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Obion County was established in 1823 from Henry County (established in 1821 from Western District), and lies in northwestern corner of Tennessee on the Kentucky state line. Lake Co, Tennessee was established from Obion in 1870.

1840 Obion Co, TN Census Index

p. 42


Notes: Edmon is not on the 1850 Obion Census, but may be the Edmund COMBS, b ca 1805, VA,  of the 1850 Gibson Co, TN census w/eldest child in HH b ca 1831 in TN. He also may have been the Edward COMBS of 1830 Humphreys Co, TN (no 1830 VA census record found that "fits" yet, but he may have been in HH of another).

1850 Obion Co, TN Census

1st District

HH#001, P. 637
Elizabeth WHITE 72 VA
Franklin 37 KY
Julia 35
Medicus 12
Laura 9
John 4
Emmet 2
Levin 3/12
Elizabeth COMM 2

(1850 Census - Tennessee, transcribed and indexed by Byron & Barbara Sistler, Evanston, IL, 1974, Byron Sistler & Associates, Inc., Nashville, TN, 1991 reprint.)

Notes: Not known if above Elizabeth is var. sp. of surname Combs; however, also note that the 1850 TN Census Index includes a Tilmun COMM, and both he and Elizabeth COMM are listed in Obion District 1, p. 19 (per Census Index which also lists an Elizabeth and Tilmun COMM in 1st District of Robertson Co, Tennessee [sic] on page 19,apparently an error in Index?). SW: Tilman, Tilghman.

1920 Obion Co, TN Census

T 625 Roll 1758

Dist 12

Page 172 - January 20&21, 1920

172 175 Combs, Jeff Head R M W 52 M TN TN TN Farmer 00-145
Martha Wife F W 52 M TN TN TN
Charlie Son M W 20 S TN TN TN
Jess Son M W 16 S TN TN TN

Dist 3

Page 22 - January 9, 1920

16 16 Pierce, Jordon Head R M W 57 M TN TN TN Farmer Hired Manager 16
Callie Wife F W 52 M TN TN TN
Combs, Maggie Dau F W 17 M TN TN TN
Johnnie Son in law M W 24 TN TN TN Farm Laborer

Submitted by Phyllis Combs