More than two hundred and eighty years after the first settlers arrived in Virginia Colony, in the late 1800s, elderly members of Eastern Kentucky Combs Families told the Rev. John J. Dickey (traveling preacher) that the “CombsES came from Jamestown.” Although that may have been true, it appears that their ancestor's arrival was not “Jamestown John” (See Below); nevertheless, the earliest records of any Combs (& var. sp.) found in America so far were in Jamestown, and in fact, the first records of any Combs in reference to the Virginia Colony are found in 1608-9 when Mr. John COMBE, Draper, purchased a £10 share in the Drapers' Company of the Virginia Company:

1608-9 (London EN Drapers Hall, Drapers' Company, Wardens Accounts, 1608-9, folio 42ro)

Ready Money Received. “Items received of Mr. John COMBE, of Mr. Allen COTTON, of Mr. John RANY [Rainey?], of Mr. John SHAWE the elder, of Mr. Richard HUSBANDS, of Mr. William ESSINGTON, of Mr. Edward MEREDETHE,* of Mr. William BANNISTER, of Mr. John ROSE and of James MALLETT 5 pounds/apiece to be adventured in the voyage for the plantation in Virginia… £50.”

Extraordinary Payments
“Item payd unto Richard BARNARD for a searche made in the Guihald [sic] for the several [?] names of the wards of London about the Virginia businesss… [Vijd]
“Item payd unto Sir Thomas SMITH Trer. for the Company of Virginia the some of 150 pounds whereof 50 pounds was collected of certen Bretheren of our Company for the plantation in Virginia - their names are in the former part of this accompte in the last leaft of the Charge… £150.

(VSLA Survey Report 0083, Drapers Company Subscriptions to the Virginia Company, Warden's Accounts, 1608-9, Drapers [Guild] Hall, London, EN) Note: This source also refers to A. H. Johnson's “History of the Worshipful Company of Drapers of London,” Vol. IV., p. 87. Also, an added note by VSLA states: “Johnson, op. cit. gives John instead of Edward MEREDITHES. Otherwise his list agrees with the above except for small variations of spelling.”

Notes: Various of the London Guilds, such as the Drapers, Grocers, Merchants and Skinners, formed their own “sub-companies,” collecting subscriptions that were then forwarded to Sir Thomas SMYTHE, Treasurer of the Virginia Company. The above John COMBE, member of the Drapers Company, had m 11 Dec 1587, St. Antholin's Budge Row, London, EN, Margaret ARCHDALE, d/o Thomas and Mary CLIFTON Archdale. He died in 1610 in St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London, England. His son, John Combs II, m in 1630 in Soulbury, Buckinghamshire, EN, Elizabeth LOVETT (d/o Sir Robert and Anne SAUNDERS Lovett), by whom he had, among others, a son, Archdale Combs, b in 1641 in Soulbury, who is considered highly likely to have been the Archdale COMBE who was of Old Rappa and Stafford Cos VA by 1665. The relationship, if any, between John COMBE, Virginia Company shareholder by 1609, and the following Thomas COMBE, a shareholder by 1620, remains unknown.

15 May 1620 (Records of the Virginia Company Volume III, 1607-1622 pg 61) List of shareholders in the Virginia Company from 6 Mar 1615/16 to 9 June 1623 includes: Thomas HARRIS to Thomas COMBE 1 share

15 May 1620 (Records of the Virginia Company Volume I, 1619-1622 pg 344) Ther was now divers and sundry shares presented to be passed approued by the Auditors one bill of Adventure of 10 shares from my Lord of Dorsett, to Henry MANNERINGE six shares to six seuerall psons by Capt Iohn BARGRAUE, one to Sr Iohn THORBUROUGH, one to Iohn COLLETT gent: one to Tho COLLETT gent, one to Thomas MASTERSON gent, one to Captaine Lawrence MAISTERSON, and one to Augustine LYNSELL BATCHELLOR in Diuinity Tho: MELLINGE one Share to Iohn CUFFE, George PEIRSEY 4 shares to Xo: MARTIN, and lastly Tho HARRIS to Tho: COMBE wch the Court ratefied and Confirmed.

Notes: Although it remains unknown whether a relationship existed between John Combs I of 1608 and Thomas Combs of 1620, that the transfer of shares was from a HARRIS may have been significant due to the marriage of Bridget ARCHDALE Blackburn Harris (See 1629 Oxfordshire EN will of William Combs, s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combs I). Another possible connection is in regard to the 1633 marriage of Thomas Combs & Dewnes? HARRIS in Totnes, Devonshire in 1633. Also possibly significant is the fact that the following John COMBE left for Virginia only five days after the above Thomas Combs was enrolled as a subscriber:

20 May 1619 - 20Jan 1625/6 (Minutes of the Council and General Court of Virginia) January “XXth” 1625. “Capt. Natha: BASSE affirmeth upon his knowledge that JOHN COOMBES & John EWYNE cam over into this County in the good shipp caled Marigolde Ano Domi 1619 the 20th of May and were delivered by Capt. LANE to Sr. George YARDLEY to the Compenys use.”

Virginia State Library Archives (hereinafter VSLA), and Combs, A Study in Comparative Philology and Genealogy, by Josiah H. Combs, Ph.D., University of Paris, copyright 1976 by Norris K. Combs, Library of Congress Card Number: 76-023567, Published by Norris K. Combs, Pensacola, Florida, Second Printing, 1979, p. 9 (hereinafter JHC)

20 May 1620 - 20 Jan 1625/6 (Virginia [formerly London] Company, Minutes of the Council and general Court, London, p. 215) 20 Jan, 1625. “…Capt. Natha. BASSE Affirmeth upon his knowledge that JOHN COOMBES and John EWYNE cam over into this County in the good shipp caled Marigold Ano Domini 1620 the 20th of May and were delivered by Capt. LANE to Sir. George YARDLEY to the Company's use…”

(VSLA and JHC, p. 9)

Notes: (1) The above are two records, one filed in England and the other in Virginia (partially explaining the 1619 vs. 1620 date discrepency). (2) John Combs, the Draper of 1608-9 and John COOMBES of 1619-1620 could not have been the same since John Combs the Draper died in 1610 (See Above). (3) Neither could John COOMBES of 1619-20 have been the s/o John Combs, the Draper, since the son was recorded in Oxfordshire during the period 1619-1622. See also the Crediton, Crediton Hundred, Southern Division, Devonshire, EN early Combs-Bass marriage.

Sept 10, 1620 (Records of the Virginia Company Volume III, 1607-1622 pg 400) Letter from Rich. BERKELEY & John SMYTH to George THORPE includes: “We have sent you also a great quantity of the best seeds for a kitchen garden, and of the most vsefull kynds, wee need not comend to you the effectuall care of them, because a great pte of the food of your family must aryse from them: With them cometh also a reasonable quantity of the seeds fo cotton wooll, wch Thomas COMBES your ptener hath pcured in London.”

Notes: Two more of many Combs Questions are: Which Thomas COMBE of England owned a share in the Virginia Company in 1620, and was John COOMBES' presence in VA at that same time coincidental, or might he have been the emissary of (and kin to) Thomas COMBE? Is it possible that five days after the ratification of his share in the Virginia Company, Thomas COMBE sent John to Virginia on the Ship Marigolde? (See Also 1624 and 1627 below)

29 Jan 1620/1 (Records of the Virginia Company, p. 426) CLIV. Sir George YEARDLEY. Certificate to the Council and Company of Virginia of the arrival of Planters at Barklay January 29, 1620/21. (Smyth of Nibley Papers, Smith 34, Document in New York Public Library. Autograph signed of “George Yeardley” and “Jo: Pory, Secr.,” Seal and Stamp (Double Rose). List of Records No. 228)

[SEAL] These are to certifie the right Honble Right worshipfull, and others of the Counsell and Comany for this first Southern Colony of Virginia, that there arrived at Barklay in the same country, for the account of that Society, and the Plantation fothe said hundred, upon the 29th of January 1620, these fifty persons underwritten. Vist.

William Tracy Esqr.
Mary Tracy his wife
Thomas Tracy their sonne.
Joice Tracy tbeir daughter.
Francis Grevell.
Elizabeth Webbe.
Alice Heskins
Isabell Gifford.
George HALL
Thomas Baugh.
Gabriel Holland
Richard Holland.
Giles Wilkins
Giles Broadway
Richard DUTTON.
Richard MILTON.
Joane Coopy.
Antony Coopy.
Elizabeth Coopy.
Philip Vrange
John Page
Roger Linzey.
Arnold Oldsworth Esqr.
Robert PAWLETT Diuine.
Thomas Kemys gent
Robert Long gent
John Holmden gent
Richard Ferriby gent
Thomas Sheepy gent
George Keene gent
Nicolas CAMME Gent
William FINCHE gent
Margaret his wife
Francis their daughter
John Gibbes
Robert Baker
John Howlett the elder
John Howlett his sonne
Willia Howlett also his sonne
James Jelfe
Richard Rolles
Jane his wife
Benedict Rolles their sonne

(Provided to the USGenWeb by Jim Gallman, who described the above as a list of arrivals of the ship “The Supply,” a companion ship to the Mayflower which left 3 weeks late from England and, unlike the Mayflower, found it's way to Virginia. USGENWEB NOTICE: In keeping with our policy of providing free information on the Internet, data may be freely used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages cannot be reproduced in any format for profit or other presentation)

Note: A different transcription (of the same record?) from Giles CARTER of Virginia, Genealogical Memoir by General William Giles Harding Carter, The Lord Baltimore Press, 1909, indicates the above Nicholas CAMME was actually a COMBE. “In 1620, VIRGINIA (Smyth of Nibley papers), PAPERS 1620-32, states Nicholas CAME, gent, and in parentheses, SMYTH has “returned in June 1621 with the same ship.”

“Under the Virginia Company it was the custom for the governor of the colony to give a certificate to each ship on arrival, setting forth the list of passengers and such other mention as circumstances seemed to merit. Nearly all of these certificates have disappeared, but the one concerning the arrival of the ‘SUPPLY’ on this voyage, signed by Governor George YEARDLEY, is still preserved. The following is a copy of the certificate which contains also the signature of John PORY, the secretary of the colony:

…“These are to certifie the Right honorable, Right Worshipfull and others of the counsell and company for this First Southern Colony of Virginia, that there arrived at Barklay in the same country, for the account of the Society and the plantation of the said Hundred, upon the 29th of January 1620/1 (O.S.), these fifty person, under written vist---

…“William TRACY, Esq.; Mary TRACY his wife; Thomas TRACY their sonne; Joyce TRACY their daughter; Frances GREVELL; Elizabeth WEBBE; Alice HESKINS; Isabell GIFFORD; Arnold OLDSWORTH, Esq.; Robert PAWLETT, divine; Thomas KEMYS, gent; John HOLMDEN, gent: Richard FERRIBY; George KEENE, gent; Nicholas COMBE, gent; William FINCHE, Maragret his wife and Fances their daughter; John GIBBES; Robert BAKER; John HOWLETT the elder; John and William HOWLETT, his sonnes; Walter PROSSER; Giles CARTER; George HALL; John BAILEY; Thomas BAUGH; Gabriel HOLLAND; Richard HOLLAND; Giles WILKINS; Giles BROADWAY; Richard DALTON; Richard MILTON; Joane COOPY; Antony COOPY and Elizabeth COOPY; Philip Strange; John PAGE and Francys, his wife; John LINZEY; Roger LINZEY; James JELFE; Richard ROLLES, Jane his wife and Benedict ROLLES their sonne; Alexander BROADWAY; Arthur KEMYS, gent.

(Signed) George YEARDLEY

Jo: PORY, Sect.”

Carter goes on to add that “The certificate of Thomas PARKER, Mayor of Bristol, gives the names of fifty-eight passengers on the SUPPLY when cleared. There is extant some correspondence between William TRACY and John SMYTH of Nibley concerning certain person left behind on account of the crowded condition of the ship. Whether any of these were put ashore during the week the SUPPLY lay in the Severn awaiting favorable weather is not known. If none were put ashore after the ship was cleared the loss on the voyage amounted to eight sourls, a not uncommon percentage in the vessels of that period. The Town and Hundred of Berkeley on James River --- the present landing for this ancient plantation is known as Harrison's Landing -- had been previously under the management of Captain WOODLEFFE, but the SUPPLY brought the revocation of his appointment and the new commissions of William TRACY and George THORPE to be governors of Berkeley Town and Hundred. TRACY also brought a letter of instruction and advice concerning Virginia affairs from Richard BERKELEY and John SMYTH.”

Note: Again, it will be necessary to locate a copy of the original record in order to determine if Nicholas was a CAMME or a COMBE, but the placement of his name immediately above that of William FINCHE is of interest due to early English FINCH/Combs/GREEN/SMITH wills. Also of possible significance is the presence of Richard DUTTON (DALTON per Carter) given the marriage to an unknown DUTTON of Sarah (Susannah?) SARE (SAYER), d/o Ady and Sarah ARCHDALE Sayer (See Oxfordshire and Leicestershire)

1621 “…Abraham COMBS, or COOMBE is listed in 1621, in Elizabeth City Plantation.”

(Josiah H. Combes' The Combes Genealogy…, p. 8)

Note: Nowhere in the records of early Virginia have we found any mention of an Abraham Combs. Not until the 1660s, over forty years later, do we find any Abraham Combs in Virginia. Other than the above, we have located all early Combs mentioned by JHC, plus a number more. Is this a misprint? If so, is the error in the year or the given name or the location? His original source, if any, is very much needed!

Following the Indian Massacres, Musters were taken, the first dated 16 Feb 1623/4. John Combs of the 1619/20 Ship Marigold is not found in Jamestown in 1623/4; however, we do find an Austen COMBES:

16 Feb 1623/4 (Jamestown, Virginia Colony) The Muster of the inhabitants of Virginia settlements, “Settlers living at James Cittye and with the Corporation therof on.” (included):
(wife) ANDREWS, ----
Mrs. ---- BURROWS (Not specified as wife)
Brigett CLARK
Thomas CLARK

“A List of Names of the Living in Virginia taken on February the 16th 1623”. (“The Original Lists of Persons of Quality,-..1600-1700,” edited by John Camden Hotten, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1968, 1983, p. 173)

(See Also: Settlers living at “James Cittye” in Virginia, February 16, 1623/4 & Also See Lancaster Co VA for BURROUGHS-Combs)

Notes: Austen COMBES has not been identified, but according to the late Fred Coombs of Madison WI, one Richard COMBE, d 7 Apr 1619 at Combe Manor, Devonshire, England, had sons Austen, John, Joseph Richard and William, all of whom came to Virginia except Joseph who assumed control of Combe Manor (Not yet verified -- Still Seeking source!)

A second muster taken on the same date, but at the Eastern Shore Plantation included two more Combs (var. sp.):

16 Feb 1623/4 (Eastern Shore, Virginia Colony) “Virginia Colony Inhabitants of the “Eastern Shore” (included):
Goodwife BALL
Robert BALL
William COOMES

The Original Lists of Persons of Quality,-..1600-1700, edited by John Camden Hotten, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1968, 1983, p. 188) (Also Settlers living at “the Eastern Shore” in Virginia, February 16, 1623/4)

Search Words: ANDREWS SAVAGE Combs

Ens. Thomas SAVAGE was the father of Capt. John SAVAGE whose will, dated 26 Aug 1678, proved in Northampton Co VA, included a bequest to a Jarvis COOMES. (See Combs of the Eastern Shore and Warwickshire EN for more Combs-Savage Connections. Also note Archdale-Powell Family.

Note: Based on the records that follow, it is believed highly probable that John COOMES above was the same who arrived on the Ship Marigold. It also appears that the William COOMES who is listed with him is the same who died during the ensuing year - found listed under those who died in Virginia during 1624:

1624 (Virginia Colony). “DEAD at the PLANTATIONS, over the water,” at “James Citty” (Plantations) (includes):
George GURR “slain by the Indians"
WILLIAM COMES “slain by the Indians”
(“The Original Lists of Persons of Quality, 1600-1700,” edited by John Camden Hotten, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1968, 1983, p. 236)

Also: Virginia Colony: Those Who Died in 1624

Notes: Although William COMES & George GURR are listed above under Jamestown, it seems probable that they were earlier on the Eastern Shore, and that William COMES of Jamestown who d in 1624 was the same as William COOMES of the 1623/4 muster at the Eastern Shore with John COOMES - in good part due to the fact that William COMES' fellow victim, George GURR, is found the same year in the records of Virginia Colony on the Eastern Shore with Jamestown resident, and Virginia Company Treasurer, George SANDYS:

04 Dec 1624 (Virginia Land Patent Book I, P. 12) George SANDYS, Esqr., Treasurer of Virgina, land “Opposite James City and adj. Westward on land of John BAINEHAM & Eastward on Edw. GRINDON “of both which devidents he is now actually possessed… in right of trans. of 4 servants: William RIGHT, William HEYNES, Jr., William SMITH & George GURR, all of whom came from the Sumer Island in the Tyger in 1621… “surveyed by Willi. CLAYBORNE. (Nugent's Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. I, p. 3)

Notes: Did William COMES also arrive on the Tyger in 1621? If so, apparently not as a servant, or at least, unlike with GURR, SANDYS did not claim him as a headright. Unfortunately, the Tyger made two trips from London in 1621, at least one apparently with a stop at Somer Isle, and ship's lists are available from neither. Question: Might SANDYS' four servants have worked previously on a Somer Isle plantation,* or was that only their last port of call prior to the Virginia Colony?

*The Sumer Island was Bermuda, but often called at that time “Somer Isle” (after Sir Geo. SOMER), and also a.k.a. Summer Island. Ships from England often put in at Somer Island, and in fact, the island had it's own plantation company.

Among those who are also known to have traveled to VA via the Tyger in 1621 were:

Nov 1621 (Tyger's Ship List - Implied Records)
(wife) Jone PALMER
(dau.) Prisilla PALMER -- Age 6 in Virginia Muster, January 21, 1624/5
(1621, Ship Tyger, London to VA)

Note: The PALMERS, however, were listed in neither Jamestown, nor the Eastern Shore, but at “Jordans Jorney, Charles Cittie", in Virginia in January 21, 1624/5 (1624 VA Muster)

A year after the Feb 1623/4 muster, a second muster was taken -- during the period January 20-February 7, 1624/5 -- and included:

4 Feb 1624/25 (Treasurer's Plantation, Jamestown) “Musters of the Inhabitants in Virginia,” Settlers living at “mr. Treasurors Plant, James Citty, Virginia” (included):
William BENGE arrived in the “Marygold” 1619
Robert EDMUND'S arrived in the “Marygold” 1619
John COMES arrived in the “Marygold” 1619
John PARSONS arrived in the “Marygold” 1619
Nicholas COMON (SANDIS servant)

Search Words: EDMONSON

(“The Original Lists of Persons of Quality,-..1600-1700,” edited by John Camden Hotten, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1968, 1983, p. 235)
(Also Settlers living at “James Citty” in Virginia February 4, 1624/5 & Passenger List, Ship Marigold, 1619)

Notes: The “Treasurer's Plantation” was that of Treasurer George SANDYS, and was located in James Citty (Jamestown). The Austen Combs of the 1623/4 list has not been located elsewhere in Virginia's records yet, but John COMES seems to have returned - most likely from the Eastern Shore muster of the previous year, and possibly as a result of Indians and a dead kinsman? (Seeking to ID both men and their relationship to each other, if any) Was Nicholos COMONS possibly the earlier Nicholas CAMME a.k.a. COMBE?

Although the next record of a Combs is not actually a Virginia record, but from Southampton, England, it is potentially of great importance since it may serve to help identify Thomas COMBE, shareholder of the Virginia Company:

20 Jun 1627. Petition of Captain Thomas COMBE of Southampton, merchant, for a warrant for his ship to proceed to St. Christopher's. Calendars of State Papers, American and Colonial Series, 1574-1660, ed. W. Noel Sainsbury, Longman & Green, 1860, p. 78)

Notes: St. Christopher's was another common port of call for English ships en route to the Virginia Colony. It is unfortunate that we do not have the name of Capt. Thomas COMBE'S ship. Very little has been found in the way of records for Southampton (Hampshire, EN) thus far, although Sir Wm. KINGSMILL of that county, in his will dated Jan 1617-18, mentioned both a William COOMBE and Sir Anthony PALMER (See ARCHDALE-Combs Family & also Barbados). The former, however, was most likely a resident of Warwickshire.

From MINUTES OF THE COUNCIL AND GENERAL COURT OF COLONIAL VIRGINIA 1622-1632, 1670-1676; Edited by H. R. McIlwaine; Richmond, Virginia; 1924:

“A COURT held the 9th of January 1625 being psente Sr: ffrancis Wyatt Knight Gouernor &c Capt ffrancis West Capt Roger Smith Capt Ralphe Hamer Capt Mathews Mr Abraham Perfie Mr William Cleybourne … January the xxth 1625 Capt. Natha: Basse Affirmeth vpon his knowlege that John Coombes & John Ewyne cam over into this Country in the good fhipp caled the Marigolde Ano Domi 1619 the 20th of may And were delivered by Capt lane to Sr: George Yardley to the Companys vfe.”

NOTE; The item which precedes gives the spellings exactly as they appear in the original text. TM

No further Combs records are found until 1635 when a John COMBS (same as above on another voyage, or a second one?) departs on the Amitie:

13 Oct 1635(London, England via St. Christopher's to Virginia) “Licenses to go beyond the seas dated 13 die (sic) Octobris, 1635. Aboard the Amitie, George DOWNES, Mr., bound for St. Christophers. John COOMBES age 26” (The Original Lists of Persons of Quality,-..1600-1700, edited by John Camden Hotten, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1968, 1983, p. 135)

"Aboard the Amitie George DOWNES Mr bound to St. Christopher. 13 die Octobris 1635.”

Isack Drake 25Tho: PITTS 24
Richard Iveson 24Jo: Thompson 25
Robert Barne 33Richard Webster 24
Thomas HERNDEN 23Lewes Jones 20
Edward Farr 28John COOMBES 26
Wm BURROWE 19George Coop' 20
Tho: Brewyun 24Mathew Preston 22
Marmaduke Borne 21John Pynkston 27
Willm Creswell 22Wm Geies 18
Henrie Hodgskynns 19Willm Vbank 20
Robert PAYNE 21Charles Parker 18
George Hatrell 32James Leachman 22
Jo: Hippsley 19Wm Cartwrite 18
Willm Stanley 22Richard West Garrett 20
John Snape 22Wm Harris 16
Isack Buck 33Jer: Nicholls 16
Walter Ellitt 20Tho: RODES 20
Aymies Halfyard 19Jo: Boughei 21
Oliver Johnes 25Edward Grindall 21
John Smith 23Jo: Vaughan 23
Hamblet Sankey 22Richard Larkyn 32
Edward Porter 21Richard Bodman 23
Tho. Galley 20Jo: Goddin 20
Tho: MOLTON 20David Owen 26
Henrie ROWLES 22Nico. Alford 28
Sainvell Sakell 23Robert JONES 30
Jo: BROWNE 33Peter Salmon 20
Jo: Saunderson 23Robert ROLFE 23
John Jack 27Tho: Yott 24
John Teirrer 24John FARMER 24
Wm Daughten 20Rich SKYNNER 20
Wm Egerton 20James Makyn 20
Wm HARRIS 20Bastian Petite 23
John WARREN 20Rich Phinnei 30
James Briggs 25

Search Words: Burroughs Rhodes Moulton Skinner Barnes

Notes: This John COOMBES, born ca 1609, was too young to have been the John COMBS who arrived in 1620, the latter presumably an adult since he was employed to the “use of the company”. Likewise, he was too old to have been John COMBS II, b 1602, s/o John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combs.

Questions: Was he nevertheless “somehow” kin to either the earlier or later Combs of VA? Is the presence of Robert PAYNE significant given the later close relationships up in Old Rappa. Co VA between both Abraham and Archdale COMBS and the PAYNE families? Place of embarkation? Was Robert PAYNE kin to the same who was later of Old Rappa. Co VA? What happened to this John COMBS? Is he the same as the John COMBS of 1638 below? See also the COMBS-PITT Families of Isle of Wight Co VA

10 Aug 1635 (James City Co - VA PB1:271) John DENNETT, 200 A, N side of Mr. Thomas KINGSTONES land (only a barren ridge between), Nly into the forrest between Martins hundred & Kiskiake by a br. of Capt. John WEST Cr. Trans. of 4 pers: John LEY, Jon. ROWLAND, Susan RICHEY, Ann COMBEY

(Cavaliers & Pioneers, Volume I, p. 30, Marion Nugent)

Note: Might the old-style “s” mistaken for a “y”, and the above have been Susan RICH, not RICHEY, and COMBES, not COMBEY? See Also 1667 James City VA, Emanuel COMBS below, and Combs-Denney-Kingston of County Kent, England.

21 Nov 1635 (Elizabeth Citty Co - Land Patent Book No. 1 - Part 1, p. 317) Dictoris CHRISTMAS, 300 A, on N side of the old Poquoson Riv, joyning upon land of Gilbert PERKINS Eastward, W. upon Monack neck & N into the woods. 100 A for the per. adv. of himselfe & wife Isabell CHRISTMAS & 200 for trans of 4 pers: William GUN, RICH. COMBES, Israell ATWELL, Zachariah FOSTER (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Vol. 1, 1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library, Richmond, 1977, p. 35) Note: Vectoris (rather than Dictoris) CHRISTMAS per Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666 by George Cabell Greer, Clerk, Virginia State Land Office, 1912

Notes: The above is the only early Elizabeth City VA record located thus far. See Also Elizabeth City VA for later COMBS including Elizabeth & Charles. Richard COMBES remains unidentified.

04 Jul 1638 (List of Exchequer, Queen's Rememberancer, Port Books, Part I, 1565-1700, Christmas, 1637 - Christmas, 1638. folio 126.v) Ship Name: Not Given. Master: Not Listed, but possibly P. CANADAY (KENODY). Shipper: J. COMBES, Consignment No. 22, 267 lbs. tobo. (VSLA Survey Report No. 03499) Note: Others shown were J. TURGIS and T. HENSON. Search Words: KENNEDY HINSON

Notes: Was the above J. COMBES a planter? Or a commerical shipper? Could he have been the John COMBS of the 1624 muster? Or the same who came on the Amitie in 1635? Or could he have been John COMBS, s/o the Draper (1602-1652) for whom no children are recorded during the periods 1635-6 (see above) or 1638-164).

2 Jul 1650 (Nancemund - Land Patent Book No. 2, p. 242) John PERROT. 2 Jul 1650. 800 A beg at the first Cr. running parallel to the river untill it come to PIGG Point, & crossing BURBAGE'S Cr. The residue butteth Mr. WHITE'S second devt. 800 acs. granted unto Mr. Francis HOUGH, 17 May 1637 & purchased by sd. PERROTT 16 Aug 1637; & 100 Acs for trans. of 2 pers: Robert ALDRED & ANN COMES. (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Vol. 1,1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library, Richmond, 1977, p. 197)

Notes: Might Ann COMES have been Ann COMBEY of 1635? And/or possibly the d/o Richard BURTON and wife of George COMBS of 1656 below?

12 Oct 1652 (Northampton - VA PB3:105) July GARDNER, 300 A. at the Emost part of Charles SCARBURGH'S land on N side of Pungotege Cr. Trans. 6 pers: Jenkins LURTIN, Lewis ROWLAND, Dorothy BAINER (or BARNER), Thomas COMER, Kath. BLUMFIELD, Jane DAME (C&PI:260)

Note: Included due to eternal difficulties by transcribers with differentiating the letters “r” and “s”, and an assertion by certain early English authors that COMER and COMES were once on and the same. (See Devonshire EN for examples)

1654 (Northumberland Co VA Headright) Debora COME, headright of Peter KNIGHT, Northumberland Co. (Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666 by George Cabell Greer, Clerk, Virginia State Land Office, 1912)

1654-October 9th Richard COMBE of Stourton, Wilts, bound to Henry COLLENDER of Mere [sic] Brecnoch [sic] to serve for 7 years in Virginia (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Natolis from the Book Of Immigrants 1606-1660, Peter Wilson Coldham Genealogy Publishing Company, 1988, Page 275)

Notes: Possibly Richard of 1666 Accomack?

2 Oct 1655 (Northampton - Land Patent Book No. 4, p. 9 (13)) 2 Oct 1655. Thomas LETHERBERRY (Leatherberry). On S side of the S branch of Anancock & bounding Wly on land of John DORMAN. Trans. 10 pers: includes Charles COOMES. (Abstracted by C. Hamnet from copy of original) Cavaliers & Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Vol. 1,1623-1666, Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia State Library, Richmond, 1977, p. 324, lists this as Charles COOMES or COONIES. The above name was clearly Cha. COOMES per our reading of copy of document at VSLA; See Northampton Co VA)

1656 Dec 9 (Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House, Administration Act. Book, 1656, F-F:68) 1656 Dec 9. Richard BURTON, deceased. Administration to Anne COOMBE alias BURTON, wife of George COOMBE, daughter of Richard BURTON, late in the Island of Virginia, deceased. (VSLA Survey Report No. 4336, pp.1-2, Stamp No. 04134)

Question: Could the Ann COMBS of 1650 (and possibly the Ann COMBEY of 1635) have been the above Ann BURTON Combs? Or were George & Ann BURTON Coombe ever actually in VA at all? English Record Needed. See Also Burton-Combs Connections. See also the George and Ann COMBS of St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London, EN

Later Combs of the 17th Century in Virginia
(Note: Year given is first year of any Combs Record located)