dora P 13 AR AR AR step-daughter
COMBS, Dallas 21 IL KY TN servant, single,


5/5 VAUGHT, James M 60 TN TN TN farmer
Mary E 59 AL TN TN
MANTOOTH, May 9 AR TN AR granddaughter
LEONARD, Martha J 76 TN AL TN mother-in-law
COMBS, William G 38 IL IL IL border, widow

Any ideas of who Dallas Combs or William G Combs are?

1920 Jackson Co, AR Census


79/79 KIMBERLING, James 27 AR AR TN Head farmer
Martha (COMBS) 22 AR AR IL Wife

Note: Martha Combs is the daughter of William and Ellen Evins Combs; Martha wed James Kimberling 1914 Jackson Co, AR.

144/144 BRITT, Jacob 36 AR NC MS Head farmer
Nellie B 26 AR AR AR Wife
Roy 8 AR AR AR Son
Willard 2 AR AR AR Son

Note: Son of Annie Combs BRITT.

152/152 EVANS, Ed. A 40 IL IL IL Head farmer
Lora 20 AR AR AR Wife
Buster 9 AR IL AR Son
Clarence 7 AR IL AR Son

Note: Son of Ellen Evins Combs

167/167 COMBS, William 34 AR AR AR Head farmer
Pearl (BUSBY) 30 AR AR AR Wife
Elmer 10 AR AR AR Son
Hazel 7 AR AR AR Daughter

Note: Son of William, son of John and Kesiah; Hazel is really a son of William/Willie and Pearl, "Hazel Gibson Combs", Grandfather of researcher Tim Combs.

168/168 COMBS, Julius 24 AR AR AR Head farmer
Delia (WOODALL) 20 AR AR AR Wife
Clista 4/12 AR AR AR Daughter

Note: Son of William and Ellen Evins Combs, wed Minnie/Delia Woodall 1914

172/172 COMBS, Mitchel 44 AR AR AR Head farmer
Maggie (BROWN) 25 AR AR AR Wife
Varona 13 AR AR AR Daughter
Mary M 11 AR AR AR Daughter
Searcy 9 AR AR AR Son
Alonzo 6 AR AR AR Son
Lillian 1 Ar,Ar,Ar, Daughter

Note: Son of John and Kesiah JACKSON Combs; Mitchel's first wife, Lucy JOHNSON, died 1910, giving birth to Searcy; Daughter Ruby died 1910; Daughter Almer is in Independence Co, AR.; wed Maggie Brown 1912 Jackson Co, AR.

173/173 MARTIN, Howard 22 AR AR AR Head farmer
Minnie B (COMBS) 17 AR AR AR Wife

Note: Minnie Bell is the Daughter of Mitchel and Lucy JOHNSON Combs

176/176 FORD, Oliver 22 AR AR AR Head farmer
Alice (COMBS) 23 AR AR IL Wife
Meredith 2 AR AR AR Daughter

Note: Daughter of Alonzo and May EVINS Combs

196/196 BRITT, Anne (COMBS) 68 AL AL AL Head widow

Note: Daughter of John and Kesiah JACKSON Combs


18/18 MROSS, Wm 62 MO MO MO Head farmer
Julia (BRITT) 43 AR AR AR Wife
Bee 28 AR MO AR Son
Henretta 13 AR MO AR Daughter


221/239 SMITH, G.L. 60 TN NC NC Head farmer
May (___) 43 IL IL IL Wife
COOMS, Brady 18 AR AR IL Step-son
BUSBY, Elberta 8 AR AR IL Step-daughter

Note: May EVINS, COMBS, BUSBY wed General L Smith ???? Daughter of Ellen EVINS Combs; First wed Alonzo Combs, second wed Claud BUSBY.

227/245 LEMONS, J.A. 36 MO MO MO Head farmer
Amanda (COMBS) 36 AL GA AL Wife
Ellen 14 AR MO AR Daughter
Manda E 7/12 AR MO AL Daughter
COMBS, Mary M 15 AR TX AL Step-daughter
Avery M 11 AR TX AL Step-daughter/son
Daniel D 8 AR TX AL Step-son

Note: Amanda Combs Wed J.A. LEMONS 1918, Jackson Co, AR. It is possible that she is the Amanda BAILEY LONG who wed David Dudley Combs 1903 in Sevier Co., AR. Believe David to be the son of David b/abt 1836 Muhlenberg Co, KY and Malvina GROVES, son of Daniel b/abt1802 Muhlenberg KY and Susanna FRANCE, son of Thomas b/abt 1760 and Sarah/Susan Anderson, son of Thomas b/abt 1730 and Susannah PETTIT. Trenton Lemuel Combs, who descends from Thomas and Susannah PETTIT Combs, was in Jackson Co, AR, in 1880 census.

1930 Jackson County Arkansas Federal Census


31/35 DENNIS, Joe 31 AR AR AR Farmer
Norene (COMBS) 29 AR AR AR Wife
Billy J 3/12 AR AR AR Son

Note: Almer Norene COMBS, d/o Mitchel and Lucy JOHNSON COMBS, wed Joe DENNIS 1927 Jackson Co, AR.

75/82 EVANS, Edd. A 49 IL IL IL Farmer
Lora 32 AR AR AR Wife
Mary J 2 AR IL AR Daughter

Note: Edward EVINS, s/o Ellen EVINS COMBS, wife of William, s/o John and Kesiah JACKSON COMBS

78/85 GILMORE, Harvey W 48 IN OH IN Farmer
Martha E (COMBS) 35 AR AR IL Wife
William C 6 AR IN AR Son
Doris S 1 AR IN AR Daughter

Note: Martha E COMBS KIMBERLING, widow of James KIMBERLING, d/o William and Ellen EVINS COMBS

91/97 COMBS, Pearl (BUSBY)40 AR AR AR Widow
Elmer 21 AR AR AR Son
Hazel 17 AR AR AR daughter
Earl 4 AR AR AR Son
BUSBY, Bertie 19 AR AR AR Niece

Note: Pearl BUSBY COMBS, widow of Willie/William COMBS; Hazel is actually a son; Bertie BUSBY is the d/o Claud and May EVINS COMBS BUSBY; Hazel, "H.G." weds Derothle MAJORS 1937 Jackson Co, AR.

131/138 BRITT, Jake 48 AR US AR Farmer
Nellie 38 AR AR AR Wife
Roy D 18 AR AR AR Son
William 14 AR AR AR Son
Gem? 9 AR AR AR Son
Doris 4 AR AR AR Daughter
Chester F 3/12 AR AR AR Son

Note: Jacob BRITT, s/o Anne COMBS BRITT, d/o John and Kesiah JACKSON COMBS

187/198 FORD, Oliver 33 AR AR AR Farmer
Alice (COMBS) 33 AR AR AR Wife
Maredith 12 AR AR AR Daughter
Mary B 7 AR AR AR Daughter
O.A. 5 AR AR AR Son

Note: Alice, d/o Alonzo and May EVINS COMBS

199/211 COMBS, Julius 37 AR AR AR Farmer
Delia(WOODALL)30 AR AR AR Wife
Clista 11 AR AR AR Daughter
Vivian 8 AR AR AR Daughter
Norwood 6 AR AR AR Son
Beatrice O 2 AR AR AR Daughter

Note: Julius, s/o William and Ellen EVINS COMBS; Clista weds Clyde HENSON; Vivian weds Ezra SEVERS 1944 Jackson Co, AR; Norwood weds Wilma HENDERSON 1941 Jackson Co, AR.


107/107 COMBS, Brady 28 AR AR IL Farmer
Minnie (FARMER) 26 AR AR AR Wife
Delpha 6 AR AR AR Daughter
James N 2 AR AR AR Son
WHEATON, Dortha 9 AR AR AR Step-daughter

Note: Brady, s/o Alonzo and May EVINS COMBS, wed Minnie FARMER WHEATON 1923 Jackson Co, AR.; Delpha weds Warren WELCH 1946 Jackson Co, AR; James Noble weds June Wolf 1948 Jackson Co, AR.

Note: The COMBS' of Jefferson and Village Townships are all descended from John, s/o Green B COMBS, out of Fentress Co, TN. Many of the marriages and family connections are taken from Ancestry and Rootsweb Family Trees of Sandy COMBS, Texas.


187/189 PRIDMORE, Edgar 41 AR AR MO Farmer, Widower
Lizzie 61 MO IL KY Mother, Widow
COMES, Thelma 18 AR AR AR Daughter
Alfred 20 AR US US Son-in-law
Emma T 10/12 AR AR AR Granddaughter

Note: Alfred, s/o William and Emma Jane LASHLEE COMBS, s/o John, s/o Green B, wed Thelma Pridmore 1928 Jackson Co, AR


11/12 COMBS, Jesse 27 AR AR AR Male, Night Watchman of Gravel Pit, Border of A.F. Mullins

Note: s/o William and Emma Jane LASHLEE COMBS, wed Minnie DOVER 1927 Jackson Co, AR

28/30 COMBS, Hypie 25 AR IL AR Female, Cousin, Border of Grover LAWKINS

Note: d/o William and Emma Jane LASHLEE COMBS, weds Marvin Stanford ODOM

68/70 COMBS, W.M. 22 AR AR AR Farmer
Mollie (LAIRD) 24 AR AL AR Wife
Opal 18 AR AR AR Sister
Gladys 16 AR AR AR Sister

Note: Willis M is the son of William and Emma Jane LASHLEE COMBS; Opal weds Clifford HENDRIX; Gladys weds Elmer L Maner 1931 OK.

71/73 COMBS, Clyde 30 AR AR AR Farmer
Fannie (ROBERTS) 33 TN TN TN Wife
Irene 11 AR AR TN Daughter
Delmer F 8 AR AR TN Son
E.B. 3 AR AR TN Son
Carl 3/12 AR AR TN Son

Note: Clyde, s/o William and Emma Jane LASHLEE COMBS, wed Fannie Sue ROBERTS; Irene weds Arvin GLOVER 1935 Jackson Co, AR; Delmer weds Freda JACKSON

80/82 COMBS, Clay 42 AR IL AR Farmer
Bertha (HOOPER) 32 AR AR AR Wife
Earl 18 AR AR AR Son
Jim 15 AR AR AR Son
Henry 13 AR AR AR Son
Arthur 11 AR AR AR Son
Jesse 10 Ar,Ar,Ar, Son
Raymond 8 AR AR AR Son
Clifford 6 AR AR AR Son
Franklin 5 AR AR AR Son
Billy J 1 AR AR AR Son
CANTRELL, _______? 6 AR AR AR Sister
Hazel 5 AR AR AR Niece
Jack 2 AR AR AR Nephew
Mattie 24 AR AR AR Sister

Note: Clay, s/o William and Martha DUNN COMBS; Earl weds Rachel CASON 1931 Jackson Co, AR; Jim weds Pauline DILLEHAY 1934 Jackson Co, AR; Henry weds Ann Mae MANER 1941 OK; Arthur weds Ruby Beatrice ASHBY 1941; Jesse weds ______ CRIDER; Raymond weds Mary Lou OSBORNE 1943 Jackson Co, AR; Clifford Don weds Bernice Cornelia Jackson 1946 Craighead Ar; Buddy Franklin weds Louise MCADOO 1950 Jackson Co, AR.

101/104 COMBS, Earl 18 AR AR AR Hired Hand of Will F GOODWIN

Note: same as HH 80/82

Jackson County Arkansas Personal And Property Tax Records

These are a collection of personal and property tax records on microfilm by the Arkansas History Commission and the LDS; many of the records, being in poor condition or, poorly filmed, were difficult or impossible to read; this list will represent only those names positively identified; extracted by researcher Tim Combs.

Jackson County Tax Records 1830 - 1866
Roll # 45, Made By The Arkansas History Commission, Little Rock, Arkansas


BRITT, Alexander

(Note: Alexander is the father of Thomas BRITT who marries Sarah/Annie, the daughter of John and Kesiah JACKSON COMBS)


(Note: may be the father of Kesiah, wife of John Combs, descendant of Joseph I of Stafford Va.)




(Note: Believe C.H. to be Churchwell JACKSON, beside John JACKSON and John COMBS of 1850 Cherokee Co., Alabama Census)



(Note: William G Cook weds Kesiah JACKSON COMBS in 1858 Jackson Co, AR.)



BRITT, Alexander


(Note: James is the son of John)


Des Arc Twp

COMBS, William;

Jefferson Twp


Richwood Twp









(Note: Thomas is the son of John)


BRITT, Alexander

COMBS, John;

(Note: John, husband of Kesiah, is deceased)








BRITT, Thomas



BRITT, Thomas

(Note: Thomas is the son of Alexander)

Thos. P;

Arkansas, Jackson County, Personal Property Tax Books 1867 - 1890
LDS# 1290139, MICRO COPY# JCL F.S.570


BRITT, Thomas
COOK, Burton/Benton

(Note: Son of WG COOK who wed Kesiah JACKSON COMBS; WG and Kesiah should be in Obion Co., Tn by now)



Richwood Twp

BRITT, Thomas
COMBS, William

Note: Son of John and Kesiah JACKSON COMBS; William is back from Obion Tn)


(Note: William COMBS weds Amanda HUGHES 1880 Jackson Co, AR; MA is possibly the father of Amanda)



(Note: FM weds Martha, the sister of William COMBS)


Richwood Twp

BRITT, Thomas

COMBS, William

J. T?

Arkansas,Jackson County Tax Records 1859 - 1911
Roll 31 #3, F.S.65




(Note: JM may be John, s/o Green B; L may be Christopher Columbus; Wm and M are William and his son Mitchel)


Richwood Twp

Mrs. A.E.

(Note: Mrs. AE is Annie COMBS, widow of Thomas BRITT; JG is their son Jacob)

BUSBY, Claud;

(Note: EG is Edward, father of Claud and Pearl who wed Willie, s/o William)


(Note: William with two sons Willie and Mitchel)

Arkansas, Jackson County, Personal Property Tax Books 1889 - 1890
LDS# 1290140, MICRO COPY# JCL571

(bonus material on this roll)


COMBS,B.W/N. A.H. LOGAN Power of Atty Aug. 5, 1861 Aug. 19, 1861 J 643

BRITT, Alexander Andrew JOHNSON Deed Jan 27, 1866 Jan 30, 1866 K 373

COMBS, Lucinda Martha B Venard Deed Sept 16, 1867 Sept 16 1867 L 449

Notes: Alexander BRITT died during the Civil War (he went in the place of a son of Andrew JOHNSON; Lucinda COMBS is Lucinda VERDELL who wed EC Combs 1867 Jackson Co, AR.


pg. 7


The Britt family came to Arkansas some years before the Civil War. Alexander Britt was the father of Thomas. Both father and son served in the Southern Army during the war. Alexander Britt contracted smallpox while in the arny and died. Thomas Britt came home from prison ater the war and married Anne Combs. They were the parents of several children. They were: Mattie, Ida, Jacob, Alice, John, and Harry Britt. All are deceased except Jacob and John. Thomas Britt accumulated a considerable body of farmlands, which he operated very successfully, together with a cotton gin, sawmill, and gristmill. Mr. Britt was a typical Southern planter. Also, Mr. Britt lived in a time when there was an abundance of open range. In fact, there were thousands of acres of open pasturage for all kinds of stock. Mr. Britt, as all successful planters of his era, had the forests teeming with horses, mules, cattle, and hogs. These surplus stock lived the entire winter in canebrakes and subsisted on the cane and the acorns which fell from the trees in enormous quantities.

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The Combs family came here from Alabama, through Mississippi, before the Civil War. John Jackson was the original immigrant to this area. He was the father of a daughter who married John Combs. John Jackson had the following children: Kezar, James F., Alice, Thomas, and William E. Kezar Jackson married John Combs and became the mother of Anne, Ida, and William (“Bill”) Combs. Anne Combs married Thomas Britt and mothered several children: Mattie, Ida, Jacob, Alice, John, and Harry (died very young) Britt. All the children except Harry married and had several children. Most of them

pg. 9

have passed on to THE BEYOND. Jacob and John Britt still survive. Ida Combs married Frank Phillips. They had several children, but they have all passed on. James F. Jackson married Josephine Bridges and became the farther of Leander, Julia, Nora, James F. (Jr.), Virginia, W. Andrew, Arthur L., A. Burley, Belle, and Doss N. Jackson. All these children have passed on, except w. Andrew, Arthur L., A. Burley, and Doss N. W. Andrew Jackson has a twin daughter who is now elected to a fourth term as tax collector of Jackson County. W. Andrew Jackson taught school, was elected to serve two terms in the House of the Arkansas Legislature, became revenue collector for the County for four years, served as deputy tax collector for the County for four years in his own right. Doss N. Jackson was ordained as a minister of the gospel by the Missionary Baptist Church at Balch in 1913. He is known in a wide area of the United States for his powers of preaching, teaching, and editing, and for historical research in the religious field. A. Burley Jackson is a very popular singer and teacher of vocalism throughout these local areas. Alice (daughter of John) Jackson married a Copeland and then a Cole. They had a few children.



The 1860 Census, Richwoods Twp., Jackson Co., Ark., house 937, shows Alexander Britt, 51, farmer, born N.C., with Nancy, 55, born N.C., Harriett, 23, born N.C., Thomas, 18, born Miss. Also in the household were Charles Cook, 23, born Ala., and Margaret White, 10, born Ark. From Goodspeed's Biographical and Hstorical Memoirs of Northeast Arkansas (1889), Thomas Britt, born Apr. 10 1842, Miss., son of Alexander and Nancy (Prauat) Britt; came 1848 to Section 23; father wounded during Civil War in battle and died of effects; mother died 1865. Thomas Britt married Aug. 11, 1868, Anna Combs (born Ala., parents to Arkansas, 1852), and had: Julia M., born 1870; Iduma, born 1873, deceased; Ida, born 1875; Alice, born 1880; Lurena, born 1878; Jacob L., born 1883; and , John F., born 1885.


A genealogy prepared by Mrs. Pat C. Herrington of Little Rock provides the following information:

The 1850 Census, Cherokee County, Alabama:
John Jackson, aged 44
Polly Jackson, aged 37
Jane Jackson
Margaret Jackson, aged 14
Wiley Jackson, aged 9
James Jackson, aged 7
Sarah Jackson, aged 5
John Combs, 23
Kezziah Combs, 18
William Combs, 2

Kezziah Jackson married John Combs and had the following children: William Combs: born about 1848. Ann Combs: married Tom Britt. Martha Combs: married Frank Phillips.

John Jackson, born April 1, 1806, in Alabama, died 1893 at Newark, Ark., married Polly _______. born 1813 in Tennessee, died in Jackson County. Their daughter, Kezziah (Kizzare) Jackson, born July 1832, in Tenn., died January, 1904, in Jackson Co., Ark., married 1846 John Combs, born 1827 in Tenn., died 1856 in Jackson County. Their daughter, Martha Carolina Combs, born sept. 25, 1854, in Jackson Co., Ark., married Apr. 18, 1872, Frank M. Phillips, born Nov. 15, 1849, in Newburg, Mo., died July 30, 1912, Conway, Ark., who had come to Jackson Co. as a young man from Raleigh, Missouri. Their daughter, Dora Frances Phillips, born Nov. 22, 1875, Jackson Co., Ark., died July 6, 1931, Conway, Ark., married Oct. 22, 1895, George Alvis Albright, born Apr. 1872, Izard Co., Ark., died Sept. 20, 1901, Mt. Pleasant, Ark. Their daughter, Opal Albright, married Pat C. Herrington. Martha and Frank Phillips had five children born in Jackson Co., but none lived in that county.

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