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Fentress County was established in 1823 from Morgan and Overton. In 1849, Scott Co was established from Fentress, Morgan and Anderson. In 1879, Pickett Co was established from Overton and Fentress and Scott gained from Fentress.

Kentucky-Tennessee State Line ca 1824

1830 Fentress Co, TN Census

(Source: Original census image Heritage Quest, Series: M19 Roll: 176, Fentress Co., Page: 13)

p. 13

No township listed

p. 15

John Combs 0110001-0001001
1m 5-10; 1m 10-15; 1m 40-50
1f 10-15; 1f 15-20; 1f 40-50

Note: The two younger males are the right ages to be Green Combs and the younger James aka Joseph H. Combs.

4 April 1835 Affidavit of Col. John Combs and others of Fentress Co., Tennessee, for Revolutionary Soldier John RILEY of Fentress Co., Tennessee.

State of Tennessee,
Fentress County
This day Col. John Combs, Major Abner Davidson, Joseph Davidson, James Overton of Fentress Cty, personally appeared before me and made oath that they have known John Riley of said county for many years and have always been informed that said Riley was a revolutionary soldier and that his lame foot was caused by a wound received by said Riley in said Revolutionary War and that it is the recorded and prevailing opinion that said Riley was a soldier in said war. [Signed] Abner Davidson, Jos Davidson, Jas Overton, John Combs
Sworn to and subscribed before me (Col Combs not being sworn having been called off suddenly before the afts. were made) This 4th day of April 1835. Jn B Rodgers (Seal), Justice of the Peace for said County
of Fentress in the said State of Tennessee.

State of Tennessee,
Fentress County
I John B Rodgers a justice of the peace and chief justice of the county court and court of Pleas & quarter sessions for said county, (the same being a court of Record having here to fore and in person) Do hereby certify that at the request of John Riley (he being old and infirm and unable to attend the court) I attended at his house on the [canít read] day of April as also on the 4th for the purpose of taking the evidence as before set forth when Major Alexander Davidson Major Evan D Frogge Lt. William Moles Major Thomas Riley Major Abner Davidson Lt Joseph Davidson Lt James Overton Col. John Combs appeared before me as above stated and were sworn (all but Col. Combs who was accidentaly [sic] absent at the time of qualification but who would doubtless have been qualified if present) but all whom subscribed the same in my present. I do further certify that I have the fullest confidence in the statement of said gentleman, and that they would be entitled to the fullest credit in a court of justice. Given under my hand and Seal this 4th day of April 1835. Jn B Rodgers, Justice of the Peace.

Source: Transcribed by Sue Elfving from original images of affidavits contained in John Riley and his wife Nancy's Revolutionary War pension applications. Images courtesy of Dennis Davidson. These affidavits not contained in the "selected papers" subset of RW Pension Files found on Heritage Quest and in some microfilmed copies of pension files; however, the subset does include the affidavits by John and his wife that provide their personal information. W.5703 and BLW 11062-160-55). The affidavits relative to John Combs' statements are only available if one has access to the complete pension file.

Notes: There is no known family association between this John Combs and the RW Soldier John Riley other than what might have occurred as a result of living in the same area. It appears that the military titles came from militia service for the named individuals and would seem like John Combs held a high rank. Militia service may be the connection since the Davidsons were also in the militia. John Combs is found on the same 1830 census page as Thomas & William Riley, Jane Evans, and James Overton. The Davidsons are several pages away. John RILEY'S affidavit states he was born 28 March 1761 in Warwickshire, England. He died 29 June 1837 Fentress Co, Tenn. He enlisted 15 Oct. 1777 as a private and first served in the Continental Army under Capt. Thompson, and next under Capt. Parker in Col. Maynes Regiment in Frederick Co., Va., with service in Virginia and Pa. He married Jane Evans on 17 Dec. 1792 in Montgomery Co., Virginia, at the home of her father Thomas Evans and his wife Jane Howerton (sister to William Howerton of early Montgomery Co, Washington Co (Big Moccasin Creek), and later Floyd and Morgan Cos., Ky.) The Evans family lived near Ingles' Ferry in Virginia. The Riley and Davidson families were closely related. Abner, Alexander, and Joseph were brothers. Abner married Susan (Anne) Riley, d/o of John. Thomas Riley, s/o of John, married Sarah Davidson, d/o of Alexander, and Evan D Frogge married Prudence Davidson.

1840 Fentress Co, TN Census

(Source: Original census image from Heritage Quest, Series: M704 Roll: 523)

No township listed

p. 4

John Combs 00010001-00100001
1m 15-20; 1m 50-60
1f 10-15; 1f 50-60

Note: Thos, Wiley, and Elias HUDDLESTON are living nearby. The 1830 and 1840 census records indicate John Combs and his wife Ann MILLER Dickson were born between 1780-90. See Overton Co, TN records for more information on Ann and her divorce from husband Samuel DICKSON. John nor Ann have been located in 1850 but John was deceased by 1859 (see below).

p. 15

Green Combs 10001-00001
1m 0-5; 1m 20-30
1f 20-30

Note: Green Combs was the admr. of the estate of John Combs. He is next found in 1850 Overton Co, TN census.

1850 Fentress Co, TN Census

11th Civil District

p. 773

142 Combs, Joseph 28 TN
Lucy 29 TN
Jarrat 6
Gee. 5
Thos. 4
Charlotte 1

Note: James H. “Joseph” COMBS in Casey Co, KY 1870 Census. Also see The Combs of Fentress Co, TN and Casey Co, KY on Casey Co, TN for more on this family.

(1850 Census - Tennessee, transcribed and indexed by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Evanston, IL, 1974, Byron Sistler & Associates, Inc., Nashville, TN, 1991 reprint)

19 Dec 1855 (Overton TN Deeds N, Page 201) Wiley HUDDLESTON deed tract of land held by Grant No. 300 lying in the County of Overton on waters of Wolf River to J.A. and W.C. HUDDLESTON 19 Dec. 1855. Indenture made and entered into this 19th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty five by and between J.A. HUDDLESTON, W.C. HUDDLESTON of the one part and Wiley HUDDLESTON and Willis HUDDLESTON and John HUDDLESTON, Thomas S. HUDDLESTON, Joseph Combs and Lucy A. Combs, and Green B. MURPHEY and Charlotte his wife of Fentress County, Tennessee and part of Overton County. Whereas HUDDLESTON, Combs and MURPHEY have sold unto J.A. and W.C. HUDDLESTON for $30 each, paid, acknowledged, all their rite and interest to a certain piece of land lying in Overton County on waters of Wolf River, adjoining John GRAHAM, to Simon H. HUDDLESTON line, etc. thereunto belonging and being all the estate right interest that Wiley H. HUDDLESTON, WILLIS HUDDLESTON, John B. HUDDLESTON, Thomas S. HUDDLESTON, Joseph Combs and Lucy his wife, and Green B. MURPHEY and his wife Charlotte, have to the said land premises, unto J.A. HUDDLESTON and William C. HUDDLESTON their heirs and assigns forever. W.H. HUDDLESTON and Willis HUDDLESTON and John B. HUDDLESTON and Thomas S. HUDDLESTON, Joseph Combs, etc. etc. etc. all sign.
Attest - Willey H. HUDDLESTON. Willis H. HUDDLESTON. Proved 18 March 1856.

(Overton County, Tennessee Genealogy Records compiled by Edythe Rucker Whitley)

12 Apr 1859 Combs, John: died before 12 Apr 1859 as shown in the suit of W. E. B. JONES vs. John W. OWEN and others. Complainant dismissed his suit against all defendants except John W. and J. M. J. OWENS, Jenny GIVIN & Green Combs, administrator of John Combs.

(Fentress TN Chancery Court Minutes, A/194):

(Fentress County, TN, Loose Court Records)

Tuesday, April 12th 1859

John W. OWENS & others


This day the complainant came and dismissed his suit as to all the defendants except John W. & J.M.J. OWENS & Jenny GIVINS & Green Combs administrator of John Combs. It is therefore considered by this court that the defendants as to whom this suit is dismissed go hence and recover of the complanant W.E.B. JONES all cost as to making them defendants in this cause for which it files upon.

John W. OWENS & J.M.J. OWENS etal


Be it remembered that this cause came on to be heard on this 12th of April 1859 before Chancellor Van DE KO upon bills answers Judgement proconfesso and proof from which it appeared to this court that defts John W. OWENS and J.M.J. OWENS are indebted to the complainant by Judgement recovered before W.W. WOODS on 8th Feb, 1858 in the sum of Fifty Two dollars & seventy five cents debt and $3.69 cents Interest thereon from 8th Feb, 1858 up to this time and the further sum of $1.75 cents of suit before said WOODS Justice of the Peace of Fentress County and on 25th March, 1858 Execution was paid on said Judgement returned Nulla Bono and that defendant John W. OWENS is the Equitable owner by virtue of title which he Holds on the Complanant of a certain tract of land containing about one hundred acres lying in District No. 3 or 4 of Fentress county whereon he now lives adjoining the land formerly owned by John ALRED and the land of N.S. NORTHRUP and that said title land was pledged at the time after filing of complainant bill in this cause to Jenny GIVINS to secure her in the payment of $8.50 cents then due and that she has a prior lien and Right of satisfaction out of said tract of land and that the legal title to said tract of land is complete, and that defendant Jeremiah OWENS has a legal title to the following described tract of land and bounded as follows, to wit beginning at a double Chestnut oak, thence west Seventy Five poles to a White oak, thence south one hundred and twenty six poles and one half to a Hickory and Pine, thence east one hundred & Twenty Six & one half poles to a Maple on the bank of the Creek, thence North one hundred and twenty six and one half poles crossing the branch to a stake, thence west fifty one and one half poles to the beginning. Lying in District No. 4 in Fentress County and conveyed to him by John Combs by deed dated 20th March, 1855 and that there is still as unpaid balance of the purchase money or consideration price of said just mentioned tract of land due from defts J.M.J. & John W. OWENS to defendant Green Combs administrator of John Combs deceased which is a prior lien on said tract of land.

It is therefore decreed by this court that Complainant Recover of the defendants, J.M.J. & John W. OWENS the said sum of money due by Judgement before WOODS amounting to $58.19 including cost before Justice & interest to this time and the cost of this cause Except such as is adjudged against complainant pay all cost incident to taking the depositions of John WILLIAMS and Green Combs and that Execution issue for this sum and it is further decreed by this court that unless the defendants J.W. & J.M.J OWENS pay complainants debt & the cost of course adjudged against them within four months that the clerk & master after advertising as required by law procede to sell said tract of land at the Court House door in Jamestown subject to said prior rights & liens for monies due Jenny GIVINS and to Green Combs as administrator of John Combs as stated in this decree and on application of complainant said tract of land are to be sold on six months credit free from Right of Redemption.

In making the sale the master will first sell the land for which said debt was contacted and if that be sufficient to satisfy the decree he will not sell the other.

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher John Kays)

Notes: See possible connections to OWENS in Warren County, Tennessee and to GIVINS of Lincoln Co, Kentucky (RW John Combs of KY)

May 1860 Fentress Co, Tennessee Mortality Schedule. Died: Combs, John W., male, age: 4; born: TN; cause of death: scarlet fever

(Extracted by Researcher Jean JLWLRob from "TN Mortality Schedules" by Sistler, and from 1850-1880 Mortality Schedules, CD, by Combs Researcher Pat Orton, which lists John W. as male).

1860 Fentress Co, TN Census Index

District 11

p. 58

Combs, Cinthia
Combs, Clemanza A.
Combs, George W.
Combs, James A.
Combs, James H.
Combs, Lucy
Combs, Theophalus
Combs, Thomas C.