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Gallatin County was organized from Randolph Co IL in 1812. Primary Combs Researcher for this county is Hannah C. Friedlander (HCF)

Primary source for marriages, except where otherwise noted, is Index to Combs Marriages of IL

02-19-1829 Combs, Jonathan & DOLIN, Isavilla (Gallatin Co IL Marriages)

Notes: Jonathan Pettit Combs, b 22 Feb 1806, Muhlenberg Co, KY, d 1871/2, Gallatin Co, IL; s/o Thomas & Sarah ANDERSON Combs came to Gallatin via Posey Co, IN (See Also Biography and Bible Record of George Washington Combs below).

1830 US Census, Gallatin Co, IL Index

page 270
Jonathan Combs

May 25, 1833 Combs, Jonathan, Type: Mineral, Acres: 58, T08S R09E S31 (State of IL Public Land Sales)

Feb. 13, 1837 Combs, Jonathan, Type: Mineral, Acres: 47.18, T09S R09E, S07 (ibid.)

(IL GenWeb and Combs Land of Illinois)

1840 US Census, Gallatin Co, IL

(1840 Indiana, Iowa & Illinois Census Index, CD 153 U.S. Census Index; Mid-West, Great Lakes. from Automated Archives, Inc. c 1994)

North Fork Precinct

p. 059
Jonathan Combs

8 Dec 1842 (sic) (Gallatin County IL Probates, Vol. II, page 29, Box 17) Will of Joseph COOPER, dated December 8, 1842; modified November 12, 1842 (???) Heirs: Jonathan WALKER, land; James EWING, mare, waggon, clock, and hogs; Chesterfield WALKER, Mary WALKER. Administrator: Jonathan Combs. Appraiser appointed Dec. 28, 1842. Also mentioned: Guardianship, August 9, 1847, New Madrid, MO, apptd. Joseph U.L. WALKER as guardian of Chesterfield and Mary WALKER, his children. Bill for $6. for 2 coffins for J. COOPER and his wife. Sale date: December 29, 1842, J.C. TROUSDALE, cryer at sale. (Combs Researcher Hannah Friedlander)

HCF Note: The Combs/WALKER relationship is unclear. Jonathan Combs' mother, Sarah ANDERSON Combs, married (2) James WALKER in 1809 in Muhlenberg County, KY, and had a son Joseph WALKER; whether this is the same person is unknown.

1850 US Census, Gallatin Co, IL

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Daryl Combs)

North Fork Precinct

p. 373A

69/69 Jonathan Combs 43 M Blacksmith $480 KY
Isavilla [DOLAN] 37 F MO
William A 14 M IL sch
George W. 12 M IL sch
Trenton 09 M IL sch
Martha 07 F IL
John N. B. 05 M IL
Thomas W. 01 M IL
Rachael HARDIN 19 F IL
Jane BELLAH 46 F IL Pauper

HCF Note: Jonathan Pettit Combs, s/o Thomas & Sarah ANDERSON Combs, was apprenticed as a blacksmith to Peter SHAVER in 1818 in Muhlenberg Co, KY.

1860 Gallatin Co, IL Census

(Transcribed from microfilm of originals by Combs Researcher, Hannah Friedlander)

Town. 9, Range 9E, New Market

page 947

633/633 Jonathan Combs 53 m farmer 2000 800 KY
Isavillah [DOLAN] 48 f MO
Trenton L. 18 m IL
Martha E. 17 f IL
John N. P. 14 m IL [should be N.B.]
Thoma W. 11M IL
Ellen C. 8 f IL
Alice C. 5 f IL
Samuel G. Combs 3 m IL

HF Note: Jonathan Pettit Combs, son of Thomas Combs and Sarah ANDERSON Combs.

Town. 10, Range 8E, Equality

page 995

956/956 James W. CLAYTON 38 m Farmer 800 (re)
Mary 28 f
William 13 m
Henry S. 4 m
William Combs 25 m School Teacher IL
Joseph BARNETT 17 m Farm Hand

HF Note: William Anderson Combs, son of Jonathan Pettit & Isavilla DOLAN Combs

ca 1861 - ca 1865 Civil War Service

Gallatin Co, IL. Company F. of 6th Regt. Cav

William Anderson Combs
Ephraim Combs

(Index to Federal (Union) Combs of the Civil War)

Notes: See 1889 below for Pension File of William A. Combs which included an affidavit by Ephraim Combs. See 1870 re Ephraim Combs.

05-28-1861 Combs, Oliver married HINE, Margaret M.(Gallatin Co IL Marriages. A:141)

Notes: Who was Oliver? Was Margaret M. HINE kin to the family of Hardy HYNES (a.k.a. HINDS a.k.a. HINES)of Muhlenberg Co, KY, whose daughter, Sarah, m 26 Nov 1815, Muhlenberg Co, KY, Jesse Combs (later of Posey Co, IN)?

Aug 1864- 02 Oct 1865 Combs, Martha & Combs, Michael

(Gallatin Co, IL Marriages A 347 Lic. Dated Aug 1864)

Notes: Was Martha the d/o Jonathan Pettit & Isavilla DOLAN Combs? Who was Michael? See 1870 and 1880 below.

1865/08/31 Combs, John M. & PHILLIPS, George Ann

(Gallatin Co, IL Marriages A 422)

HF Note: This should be John N. (John Napoleon Bonaparte), s/o Jonathan Pettit and Isavilla DOLAN Combs

1866/02/21 State of Illinois, Gallatin County - I Henry G. SANKS, Clerk of the County Court in and for said County, hereby certify that Mr. William A. Combs and Miss Parthena SPECK were joined in Matrimony on the 21st day of February A. D. 1866 by John CRAWFORD, M. G. (Copy of Original Document)

Combs Researcher, Hannah Friedlander

HF Note: s/o Jonathan Pettit and Isavilla DOLAN Combs

1867/01/09 Combs, Lemuel T. & ROSE, Eady P. (Gallatin Co IL Marriages. A 542)

HF Note: Lemuel Trenton, s/o Jonathan Pettit and Isavilla DOLAN Combs

12-15-1867 Combs, Ellender C. married DRONE, Francis (Gallatin Co IL Marriages. 00B:33)

HF Note: Ellender Calista, d/o Jonathan Pettit and Isavilla DOLAN Combs

04-16-1868 Combs, George W. married HEMPHILL, Hannah (Gallatin Co IL Marriages. B:61)

HF Note: George Washington, s/o Jonathan Pettit and Isavilla DOLAN Combs (See Bible Record and Biography below)

1870 Gallatin County, IL Census

(Transcribed from microfilm of originals by Combs Researcher, Hannah Friedlander)

Town. 9, Range 10 Shawneetown

page ?

32/32 LEMMINGS, Asbury 23 m Farmer
“ Ellen 40 f Housekeeping
BLACKBURN, Louisa 15 f
BLACKBURN, Martha 9 f
Combs, E.C. 37 m Blacksmith KY
“ Sarah 28 f Housekeeping

Note: Who were E. C. Combs and Sarah Combs? Could this be Ephraim C. Combs (son of Thomas and Evy WHITMER Combs) who m 24 Aug 1863, Muhlenberg Co, KY, Elizabeth S. SPURRIER Combs? Is he the Ephraim Combs who served with William Anderson Combs in Co. F, 6th Regt. Cavalry during the CW? (See 1861-1865 and 1889 below)

Town. 8, Range 9, New Market

page 5

33/33 Combs, Geo. W. 32 m physician
“ Hannah E. 24 f Housekeeping
“ John M. 1 m
Johnathan 64 m blacksmith

Note: Jonathan Pettit Combs and son, George Washington and Hannah HEMPHILL Combs

page 7

48/48 Combs, Michael 37 m Labourer KY
Martha 24 f IL
“ Ella A. 10/12 f IL
Mary A. 8 f IL
George W. 4 m IL

Notes: Michael & Martha Combs Combs m 1864. Why were Mary A. and George W. listed “out of age order?” Who was Michael?

Town. 8, Range 9, Shawneetown

page 16

109/109 MORRIS, Phoeba 38 f Housekeeping
BELL, Anderson 21 m Labourer
BELL, Mary C. 14 f
MORRIS, Green E. 9 m
BELL, Mary L. 14 f

HCF Note: Two weeks after this census was taken, Mrs. Phoebe MORRIS became Jonathan Combs' second wife. On Aug. 4, 1870, Jonathan had divorced 1st wife, Isavilla DOLAN.

Also Note: Phebe STUART married William M. BELL 02 Jun 1846, and Mrs. Phebe BELL married George MORRIS, 07 Jan 1858 all in Gallatin Co, IL. (Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900)

City of Shawneetown

8/8 BROOKS, , ? A. 36 m
wife and 2 children, illegible
BEAN___ Edward 26 m blacksmith
Combs, J. 33 m blacksmith KY

Note: Who is this J. Combs, blacksmith?

City of Shawneetown

Page 10

78/77 EVANS, Sarah 32 f Housekeeping
PERTILLO, Elizabeth 37 f IL

Note: This is Eliz. PATILLO, half-sister of Isavilla DOLAN, 1st wife of Jonathan Pettit Combs.)

Town. 9, Range 8, Equality

Page 9

61/61 Combs, Abraham 46 m farmer KY
“ Charlott 49 f housekeeping England
“ John D. 18 m
“ Martin 14 m
“ Francis E. 12 f
“ Susan M. 10 f
“ Alexander 6 m

Note: Abraham F. Combs, son of David & Susanna FRANCE Combs, m 13 Feb 1850, Hopkins Co, KY, Charlotte BROWN. David Combs was the brother of Jonathan Pettit Combs

Town 8, Range 8, Equality

Page 23

169/168 Combs, William A. 35 m farmer
“ Parthena 27 f housekeeping
“ Julia 2 f

Notes: William Anderson Combs, son of Jonathan Pettit & Isavilla DOLAN Combs, m 1866, Parthena SPECK

189/188 Combs, Trenton 28 m farmer
“ Edith 24 f housekeeping
“ Alfred 2 m
“ Miltadney 9/12 m

Notes: Lemuel Trenton Combs, son of Jonathan Pettit & Isavilla DOLAN Combs, m 1867, Eady [Edith] P. ROSE.

Town. 9, Range 9, New Market

Page 26

178/175 CRONK, Isavilla 57 f Housekeeping
“ Alice C. 15 f
“ Samuel 13 m

HCF Note: Cronk is in error; this is Isavilla DOLAN Combs and her two youngest children, living next to her son John, below, after divorce from Jonathan Pettit Combs.

179/175 Combs, John 24 m farmer
“ Georgianna 20 f housekeeping
“ Mary L. 2 f
“ Wm. F. 1 m

Notes: John m 1865 to George Ann PHILLIPS. Is she the same as George A. PHILLIPS, age 10 in the 1860 Muhlenberg Co, KY Census household of John's aunt, Susan FRANCE Combs?

04 Aug 1870 Combs, Jonathan & MORRIS, Phoebe Mrs. (IL State Marriage Index, B 262)

Notes: The above is second marriage of Jonathan Pettit Combs

09-19-1874 Combs, George Ann married LEIGLER, Eli (Gallatin Co IL Marriages. C:26)

Notes: Is this George Ann PHILLIPS, w/o John Napoleon Bonaparte Combs?

1880 Census, Gallatin County IL

(Transcribed from microfilm of originals by Combs Researcher, Hannah Friedlander)

Village of Ridgway

Page 511

1/1 Combs, George W. W M 42 Physician
__ Hanna E. W F 34 Housekeeping
__ Wm. F. W M 7
__ Agnes C. W F 4
__ Anna W F 1
__ Sikes, Fronia E. W F 24 Servant

Notes: son of Jonathan Pettit Combs & h/o Hannah HEMPHILL

New Market

Page 514

62/63 COMBES. W.A. W M 44 Farmer
__ P. W F 37 Housekeeping
__Julia W F 12
__ Anna W F 9
__ May W F 7

Notes: William Anderson, son of Jonathan Pettit Combs & h/o Parthena SPECK

64/65 MOORE, M.J. W M 32 harnessmaker Ireland
__ Alice C. W F 25 Housekeeper
__ Rosella W F 4
__ Eva W F 1
__ Jas.(brother) W M 25 harnessmaker Ireland

Notes: Alice Caroline, daughter of Jonathan Pettit Combs

111/112 COMBES, T.W. W M 31 blacksmith (son of Jonathan Pettit Combs)
__ Henriette W F 21
__ Alice R. W F 1

Notes: Thomas W., son of Jonathan Pettit Combs

119/119 DRONE, Frank W M 39 farmer
__ C. W F 30 housekeeper __ Eddie W M 9
__ Geo. W. W M 8
__ M.M. W F 1
KLAFER, Louisa W F 18 servant

HCF Note: C. DRONE is Ellen Callista Combs, daughter of Jonathan Pettit Combs

357/360 Combs, P. W F 47

HCF Note: P. Combs is Mrs. Phoebe [neè STUART] Bell Morris Combs, widow and second wife of Jonathan Pettit Combs

Shawneetown City, South Church St.

94-14 Combs, Mike W M 40 labor KY, Prussia, Prussia
__ Mary L. W F 27 housekeeping
__ John W M 9 at school
__ Daisy W F 2
__ John W. W M 27 single, labor Ill, South Carolina, Virginia

Note: Is this Michael Combs, son of David Combs and Susanna FRANCE (See 1850 and 1860 Muhlenberg)? If so, why are parents listed as b in Prussia? Who was John W. Combs w/father born in South Carolina?

01-17-1884 Combs, J. T. married NEWMAN, Nannie E. (Mrs) (Gallatin Co IL Marriages. D:175)

09-07-1884 Combs, John N. married COZY, Mary C. (Gallatin Co IL Marriages. D:231)

12-22-1886 Combs, Anna married FEER, Gideon H. (Gallatin Co IL Marriages. D:458)

HCF Notes: Per family bible records, Anna Combs, d/o William Anderson Combs, m Gideon TEER [sic]

09-23-1888 Combs, Mary Mrs. married DUGLAS, James W. (Gallatin Co IL Marriages. E:77)

Notes: Widow of?

12-16-1888 Combs, Elvire married DAVIS, Thomas W. (Gallatin Co IL Marriages. E:108)

02-10-1889 Combs, Lewis R. married RODGERS, Minnie A. (Gallatin Co IL Marriages. E:133)

1889/07/15 - 1920/12/15 William A. Combs 1889/07/15 Gallatin Co., IL - Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension. William A. Combs filed for Invalid's Pension for injuries incurred while enrolled in F. Co, 6th Reg, IL Cav from 1 Oct 1861, discharged 29 Feb 1864. Injuries claimed was injury to left eye incurred on a night march, and a wound of “great toe” on the left foot incurred when run over by a wagon in the fall of 1865 in line of duty. His personal description was age 54, height 6 ft 1/2 in, eyes gray. Further states that injury(s) occured in the service and line of duty at or near Oxford MS. Since leaving the service, he has resided in Gallatin Co., IL as a farmer. He appointed George KELCH, Omaha [Gallatin Co], IL as his attorney. Place of residence, Ridgway, Gallatin Co., IL.

Several Testimonies and Affidavits were given for William A. Combs, reference his Invalid's Pension Claim. Among them were William EVANS, testimony given in Gallatin Co., IL, Ephraim Combs, affidavit given in Idalia, Stoddard Co, MO 8 Jan 1892, F. M. JACKSON, affidavit given in Ridgway, Gallatin Co., IL 20 Jan 1898, James J. FRAME, affidavit given in Ridgway, Gallatin Co., IL 20 Jan 1898, William A. Combs, himself, affidavit given 20 Jan 1898 as resident of Stoddard Co., MO. Widow's certificate, signed by Parthena Combs, 19 Sep 1916, states age 73 yr 11 mo 11 da, married 22 Feb 1866, born 8 Oct 1842 at Hopkins Co, KY.

Pensioner Dropped notification from United States Pension Agency, William A. Combs, cause due to death 28 Oct 1909. Pensioner Dropped notification from United States Pension Agency, Parthena Combs, cause due to death 15 Dec 1920. Further Affidavit of William A. Combs, Sherry, Stoddard Co., MO, dated 7 Mar 1899, lists his wife Parthena SPECK, living children “Julia Combs born June 1st 1868, married G. A. TEACHENOR address Sherry, Anna Combs born Jun 10th 1870 married G. H. TEER, Sherry, May Combs born 13 May 1872 married E. B. FOULK ) address Bloomfield, MO”

(Abstracted by Combs Researcher Hannah Friedlander from copy of original documents)

Notes: William Anderson Combs (s/o Jonathan Pettit Combs of Muhlenberg Co, KY and Gallatin Co, IL, and first wife, Isavilla DOLAN Combs) m 21 Feb 1866, Gallatin Co, IL, Parthena SPECKS. Ephraim Combs has not been identified, but was presumably the Ephraim Combs who also served in Company F of the 6th Cavalry (See 1861-1865) and also removed to Stoddard Co, MO. Was he William A.'s first cousin, Ephraim C. Combs, s/o Thomas and Evy WHITMER Combs? Was William EVANS possibly an EVANS from Muhlenberg Co, KY (see also cemetery records below)

09-19-1889 Combs, Rosetta married HEATH, John H. (Gallatin Co IL Marriage. E:211)

02-10-1891 Combs, May married FOLKS, Edward O. (Gallatin Co IL Marriages. E:393)

HCF Notes: Per family bible records, Mary Combs, d/o William Anderson Combs, m Edward O. FOULKE [sic]. Per pension file of William Anderson Combs, she was May Combs w/o E. B. FOULK.

07-17-1897 Combs, Louella married HEATH, Thomas M. (Gallatin Co IL Marriages. F:518)

Cemeteries, Gallatin County, IL

(Glen Miner, Gallatin County, Illinois, Cemeteries, 1973. Heritage House, Thomson, IL., Vol. I.) (Combs Researcher Hannah Friedlander)

New Zion Cemetery

EVANS, Susan, 1845-1873, wife of William

Combs, Susan J. 1875-1936

New Robinson Cemetery

Combs, Margie, age 22 yrs. dau of Combs (from TN, per 1900 census)

Combs, Bessie 1885-18__

Old Bradley Cemetery

EVANS, Lt. G.W., Co. G 14th Ill. Cav.

Crawford Cemetery

EVANS, Wm. 1844-1923

wife Mary Catherine, 1852-1941

son Belus d 1948,

son Wm. M. 1874-1942

Combs, Dr. G.W. , 1838-1915

wife Hannah, 1846-1910

HCF Note: William Fuller Combs,1872-1937, oldest son of above who lived beyond infancy, buried next to his parents. Not in this reference. My father.

Jackson Cemetery

EVANS, Cornelius 1862-194_

Combs, Earl E., 11-12-1905 d 7-22-1960

wife Carrie (Nalley) 8-22-1913.

Old Robinson Cemetery

EVANS, Abraham 1840-1913

ANDERSON, John Palmer, 1885-1955

Westwood Cemetery

Combs, Willis C., 1896-1963 [from TN per 1900 census; son of J.H. Combs, above]

Margaret B., 1900-1964

Kedron Cemetery

EVANS, James D., 1867-1929

wife Sarah P. 1872-1951

Old Cottonwood Cemetery

ANDERSON, John C., 1854-1920

Hannah (Downen). 1856-1941

Glen Miner, Cemeteries of Gallatin County, Illinois & A History of the County, Vol. 2, 1979, reprinted with corrections and additions, 1984.) (Combs Researcher, Hannah Friedlander)

Palestine #2 Cemetery

ANDERSON, Thos. W., 1898-1943

wife Della, 1895 - ___

Kedron Cemetery

EVANS, James D., 1867-1929

wife Sarah P., 1874-1951

Jackon Cemetery

Combs, Henry Walter, 1872-1948

wife, Eva Ann (Rollman, Cox) 1879-1943

Old Cottonwood

Combs, L.R., 1863-1891

wife, Anna, 1870-1914; two infants

ANDERSON, Ernie J., 1901-1945

wife, Cora (Williams), 1902-1955, three infants

ANDERSON, W. Lee, 1878-1966

wife Nolas H., 1883-__

son Hilas, 1906-1971

wife Lucille, 1916-1957

ANDERSON, Wm. R., 1921-1964; W.W., 2; V, 1928-1969

ANDERSON, Paul C., 1928-1971

wife Loretta V., 1932- __

ANDERSON, Herman, 1920-__

wife Muriel, 1921-___

Quoted by Glen Miller, in Vol. II, Harriet J. Walker, 1917, “Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois”, mentions twelve believed to be buried in Gallatin County:

William ABNEY (Virginia)
William ALLEN (b. Pennsylvania, enlisted from NC)
Stephen BOUTWELL (Virginia)
Greenbury CHOATE (Virginia)
John DUFF (with George Rogers Clark)
Abner FOSTER (Massachusetts)
Bennett HANCOCK (Virginia)
Wilson ANDERSON (HENDERSON?) (Chester Cty., SC)
John LAMB (NC)
James NORTON (Virginia)
Gen. Thomas POSEY
William SUTTON (Virginia)
Robert WEST (Bertie Cty. NC)

Another quote: Vol. II, p.93: In description of Ridgway, IL; “Many remember the T.W. (Uncle Della) Combs blacksmith shop on the back of Lot 1 on the alley from about 1910 to the 1920's. This small building probably served as home for he and his dog.” (This is Thomas Wellington Combs, b. 1848, d 1932, 8th child of Jonathan P. Combs.)

Page 91:

“The first addition to the village was the Combs (Dr. Geo. W.) First, in Sept. of 1887, consisting of the East four blocks of Old Westview.” (Fourth son of Jonathan.)

Page 84:

“Ridgway was mentioned as being surrounded by rich farming country and having many prosperous merchants. They mentioned the following as the leading men of the town: W..S. PHILLIPS, Ed MILLS, J.O. BROOKS, J.H. GAHM, Dr. Geo. W. Combs, Dr. J.M. BARTLEY, Dr. Wm. H. RILEY, Mike RILEY, Rev. J.A. RENSMAN and Wm. BOWLING.”

G. W. Combs Family Bible (Photocopied pages Aug 1985, Combs Researcher, Hannah Friedlander)


George W. Combs and Hannah E. Combs were married April 16th A. D. 1868


George W. Combs was born Feb 25, 1838

Hannah E. Combs was born Sept 2nd 1846

Jonathan Combs father of G . W. Combs was born Feb 13th 1806 and his mother (of G. W. Combs) Mother Icyvilla Combs was born Oct 18th 1812.

John Milton Combs was born March 3rd 1869

Margaret Rebecca Combs was born 26th of July 1870

Jonathan Harvey Combs was born Oct 6th 1871

William Francis Combs was born Dec 18th 1872

Milton Harvey Combs was born June 22nd 1874

Eliza Icyvilla Combs was born Mar 11, 1876

Agnes Camille Combs was born Oct 28, 1877

Annie D. Combs was born Jan 17, 1879

Samuel Miles Combs was born Aug 20th 1880

Ellen Cordelia Combs was born Sept 7th 1885

George Edward Combs was born Dec 25, 1886

Hand written entry on Birth Page: “Hereafter, I, William (Francis) Combs, shall use “Fuller” instead of “Francis”. I do this of my own will and with good reason. Sept 7, 1894“


John Milton Combs, oldest son of G. W. and H. E. Combs, died Sept 1st 1873

Margaret Rebecca Combs, second child died June 16th 1871

Jonathan Harvey Combs, 3rd Child, died Sept 3, 1872

Milton Harvey Combs died Aug 23, 1876

Eliza Icyvilla Combs died Aug 22, 1876

Jonathan Combs died Oct 30th 1872 at the age of 66 yr, 8 mo, 17 da

Icyvilla Combs died June 26th 1876 Age 63 yrs, 7 mo, 8 da

Hannah Elizabeth Combs died July 27, 191

(Combs Researcher Hannah Friedlander)

Biography of George Washington Combs

George Washington Combs, M.D., the oldest physician of Ridgway [Gallatin Co], Ill., was born about a mile and a half south of that place on Feb. 23, 1838. His grandfather, Andrew Combs, was born in Penn., of German parentage, married in his native state, and at a very early date removed with his family and two brothers to Kentucky. His children were Jesse, Thomas, Priscilla, David and Jonathan. Jesse was a soldier in the War of 1812 and fought at the Battle of New Orleans. Both parents died while the children were still young. Jonathan, the youngest of the family, was born in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky, Feb. 22, 1806. In 1826 he want to Mt. Vernon [Posey Co], Ind., then to Gallatin Co., Ill. He died in 1871. He married Isavilla DOLAN, the daughter of Patrick, a native of Ireland, and she was born in either Virginia or Tennessee. Jonathan and Isavilla had eleven children: Milton, Mary Jane, William, George W., Trenton, Martha, John, Thomas W., Calista E., Alice and Samuel. William lives at Dexter [Stoddard Co], Mo.; Dr. Combs at Ridgway; Thomas and Samuel also live at Ridgway; and Calista, now Mrs. F. DRONE, lives near Ridgway; Alice is a Mrs. MOORE, of California; and the others are deceased. Dr. Combs is a Republican and member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church (elder). On April 28, 1868, he married Miss Hannah, the daughter of John F. and Eliza (GLASS) HEMPHILL of Pope Co., Ill., and the following are the children born to this union: John M., Mary Jane, Milton H., Fuller, Eliza, Agnes, Anna, Samuel, Ella, and George. Fuller is a teacher at Helena, Mont.; Agnes a Mrs. CAMPBELL of Toledo [Cumberland Co], Ill.; Anna a Mrs. GAHM of Thompsonville [Franklin Co], Ill.; Samuel lives in Gallatin Co.; Ella and George are at home; the others are deceased.

Extracted from Memoirs of the Lower Ohio Valley (1905)

Important! There are errors in this biography, the primary error being that George Washington Combs' grandfather was Thomas Combs, not Andrew Combs. It appears that George W. may have confused generations in that: Thomas Combs, b bef 1771, resided by 1791 in Nelson Co, KY (tax lists) where he m 25 Dec 1793, Sarah ANDERSON, d/o Unknown and Arabella UNKNOWN Anderson (Ash) (Sturgeon). By 1796 Thomas had removed from Nelson Co KY. He is first found on Muhlenberg Co KY tax lists in 1799, and by 1807 was deceased when his widow, Sarah, appears in his place on that county's tax lists. On 23 Apr 1809 in Muhlenberg Co, KY, Thomas' widow, Sarah ANDERSON, married (2) James WALKER. On 10 Dec 1810, Muhlenberg Co KY court minutes appointed Sarah WALKER guardian of “Andrew* Combs, Susannah Combs, John Combs, Thomas Combs. David Combs, Precilla Combs, and Jonathan Combs, orphans of Thomas Combs, deceased.” [Andrew thought to be error for Anderson - See Muhlenberg KY] George W. (a) makes no mention of the three eldest children, Anderson, Susannah and John; and (b) adds Jesse. Thomas Combs is thought to have been the brother of David Combs, d 1801, Nelson Co, KY, who may have been father of Jesse Combs who appears on 1830 Posey Co IN census. An Andrew Combs is found in Nelson Co KY from 1791-1800; however, he disappears after 1800 and has not been traced, although possibly the Andrew of either Shelby or Woodford Cos KY in 1810?

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives