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County Waterford (Port Láirge) is named for its principal town, which was founded in the ninth century by the Vikings and taken by their collateral descendants the Normans in the twelfth century.

18 Apr - 04 Jun 1684 Will of Stephen MURTY, St. Mary's County, MD, 18th Apr., 1684; 4th June, 1684. To wife Eliza: in Waterford, Ireland, "New Waterford" and "New Passage" during life; at her death to pass to eld. son John and hrs.; he dying without issue to pass to son Anthony and hrs., and in succession to all testator's child. Wife to have care of younger child. unnamed in will. To Catholic Clergy, personalty. Ex. Clement HILL. Test: Cuthbert SCOTT, Anthony LOCHLIN, Lawrence HANNING, Griffin DAVIS. (4. 41. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)

On 19 Jun 1684, the St. Mary's County, MD inventory of Mr. Stephen MURTY (MD Inventories & Accts., Liber 8:208) was appraised by Mr. Cuthbert SCOTT and Mr. Abraham COOMBS, the latter earlier of Old Rappa County, Virginia, d 1684, St. Mary's Co MD, one witness to his will, the above Clement HILL. Another mention of Waterford, but stating England, is also found in records of St. Mary's Co MD:

28 Dec 1687 - 04 Jan 1687/8 Will of Robert LEE, St. Mary's Co. To Henry DARNALL and wife, Col. DIGGS and wife, Maj. Nicholas SEWALL and wife, Mrs. Eliza: BAKER, Mrs. Eliza: BEALE, Mr. HEATH, Thomas GRUNWIN, John POWELL, Mrs. Van SWERINGEN, Maria Van SWERINGEN, Francis PENNINGTON, Mrs. Ellinor BROOKES and her sister Mary DARNALL, and to Henry DARNALL, Jr., personalty. To father and mother, Michael and Christian LEE, in Waterford, Eng., personalty. To John BEALL, Jr., son of Thomas BEALL, and hrs., 200 A., "Low's Gift," in Dorchester Co. Ex.: Col. Henry DARNALL. (4. 280. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 2)

Notes: Could the above Robert LEE have been kin to Robert LEE, second husband of Elizabeth ARCHDALE who had m 1st John FLEETWOOD? (See Archdale Families and Berkshire)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives