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Chipping Campden, a parish in Gloucester, including Campden and Berrington, Broad Campden, Westington and Combe, near the juncture of Warwickshire and Worcester, 2.56 miles southwest of Mickleton; 3.62 miles southeast of Church Honeybourne, Worcestershire; 4 miles northeast of Broadway

PRO Index HO 107/2076 (Year: 1851) lists Chipping Campden as a parish in Shipston-on-Stour, includng the Hamlest of "Westington with Combe."

In addition to the Combes of Chipping Campden are a number of Combs-associated families, the most notable being the Bonner, Savage and Noel families.

In the case of the latter, the relationship to the Combes is indirect; i.e., Ann LOVETT, daughter of Sir Robert and Ann SAUNDERS Lovett of Liscombe, Soulbury, Bucks, married (1) Edward BOURCHIER, Earl of Bath; and (2) Baptist NOEL, son of Edward NOEL, Viscount Campden (d 8 Mar 1642, Oxfordshire, in service of the King), and Juliana HICKS (d/o Sir Baptist and Elizabeth MAYS Hicks of Chipping Campden*). Ann's sister, Elizabeth LOVETT, married 1630, Soulbury, Bucks, John COMBE (s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe of London).

The Bonner and Savage association is via the marriage of Mary BONNER and Thomas COMBE of Stratford on Avon, Warwickshre Mary BONNER was the d/o of Anthony and Bridge SAVAGE Bonner, granddaughter of Christopher and Ann LIGON Savage and ggd/o Christopher and Ann STANLEY Savage:

From "The History and Antiquities of Chipping Campden," 1911, Percy C. Rushen, The Manor of Chipping Campden:

"The STANLEY family obtained possession of this manor [at some time after 1508], how is not proven. Anne STANLEY brought this manor to Christopher SAVAGE and it was passed on to their son also named Christopher. By 1539 the whole of the manor estate was in the hands of Thomas SMITH."

The author also notes that Chipping Camden was divided into four equal parts in 1273, and that one part was later held by John MOLYNEUX "until his death 1473 leaving a daughter Cicely of 9 weeks, the estate was held in trust. Cicely married John JOSSELYN of High Rodyng in Essex, who held the manor upon her death in 1502." In another section, entitled "Men of Chipping Campden - "Ready to protect the county," Mr. Rushen writes:

"One Jno. SMITH, of North Nibley**, an industrious antiquary, compiled a list in 1608 of all men of this county who could bear arms and the armour that could be supplied by big men and parishes. The MSS. of this list is in the possession of Lord Sherborne, and as it constitutes such a detailed list of the inhabitants of Gloucestershire at the period, the part relating to this parish [Chipping Campden] is given below…" No COMBS or var. sp. were located in this source; however, there is mention of "Westington and Combe, whereof SMITH. gent., is lord."

* According to About Chipping Campden, "Sir Baptist HICKS (1st Viscount Campden, a Jacobean Londoner who amased a vast fortune mainly by lending money to King James I) at a cost of L90, made it a donation to Moreton. Sir HICKS was at one time the Lord Mayor of London. He was buried in St James churchyard… The manor was burned by Royalist troops to stop it being sequestered by Parliament at the end of the Civil War. 1645 the Royalist troops billeted in the house. All that remains are the pavilions at either end, a small section of the frontage, the entrance gateways and some outbuildings "

** John SMITH of North Nibley, Gloucestershire, was somehow kin to Thomas SMITH of the London Company, in which the above noted John COMBE, Draper of London, and h/o Margaret ARCHDALE, invested in 1606 (See Drapers Company and Early Combs &c. of Virginia) .

28 Jan 1547 - 6 Jul 1553 Court of Star Chamber: Proceedings, Edward VI. STAC 3/1/103, Plaintiff: Thomas SMYTHE Defendant: William SHELDON, Francis SAVAGE, Anthony BONARR [BONNER], John BOWKARR, Harry LANGSTON, and others Place or Subject: Felling trees and bushes at Combe Grange, frivolous suits, &c. County: Gloucester (Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue - record not yet acquired)

28/01/1547-06/07/1553 Court of Star Chamber: Proceedings, Edward VI. STAC 3/4/32 Plaintiff: William SHELDON Defendant: Thomas HUNCKES, George TRYMNELL, Richard DARROLD, Richard HYERNE, Thomas TUMBERELL, and others Place or Subject: Seizure of thorn-cuttings bought off the manor of Combe in Campden County: Gloucester (ibid.)

26 May 1658 Chipping Campden, Gloucester. Married: George COMBES and Jone ARCHARD (IGI, (B: 14 May 1982 PROVO Ba: E026212, +, E: 23 Jan 1987 PROVO So: 504453, Pr: 6902597)

5 May 1664 Chipping Campden, Gloucester. Christened: George COMBS s/o George COMBS (IGI, B: 15 Nov 1979 IFALL Ba: C026212, +, E: 20 Feb 1980, IFALL So: 504453, EN, SP: 29 Feb 1980 IFALL Pr: 6902598)

4 Jul 1669 Chipping Campden, Gloucester. Christened: John COMBS s/o Georg COMBS (IGI, Ba: C026212, +, So: 504453, EN, Pr: 6902598)

From "Campden Manor Leases, granted by the Lords of Campden Manor 1666-1738, and Leases by Sir Gerald Noel 1711-1807 and details of sale of his lands in 1869," extracted from "The History and Antiquities of Chipping Campden," 1911, Percy C. Rushen)

"The following are particulars of leases granted by the lords of Campden Manor, which leases may possibly have been granted by custom of the manor to the customary tenants. Every lease had a limit of 99 years, if the lives lived so long. The particulars are mainly gathered from a lease book or rental of the manorial estate dating from the early part of the eighteenth century. The letters "C", "W.," "B.C.," and "B." signify "Campden," "Westington," "Broad Campden" and "Broadway" respectively. The particulars are thought worthy of introduction here because possibly they form a record of the last of the customary tenants of the manor."

10 Aug 1699 Lease to Geo. COMBES; of C. C., nailer, fine £1 2s., rent 12s., for lives of Rob. and Anthy., sons of Rob. SMITH, cottage in C.C.

Only one reference is found to Comb, dated 1 Jul 1737: "to Jno. DUTTON, of Old Comb, husbandman, of a capital mesguage in Chipping Campden, several enclosed, grounds round said messuage, called Comb Farm, the herbage of several lots of ground called Six Dass Math in Westington Meadow, in Chipping Campden, all late in the possession of Jno. LUMBARD, for 21 years. at £230 per annum." The author adds "This was of course Combe Grange, now the demesne lands around Campden House or Combe Manor, as it is now called. These lands were probably always self-contained, and had no customary tenants. As will have been seen, Combe was granted away from the manor of Campden at a very early period, probably in frankalmoigne, as the grantees were a religious house–that is, free of all earthly service, and the Abbey no doubt always let to one tenant."

Aug 1726 Chipping Campden Churchyard. "George COMBES, died Aug. It 1726, aged 62 [b ca 1664]" (Chipping Campden Churchyard Inscriptions, "The History and Antiquities of Chipping Campden," 1911, Percy C. Rushen)

The author adds: "According to Bigland [ref. not known] there were in 1786 many other pavemental gravestones in the church, inscribed as below [including the above], all of which have now totally disappeared, most if not all of them, having been destroyed at the late restoration to make room for red tiles."

1729 Will of Geo. COOMBES of Chipping Campden [not yet acquired] ("Noted wills, Campden," from "The History and Antiquities of Chipping Campden," 1911 by Percy C. Rushen who adds "a will was usually proved in the Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and not in the Diocesan Court, when the testator left property in more than one diocese.")

Chipping Campden Baptisms, Marriages & Burials, The History and Antiquities of Chipping Campden - by Percy C. Rushen, 1911: No Combs (or var. sp.)

According to Chipping Campden Churchyard Inscriptions (Gloucester), one Baptist NOEL was the eldest son of Edward, NOEL, Viscount Campden and Juliana HICKES (d/o Sir Baptist HICKES), and the husband of Anne (second daughter of William, Earle of Denbeigh) who died 24 Mar 1636 [sic] (and presumably an old style date). According to Lovett Family lineages, Anne LOVETT, widow of Edward BOURCHIER, Earl of Bath, and sister of Elizabeth LOVETT, wife of John COMBE (s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe), was the second wife of Baptist NOEL. It does not appear, however, that either Baptist NOEL or Anne LOVETT were buried here. (See also Sir Robert Lovett of Liscombe, father of Anne and Elizabeth.

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